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Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee)
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Nintendo Switch Cover
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Developer(s) YeeMeYee Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Strategy
Release Date(s) 2018 August 7
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ERating3Rating
Media Included Nintendo Switch Cardridge

Welcome to Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee)! Pikmin 4 is an upcoming game by YeeMeYee Studios, currently stated to be published for the Nintendo Switch. Just like its three predecessors, the game will take place on a planet called PNF-404. PNF-404 is the natural habitat of the Pikmin and the many other gentle and predatory lifeforms. The five concerning captains - Olimar, Louie, Alph, Brittany and Charlie - are stranded on the planet once again and with the help of the indigenous Pikmin species they can leave the surface to head home once more. Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) will take place directly after the events of Pikmin 3.

To start off this article, I'll share some of my thoughts on the Pikmin games. I'll also provide overall information about the entire franchise as a whole for those that are not as invested in the games as I am. Pikmin is an in my opinion underrated Nintendo franchise. Something that came to my attention the minute I started playing one of its games was the contrast between design and gameplay. Primarily, the Pikmin games have a very cute and cartoonish outlook but I was mistaken on how tremendously challenging the gameplay can be. The unique gameplay elements took me by surprise and sometimes even frustrated me. So much that I eventually stopped playing one of its games, because the time it took me to get to know the controls and get used to the gameplay took too long.

However, when I played it again one year later I was completely hooked and I started loving the franchise unconditionally. Even though the learning curve is a little steep (for me at least) - once you're used to the controls - the games are gems and I think Nintendo has done a superb job on creating a franchise so unique and satisfactory. The games have a lot to offer and nearly all of them have left a good impression. All of the aforementioned basically reflects the reason for why I created this fan-game. I simply cannot wait to play the next installment of the series - so in the meantime - I made my own!

For those unknown to the lore of the franchise, I'll explain its main (somewhat recurring) plot line. The first game in the franchise is about a space-traveler - called Olimar - crashing on an unknown planet. He refers to it as the Planet of the Pikmin, though it is named differently as PNF-404 in the third installment of the series. The crash destroys his ship, leaving him stranded. Eventually he meets the indigenous species of the planet and calls them Pikmin. They are named after Pikpik carrots, a vegetable native to Captain Olimar's home planet Hocotate. The small creatures seemingly want to help him and Olimar makes use of that. Together, they collect parts of Olimar's ship. Within a 30-day-limit the player has to collect as much ship parts as they possibly can to make it off the surface.

The game received two sequels that are respectively called Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3. Pikmin even scored a spin-off game called Hey! Pikmin that was developed for the 3DS by another video game development company called Arzest. In Pikmin 2, joined by Louie, Olimar has to go back to the planet to find treasures that are supposed to pay back the debt his boss has piled up in his absence during the first game. Pikmin 3 concerns three new leaders - Alph, Brittany and Charlie - that too crash on the same planet. They cannot leave the planet without a vital part of their ship: the cosmic drive key, which is carried by Olimar. In Pikmin 3 the objective somewhat shifts from ship parts to fruits as the player has to collect them to survive and eventually bring back to their home planet Kopai.

This subparagraph contains some spoilers that are necessary for the plot of Pikmin 4. As you can read here (in the Voyage Log entry of the last day), Louie did not board the ship with Alph, Brittany, Charlie and Olimar. He stayed on the planet after the events of Pikmin 3. After that, the Pikmin spot a flaming object crashing onto the surface of the planet. Maybe another ship? This is where my version of Pikmin 4 takes off. Enjoy! ♪

Though, I must remind you that everything that you're going to read below (plot-wise) is completely made up and uses canon ideas and characters (and thereby spoilers too) from the Pikmin Universe copyrighted by Nintendo. The characters are adopted with own interpretations of personality and are used with the acknowledgment that Nintendo may or might be able to remove this content from this website.


For those not interested in reading the entire article; I've included an overview of the story, new gameplay elements and ending of Pikmin 4.

Beginning of the Story

The story continues after the events of Pikmin 3. Oh no! The team (Alph, Brittany, Charlie and Olimar) bumps into an orbiting object on their way home only to see it crash near Louie's camping site afterwards. Louie discovers it's an onion that he has never seen before; the Ancient Onion. Worried about his wellbeing, the team goes back to PNF-404 but they lose sight of the surface. It's incredibly misty and they crash on the ground. They discover a new Pikmin species; the Light Pikmin. The lightbulbs that sprout on their heads illuminate the area. They seem to thrive off of the misty weather and can climb on slippery surfaces. The new Weather Mechanic affects the Pikmin either negatively or positively depending on which type of weather occurs during the play-through. Throughout the game the crew meet new Pikmin they consider sub-species because they share traits and are very similar to the original bunch of Pikmin in the Master Onion. The Ancient Onion seems to home these sub-species (Together with Purple and White Pikmin after finishing Story Mode). The team has to gather Ship Parts, Fruits, and Treasures (as a bonus) to be able to survive on the planet and leave its surface in the end.

Ending of the Story

After completing every area and defeating every last boss, the team is finally able to leave the surface - yet, they're not able to return home because one last crucial ship part is still on PNF-404. An island appears out of nowhere and the S.S. Drake notices that the last ship part can be found there. They enter the island and discover it's a maze. When getting deeper into the maze, the misty weather from the beginning of the game returns and Pikmin are abducted by strange tentacles coming out of the woods. When they further their way into the maze, Olimar gets captured together with the Ancient Onion. The final battle takes place on the beach on the other side of the island. The Tentacled Deep Sea Giant is to be fought to retrieve Olimar. A new battle mechanic enters here. The whistle that the Deep See Giant has retrieved from Olimar's suit is used against you. Pikmin can thus be turned against you and fight you instead of the boss. The Ancient Onion is destroyed in the process but it spits out a last seed, which - in the end - seems to be a newly born Onion. The new Ancient Onion merges with the Master Onion and the team leaves the planet after adding the last missing ship part to the S.S. Drake. In the short epilogue taking place after the end credits, it is seen that the entire planet is being harvested by the Kopaiites and Hocotatians with the help of the Pikmin. The earth starts to rumble and everyone stops their excavation. What could that be? The screen goes black afterwards hinting to a possible new Pikmin game in the future.


Day 1, 08:56 - The Clockwise Caves

The Pikmin were not the only one seeing the flaming object in the sky. Louie, still hugging a new found fruit gets rudely interrupted by a stampede of Pikmin. Louie looks in the direction and sees a tail of smoke headed towards the surface of the planet. A loud explosion follows. An earthquake makes the apple unstable, but Louie is destined to keep it safe, so he holds on. The huge apple starts to slowly tumble down the hill, with Louie still on top of it. On and on the apple goes until — *squeeze* — the apple gets skewered on a gigantic crystal spire, almost impaling Louie’s head too. The inside of the apple start heating up and bubbles come out of the cuts of the apple. In panic Louie releases his fruit and starts beating it out of anger. Louie however gets interrupted by a rock Pikmin, swiping him off his feet on its way down. Only when he gets up, Louie realizes that he’s on the crashsite of ‘‘who knows’’ what has hit the surface.
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Story001

Pikmin surround the scene so Louie isn’t able to see what’s going on. Red Pikmin are hugging the warm and gigantic crystal spikes and spires that surround the crashsite. Behind them is a giant hole, an enormous cave. That wasn’t there before! An object lays in front of the entrance. All the Pikmin suddenly get silent when a loud bonk comes from within the object. They hide behind Louie. Louie slowly steps forward. It’s an onion, a really old one! A wrecked onion… Really wrecked too. The Pikmin nest seems to be stuck in the ground. This is where the player gets his time to shine. You can now throw ten yellow pikmin on the onion. Slowly but steady, the onion shows more of itself. But just before the Pikmin finish excavating the onion flies up, trying to find ground. It flies in front of them for a while but then makes its way into the cave. Louie and the Pikmin are flabbergasted. Louie can now flute all of the Pikmin in his surroundings into his team.

Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Story002
When he enters the cave however, the Pikmin stay behind, scarily shaking their heads. It is the first time in-game that Pikmin are given a personality. Louie must now enter the cave alone. It’s completely dark and sometimes the gemstones buried in the ground light up. Louie follows the sound of the flying onion until it stops. You can hear the onion attaching itself to the ground. Suddenly the mushrooms surrounding the gemstones all light up too. Louie follows the mushrooms to a dead end. But there is no onion there. He can hear something rummaging in the cave though. The player can now freely look around with a flashlight (because Louie suddenly remembered he had one). On the cave walls are gigantic murals. Murals that contain all sorts of Pikmin. Once you look up, there it is. The onion. Not attached to the ground — no — to the ceiling. But Louie is not paying attention. Once he points his flashlight forward again, a new species of Pikmin stands before him. A Pikmin with four arms and a mushroom on top of his head. It illuminates the area. The mushroom strangely resembles the ones stuck in the ground. Could those be Pikmin too? Louie is now able to pull them out. Indeed, they are Pikmin. You can now enter the rest of the cave. The new Pikmin are able to carry things on walls and ceilings — a funny sight. And just like in Pikmin 3 — a creepy dormant monster awakens and attacks the lone crew member, turning the screen pitch black.
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Story003

Day 1, 07:43 - The Moon and The Misty Meadows

Alph, Brittany, Charlie and Olimar just left the surface of the planet. Just as they activate the cosmic drive key and prepare themselves for a launch, they get rudely hit by something, something orbiting the planet. Their course has been altered and just before they hit light speed they crash into the moon. The crew members are scattered across its surface. Now you continue to play with Brittany, Alph and Charlie. On the moon they meet a new species of Pikmin, a sub-species. They will have to use the Moon Rock Pikmin there to break away the obstacles to get back to the ship. The Moon Rock Pikmin are strangely similar to Rock Pikmin, same strength, same speed, same characteristics etc.. However, they are completely white. Olimar is still with the S.S. Drake and looks at the object hitting PNF-404 with his telescope. The team joins again and Olimar explains that something has hit the surface near Louie’s camp.
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Story004

They also see a sudden change in weather patterns. It's incredibly cloudy down there. In a haste the four turn back to the planet but once they enter the atmosphere, they lose sight of the surface entirely. It's incredibly misty and they cannot see where they land. Their navigational systems also don't seem to work anymore. The Master Onion and the S.S. Drake suddenly get separated and *boom*. Rough landing. Spread across the floor the team members hastily run towards each other. No one knows what has happened and there are no Pikmin around to help them dig up the S.S. Drake. No sign of the Master Onion either. They are seemingly stuck on the planet's surface. (Again...) The player is now able to run around in the misty and dark area. They enter the Misty Meadows together. It's an eerie place and all sorts of sounds come out of the (seemingly) never ending misty surface. First objective: Find the Master Onion to retrieve Pikmin to dig up the S.S. Drake. They do however see some lights in the mist. They decide to follow them but the lights run away. Brittany doesn't pay attention and bumps into a giant pumpkin. Shocked she looks upwards. She scans the object and notices that it's edible. She calls the other team members to come look at her giant discovery but none of them seem to have heard her. Communications are severely hampered due to the strange and dense weather. When she turns around a Pikmin jumps into her arms in panic. It's a Red Pikmin. She looks into the mist. Nothing there yet. Eerie music plays in the background. All around them are lights and they seem to come closer and closer. Both completely in panic, press themselves against the rock hard skin of the pumpkin.

Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Story005
Out of the mist walk Alph, Charlie and Olimar with a few new Pikmin. A type Brittany has never seen before. The Red Pikmin faints but doesn't seem to be dead. Brittany whistles the Pikmin and it comes back to its senses. Olimar: "Huh... strange... I've never seen a Pikmin do that before! Let's keep an eye on its behavior." The crew members show Brittany the new species of Pikmin they have found within the mist. Alph calls them Light Pikmin. A few updates are made to the Pikminology and Controls on everyone's KopPad. The following data files are added:
Pikminology Entry 01: Light Pikmin feel home in dark and misty areas.
Controls Entry 01: Aim towards an object, hold A and shake the Joy-Con forward to throw a Pikmin.
Controls Entry 02: Hold X while making a circle with the Joy-Con to make nearby Pikmin perform a spin-attack.
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Mohawked Delusionist Concept Art

Mohawked Delusionist Concept Art

Alph waves his arms around and the Light Pikmin perform a spin-attack. The light emitted from the Light Pikmin's mushrooms increased and nearby mist disappears. (The getting-rid-of-the-mist mechanic is a bit similar to the lantern, carried by a "female monkey" from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Only now you are the one in control of the "lantern" - the "lantern(s)" being the Light Pikmin). The team suddenly has larger vision. There is no day timer yet, because the mist is blocking out the sunlight anyway. One of the Light Pikmin signs them to follow them. More and more Light Pikmin join the team and they keep walking towards the lights in the mist. Until... Without a second thought, Olimar walks towards one of the lights but... It's not a Pikmin. It's an enemy! The player has to kill the strange looking beast from the mist. Data files can be either added or collected from this day forward.
Indigenous Life Entry 01: Enemies in misty and dark areas use lights to trick Pikmin into thinking they are one of their own.
Indigenous Life Entry 02: The Mohawked Delusionist's weakest point is it's light bulb.
After defeating the Mohawked Delusionist the team travels onwards. They finally find the Master Onion and can now call Pikmin back in the field. (There are 5 Pikmin available for every species currently in the onion. A maximum of 25 Pikmin can be taken out, currently.) The crew members notice different behaviors from the Pikmin retrieved from the onion. Water Pikmin seem to thrive off of the misty weather, the others seem to decrease in powers. After finding out how weather affects all Pikmin outside the onion, you are finally able to go back to the S.S. Drake. Pikmin can also be thrown towards the Pumpkin. However, the pumpkin's shell is almost unbreakable. You can collect your first fruit. (Yes a Pumpkin is considered a fruit, look it up). Now you are also able to increase the number of Pikmin inside the onion by defeating enemies and collecting pellets. When you reach a certain number a cutscene is forced.
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Story006

Exploring the planet in search for Louie is no use with this mist. Just as the team decides to leave the surface of the planet, a huge tentacle grabs the S.S. Drake. Oh lord. The ship is again roughly thrown onto the ground, this time actually destroying it. Ship parts fly all over the place, and a few rivers surrounding the scene carry the ship-parts away. (This is when you have to collect the ship-parts and survive the night by collecting both fruits and ship-parts). This is the first boss, immediately on the first day. It's called the Slippery Squidopus. You are obligated to fight the boss halfway through. You are not able to lose Pikmin because when the Slippery Squidopus tries to eat the Pikmin they are stuck to its suckers on its tentacles. When he shakes them loose, they glide off of his body back to you. It's practically a boss that functions as an introduction to slippery surfaces and which Pikmin to use when. Only the Light Pikmin are able to have grip on its body and thus Light Pikmin are the only Pikmin that are able to defeat the Slippery Squidopus.

Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Story007
Once halfway through, the ancient Light Pikmin Onion flies over, dropping Pikmin on the Squidopus till Pikmin in the field reach 100. It gets killed in an instant. The Squidopus dies and the Onion lands behind the team on a rock wall. The Squidopus spits out a rather strange looking apparatus. They call it the Touchy Data Glutton. The S.S. Drake is still able to recover fruits or items but is not able to fly. The Touchy Data Glutton boosts the signal strength of the KopPads and the Drake, thereby allowing them to communicate with each other, even during heavy changes in weather. The Light Pikmin carry the Slippery Squidopus back to their Onion, adding 10 new Light Pikmin to the already existing number. The ancient onion spits out a rather weird seed. Oh. No its not a seed. Its Louie. They wake louie and the team listens carefully to what he has to say. He knows a hide-out, where they'll be safe for the nocturnal life forms that live in the Misty Meadows. The Pikmin carry the broken S.S. Drake to the hide-out. On their way the crew members find their first ship part, the navigational system.
Voyage Log Day 1: Brittany | “Here we are, shipwrecked... Again! We can't even leave the surface! Too much has happened today... We crashed on the moon. Then Olimar told us something hit the surface near Louie's camping site. We went back to check it out and crashed again! Gah. Let's not start about the gigantic monster and the new species of Pikmin we found... Oh, and Louie is okay.”

Day 2, 11:21 - Dewdrop Dale

It's sunrise. The team wakes up after sleeping through the night. The mist has left the surface and the world suddenly seems calmer again. It's a pretty sight. You wake up in the HUB WORLD. Dewdrop Dale is centered on the other side of the (already explored part of the) planet near the crash site of the Light Pikmin's Onion. After much story the team will now have to both look for fruit and ship-parts. The ship is not ready to leave the surface yet but it'll all work out in the end. Alph makes a list of missing ship parts for everyone to collect. They cannot communicate with their home planets by the way, for their signals are way too weak. Asking for help is thus a no-go. They're really stranded. Also, the ship's design is entirely different from Olimar's ship in Pikmin 1 and 2. You, as the player, have to fill the Ship's Condition Bar. The S.S. Drake regularly shares information about its current condition. If the Bar hits 100% you are finally able to leave the surface. Here's the entirety of missing and already present ship parts;

Fruit and Item Retriever Satellite DishJuice BottlesCaptain Charlie's Rubber DuckyBolts
Compactor (To compress the liquids)Main EnginePressure PipesScrews
Navigational System(3/4) LegsFluid Control CircuitryNails
Backup Power SupplyEternal Fuel DynamoThe generator (e.g. a hydraulic pump)Nuts
Juice Bottle RackSolar Power EngineElectric MotorFasteners
Cosmic Drive KeySolar PanelsCombustion EngineWashers
(1/4) LegsAutomated Ship Repairer BotWindmillsShackles
Fruit and Vegetable JuicerAir VentsValvesPins
Electric CircuitsFire ExtinguisherFilters 
Holographic Projectors Hydraulic Cylinder 
Communication Devices The Hydraulic Fluid Container (...) 
  (...) and the Fluid itself 
Ship Upgrades
(Count as actual ship-parts, an upgrade per crew member)
  • Alph | Mist Lamps: The Mist relocates itself from time to time. Mist lamps help the crew members have visuals on the surface and where to land when needed.
  • Charlie | Fenders: Makes the ship immune to any damage conflicted on the outside.
  • Brittany | Teleporter and Teleport Devices: To fast travel to areas previously only accessible by foot.
  • Olimar | Mining Drill: To acces areas previously unaccessible due to placement of large groups rocks.
  • Louie | Magnetic Beeper: Helps search for Ship Parts fasters, also scans for Iron inside fruits and vegetables. The S.S. Drake is not able to map them accordingly, but knows how far the objects are distanced from the ship.
Dewdrop Dale is also the first place you can fully explore. It's pretty close to the misty meadows but a large tree trunk blocks the way. The introductory part of the Story Mode ends here. The game's main goal is similar to Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 3. Retrieve ship parts to leave the planet to go back home and collect fruits throughout the day to survive on the planet. This makes the game a tad bit harder than its predecessors.

The Following Days

In the following days the player can explore the planet for all of the ship-parts, fruits and other bonus treasures for them to collect. A day normally lasts around 20 minutes (real life time). Across the lands of PNF-404 a lot of metal objects can be found. Metals like screws, nails, bolts etc. These can too be added to the S.S. Drake as the Drake can use it to repair the ship. Players can skip the nights by entering safe zones at sundown. They sleep through the night and are awakened by sunrise. (This is a literal night skip). After a night of sleeping in a safe zone, a lot has changed. New enemies lay in different spots (sometimes blocking pathways) and collectibles may have been eaten or moved due to weather. Once you clear Dewdrop Dale of all enemies and treasures (there are only a few available here); it functions as a safe-zone and a hub-world.

Cutscenes and Ending

After finishing every single area and defeating every boss in the game, an island will appear containing the last ship part. The team was able to leave the surface, but without the last part (all parts are randomly placed in all areas) they cannot go home. They approach the island and at first it seems to be a very calm one. No enemies are seen and the sun is continuously shining. The day timer doesn't seem to be working either. Once they enter the island, strange things keep on happening though. When barriers are broken, others are oddly rebuild and it's basically becoming a maze. Some Pikmin (due to their own personalities and curiosity) get lost on the Island but seemingly don't die. The crew doesn't know what happened to them but later find out why. The team hears a crash.
Alph: "Ever since the Ancient Onion crashed on the surface, strange beasts have appeared all over the planet... I have a nasty feeling about this."
Brittany: "I guess that must've been the other crashes we heard."

The more they enter the maze on the island, the rougher the weather gets. When Pikmin get hurt by weather or other hazards, they are swooped up and abducted by tentacles coming out of the dense woods. Suddenly the Ancient Onion comes along, not leaving the leaders' side, Pikmin can thus be retrieved at any preferable time. When the team reaches the center of the maze, they are surrounded by the Pikmin that disappeared and Pikmin that supposedly should've died in the woods by the strange and creepy tentacle abductions. The weather gets immensely dense and the Ancient Onion illuminates the entire area. The mist is closing in on them and then another tentacle swoops up and abducts both Olimar and the Ancient Onion into the mist.

Panicked whistle sounds echo through the mist, the Pikmin surrounding the left-over crew and the Pikmin on their squad all run towards the whistling sounds. The Pikmin seem hyperfocused and hypnotized by the whistle sounds coming from the unknown misty surroundings. The player is not able to get those Pikmin back on his team and the crew is then left alone. The music stops. The only thing you can hear is slippery movements and whistling sounds in the distance.

The player must now guide themselves through the other section of the maze without the Pikmin. It is completely mirrored to the section in which they entered, but this side contains a lot of traps and enemies. Every now and then, groups of sub-species of Pikmin can be found hiding in bushes and/or corners. Once the squad reaches one hundred again the team is now able to find the Ancient Onion. When they leave the maze on the other side of the island the weather transitions from misty to stormy and they get a better look at their surroundings. The end up at the beach. In front of them lies the last ship part and a few collectibles. The S.S. Drake and the Master Onion can be found right next to it.

When they slowly approach it, the Ancient Onion crashes on the surface in front of them, completely broken. The Pikmin left in the onion seem to escape it in a hurry and just before the Onion stops illuminating the area, a new seed is spit out. However, this seed doesn't seem to be pluck-able and the ground grows dark. The Pikmin that escaped the Ancient Onion flee into the woods. 500 remain in the field. The S.S. Drake reports to the crew that a new suit upgrade has been added to its inventory. The Catapult, "it allows the players to fast-throw Pikmin when in a dire situation."

Just as the team wishes to approach the broken Onion a giant squid emerges from the sea. It is the final battle. Olimar is basically lost. When attacking it's tentacles it loses health, but when hurt too much, loud whistle sounds echo through the air. Stray idle Pikmin and 50% of the Pikmin in the squad of the team now attack the crew and its left-over Pikmin. By whistling you can get the Pikmin back on your team, but you will lose some as a result of the Pikmin turning against you. This goes on and on until the second battle phase. The Tentacled Deep Sea Giant now enters the land after losing half of his tentacles. When defeated, its body remains on the island. It spits out the Master Onion, a few Pikmin and Olimar, without his helmet. The weather turns rather sunny again. After returning him to the ship, Olimar wakes up telling the team that they should leave the island. The squid can be retrieved by the Master Onion flying above it, adding 50 to the number of Pikmin for every type inside. Olimar's old helmet drops on the ground together with a few golden drops.

The last ship part and other collectibles left on the beach can now be collected. The golden drops however seem to move. The team watches closely as the drops make their way to the Ancient Onion. They stop at the exact spot the Ancient Onion spit out its last seed and enter the sand. Out of the sand plops a leaf. The player is now able to pluck it, but they need all team members. *FWOOMPH* Another Onion emerges from the ground immediately illuminating the area and blowing away any leftover clouds in the sky. The Ancient Onion wasn't dead after all. It now resembles the Master Onion in design, and the Pikmin from the woods return, entering the newly born Onion.

After the player is done exploring the beach and the now safe maze of the Island, they can leave the surface, directly heading back home. The game now automatically saves when a new object is retrieved and Purple and White Pikmin are now available in story mode. When the ship almost leaves the atmosphere of the planet, the Master Onion and the Ancient Onion merge. A giant Onion now orbits the planet and the team goes back home. The credits roll and an epilogue follows. The planet is being completely harvested by Kopaiites and Hocotatians with the help of the Pikmin, but the surface starts to rumble... Hmm... What is that supposed to be?

The End.


Overall / Single Player

Players are able to control one of three leaders (maximum), which in turn control any Pikmin by their side. The gameplay is very similar to Pikmin 3, but has some alterations. Pikmin however, can still be thrown, dismissed and ordered to charge. Pikmin can be used to battle against enemies and to recover items and fruits to the S.S. Drake. Pikmin 4 uses a lot of mechanics from its predecessors;
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Infobox RGE001
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Infobox RGE002
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Infobox RGE003
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Infobox RGE004
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Infobox RGE005
  • The ability to group move Pikmin returns after having the mechanic being deleted in Pikmin 3. It's easier this way to enter areas that are hazardous for different kinds of Pikmin.
  • Purple Pikmin and White Pikmin remain in the mission and battle modes but can still be found in story mode, they are only shown to have no interest in coming with the leader. When a player finishes story mode however, they are willing to join the teams and that makes it easier to speedrun the game.

These are the new mechanics in Pikmin 4;

  • Pikmin 4 has four different difficulty modes.
    • Easy: Once all crew members are joined together again, there is a certain level of automation. Captains can do things on their own, like, battling enemies nearby, and break any available barriers. Fruit however, cannot be collected by the captains when not controlled. They can walk along with carrying Pikmin to protect them from any harm. The easy option is for people who struggle to get things done in Pikmin and for people who are still not used to the controls.
    • Normal: Similar to Pikmin 3's difficulty. The only automation the captains have is plucking Pikmin from the ground when sent to their spawning point.
    • Hard: Pellets can no longer be collected. However, defeated enemies still give birth to new Pikmin when brought to the onion(s). A Pikmin's death lowers the other Pikmin's stats with 10%.
    • Intense: Pellets can no longer be collected and enemies give birth to half the amount of Pikmin when brought to the onion(s). A Pikmin's death lowers the other Pikmin's stats with 50%
  • Areas are a lot bigger and contain a lot more secrets. You can now have an overview of the entire planet. Areas are interconnected and pathways can only be broken by use of certain Pikmin (The sub-species).
  • Though because you start the game with almost literally every Pikmin available, I've invented the sub-species. The sub-species have certain abilities that the original Pikmin don't have. Like you can have Dark-Blue Pikmin that can reach depths of waters your ordinary blue Pikmin couldn't reach. And Dark-Red Pikmin that can survive the immense heat emitted by magma normal Red Pikmin wouldn't survive. Light-Pink Winged Pikmin that can reach higher into the atmosphere in the mountains. Dark-Yellow Pikmin (Orange) that can survive thunderstorms and so on.
    • The Master Onion shows to have more secrets. A lot of sub-species of Pikmin can be found in-game and can only enter the Ancient Onion. Rock Pikmin f.e. can bring gemstones, pebbles and other rocks with maximum weight 2 to the Ancient Onion. The onion will then spit out the sub-species of Rock Pikmin (Each having different stats based of the size of their stone).
  • Pikmin are given certain personalities and too have some level of automation. Pikmin get frightened when they're nearby elemental hazards and are able to walk around the onion to give a look at their surroundings. Pikmin still follow the leader's path. Alterations have been made to prevent Pikmin getting stuck behind corners.
  • Pikmin also do not like being left alone and can panic when left alone for too long. Unless they're near the onions, the are able to stay calm. The leader's whistle can calm them down and have them return to the leader's team. Pikmin can die from long exposure to stress and they are spotted faster by nearby enemies when in panic.
    • So called "safe-zones" are drop-off zones for the Player to leave Pikmin without them having panic attacks of sorts.
  • Weather affects the stats of certain Pikmin types and affects the areas. Weather is thus playing a very huge role in how you play the game. Since weather can not be planned on a strange planet, that makes every day a unique one. Pikmin cannot climb in rainy weather. Light Pikmin however, can climb on slippery surfaces. Enemies cannot spot Pikmin in the fog unless they're really close. Etc.
  • Meet the Pikmax. Pikmax are huge Pikmin that can only be found in special hidden areas. Pikmax are considered to be elderly Pikmin, Pikmin that lived long enough to mature to the next stage, Pikmax. However, only one Pikmax per element can be found throughout the game. Too, in areas that are free of enemies. You can leave Pikmin with Pikmax during the night. Pikmax emit a stress-free aura that makes Pikmin feel safe and happy. Leaving them with Pikmax during the night also allows them to fully mature. You can pick them up whenever you feel like it. Though, you never see Pikmax move since they're so heavy. However, they do move from time to time.
    • The Hey! Pikmin Pikmin Park mechanic returns here. You can give Pikmin in Pikmax areas different tasks. Once you return, they might've found some new treasures or fruits.
  • In Pikmin 1 you have to retrieve ship parts, and once you retrieved around 75% of them, you are able to leave the planet. In Pikmin 4 however, there is a Ship's Condition Bar that needs to be filled 100%.

Multiplayer / Other Game Modes

  • I'm trying to integrate Multiplayer in the Story Mode too, but since the areas are so large and interconnected, that might be very difficult to accomplish. I might add bonus areas that can only be accessed by people who play the story in multiplayer and can thus only be reached with the use of both players.
  • The Bingo Battle returns. Like in Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3, Pikmin 4 has a 2-Player Battle mode called Bingo Battle. The overall rules have changed, but many of the same concepts return. The mode can be played in 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2. Enemies in each arena change each time you play. One player will play as Alph, while the other will play as Captain Olimar. In a 2 vs 2 match, the first two players are Alph and Brittany or Charlie, while the second two are Olimar and Louie. On the bottom of each player's screen, there will be a 4x4 bingo card lined with random objects, which range from enemies to fruits to treasures. The player that collects all of the objects in a row, (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) will win, similar to bingo.
    • Players can also enable each team to have a victory macaroon. Each player's onion will have a macaroon with a flag by it. If this macaroon is stolen by the opposing player, that player will automatically win smilar to taking the opposing teams marble in 2 player battle in Pikmin 2.
    • Same as in Pikmin 3, the color of the Pikmin's leaves, buds, or flowers will correspond with the player. (Player 1: Blue. Player 2: Pink). Each maps type of Pikmin will change depending on the map layout, but there will only ever be two types of Pikmin on the map
  • Mission Modes return with each mode having another main goal. The following modes return:
    • Collect Treasures: Collect all treasures that you can find on the map and bring them back to the onion/SPERO.
    • Defeat enemies: Defeat all enemies that you can find on the map and bring them back to the onion for extra Pikmin (type differs, depends on which Pikmin have carried the enemy back to the onion).
    • Relive the Boss Battles: Replay previously defeated bosses.


NS A Button
  • Pick up Pikmin: While commanding Pikmin. When the button is released, the leader throws the Pikmin.
  • Pluck Pikmin: When nearby a sprout.
  • Punch: Without any Pikmin and near a punchable target.
  • Open Onion Menu: When under an Onion.
NS B Button Change Pikmin type.
NS X Button Change Sub-Species Pikmin type (when available in your ground squad).
NS Y Button Switch between leaders.
NS L Button
  • At any time: Hold to enable whistling. If you tap or hold on the touch screen, you can whistle with L held.
  • Change which Pikmin type (or leader) will be thrown next.
  • When by a sprout: Release to pluck the Pikmin sprout out of the ground. Won't take effect if you whistled after pressing.
NS R Button Charge Pikmin or dismiss them.
NS ZL Button ZL  If the cursor is on a target, toggles lock-on. Otherwise, press to make the camera face the same way the leader is facing.
NS ZR Button ZR 
  • Under normal circumstances: Center the camera behind the leader.
  • While plucking or under the command of Go Here!: cancel.
NS Up Button Up  Change which Pikmin type (or leader) will be thrown next.
NS Left Button Left  Dodge left, if the Dodge Whistle has been obtained.
NS Right Button Right  Dodge right, if the Dodge Whistle has been obtained.
NS Down Button Down  Switch leader. It won't work if the other leader(s) is/are on the current one's party.
NS L Stick Left Control Stick Move in the direction it is held. If a Pikmin is touched while running, it will join the leader. The leaders run a bit slower than flower Pikmin. The camera will automatically rotate to make it easier to navigate.
NS R Stick Right Control Stick Move the whistle or throw cursor to the preferred spot and move the camera angle.
NS Plus Plus
  • In-game: Pause and bring up the pause menu. Press again to unpause.
  • On a cutscene: Skip the cutscene, if possible.
NS Minus Minus Open the World Map, thereby automatically pausing the game
NS Home Home Go to Home Menu



Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Team Members


Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Infobox Red Pikmin
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Infobox Blue Pikmin
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Infobox Yellow Pikmin
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Infobox Rock Pikmin
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Infobox Other Rock Pikmin
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Infobox Winged Pikmin
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Infobox White Pikmin
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Infobox Purple Pikmin
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Infobox Light Pikmin


Meet the sub-species. The sub-species are new types of Pikmin but still fall under their respective basic Pikmin type. They only have slightly altered or heightened abilities. All sub-species of the original five Pikmin can be found in the table below. However, Purple, White and Light Pikmin do not have their own sub-species considered they're either ancient or born via Candypop Buds. Though, that might change in future development.

Maroon Red Pikmin
Survive heat emitted from Magma and other heat sources
Ochre Yellow Pikmin
Survive thunderstorms and other stronger electrical attacks
Midnight Blue Pikmin
Survive the depths of the ocean and can swim deeper
Gemstone Pikmin
Survive every direct attack and cannot be eaten by enemies
Salmon Pink Pikmin
Survive air with low oxygen levels and can reach higher places
Rusty Brown Pikmin
Can emit fire from its body at will and has the ability to melt icy surfaces
Beige Pikmin
Emit electricity from its body to power objects or search for them through radiation
Sky Blue Pikmin
Survive in extremely cold temperatures and don't freeze to death like other types
Magnetic Pikmin
Can climb up steep metal surfaces and search for treasure like metal detectors
Peach Pink Pikmin
Have a great nose for sweet fruit and can be found swarming around them
Hibiscus Red Pikmin
Equivalent of a hot pepper. Once eaten, enemies die instantly
Gold Pikmin
True (gold-)diggers. Can dig the fastest of all Pikmin types
Turquoise Pikmin
Can swim upstream and are thus immune to strong currents
Pebble Pikmin
Are way faster runners and diggers than Rock Pikmin are
Coral Pink Pikmin
They have bee stings to poison and and kill enemies

Candypop Buds

Candypop Buds are large flowers that are able to bloom in almost every condition and resemble the original seven Pikmin colors. Red, Yellow, Blue, Grey, Pink, White and Purple. When a Pikmin of any type is thrown into the flower, it spits out a Pikmin same to the color of its leafs. Pikmin can thus be changed of type when thrown into a candypop bud. A maximum of five Pikmin can be thrown into the flower before it withers.

The Onions

In Pikmin 4 you now have two different kind of Onions. The Master Onion and the Ancient Onion. You can find a list below of which Onion houses which Pikmin.

  • Master Onion
    • Red Pikmin
    • Yellow Pikmin
    • Blue Pikmin
    • Rock Pikmin
    • Winged Pikmin

However, after completing story mode, the newly born Ancient Onion merges with the Master Onion, adding every single Pikmin type from the list on the right to the Master Onion. You can only use this version of the Master Onion in story mode (after completion) or in the battle modes.

  • Ancient Onion
    • Light Pikmin
    • Red Pikmin Sub-Species
    • Yellow Pikmin Sub-Species
    • Blue Pikmin Sub-Species
    • Rock Pikmin Sub-Species
    • Winged Pikmin Sub-Species
    • White Pikmin (After finishing story mode)
    • Purple Pikmin (After finishing story mode)


The Pikmin series are known for their unique and amount of different enemies. In Pikmin 4 a lot of these enemies make their return. The Pikmin encounter a multitude of enemies on PNF-404. With few exceptions, these are both predators and prey, and they have varied characteristics and appearances. Defeating enemies constitutes a major part of gameplay in all Pikmin games. Enemies have varied attacks, and some take advantage of hazards to cause damage to Pikmin who are not immune to them. Offensively, enemies either eat Pikmin or hurt them with attacks, both melee and projectile-based, and with effects that range from pushing the Pikmin off to outright killing them. These hazards and attacks are listed below. A few enemies are incapable of directly killing Pikmin. Defeated enemies that leave a corpse can also be returned to an Onion, being exchanged for Pikmin seeds. Some enemies contain important items like ship parts, treasures, or fruits, which they drop when defeated; these will still be dropped even if the creature was petrified. Most downed enemies will also safely release any Pikmin in their grasp, regardless of any apparently fatal damage caused when the Pikmin was trapped (like the Cloaking Burrow-nit's impalement). This allows otherwise doomed Pikmin to be saved.
FireBeing CrushedBeing Immobilized
ElectricityBeing StabbedBeing Captured
WaterBeing EatenBeing Frozen


  • (Considered) Non-elemental | The non-elemental enemies might have an immunity to some hazards but are not bound to them. They can thus exist outside of their assigned element.
    • Grub-dogs | The Bulborb and Bulbear are both species of the Grub-dog family which consists of four subspecies. They are some of the most dangerous enemies in the Pikmin games, but also some of the most common, appearing in almost every area in all games. Captain Olimar noted in Pikmin 1 that Bulborbs looked similar to his dog, Bulbie, which is how they got their name.
      • Red Bulborb | Bulborbs are nocturnal and sleep during most of the day, preferring to hunt at night. Only when touched, the wake up. They have high vitality and enormous appetites, being able to chomp as many as five Pikmin with one bite. However, this also means that they have no natural enemies, and often leave themselves completely exposed while sleeping. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Dwarf Red Bulborb | Dwarf Red Bulborbs are smaller versions of Red Bulborbs and can be easily defeated by swarming them, or by throwing a single Pikmin directly on top of them. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Spotty Bulbear | Bulbears are creatures rarely found above ground that resemble Red Bulborbs with a different color and stature, and bigger mouths with wider lips. Its large mouth allows it to eat Pikmin rapidly, making it a formidable foe. However, the Spotty Bulbear always appears to sleepless and is a lot faster than a Red Bulborb. One can then conclude that the Spotty Bulbear is at a high point in the food chain. These enemies are often found with a number of Dwarf Bulbears following it as a source of protection and general aid. However, they are much more resistant to explosions than in past games. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Dwarf Bulbear | Dwarf Bulbears are smaller versions of Spotty Bulbears and can be easily defeated by swarming them, or by throwing a single Pikmin directly on top of them. Dwarf Bulbears act very similar to how they do in Pikmin 2. They follow their Spotty Bulbear superior around the map. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Orange Bulborb | Orange bulborbs are similar to Red Bulborbs. They are similar in shape and size, are nocturnal, but differ in color and are awakened when a Pikmin or leader is close to them. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Dwarf Orange Bulborb | Dwarf Orange Bulborbs are smaller versions of Orange Bulborbs and can be easily defeated by swarming them, or by throwing a single Pikmin directly on top of them. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Whiptongue Bulborb | The Whiptongue Bulborb has a long, slender snout which somewhat resembles that of an anteater. When a captain and/or a Pikmin is nearby, it will quickly shuffle towards them. If the Pikmin are standing within attack range, it will launch its tongue outward as a means of consuming them. Up to five Pikmin can be snagged at a time by this move. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
    • Lithopods | The Larvae are species of Lithopods and are sometimes non-hazardous.
      • Armored Cannon Larva | Armored Cannon Larvae attack by shooting boulders from their snouts. Because Cannon Larvae lack the thick exoskeletal armor of the adult beetles, these enemies are vulnerable all over their body, but can buck Pikmin off when attacked. They can be manipulated into destroying other creatures by making them spit boulders at a Captain when he is beside or behind an enemy. Moving out of the way before the rock hits him, the rock will hit the enemy that was behind him. The boulders that are shot out cannot be petrified. They can, however, be destroyed by landing a Purple Pikmin on top of one. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Crushed
      • Arctic Cannon Larva | The Arctic Cannon Larva only appears in snowy and cold areas. Rather than shooting boulders from its mouth, it instead shoots balls of snow. Pikmin are not killed by this, but caught up in the snowball which will eventually crash and spread them out. Winged Pikmin are merely knocked over. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Captured (Pikmin can be caught in the snow balls that they have launched)
    • Mandiblard | The Mandiblard Family consists of four known species, two of which are known to demonstrate a degree of sexual dimorphism not uncommon to insects. As a whole, they have little vitality and are not especially dangerous. Due to their general inability to present any danger, these enemies are usually found in groups of 3 or more, and are always buried in the ground, appearing only when a Captain or Pikmin approaches close by.
      • Female Sheargrub | Female Sheargrubs are scavengers and do not attack the Captain or Pikmin, and can easily be defeated by being swarmed around. Their behavior is the most distinctive difference between males and females of the species. In all games, they provide only one seed, and thus are usually not worth bringing back to the Onion. ATTACK/HAZARD: None
      • Male Sheargrub | Male Sheargrubs can easily be distinguished from Female Sheargrubs by their dark purple color and large mandibles. Unlike the females, Male Sheargrubs are predatory and extremely aggressive, and will attack Captains and Pikmin when the opportunity presents itself. In Pikmin, they spawn in certain areas and will swarm your Pikmin. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Swarming Sheargrub | The Swarming Sheargrub, in every way excluding size and color, resembles a Female Sheargrub. They are known to follow Pikmin from a distance and can distract an entire squad as a result. They move around in swarms at high speed. They have no form of offence but can move quickly, taking any attacking Pikmin with them. Once they come across any nectar, they will consume it and grow in size. Most swarms come in groups of seven. When they spot a salvagable object—such as a fruit, pellet, or carcass—they will jump and sit on top of it, weighing it down, requiring more Pikmin to carry the object. The larger they are, the more they will weigh. ATTACK/HAZARD: None (Though they can lure Pikmin away into hazardous areas)
      • Speargrub (Hey! Pikmin) | Speargrubs are a spiked species of Mandiblard. Unlike the other Mandiblard, Speargrubs are unkillable, but are able to freeze for a few seconds if struck by a Rock Pikmin. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Stabbed
    • Skitterlings | The Skitterling family is a group of creatures in the Pikmin series, of which three species have been cataloged so far. Most of the Skitterling family resemble leaves, and are motionless until a Captain or a group of Pikmin comes by.
      • Skitter Leaf | The Skitter Leaf, when it is hiding, looks like a small leaf on the ground, making it seem like its aesthetic. When approached, however, it will leap up, revealing feet with a similar pattern to the leaf on its back and bulgy red eyes. ATTACK/HAZARD: None
      • Desiccated Skitter Leaf | Desiccated Skitter Leaves, introduced in Pikmin 3, are the more hostile members of the Skitterling family. They actually have a means of killing Pikmin by grabbing them and eating them swiftly. They resemble withered and dead leaves rather than the healthy ones Skitter Leaves imitate. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
    • Amphituber | The Amphituber family is a family of frog-like amphibians in the Pikmin games.
      • Yellow Wollywog | Yellow Wollywogs hunt by jumping high into the air and crashing back down on their prey. This allows them to take out large groups of Pikmin in one attack, so be careful. When weighed down by a lot of Pikmin they are unable to jump, though, when they try they wiggle any remaining Pikmin off of their bodies. A Wollywog will always choose to crush helpless Pikmin on the ground rather than chase the main group. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Crushed
      • You Yellow Wollywog (Hey! Pikmin) | Young Yellow Wollywogs are juvenile Yellow Wollywogs. They are described as the intermediate, immature stage between Wogpole and Wollywog, as it has a set of back legs, yet still maintaining a much smaller version of a Wogpole tail. While unable to hover when jumping like their adult counterparts, they're still capable of crushing Pikmin on landing, and even then they can kill one pikmin on contact while swimming in water. They are fairly weak, and can be defeated with one Pikmin. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Crushed
    • Other | These are the other non-elemental enemies.
      • Arachnode | The Arachnode is a spider-like creature. When undisturbed, they'll take on a cocoon-like appearance, but once a Pikmin or leader is caught in its web, it will reveal its true form and try to attack them. Their webs act as the primary hazard for Winged Pikmin. When Winged Pikmin are carrying anything back to the Onion, and an Arachnode and its web are in the way, the Winged Pikmin will get stuck, putting them at risk of being devoured. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Joustmite | The Joustmite uses its shell to shield its face rather than its rear (its weakpoint). It hides partially buried in the ground, waiting for unsuspecting prey. Once a player enters the attack range of the Joustmite, it pops out from under the ground and proceeds to attack the player's Pikmin by attempting to use its long, needle-like proboscis to spear them. It can shake Pikmin off by bucking, shaking its loose carapace. It can catch up to three Pikmin at once. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten/Being Stabbed
      • Flighty Joustmite | The Flighty Joustmite has the ability to fly. It acts much like the Joustmite, in that it lashes its proboscis out to eat Pikmin and has a fleshy area for the Pikmin to attack. The Flighty Joustmite is not very common and is only seen in a few areas. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten/Being Stabbed
      • Medusal Slurker | The Medusal Slurker is a floating, translucent pink jellyfish-like enemy with two small serpentine eyes and a single antenna sprouting from its top that resembles a seeding dandelion. It has a green pouch inside its head to store food. This pouch has an uvula hanging from it, which it extends to the ground and expands to trap Pikmin and leaders. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Captured (Pikmin and leaders can be held captive in it's body)
      • Mockiwi (Hey! Pikmin) | A Mockiwi resembles a round, yellow bird, with a wide beak that it uses to scoop up Pikmin. Supposedly, it was once able to fly, but its wings have disappeared through evolution. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Peckish Aristocrab | The Peckish Aristocrab is a crab-like enemy. The creature mainly rests in a motionless position, clacking its large pincers, but can detect Pikmin's presence from afar, and it will quickly scuttle sideways onto the player's path when they enter the area, circling them in order to get in their way. When Pikmin are thrown at it, the creature is capable of maneuvering its massive claw to shield itself from the thrown Pikmin. It can also defend itself by blowing bubbles at the Pikmin, which can trap them inside the bubbles, making them float around for a long period of time until the bubble pops. This can trap captains as well. It attacks by grasping multiple Pikmin with its claw and dropping them into its gaping mouth. It can also stab the ground with its claw to attack. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Swooping Snitchbug | Swooping Snitchbugs are legless, round, flying insects that have evolved wing-like antennae as a means of moving. They swoop down, as their name suggests, and grab their prey with their claws. After carrying them for a few seconds, they throw them at the ground. This action would harm most prey, whereas Pikmin are simply replanted and reverted to their original leaf state. These creatures will plummet to the ground if weighed down by a sufficient number of Pikmin, or with a singular Purple Pikmin, rendering it susceptible to further attack. A single Rock Pikmin can also weigh it down. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Immobilized
  • Element specific enemies | The elemental enemies are bound to their element and although they can sometimes be defeated by almost every Pikmin type they cannot exist outside of their assigned element (either because their attacks are elementally based or they live in it).
    • Fire | Fire is found emitted by some enemies, as well as erupting out of the ground in the form of a geyser. Only Red Pikmin are immune to this hazard. ATTACK/HAZARD: Fire (Pikmin burning to death)
      • Fiery Blowhog | The Fiery Blowhog is a relative of the Watery Blowhog. They have red snouts and spit fire. When provoked by Pikmin, Fiery Blowhogs will buck pikmin off and shoot fire. Blowing the whistle within the area of the Blowhog's attack will ensure that any Pikmin caught in the flames will instantly be extinguished. ATTACK/HAZARD: Fire
      • Pyroclasmic Slooch | The Pyroclasmic resembles a black slug-like creature with yellow-orange rings of light pulsing down its body. It cloaks itself in flames which will set any Pikmin species other than Red Pikmin on fire if they make contact with it. It moves slowly, leaving a trail of fire behind it that can further ignite Pikmin. It also has a long gray-blue tongue, which the Slooch can lash out to snatch Pikmin from a medium range. They can also be hurt by other Pikmin if it goes into the water. While a Rock Pikmin's initial thump can damage it, they will quickly catch on fire. When killed, their flaming bodies extinguish and shrink down to a smaller size. ATTACK/HAZARD: Fire / Being Eaten
    • Electricity | Electricity is non-lethal and simply stuns Pikmin who will then twitch on the ground immobilized until called back. ATTACK/HAZARD: Electricity / Being Immobilized
      • Bearded Amprat | The Bearded Amprat is a rodent-like creature and resembles a small white guinea pig with large brown spots on its face and back. As their name implies, their faces are draped in large amounts of long, straight hair which gives their face a slight resemblance to a skull. Normally, this creature passively walks around its territory. When Pikmin or a Captain come close, however, it will begin to rapidly rub its beard, generating electricity, which causes its hair to flare up and reveal its true face as it charges to try and grab Pikmin and eat them. This hair spikes up when they are attacked and electricity will begin to pulse through their entire body to harm all non-Yellow Pikmin. ATTACK/HAZARD: Electricity / Being Immobilized / Being Eaten
    • Water | Water is found in every area of every game. It is lethal to all Pikmin except for Blue Pikmin; although Winged Pikmin can fly over bodies of water, they can still drown if they fly down into the water. If Pikmin come into contact with water ejected from enemies, it will collect on their leaves and they will suffocate unless they are called back. ATTACK/HAZARD: Water (Pikmin drown or suffocate)
      • Hermit Crawmad | The Hermit Crawmad is one of the members of the Crawmad family, the other being the Bug-Eyed Crawmad. It sits in its burrow, and is usually found around watery areas. Although it can survive on dry land it always returns to its burrow inside the water. It will peek out of its hole when prey, such as Pikmin, approach it. If a Pikmin gets too close to its dwelling, the Crawmad will attack. It attacks by charging out of its hole and grabbing a Pikmin, dragging it back to its nest, where the Pikmin is devoured. The only way to kill it is to lure it out and attack its vulnerable backside before it can crawl back to its hole. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Puckering Blinnow | Puckering Blinnows are colorful fish enemies that inhabit bodies of water. These creatures usually swim passively around in water, usually in groups of 3 or more. When one spots a group of Pikmin, it approaches the nearest Pikmin, grabs it, and quickly swims away. If the player attacks the Blinnow, it will drop the Pikmin and try to jump out of the water to avoid being attacked. If not attacked in time, they will eat the caught Pikmin. They can also jump out of the water to catch any Winged Pikmin flying overhead, and go to the surface to catch any non-Blue Pikmin that is struggling. ATTACK/HAZARD: Water / Being Eaten
      • Skeeterskate | The Skeeterskate skims around the surface of the water, and attacks by shooting small jets of water at the Pikmin and captains. It can be killed in one hit by throwing a Pikmin on top of it, much like a Dwarf Bulborb. ATTACK/HAZARD: Water
      • Sputtlefish | The Sputtlefish is a poisonous, squid-like enemy with a flower-like protrusion atop its head. These enemies can only be found underwater. They swim casually when unthreatened but upon the arrival of Pikmin, they will take an upright posture and swim towards them. They can lash out on Pikmin with their tentacles, grabbing and eating them one at a time. When attacked, one will release ink which causes Pikmin to panic for some time until they are whistled and swim away. ATTACK/HAZARD: Water / Poison / Being Eaten
      • Toady Bloyster | Toady Bloysters are slug-like creatures and they creep along the ground in search of food. Its tongue resembles those of Pyroclasmic Slooches, but it branches out into 6 separate tentacles. Also, rather than shaking Pikmin off, it releases ink which will causes the Pikmin to panic for some seconds, though if the Pikmin are latched on to the Gill-like organ on its back, they will not be harmed. ATTACK/HAZARD: Water / Poison / Being Eaten
      • Waddlepus | The Waddlepus is an aquatic enemy. It is harmless and incapable of killing your Pikmin. The Waddlepus sits idly and is generally passive. However, once a Pikmin or Leader is in its line of sight, it will inflate its back and blow bubbles everywhere which will encase the Pikmin and/or Leader(s), sending them floating away until they pop. You can pop the bubbles prematurely by throwing a Pikmin at them. When attacked, it will slowly waddle around, and inflate to shake off the Pikmin. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Captured
      • Water Dumple | Water Dumples are members of the Grub-dog family, and act like Bulborbs (Likely due to their relation to Grub-Dogs). These amphibious creatures are most commonly found in the water, occasionally crawl onto land as well. They are known to stalk Pikmin when they are in the area. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Watery Blowhog | The Watery Blowhog is a relative of the Fiery Blowhog. They have blue snouts and spit water. When provoked by Pikmin, Watery Blowhogs will buck pikmin off and shoot water. Blowing the whistle within the area of the Blowhog's attack will ensure that any Pikmin suffocated in the water will survive. ATTACK/HAZARD: Water
      • Wogpole | Wogpoles are completely harmless. They resemble tadpoles in appearance, and is in fact the larval form of the frog-like Yellow Wollywog. Sometimes they jump out of the water luring any Pikmin into the water. They swim away from the captains in shock. ATTACK/HAZARD: Water
    • Rock | Blunt force in the form of crushing is deadly for almost all Pikmin types. Rock Pikmin are immune to this hazard and Winged Pikmin will be pushed aside if airborne. Rock Pikmin are needed to destroy the armor of the enemies. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Crushed
      • Calcified Crushblat | The Calcified Crushblat is a frog-like creature that stands on tall, bird-like legs. It is capable of covering itself in a crystal-like shell for defense. Rock Pikmin or Bomb Rocks are needed to destroy its armor. It attacks by jumping on Pikmin to crush them. The Calcified Crushblat sits motionlessly on the ground with its legs retracted, resembling nothing more than a crystalline rock on the ground. However, as the player approaches, it will begin to visibly breath heavily, get up, and walk around. It will not actively attack Pikmin or players, but if they walk underneath it, it will not hesitate to jump on them and crush them. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Crushed
      • Skutterchuck | The Skutterchuck is a small bipedal insectoid creature. This creature particularly picks up round crystalline stones to defend itself. If the player uses a Rock Pikmin to break the stone, it will quickly scurry away. If Pikmin continue to attack it after there are no more pebbles for it to pick up, it will thrust itself upward to launch the attacking Pikmin high into the air. When it dies, it flips over and curls its legs in the same generic fashion most insects die. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Crushed (Or launched)
    • Air | Some enemies are completely airborne, making them perfect candidates to be defeated by the Winged Pikmin. Their attacks are somewhat harmless as they blow their enemies away. ATTACK/HAZARD: Air
      • Puffy Blowhog | The Puffy Blowhog is the the airborne version of the blowhog species. It has harmless spines on its back. It blows nearby Pikmin into hazards or other enemies. Purple Pikmin are immune to the wind. When it dies, it will deflate, allowing 2 Pikmin to carry the body. The body looks like a balloon. ATTACK/HAZARD: Air
      • Scornet | Scornets are tiny hornet-like creatures. These enemies are capable of making coordinated formations that are capable of capturing and eventually killing your Pikmin swarm, by skewering them with their pointed mouths. It takes many seconds for the Pikmin to succumb to their injuries; if the Scornets holding them are killed, the Pikmin will be saved. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Stabbed / Being Captured
      • Shearwig | Shearwigs are more aggressive than Male Sheargrubs, and take leave of the ground to hover up high after having lost at least half of their health to allow it to steadily return. While up in the air, these creatures are still within the reach of a Pikmin throw, of which just one accurate button-press is enough to kill them. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten / Being Captured
      • Sparrowhead (Hey! Pikmin) | The Sparrowhead resembles a small, round, legless bird, with wings similar to the wings of a fly. They move quickly and dive at groups of Pikmin to peck at them. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Stabbed
  • Non-violent | Most of the time, these non-violent enemies can drop certain items when defeated.
    • Iridescent Flint Beetle | The Iridescent Flint Beetle is a beetle with an ovular, iridescent green carapace. To attack it, one must throw a Pikmin directly onto it, at which it glows red while overturning and drops a useful object; Pikmin attacking from the ground cannot harm it. This creature disappears after a certain amount of time has passed or it has been overturned enough times. ITEM-DROP: Nectar
    • Nectarous Dandelfly | The Nectarous Dandelfly is a harmless enemy that resembles a large dragonfly-like creature with a segmented body resembling that of a catterpillar or honeypot ant, and has the face of a butterfly with its proboscis. The Nectarous Dandelfly drifts carelessly around, not minding enemies or nearby Pikmin. If a Pikmin lands a direct hit on one of its hind segments, the segment will collapse into puddles of Nectar, the number of doses range from one to five depending on where you land your Pikmin, resulting in enough to flower around 10 to 50 Pikmin with one encounter. After its nectar has been stolen, it will swiftly fly away. ITEM-DROP: Nectar
    • Flitterbies | Flitterbies are insects that resemble small butterflies, colored either red, yellow, or white. They are one of the harmless enemies in the Pikmin series, having absolutely no means of attack. They are located in specific patches of plants and appears upon being disturbed, leaving the area's boundaries not long after. A Spectralid's color indicates what it drops, being either Ultra-Spicy Nectar (red) or a drop of nectar (yellow). These creatures are so delicate that, upon being petrified, they will fall down to the ground and crumble.
      • White Spectralid | White Spectralids are small butterfly creatures that have white wings, very fuzzy bodies, red eyes and two small feet they use to stand on things. Unlike other Spectralids, this type of Flitterbie drops nothing. ITEM-DROP: Nothing
      • Yellow Spectralid | Yellow Spectralids are small butterfly-like creatures that have yellow wings, very fuzzy, white bodies, purple eyes and two small feet they use to stand on things. They function very much like Yellow Unmarked Spectralids from Pikmin 2, and produce nectar when killed. ITEM-DROP: Nectar
      • Red Spectralid | Red Spectralids are small butterfly creatures that have red wings, very fuzzy bodies, green eyes and two small feet they use to stand on things like flowers and Pellet Posies. They produce Ultra-Spicy Nectar when killed. ITEM-DROP: Ultra-Spicy Nectar


  • Arachnorbs | The Arachnorb family is a species of enemies in the Pikmin games which resemble giant spiders, although are in fact insects. In previous Pikmin games they were introduced as the first Mini-Bosses. Their names consist of the following: [blank] Long Legs. The name is derived from daddy longlegs, and the family name itself is derived from arachnid and orb.
    • Shaggy Long Legs | Shaggy Long Legs is a mini-boss, and a member of the Arachnorb family. This Arachnorb has masses of long, shaggy hair covering several parts of its body. Its color scheme depends on the habitat that it dwells in. This species of Arachnorb does not stop to rest as do the rest of the members of its family. However, it does stop to shake off Pikmin, which are able to climb the Shaggy Long Legs' legs. A different creature called the Baldy Long Legs is essentially the counterpart of this creature, appropriately named due to its lack of hair. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Crushed
    • Baldy Long Legs | Baldy Long Legs is an Arachnorb and is essentially just a tropical variant of the Shaggy Long Legs without hair, though in Story Mode, this is the Shaggy Long Legs having been aesthetically renamed after all of its hair has been plucked off by the Pikmin. The Baldy Long Legs' only method of attack (like the majority of its family) is crushing Pikmin with its large feet. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Crushed
  • Other | These are the other Mini-Bosses in the game
    • Bug-Eyed Crawmad | The Bug-Eyed Crawmad is a Mini-Boss and appears to be a massive Hermit Crawmad with two eyestalks protruding from its forehead. However, instead of appearing in one hole in the ground, it can switch between two different holes. This miniboss is one of the biggest minibosses in the series. It sits in its burrow and is usually found around watery areas, although it can survive on dry land as well. It will peek out of its hole when prey—such as Pikmin—approach it. If a Pikmin or leader gets too close to its dwelling, the Crawmad will attack. It attacks by charging out of its hole and grabbing a Pikmin, almost instantly devouring them. The only way to damage this enemy is to hit its eyes. Once they are both significantly damaged, it will flip over exposing its raw underbelly. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
    • Burrowing Snagret | The Burrowing Snagret is a member of the Snavian family (Snavian being a combination of the words snake and avian, avian meaning "bird-related"). They remain underground for the majority of the time, surfacing only when approached by Pikmin or a Captain. When above ground, it tries to eat Pikmin by gathering them in its mouth. The only way to save your Pikmin is to kill the Snagret before they are consumed. Its most vulnerable spot is its head. After it is defeated, its entire body will come out from the ground, revealing it has a foot. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten


  • Weather Specific
    • Misty Weather
      • Mohawked Delusionist | The Mohawked Delusionist is a bipedal bird-like creature that uses its light bulb on its head to lure Pikmin into the dark. In misty weather, its Light Bulb resembles those of Light Pikmin, tricking the player into thinking they're are Pikmin. They can run very fast and can eat Pikmin by picking them up from the ground. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Light Bulborb | The Light Bulborb emits light from its spots that are on the back of its body. It is another entry in the Grub-dog Family. Though, the Light Bulborb is way faster than the other Bulborbs giving it a speed advantage. It can trip too and when its tripped, Pikmin can easily attack. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten / Being Crushed (after tripping)
      • Dwarf Light Bulborb | The Dwarf Light Bulborbs are similar to the other Dwarf Bulborbs and can be killed in one hit. They can run as fast as Light Bulborbs. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Blue Butterbat | The Blue Butterbat is an enemy that resembles both a bat and a butterfly. Blue Butterbats swoop down to hit Pikmin with their wings. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Stabbed
      • Green Butterbat | The Green Butterbat is an enemy that resembles both a bat and a butterfly and is similar to the Blue Butterbat. Green Butterbats on the other hand swoop down to eat Pikmin mid-flight. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Red Butterbat | The Red Butterbat is an enemy that resembles both a bat and a butterfly and is similar to both the Blue and Green Butterbats. Red Butterbats on the other hand swoop down to crush Pikmin. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Crushed
    • Rainy Weather
      • Slimy Bulborb | Slimy Bulborbs are the slowest Bulborbs in the entire Grub-dog family. Instead of having two legs it has a snail like underbody. Their skin is poisonous as well as the slime that they leave behind. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten / Poison
      • Poisonous Blowhog | The Poisonous Blowhog is very similar to its brothers in the Blowhog family. Instead, it has a purple snout and spits Poison. ATTACK/HAZARD: Poison
      • Umbrella Slurker | The Umbrella Slurker is another entry in the Slurker family. It is too a floating, translucent pink jellyfish-like enemy with two small serpentine eyes and a single antenna sprouting from its top that resembles a seeding dandelion. Though, the Umbrella Slurker has an umbrella shaped body and can be found in higher areas. Umbrella Slurkers can catch Winged Pikmin mid-flight. Similar to the Medusal Slurker, it stores anything it has cached inside its body. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Captured (Pikmin and leaders can be held captive in it's body)
    • Hot Weather
      • Ferocious Feather | A few feathers can be found in-game that are considered treasures. The ferocious feather uses one of these feathers as a cape to hide its body just like the Skitter Leafs. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Stabbed
      • Armored Sheargrub | Another Sheargrub in the Mandiblard family. The Armored Sheargrub has a thick armor that resembles a scarab. It cannot be killed. They normally walk certain routes through hot areas. They are harmless unless you attack them with Pikmin. They will eat any Pikmin nearby and continue walking afterwards. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Giant Grasshopper | The Giant Grasshopper can jump enormously high to avoid any attacks from Pikmin. It falls down very slowly. Winged Pikmin are the perfect candidates to attack the Giant Grasshopper. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Cicadricket | The Cicadricket is a noise-maker. It's completely harmless. Though it has a very scary and threatening outlook. Its name is derived from Cicada and Cricket. ATTACK/HAZARD: None
    • Cold Weather
      • Icy Waddlepus | Instead of blowing bubbles, this Waddlepus freezes Pikmin leaving them in ice form until the player unfreezes them with the use of a Sub-species of Red Pikmin. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Frozen
      • Icy Calcified Crushblat | Its the same enemy as the calcified crushblat, but its armor is made out of ice instead of crystallized stone. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Crushed
      • Skitter Stick | They act the same as Skitter Leafs, are not harmful and move when Pikmin or Leaders get close. They resemble stick insects. ATTACK/HAZARD: None
      • Jumping Puckering Blinnow | These Puckering Blinnows continuously jump out of the water to prevent huge predatory animals to eat them. They can hover in the air for some time. They are pretty similar to normal Puckering Blinnows but are darker in color and have longer fins ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
      • Armored Bulborb | A huge Bulborb with a shell. The only attack points are its face and its eyes. Once defeated the body can be carried back to the onion, but its armor remains on the ground. The metal can be added to the Ships Condition Bar and counts as an actual ship part. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten / Being Crushed


  • Misty Meadows = Slippery Squidopus | The Slippery Squidopus is a squid like boss that can be found in the Misty Meadows. It's actually pretty harmful, but because of its slippery body, it cannot eat Pikmin. Though Pikmin can still be crushed by its huge tentacles. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Crushed
  • Dusty Dunes = Reptilius Salamandrius | A huge salamander like creature. Break its tail off to sweep him off of his feet and slow him down. Its body parts grow back during the night. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Crushed/Being Eaten
  • The Bouncy Beach = Armored Meerslug | The Meerslug from Pikmin 3 probably had a few brothers and sisters, but this one has a thicker skin, almost impenetrable. It can be defeated with the use of Rock Pikmin Sub-species. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten
  • The Whistling Woods = Whistling Woopmite | An enormous mite that whistles. Literally. Once it whistles, it calls upon its babies that have buried themselves in the ground. They will start to attack you. The Woopmite has cricket like feet and can jump high. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten/Being Captured
  • The Graceful Glacier = Spiky Snowskate | Found on the Frozen Ocean of PNF-404. It skates around and tries to kill your Pikmin by jumping on them with its spikes. There are a few weak spots in the ice where the Snowskate has to jump upon to break it. Once broken, the Spiky Snowskate'll fall in, and get hurt. Do this several times and it'll die in the icy water. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Stabbed/Being Crushed/Being Frozen
  • The Magnetic Mountains = Magnetic Marachnode | A huge spider with magnetic like legs that can climb on ceilings and walls. Use the Magnetic Sub-species of Rock Pikmin to get him off the wall and attack him with your other Pikmin. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten/Being Crushed
  • The Island = ??? / The Tentacled Deep Sea Giant | The Tentacled Deep Sea Giant is a gigantic squid like creature that slams its tentacles on the surface of the beach. You must attack its tentacles to get them loose. Once the Giant has lost a lot of its tentacles it will come ashore to fight you there. Light Pikmin are needed because of its slippery skin. ATTACK/HAZARD: Being Eaten/Being Crushed/Water

Fruits, Items and Treasures


Fruits are the reason for Alph, Brittany and Charlie's visit to PNF-404 in Pikmin 3. By retrieving pieces of fruit scattered around the planet, and extracting the seeds, they are able to solve the hunger problem in their home planet, Koppai. The collection of these items is necessary in order to complete the game, and they are normally found in specific locations, commonly accompanied by some sort of challenge which must be completed to access them. Some fruits are split into parts, where all parts must be recovered before the fruit is recognized. The fruits are directly useful to the explorers, as they need to feed on their juice every day. Fruits on this list are defined as the word is used in everyday speech. It does not include vegetables, whatever their origin. The fruits are listed according to their size and amount of juice bottles they produce.

DukuSugar AppleDurian
RambutanMammee AppleBanana
PomegranateHorned MelonCoconut
Damson PlumLimeApple

(The following things are fruits according to the scientific definition, but are sometimes considered to be vegetables)
  • Pumpkin (Autumn Giant)
  • Cucumber
  • Eggplant
  • Olives
  • Squash
  • Tomato


Throughout Pikmin 4, the leaders receive various upgrades. These are granted when specific objects are brought back to the ship. In various cases, collecting the treasures that give Ship upgrades is done by defeating certain bosses. Most of the time the Space Ship upgrades are found buried or off the beaten path. The single phone that can be collected gives the S.S. Drake a larger communication reach. As soon as their associated object is collected, the upgrades take effect right away, and for all leaders.
  • Retrieved after defeating bosses
    • Touchy Data Glutton
    • Ship Upgrades
      • Mist Lamps
      • Fenders
      • Teleporter and Teleport Devices
      • Mining Dril
      • Magnetic Beeper
  • Ship Parts


Treasures are the tertiary collectibles in Pikmin 4, and can be retrieved in any order. They can too be used to fill the Ships Condition Bar as they can be used for fuel to leave the planet's surface. These objects are usually day-to-day accessories used by real world humans. There is a huge amount of treasure to be found around the globe of PNF-404 and these can be categorized in the following main treasure groups: feathers, batteries, jewelry, marbles, natural and bottle caps. Feathers is anything animal or enemy related. Batteries can power the ship instantly whereas jewelry is made of valuable ores that have to be melted before usage. Marbles are anything toy-related and bottle caps focusses on food-related treasury.
Pikmin 4 (YeeMeYee) - Main Treasures


The game takes place on PNF-404, the Planet of the Pikmin. Since all locations are interconnected, Pikmin 4 can be called an open world-like game. The player can choose wherever he wants to go. Areas can be finished even if you haven't yet discovered the sub-species that makes the trip through certain barren lands easier.
  • The Moon of PNF-404 | After the team crashes on the moon, a short linear level can be played on the surface of the moon. Here you'll meet the first sub-species of Rock Pikmin; the Moon Rock Pikmin.
  • The Misty Meadows | The Misty Meadows is the crash site of the crew and most of the time only accessible at night. The flowers that bloom around the edges of the Misty Meadows open during the day and block the way for the crew to enter this region. It's the only area in the game where this is applied. The player must remember the setting of the sun because once sunlight touches the surface there's little time left for the player to leave the area with all of his/her Pikmin.
    • The Clockwise Caves | The crash site of the Ancient Onion. Cave paintings can be found inside showing the vitruvian-esque Pikmin, the "new" species included. Only after you defeat the mushroom enemies inside the cave, the Clockwise Caves can be considered a safe-zone. A sub-species of Rock Pikmin can be found here. Collect the gemstones spread around the cave to have them enter your squad. The Gemstones are - to some extent - basically un-killable but can only acces a few regions in this world.
  • Dewdrop Dale (Hub-world) | The hub-world. A central place that is connected to all regions.

Situated around Dewdrop Dale / Accessible only after finishing the introduction:

  • Dusty Dunes | A dry and barren desert situated near the beach. At day it is too hot for some Pikmin to enter this region. Sub-species are required to finish certain tasks like breaking barriers. Pikmin won't listen to your orders in this heat. At night it is way too cold here. This too is a situation way too aggressive for Pikmin to survive. Sub-species are again required to finish certain tasks during the night. The Dark-Blue Pikmin can survive the extreme cold.
    • Oriental Oasis | A safe-haven centered within the Dusty Dunes. New sub-species of Red and Rock Pikmin can be found here. Rock Pikmin are needed to break away the glass for the player to be able to reach the new nest, the Ancient Onion can be called to retrieve the Pikmin.
  • The Bouncy Beach | The Bouncy Beach is situated at the end of the Dusty Dunes. Can only be accessed throughout the day because at night the sea rises. Things carried not far enough will be put back in their original position after the sea retreats during the day.
    • The Ocean of PNF-404 | If you enter the waters surrounding the Bouncy Beach (yes that's possible) you are able to explore the seas (to a certain level). It takes a while for the player to find the sub-species of Blue Pikmin after having to abandon the other Blue Pikmin at a safe-zone.
  • The Whistling Woods | Inside the woods sub-species of Yellow and Rock Pikmin can be found. It is advised by Alph to not enter the woods at night because you can get lost easily. Though, some ship parts light up in the night, and can thus be found more easily. If the player finds the light-sticks upgrade within the Ocean of PNF-404 you are able to get back to the hub-world at night, because pathways change overnight.
    • The Garden of Hope | The Garden of Hope (from Pikmin 3) is situated inside the Whistling Woods and is now considered to be a safe-zone.
  • The Graceful Glacier | A gigantic glacier with caves and hills can be found near the Treacherous Tundras. A new set of sub-species called the Light-Blue Pikmin and Ice Pebble Pikmin can be found here and can withstand the freezing temperatures.
    • The Valley of Repose | From Pikmin 2 is now considered a safe-zone and is situated deep within the Graceful Glacier.
    • The Frozen Seas of PNF-404 | The entire ocean that surrounds the Graceful Glacier (can be entered at some point, with Red pikmin burning through the icy surface).
    • The Treacherous Tundras | Situated near the Graceful Glacier is a very cold place with little vegetation.
  • The Magnetic Mountains | The intense high, steep and rocky surfaces of the Magnetic Mountains are almost inaccessible. A sub-species of Rock Pikmin can be found here. Meet the Magnet Pikmin! They are able to move structures and climb upon magnetic surfaces to reach new places.
    • The Velvety Volcanoes | Rather smooth looking mountains can be found in the Velvety Volcanoes. A sub-species of Red Pikmin can be found here. Those are able to survive immense heat.
    • Radiant Ridge | A place high up in the skies. A sub-species of Winged Pikmin can be found here.
  • The Island | A place where weather changes with the minute. It's a very unstable and stormy place. It's also the last newly visitable place in the game.



If you're interested, I have also made a soundtrack for Pikmin 4. They are both uploaded on SoundCloud and Youtube. Click here for the entire SoundCloud playlist. Click here for the entire YouTube playlist. More might come, depending on how the songs are received.

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