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Pikmin 4 (Pikumin 4 in Japan) is a Real-time Strategy game developed for the Wii U by Scarce Gaming and published by Fantendo for the Wii U on November 7, 2015. It features the adventures of two space explorers, Beta and Corona, attempting to get the food and treasure on a dystopian earth.


Beta and Corona are two explorers from Meridan, which is a small planet near Koppai and Hocotate. Due to the planet's small size, they have run out of plantlife, which powers their electronics. Meridan has heard from their neighboring planets that there is a planet far away from the area they live. Not wasting any time, Beta and Corona are ordered to go to the planet.

Upon getting in orbit of the planet, the ship is destroyed by an unknown force. Corona lands in a rocky area with bushes, named The Crash Site. Here, he discovers Red Pikmin fighting Female Sheargrubs. After defeating the Sheargrubs, the Pikmin dig up their Onion.

Corona takes note of the Red Pikmin and the Female Sheargrubs in the Piklopedia, and discovers a note about

Pikmin Types

  • Red Pikmin - Found at The Crash Site. These Pikmin are resistant to heat, and are distinguishable by their sharp noses. They are the first Pikmin type found. As their name states, they are red.
  • Black Pikmin - Found at Plaza of Hope. These Pikmin can survive nights and fight in dark areas. They are distinguishable by their yellow eyes. They have blue flowers, unlike the red Pikmin.
  • Blue Pikmin - Found at Waterfall Hole. These Pikmin will not drown, due to their gills. They have white flowers, like the Red Pikmin
  • Yellow Pikmin - Found at Shock Mountain. These Pikmin are resistant to voltage and can be thrown high. They are distinguishable by the large, yellow, flaps on their head.


  1. The Crash Site - A rocky area with bushes. Red Pikmin are found here.
  2. Plaza of Hope - A foresty area with remains of a giant plaza. Black Pikmin are found here.
  3. Waterfall Hole - An area that looks to be a giant drainpipe. Blue Pikmin are found here.
  4. Shock Mountain - A giant cave system that has many electric gates. Yellow Pikmin are found here.
  5. Islands of Terror - The final area, where