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Pikmin 4: Beneath the Surface
Pikmin 4 BTS.png
Box by TheShadowCraft
Developer(s) Typhoon Delta Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Real-Time Strategy
Release Date(s) TBA 2017
Mode(s) Story
Age Rating(s) E10+.png
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

Pikmin 4: Beneath the Surface is a Real-Time Strategy game developed by Typhoon Delta. It is a continuation of the Pikmin series, and as such plays very similarly to past Pikmin games. Players control either Olimar or Alph and their army of up to 100 Pikmin as they explore a large world, attempt to make money, stop a corrupt organization, and learn the truth about this mysterious planet they have both been to so many times.


Pikmin 4: Beneath the Surface is a spiritual successor to Pikmin 2, as the treasure hunting mechanic returns from that game, and dungeons return as well. Players also have no fear of running out of days.

Various treasures can be collected throughout the world and brought back to the ship to be appraised. Some treasures will actually rust/spoil over time, and if the player takes to long to find them, then the rusted/spoiled treasure will not be worth nearly as much as a clean treasure.

Dungeons, returning in this game, are required to beat the game. They are the only ways of obtaining upgrades for the captains. However, they aren't nearly as prominent as they were in Pikmin 2, and there are much less of them. Time no longer stops while inside a dungeon, but to compensate for this, dungeons aren't nearly as big as they were in Pikmin 2. You can also skip down to any sublevel, assuming you have been there before.

New to this game, the environments are interconnected, and players can travel between environments using an interconnecting subterranean tunnel system that goes to all of the areas. The first time players enter an area and discover the landing site, the area is marked on their map, and at the beginning of a new day players can choose to land in this new area. Exploration is key in this game, as the worlds are much larger and have plenty of secrets and treasures to find.

Days are two minutes longer in this game to allow for more time to explore, making days now last fifteen minutes before sundown. Also new to this game, players can actually choose to not go up at night in order to gain another fifteen minutes that lead right into the next day. However this can only be done once every other night, as the Captains will need time to rest between nighttime explorations. Not only that, but they will have to turn in five minutes earlier the next day in order to get more sleep. At night, there are more monsters, as well as deadly creatures that only appear at night, making the world much more dangerous.

Weather Effects can occur in the environments, changing the elements of the area, such as Rain increasing the water level, or Snow covering certain cave entrances and such. There are even Cold fronts and Heat Waves, which change how well your Pikmin perform.

Body Temperature is a new feature in this game that determines how well certain Pikmin perform in specific temperatures. Each environment has a base temperature rated on a scale of one through five, and each Pikmin type has a body temperature rated on that same scale. When the Body Temp. matches the environment's temperature, then the Pikmin gets a stat boost. If they are off slightly, then the Pikmin will perform normally. If they are very far apart, then the Pikmin will not perform nearly as well. Some Pikmin Types, however, are not affected by temperature. The only way to get a temp. to 1 (extreme cold) or 5 (extreme heat) is through a Heat Wave or Cold Front, which raises or lowers the temp. by 1 respectively.


Coming And Going

After the events of Pikmin 3, Olimar, Alph, and Co. all return to their planets. Hocotate Freight, finally out of debt, allows Olimar at long last to go home and see his family. He spends the next year with them, believing his exploring days to finally be over. Louie recovered from the previous events after lots of therapy, and became one of Hocotate Freight's best employees.

Alph returns a hero, and along with Britanny and Charlie, they grow all sorts of new food on their planet, saving their people. They all spend the next year happily enjoying their new lives without fear.

One year passes. Olimar's kids are a few years away from attending college, and he and his wife are in a panic over the amount of money it will cost. Olimar discovers it will cost more to send both of his children to college than it did to repay his company's debt! However, he devises a plan to return to the Pikmin Planet, as he remembers that there are riches to be found. In the middle of the night, he sneaks into Hocotate Freight, takes a familiar looking ship, and launches back to the planet.

Alph is called to return to the planet for research purposes. Now that their people are safe, the heads of the space exploration program want to know just what exactly the planet PNF-404 is. Alph volunteers to head back, and is sent off in a ship filled with supplies for research and exploration.


Olimar touches down in a densely wooded area, which he aptly names the Shady Woods. Shortly after landing, Olimar encunters some Red Pikmin and their onion, and comments on how they seem to be everywhere. Olimar allows the Pikmin to accompany him. After a short exploration of the area, Olimar is attacked by a Hundlegs, and is brought to it's den.

Conveniently, Alph happens to land not far from where Olimar touched down. Alph finds an incredibly large tree, and lands near the bottom on an outcrop. He decides to name the tree the Guiding Tree, as it guided him to a landing spot, and it is so huge that it can be seen from very far, and can be used as a way to tell where one is. Alph begins to explore the tree, and encounters an onion and a species of Pikmin he has never seen before. They are green, and capable of absorbing spores. Alph recruits them, and they help him fend off some monsters. When Alph heads off the surface for nightfall, the Pikmin follow him, and the next day Alph lands in the Shady Woods.

After some exploration, Alph finds some of Olimar's Pikmin, who direct him to the Hundlegs hole where Olimar was taken. After fending off the creature with the help of the newly discovered green pikmin, Olimar thanks Alph, and the two decide to team up to accomplish each other's goals faster.

As the rest of the game can be tackled in a non-linear order, the story isn't set from here on. After Olimar and Alph team up, players can explore wherever they want at there own pace. However, there are story events in each area.

Project SUPPLY

8 months prior to the events of this game, (4 months after Pikmin 3,) the President has become possesed by Power and Greed. He wants to create a monopoly through Hocotate Freight, thus controlling the entire economy of Hocotate and becming super rich. He starts Project SUPPLY, which is intended to drain the resources out of the Pikmin Planet and deliver them back to Hocotate for the President to sell. He sets Louie up as head of the group, and negelcts to tell Olimar, as the President knew this wouldn't fly with him.

The SUPPLY group lands in the Sunken Cesspool, and begins to work. However, a Controlled Windstorm occurs, and the group migrates into the Crystal Cave. However, their effects on the environment more or less destroy the area, as the water becomes polluted, and the Cesspool begins to look like, well, a Cesspool. This results in an event Louie later calls the "Planet Fighting Back". A large spore monster, Spore Spawn, rises from the ground and begins to use spores to take control of various species, in an attempt to unite the planet's species against the Hocotatians. It wandered the planet for a long time.

Project TITAN

Project TITAN began work when the SUPPLY group moved to the Caves. They began abducting species and coverting them into mechanical variants. This further upset the planet, and soon, Spore Spawn appeared to attack the group. While most of the group died, a beta TITAN robot was able to hold off the beast, and it retreated to the Throne Room atop the Guiding Tree, where it lays it's roots, and continues to spread it's spores.

Somehow, a group of Pikmin began to rapidly evolve to the point where they became immune to the spores, and thus the Green Pikmin were born.

A day after Olimar stole a ship and left for the Pikmin Planet, the President, Louie, and several others set out after him, bringing supplies to revitalize the SUPPLY project, as well as to officially begin Project TITAN, a plan to make large mechs that run on the resources from the planet in order to make things easier.

Of course, Olimar still has no idea any of this has happened, and he doesn't know for a very long time. These events slowly unfold via cutscenes and journal entries found in data chips Louie has scattered across the world...


While this game has no specific multiplayer mode, the Story Mode can be played entirely in two-player, with one player as Alph and the other as Olimar. The players may each only have up to a default of 50 Pikmin (Although the pikmin ratio can be adjusted via the options e.g. P1 has 70-P2 has 30, 90 Pikmin-10 Pikmin, or a "free" option where pikmin will follow whoever calls them while they are idle), and they must stay in the same Environment, but it still allows for easy multitasking. Players can switch between one player and two player at any time.

Hard Mode

Hard Mode is another way to play the game after players complete the initial game. It is essentially the same game, but with Olimar and Louie's rolls switched. A new location is added, and one more dungeon becomes availible as well. Also, enemies are tougher, their locations have been switched slightly, and many even have new abilities. Not only that, but there are also new enemeis that only appear in Hard Mode. Wheather becomes more violent and unpredictable, and there are no longer prizes for completing dungeons, so no Captain upgrades can be obtained. The dungeons themselves have very different layouts, but still have the same themes and the number of Floors and Treasure is constant. To compensate for all of these harder tasks, Bulbmin, a very versatile, yet very rare Pikmin type are exclusive to this mode, making the task somewhat easier.


Pikmin 4 has downloadable content to add more content to the game in the form of a Challenge Mode, which contains specific, ofentimes difficult missions, a brand new dungeon, and a new Pikmin Type. All downloadable content is downloaded as a bundle for $9.99


Pikmin 4: Beneath the Surface features a total of 5. different control schemes. (Shout Out to the Pikmin Wiki, where I got all this from.) In two player mode, players can pick a split screen style of play, or have one player on the TV and the other use the Gamepad.

Wii U Gamepad+TV

With this control scheme, the player can play the game using the gamepad as a controller while using the TV for the game's display. This control scheme will allow the player to play in a similar fashion to the original Gamecube port of the first game. The HUD will be displayed on the Gamepad's screen.

Wii U Pro Controller/Gamecube Controller

The Wii U Pro Controller will allow for a more "traditional" feel to controlling the game. It will work the same way as the Gamepad + TV scheme, but the HUD will be displayed on the TV. It will play similar to the GameCube controller from the GCN versions of Pikmin and Pikmin 2. The GameCube controller can be directly used with the adapter.

Wii Remote Plus+Nunchuk+Gamepad

This control scheme uses the Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck for motion controls, while the HUD and overhead map is displayed on the Gamepad's screen. In this scheme, the gamepad acts as a monitor that the player can configure and utilize to better accommodate themselves with the game's areas.

Wii Remote Plus+Nunchuck

The game's main controls use the Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck. The Wii U Gamepad will always display a full overhead map and a HUD, allowing for a less-cluttered screen. Using the precise movements of the Wii Remote Plus, the cursor can be aimed specifically at enemy's weak points.

Wii U Gamepad

The game can also be played entirely off-screen using only the Wii U GamePad. Using this control scheme, the game can be played in a more mobile, wireless form. The left analog stick can be used to walk while the right one will move the cursor, which will make the game play similar to the original Gamecube ports of the first 2 games.


Captain Olimar.png

Captain Olimar returns from the past games to take up the role of one of the two protagonists of Pikmin 4. He has returned to the planet once again for financial reasons, not to bring his company out of debt, but to create a college fund for his children. Shortly after landing he is attacked by a large Centipede monster and taken away. Luckily Alph finds Olimar shortly after landing and saves him. Olimar, remembering him from his last journey, asks Alph to join him on his quest for riches. Olimar eventually gets tangled up with stopping Hocotate Freight from destroying the planet, and he even fights the President for the safety of the planet. In Hard Mode, Olimar was the one who was appointed head of Project SUPPLY, and he leaves notes for Louie to find.


Captain Alph returns from Pikmin 3 as the second of two protagonists. Alph has returned to the planet for research, as he aims to learn more about the mysterious Pikmin planet. He encounters Olimar shortly after landing, and after saving him from a large monster, tags along with Olimar in hopes that he will lead Alph towards the evidence he needs. He too gets caught up in Hocotate Freight's plot to drain the Pikmin Planet of natural resources. He stays by Olimar's side the while time, and helps him pull through the tragedy of his company's dark turn.

Captain Louie, after recovering from his last trip to the Pikmin Planet, was appointed head of the SUPPLY and TITAN projects by the President, and oversaw them personally, relaying orders to the planet and the group. However, after the emergence of the Spore Spawn, and after seeing what project TITAN truly was, Louie began to doubt the President's plans. When Olimar stole a ship and arrived at the Pikmin Planet, Louie convinced the President to head after him. He intended to arrive on the planet and find some way to help Olimar stop what was happening to Hocotate Freight, and did so by scattering messages for him to find all over the world that slowly unfolded the events of what happened 8 months ago. He has since gone missing... Louie becomes playable in Hard Mode, as he and Olimar's roles swap.

The President of Hocotate Freight has changed since Pikmin 2. Thoughts of power and money have turned him into a corrupt leader. He longs to create a monopoly for his company and take over the buisiness world on Hocotate. He begins the SUPPLY and TITAN projects, and puts Louie in charge. After arriving on the planet himself, he sets out to personally drain the planet of it's valuables and resources. He even confronts his former employee, Olimar, and tries to destroy him in one of his TITAN mechs.


Attribute Location Feature Mobility Immunity Body Temp. Ability
Red Above Ground Nose Normal Fire 4/5 1.5x Power, Generate Heat
Yellow Above Ground Ears Normal Electricity 2/5 High Throw, Conduct Electricity
Blue Above Ground Mouth Normal Water (including precipitation) 3/5 Swimming, Ice Skating
Purple Below Ground Hair Slow Wind 3/5 10x Carry Weight, Stun Enemies, 2x Power
White Below Ground Red Eyes Fast Poison 2/5 Locate Buried Treasure, Poison Foes That Eat Them
Rock Above Ground Shell Normal Crushing/ Impaling 0/5 Smash Crystals/Crystal Armor
Winged Above Ground Wings Fast Ground 4/5 Lift Obstacles, Fly
Green Above Ground Tufts of Green Fur on Body Normal Spores 3/5 Can Absorb and Use Spores for Various Purposes
Orange Below Ground Stubby Stalks; Trip Frequently Slow Earth 2/5 Drill Through Walls And Hard Armor, Can Be Mind Controlled
Black Below Ground Longer Limbs Normal Explosions 4/5 Stretchy Limbs can Create Ladders or Tightropes

Hard Mode Exclusive Pikmin

Attribute Location Feature Mobility Immunity Body Temp. Ability
Bulbmin Subterranean Complex Bulborb Body Slow Fire, Electricity, Water, Poison, Crushing 0/5 Combined Powers of Red, Yellow, Blue, White and Rock Pikmin



Name Pikmin Discovered Neighboring Areas # of Treasures Weather Effects Temperature Description
1. Shady Woods Red 2,3,4 14 Drizzle, Rain, Clouds, Snow, Fog, Cold Front, Heat Wave 3/5 The area Olimar lands in. This peaceful, grassy area contains a large amount of tall trees, creating plenty of shade. A stream runs practically right down the middle of tis forest, and plenty of small caves can be found as well. The Hundlegs makes it's home in the tunnels under this area.
2. Guiding Tree Green 1,11 20 Drizzle, Rain, Clouds, Cold Front, Heat Wave 3/5 Alph lands near the bottom of this gigantic tree, which is wrapped up in vines that are similar in appearance to the flowers that create the deadly spores. Alph names it the guiding tree as he can see it from anywhere on the planet during his adventure, and thus uses it to tell where he is at all times.
3. Sunken Cesspool Blue 1,5,7 17 Drizzle, Rain, Clouds, Fog, Severe Winds 3/5 This is where the SUPPLY group landed, and their polution has destroyed this once beautiful lake. The wildlife has become contaminated as well, and now the whole area is one bleak mess. There are a few islands in the center of the lake, and with some work, they can all be accessed one way or another.
4. Mosaic Field White 1,6,7 19 Drizzle, Rain, Clouds, Cold Front, Falling Leaves, Severe Winds 3/5 A lovely autumn field where the leaves have long since fallen from the trees, but they refuse to decompose, thus the entire ground is plastered with brilliant shades of orange, brown, and yellow. A small stream resides in the north that almost always seems to be frozen, and a small pond lies in the southwest.
5. Sweltering Tropics Winged 3,7,8 20 Drizzle, Rain, Downpour, Heat Wave 4/5 This environment is like a miniature jungle, heat included. Lots of exotic flowers and trees grow here, and the wild life is just as bizarre. The Tropics are actually a peninsula, surrounded by water on almost every side. The water is fairly shallow, but drops off steeply into the depths if you go to far.
6. Frosty Ridge Yellow 4,9 21 Snow, Hail, Cold Front 2/5 Cold and brutal, it is surprising how much actually thrives in this environment. The Frosty Ridge is highly susceptible to the cold, and otherwise unpredictable weather, so many species in the area take refuge in the maze-like cave system that lies underneath the snow. Definitely not someplace you want to get lost in.
7. Crystal Cavern Rock 3,4,5,8,10 25 TBA 2/5 By far the largest area in the game, the Crystal Cavern serves as a hub area for many other areas in the world of Pikmin 4. Many areas can be explored with little to no trouble, however the lower levels and outer tunnels are winding and dangerous. The very center of the bottom floor is also where the deadly Crystal Wraith awaits, if you met the conditions to find it that is.
8. Heated Crypt Orange 5,7 18 TBA 4/5 This large cavern is the furthest beneath the surface of all the environments, and as such is very hot, with with some notable seismic activity creating geysers and small streams of magma. The enemies have adapted to the harsh environment, and they are some of the most deadly creatures that can be found. Only the brave will survive down in the depths.
9. Lost Kingdom Purple 7,10 19 TBA 3/5 Actually a long abandoned house from back when humans were still alive, large amounts of human content lay around in this massive area. The most quizical area, players can only guess as to what caused this house to loose it's inhabitants and meet it's terrible fate.
10. Rusted Labyrinth Black 7,9 21 TBA 3/5 The basement of the Lost Kingdom, the pipes and sewage reek of rust and death. Project TITAN set up shop here, and this area is in turn where all of the Mecha enemies originate. The most dangerous environment in the game, all sorts of traps and large foes can be found, wanting to destroy the Captains before they reach their journey's end.
11. Throne Room None (Final Level) Guiding Tree 1 Rain 3/5 The final area in the game, the Throne Room is located at the very top of the Guiding Tree. The vines that crawl up the tree all meet here at the top, where they bloom in very colorful, yet eerie forms, giving off an oddly royal vibe. This area is essentially a series of small challenges leading up to the dreaded Spore Spwan.

Hard Mode Exclusive Environments

Name Pikmin Discovered Neighboring Areas # of Treasures Weather Effects Temperature Description
12. Forest Navel None All Randomly 9 TBA 3/5 The Forest Navel from Pikmin can be accessed as a secret area in Hard Mode. It randomly appears when transitioning from one environment to the other at Night. After the player finds it, the player can decide to land their ship there from then on. It has almost the exact same appearance as in Pikmin, with some minor changes, like new enemies and a few item locations moved around, as well as the addition of a dungeon. Unlike other areas, when the player lands in the Forest Navel, they cannot leave it until the end of the day.


Name Location Pikmin Required # of Floors # of Treasures Boss Temperature Prize
Monster's Burrow Shady Woods Red, Green 3 6 Hundlegs 3/5 Olimar (Louie in hard mode)
Gnarled Root Dungeon Guiding Tree Red, Green, Blue 4 9 Puffstool 3/5 Power Glove (Increased Captain Punching Damage)
Snavian Nesting Grounds Sunken Cesspool Red, Green, Blue 5 12 Pileated Snagret 3/5 Treasure Tracker (Locates Nearby Treasures Using A Radar)
Radiant Cavern Mosaic Field Red, Green, Blue, White 7 16 Immoral Scatterfly 2/5 Juicer (Ability to Make and Use Sprays)
Steamy Bathhouse Sweltering Tropics Red, Green, Blue, White, Winged, Yellow 7 17 Illusionary Dragon 4/5 Flame-Retardant Suit (Captains Become Immune to Fire)
Polarizing Tunnels Frosty Ridge Red, Green, Blue, White, Winged, Yellow 6 16 Vehemoth Phosbat 2/5 Rubber Router (Captains Become Immune to Electricity)
Colossal Colosseum Crystal Cavern Red, Green, Blue, White, Winged, Yellow, Rock 3 10 Ensnaring Arachnid 3/5 Lightspeed Shoes (Captains gain the ability to dash)
Melting Pot Heated Crypt Red, Green, Blue, White, Winged, Yellow, Rock, Orange 7 15 Mirage Scaler 4/5 Super Armor (Captain's defenses are doubled)
Giant's Playground Lost Kingdom Red, Green, Blue, White, Winged, Yellow, Rock, Orange, Purple, Black 5 19 TITAN Blaster 3/5 Evasive Enscription (Captains gain the ability to dodge roll)

Hard Mode Exclusive Dungeons

Name Location Pikmin Required # of Floors # of Treasures Boss Temperature Prize
Subterranean Complex (Exact Replica of the Pikmin 2 Cave) Forest Navel None (Can be entered at any time) Nine 16 Man-at-Legs 3/5 None (Only Dungeon where Bulbmin can be obtained)

Weather Effects

Precipitation: there are several levels and types of precipitation. Blue Pikmin are largely unaffected by precipitation, and will actually recieve a slight boost in drizzle, rain, and downpour.

-drizzle- water levels might slightly rise. Will not effect Pikmin or Enemies.

-rain- water levels rise. There is a small chance of Pikmin randomly drowning due to the water droplets, but they can be saved of course with the whistle. Slight wind can affect flight and increase trip chance. Some enemies will be absent, taking shelter in other locations.

-downpour- water levels drastically rise, and may remain raised for a brief period of time, giving access to otherwise unreachable areas. Medium chance of random drowning. Heavy wind means winged Pikmin will not leave the onion, black Pikmin cannot stretch, as well as random flower loss. Most enemies will have taken shelter. More likely to appear when a cold front is occuring.

-snow- Some water will freeze over, and abandoned and working Pikmin will freeze if left alone too long. (Time depends on body heat) Red Pikmin generate heat and cannot freeze as well as prevent nearby Pikmin from freezing. Blue Pikmin also have near immunity to the cold, but cannot help nearby Pikmin. Rocks are immune as well, as they are unaffected by temperature. Some enemies will have taken shelter. May have little to medium wind. The next day, melted snow may raise water levels slighty. Can only occur when the temperature is 2 or 1, and in certain areas it can appear if it is paired with a cold front.

-Fog- Limits visibility. Can be very light or very thick.

-Hail- Extremely deadly. Pikmin freeze (even red/blue/rock, though still much more slowly) quickly and can be impaled/crushed by chunks of ice randomly at any time. Wind ranges from medium to high. Enemies caught in the storm will likely be defeated by it. Highly dangerous. It is recommended to not approach an area with hail, as certain doom will arrive otherwise. If the ship sustains too much damage, the day will be ended early. But if an explorer was to brave the hail, a great reward may lay in wait...

Other Weather:

-Severe Wind- doesn't deal damage to the player, but makes it difficult to move around without being blown about. Pikmin may fly away to another part of the map, and it is impossible to use Winged Pikmin or Black Pikmin.

-Concentrated Wind Storm- one of the few weather elements that can occur anywhere, this results in the area being completly inacssesable for a day or two. Might rearrange treasure locations.

-Heat Wave- raises environment's temperature by 1, thus changing how well certain Pikmin types will perform.

-Cold Front- lowers environment's temperature by 1, thus changing how well certain Pikmin thoes will perform.

-Clouds- very minor change. A select few enemies can only appear when it is cloudy. The last minute of the day is dark enough for some nocturnal creatures to come out.

-Falling Leaves- very minor change. Leaves may rest in water, allowing for shortcuts to other areas. Beware of falling fruit!

-Drought- lowers water level. Can open access to otherwise inaccessible areas.

-Flood- raises water level. Can open access to otherwise inaccessible areas.

-Freezing- decrease temperature by 1. Freezes water.


Feel free to add a treasure that you would like to see in Pikmin 4: Beneath the Surface. The treasure needs to be a real-life object, but Olimar doesn't know what it is, so he names it something wierd. Put your ideas underneath this paragraph in the same style as the treasures underneath. Please don't add treasures from other Pikmin games. If there are treasures from other Pikmin games in the list that weren't put there by one of the creators, they will be removed. Innappropriate treasures will also be removed. If you put down a treasure from another Pikmin game, but with a different name, it's name may be changed to match the later games. There is currently no treasure limit, but we will state when no more treasure may be added.

Sunseed Berry—Strawberry

Cupid's Grenade—Cherry

Insect Condo—Apple

Conifer Spire—Pinecone

Meat of Champions—Slice of Bolagna

Comfort Cookie—Small Checkerboard Cookie

Future Orb—Crystal Ball

Utter Scrap—Crushed Can

Titan's Treat—Watermelon

Deaf Veggiewad—Cob of Corn

Plant of Bell's Toll—Indian Pipe Flower

Familiar Facade—Bee Orchid Flower

Tower of Hunger—Club Sandwich

Hashed & Slashed Crumbs—Hashed Browns

Grease-Coated Delicacy—Bacon

Crumby Snack—Muffin

Cup-Sized Nourishment—Cupcake with Vanilla Icing

Choco Cup Snack—Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Icing

Celebration Chowdown—Two-Layered Birthday Cake with various kinds of icing

Sentient Snack—Gingerbread Man

Pebble from Prehistory—Volcanic Rock

Teetering Utilities—Stone Tools

Sky Terror Crown—Pterosaur Skull

Bronze Medallion—Penny

A Fourth of Riches—Quarter

Payday Paper—Dollar Bill

Time-Telling Controller—Pocket Watch

Simmering Ship—Toaster

Warm Shelter—Cooking Pot

Delicious Display—Microwave

Rainbow Plate—Paint Palette

Mechanic Inscripter—Mechanical Pencil

Humming Hilarity—Kazoo

Pull-and-Place Picture—Sticker

Communication Button—Keyboard Key

Tortured Pillow—Pin Cushion

Futuristic Slab—Smartphone

Brilliant Motherboard—Laptop

Entertainment Combo—Wii U System and Gamepad

Pikmin Replica—Pikmin Plush

Classic Combo—A, B, X, and Y button.

In Touch Twirler—DS/3DS Stylus

Multi-Dimensional Dual Screen—3DS

Glorious Statue—Mario Amiibo

Dimensional Portal—A Small Hand Mirror

Torture Apparatus—A Spork

Infinte Power Supply—pack of AAA batteries

Ultimate Storage Tank—A Tupperware Style Storage Container

Fizzy Nectar—Unopened Coca Cola Bottle

Assorted Building Blocks—Several LEGO Bricks Stacked Together

Temporary Flame—A Candle

Turbo Vitamin Pack—Small Bottle of Chewable Vitamins

Livid Tyrant—King of Spades card

Ancient Tablet—Mew EX Pokémon card

Distant Memory—A Small Picture of a Family

Database—A Blank CD

Worthless Parcel—A Little Lemonade Umbrella Thingy

Plastic Prop—One of Those Tiny Plastic Swords

Life Size Battle—Several Green Plastic Army Men

Eternal Connection—A Wedding Ring

Worthless Rock—A Small Diamond

Button Masher—TV Remote

Emblem of Fire—Fire Emblem Gameboy cartridge

Adventurous Masterpiece—LoZ Ocarina of Time cartridge

SpaceBound—EarthBound cartridge

Timeless Legend—Super Mario Bros NES cartridge

Transport Tube—a section of PVC pipe

Thermal Gauge—a Thermometer

Pointy Javelin—a Toothpick

Wrinkled Fire Fruit—a Ghost Pepper

Eternal Sweet—Honey

Sabre—a Sewing Needle

Giant Cranium - Human Skull

Obstacles and Hazards


  • Coal Wall- The classic gate from the first two installments returns. There are two types. White walls (weak) and black walls (tough). It slowly lowers as it is damaged, and is the simplest wall to knock down. Note that while black pikmin allow captains and pikmin to climb over most walls, it will have to be knocked down in order to carry corpses and treasure through unless the player can muster enough pikmin to build a bridge over both sides.
  • Sand Wall- The second level of wall. Slowly breaks apart as it is damaged. Orange pikmin can destroy these with ease using their drill attack.
  • Crystal wall- The third level of wall. Only rock pikmin can break these down.
  • Stone wall- must be obliterated with Bomb rocks.
  • Electrical Gate- These gates can have either blue or yellow electricity running through them, and function like the Coal wall.
  • Spore gate- spores that close off a path, and can be absorbed by green pikmin. These are the only wall that can slowly regenerate.
  • Wood Bridges- the classic wood bridge will also return.
  • Piece Bridges- bridges that must be built piece by piece will remain.
  • Circuits- yellow pikmin can conduct electricity and complete circuits to power certain objects.
  • Tesla Coil- coils fire deadly bolts of electricity between each other or directly at targets. The color of electricity matches the color of the tesla. Function very similar to the pikmin 2 obstacle, with the major difference being it's electricity will arc out toward a target rather than between two coils.
  • Flame Geyser- spews flames. There are two kinds. One can be destroyed like in pikmin 2, and others that cannot be harmed, like in the other 2 games.
  • Hot Ground- cracks in the ground that occassionally flame up. Time your crossing well to avoid being burned! Often located near Flame Geysers.
  • High Pressure Pipes- very similar to a fire geyser, except it shoots a thin pressurized water jet. Some of them can be destroyed/plugged. Vary in size.
  • Polluted Water- pikmin drown twice as fast in the sunken cesspool. Blue pikmin gain a gradual stat downgrade the longer they are kept under. If left for excessive amounts of time, they will choke on the toxic sludge and die.
  • Poison Pipes- function just like they did in pikmin 2. They spew out poison in a relatively large radius, and can be destroyed. Can also be found inside walls or bridges.
  • Land Mine- a deadly explosive completely hidden underground that detonates when a captain walks over it. White pikmin will automatically detect and dig up any nearby mines. Mines that have been dug up can the be used as bomb rocks. Don't worry too much about them though, as they are a very rare obstacle.
  • Spores- Spores do not harm pikmin. Green pikmin can absorb spores, and will glow a soft shade of green when charged with spores. These spores can be used in a wide variety of ways.
  • Spore Platforms- if you have enough spore charged green pikmin, they can cause a mushroom-like platform to grow in specific places, giving you access to different parts of the map. Can function as a bridge, platform, climbing wall, and some even create moving platforms. There is a limited amount of spores per map, so not all areas can be accessible at once.
  • Chasms/Bottomless Pits- black pikmin can team up and build a bridge by interconnecting their flexible bodies across almost any chasm (as long as you have enough, that is). Width and length of these bridges is determined by the player. Black pikmin will not go across any chasm or cliff with working hazards in the way. Be extra cautious in leaving bridges sitting around, because if an enemy kills off even a few pikmin, the entire squad of black pikmin could fall to their doom. As such, it is advisable to leave a few more black pikmin than necessary in any bridge.
  • Spider Webs- winged pikmin caught in spider webs will be stuck until the web is weighed down. Best destroyed with purple pikmin.
  • Crystals- a large crystal that blocks the path and can be shattered with rock pikmin.
  • Weight Block Puzzle- function exactly as in pikmin 2. The block with more pikmin on it will be weighed down, while the one with less will be raised up.
  • Weight Scale Puzzle- exactly what it sounds like. A puzzle involving a scale that will change position depending on the weight.
  • More TBA (maybe)


  • Fire- Burns pikmin and plant life it contacts. Red pikmin gain a temporary stat boost when exposed to flames.
  • Water- Water will cause pikmin to drown. Pikmin in shallow water can be saved with the whistle, but pikmin in very deep water cannot be saved without the aid of blue pikmin. At temperatures of 2, some water will freeze and at a temperature of 1 all water will freeze. Blue pikmin in contact with water gain a temporary stat boost.
  • Ice- causes pikmin and captains without the Lightspeed shoes to slip and slide. Pikmin will freeze if abondoned on the ice for too long.
  • Electricity- There are two types of electricity in pikmin 4. Blue electricity is nonlethal, and will only stun pikmin and captains. Yellow electricity will instantly incinerate pikmin, and stun and heavily damage captains. Gives yellow pikmin a stat boost.
  • Poison- Causes pikmin to suffocate. White pikmin who mingle in poison will gain a temporary stat boost.
  • Explosions- Insta-kills any pikmin caught in the radius. Black pikmin won't die, but will still be knocked away.
  • Wind- scatters pikmin. Can range from knocking pikmin over up to blowing them to other parts of the map. Purple pikmin are unaffected by wind. Pink pikmin are very vulnerable to wind effects.
  • Magma- very rare, and very deadly. Insta-kills pikmin AND captains. Red pikmin can survive, but only for short periods of time.
  • Crushing- smashes pikmin (and even some bulborbs). Rock pikmin are comepletely immune, with the exception of the Crystal Wraith, which will shatter them when crushed by it thrice.
  • Impaling- stabs pikmin. Pikmin can be saved if the enemy is defeated quickly. Rock pikmin are immune.
  • Pollution- only located in the cesspool, on days with pollution, all pikmin get a stat downgrade, and cannot get the statboosts they normally could.
  • Falling Boulders/Bomb rocks- boulders/bomb rocks can randomly fall from the sky in caves.
  • Eating- no immunity. White pikmin heavily damage enemies when consumed. There is a cooldown until eaten pikmin will poison a foe again to prevent cheap victories by simply feeding enemies white pikmin.


ThA large amount of enemies return from past games, but there are still newer enemies for the Captains to fight, and even returning enemies have new strategies or new ways to defeat them. Bold Enemies are new to this game. Italicized enemies are fought as bosses or mini-bosses at least once. Underlined enemies are super bosses that must have specific conditions met in order to face them in combat. Super bosses contain very powerful upgrades that greatly enhance pikmin abilities.

Name Found In Discovery


Captain's Notes
Anode Beetle TBA Caves Millions of microscopic filaments on it's legs and belly are in constant, rapid motion generating massive amounts of static electricity. This electricity can either be discharged directly at an unsuspecting opponent, stunning (or even killing) it. The electricity transfers between group members may be some form of communication. -Olimar
Arctic Cannon Beetle TBA Day Temp. 2/5 The Arctic Cannon beetle does not create it's armor but rather uses the natural land for it. They also attack with snowballs rather than boulders. It's armor is composed of an outer layer of ice, causing Pikmin attacks to simply slide off (Although blue Pikmin can cling to the ice, it takes a long time for them to break it). A second layer is a combination of snow, dirt and rock. If I plug it's blowhole enough times, the body heat generated in unplugging it will cause the armor to melt and eventually slide right off. -Alph
Arctic Cannon Larva TBA Day Temp. 2/5 The Artic Cannon Larva has a high inner body temperature, allowing it to survive in it's harsh climate. When the newest generation is nearing adulthood, a large scale fight to the death ensues, with only the winner reaching adulthood. One of nature's most brutal examples of survival of the fittest. -Olimar
Armored Cannon Beetle TBA Day Temp. 4/5 I was beginning to wonder if this Beetle was extinct until recently. Seeing another one of these stomping around reminded me of my encounters with it long ago. It was probably one of the toughest creatures I had to fight back then, and still is. While Rock would seem the obvious option, they are too large to plug the blowhole. This thing's armor is completely immune to any attack. Orange Pikmin won't even make a dent! It's the hardest metal to be discovered. Now if only we had a forge hot enough to melt it... it would be a very useful resource. -Olimar
Armored Cannon Larva TBA Day Temp. 4/5 The larval stage of the armored cannon beetle. After some extensive research, it has been discovered as to why they are much more common than thier adult counterparts. Armored Cannon Larva stay underground for a long time before surfacing. The time spent underground has no pattern, meaning thier population can greatly fluctuate at any given time. They have also proven susceptible to a deadly disease just prior to maturation. -Alph
Armored Dweevil TBA Day/Night This species of Dweevil coats itself in it's own saliva. The saliva then hardens forming a nearly indestructible shell. It's lucky we have the newly discovered Orange Pikmin to help break the armor. I wanted to use some of the saliva to strengthen our suits, but Alph wasn't to keen on the idea... Maybe he won't notice if I don't say anything? -Olimar
Armored Wollywog TBA Day/Night The discovery of this species was both intriging, and rough. This type of Wollywog has a shell protecting it's back. Luckily, Orange Pikmin make quick work of the armor, leaving his backside vulnerable for attack. When left underwater for extended periods of time the shell becomes soft and useless, so they primarily live on land; an oddity, considering the rest of their species. I sometimes feel sorry for them... -Alph
Baldy Long Legs TBA Day A close relative of the Shaggy Long Legs, the Baldy Long Legs has a very similar attack pattern. It will stomp around it's territory crushing anything foolish enough to confront it. Relation to the seemingly extinct Beady Long Legs has not yet been confirmed. -Olimar
Bearded Amprat TBA Day By rubbing it's beard excessively, it can generate enough electricity to stun anything nearby. It is very rare that this creature's electricity is lethal. Once it's target is stunned, it will proceed to devour it's helpless victim. -Alph
Belching Sprouthead TBA Day/Night While plant-like in appearance, it is, in fact, an animal. Although they do not eat Pikmin they still see them as a threat and spray out very deadly batrachotoxin acid. Pikmin will disintegrate in just a few seconds unless I save them with the whistle. -Alph
Blue Pik Pik TBA Day/Night It absolutely kills me that because of my carelessness, the poor Pikmin I've left behind have been captured and turned into cyborgs! When I first saw these Pikmin that were victims of project TITAN, I refused to believe it. Reality would not let me ignore them however, as they hunted me until I was cornered and had no choice but to order an attack. It broke my heart watching the Pikmin fight. It is more important than ever that I do not leave any Pikmin behind at sunset! -Olimar
Breadbug Guiding Tree Day This species is perhaps one of the most annoying I've encountered. Breadbugs cannot dig their own holes, but rather borrow abandoned ones. This overweight Bulborb is a scavenger as well as a hoarder. They collect food and drag it to their den to be eaten later. It instinctivly collects and hoards treasure, though it's unknown why. If a breadbug's den is too full, it will simply find a new den and continue to store stuff. It's thick hide, once a nuisance, is now obsolete with the help of the purple Pikmin. -Olimar
Bug-Eyed Crawmad TBA Day/Night The massive eyes of this creature have been a curious point of study. It is unknown how it's massive retinas benefit the Crawmad in any way. They actually let in excessive sunlight, and can blind the Crawmad on particularly sunny days. -Olimar
Burrowing Snagret TBA Day/Night-rare One of the most widespread and adaptable creatures on this planet, Snagrets can be found anywhere. Differences from the Snarrow are clear from it's blue scales and tail markings. It's also slighty faster than a Snarrow. They often live in groups. -Alph
Burrowing Snarrow Sunken Cesspool, Mosaic Field Day-rare/ Night The Burrowing Snarrow is extremely similar to the more common Burrowing Snagret. The only real physical differences are it's dull scale color and the presence of wing markings. An adult Snarrow is slighty larger than an adult Snagret. Unlike Snagrets, they are usually found on their own. -Olimar
Careening Dirigibug TBA Day/Night Recent findings have shown that the Dirigibug is not from this planet at all! While clearly a strange species, with it's balloon-like appendages and ability to generate powerful explosives, it is positively mind boggling to think it is from another planet. Clearly incapable of space travel, efforts to discover where it originates are unsuccessful. Just a reminder of how little we truly know of the universe. -Olimar
Calcified Crushblat TBA Night Mainly aquatic, the Crushblat is a very odd looking creature indeed. It forms a crystal shell by generating a huge amount of sugar around it's body, mixing it with a special mucus, and allowing it to harden. Rock Pikmin are the obvious choice to defeat this creature. It's skinny legs are weak and attacking one will cause the Crushblat to trip, and occasionally flip over. -Alph
Creeping Crysanthemum TBA Day The similarities between the Crysanthemum and Pikmin are amazing. It can generate food using sunlight, but will not hesitate to attack easy prey for an energy boost. It buries itself underground and depending on the location, will grow flowers to mimic local species. While the eyes on the flowers are a dead giveaway, it is effective enough to fool small prey. -Olimar
Crystal Wraith Crystal Cave on or before Day 15 if no Pikmin have died Night Temp. 1/5 and Precipitation I had a horrible sense of deja vu fighting this... thing. While not of incredible physical resemblance, I felt like I was running from the Water Wraith (fortunately, none have been sighted in a very long time) all over again. The ship could "see" it, but not detect or track it. Rather than water, the thing was made up of crystal. Thus, I named it the Crystal Wraith. It is capable of only crushing Pikmin. Even the rock pikmin were shattered to pieces when crushed too many times! It took the entire day to slowly chip away at it piece by piece. When it roared, the Pikmin scattered in fear. After is was broken down enough, it simply evaporated never to be seen again. A special upgrade was hidden within it though. The Super Flower Sonar allows pikmin to be whistled from the ground, as well as instantly flowers any pikmin in it's radius. -Olimar
Death's Cap TBA Night Similar to the Puffstool, but much more deadly. It's "spores" are actually a virus that will drive it's target to madness! Not even the Green Pikmin are immune to this terrifying infection! The sight of the Pikmin fighting for their lives against thier former comrades will forever be burned into my mind... -Olimar
Desiccated Skitter Leaf TBA Day/Night Almost identical to the Skitter Leaf, but with claws that shove small prey into it's mouth. It is brown in coloration. Few predators can tell the difference between it and a regular leaf. Even I often can't tell the difference... -Alph
Doodlebug TBA Day/Night Similar in appearwnce to Flint Beetles, but more dangerous. This filthy scavenger can eat almost anything, seeming to prefer rotten and poisonous food. The poison clouds it creates are actually the result of it's equally poisonous diet. The reason for this incredible digestive power is the dozens of microorganisms living all along it's digestive tract. -Olimar
Dwarf Bulbear TBA Day/Night Dwarf Bulbears appear to be the only Dwarf species that lacks a Breadbug counterpart. They live in small groups, and rely on adults that pass by for food. Interestingly, they are very social creatures among themselves. A single Bulbear left alone will not rest until it finds a friend. -Olimar
Dwarf Infected Bulborb TBA Day/Night A new type of fungus seems to have developed since our last visit to this planet, and it has had disturbing effects on the local wildlife. The fungus is spread by spores. These spores then proceed to hijack the host and control it's functions. So far, very few species have proven susceptible, but a mutation in this fungus could prove devastating. The Pikmin appear mostly unaffected, and Green Pikmin can even use the spores to thier advantage. Our suits should protect us from all this planet's bacteria, but I can't help but be concerned... -Olimar
Dwarf Red Bulborb Shady Woods, Guiding Tree Day/Night A majority of the Dwarf Bulborb species are actually part of the Breadbug family. They mimic Dwarf Bulborbs and the parent, who is either oblivious or doesn't care, protects it. The Breadbug:Dwarf population is becomeing very disrupted, because Breadbugs are immune to the new spore outbreak. -Olimar
Dwarf Orange Bulborb TBA Day/Night The existence of a Breadbug mimic for this species has long been confirmed, but it turns out there are actually three separate variants of the mimics of this species! -Alph
Ensnaring Arachnid Colossal Colosseum (Boss) Night The shell of this massive spider was a pain to break through! It is composed of three separate layers of reinforced protection. A crystal layer, followed by a layer of pebbles and stone, before leading to a large amount of thick armor. If it weren't for the Orange and Rock pikmin, this fight may have been impossible to win! The incredible webbing it weaves is stronger than most metal. On a side note, I think I have developed a severe case of arachnophobia as a result. -Olimar
Female Sheargrub Shady Woods, Mosaic Field Day/Night These creatures spend most of thier life underground, building tunnels, but need to surface in order to eat. They use their tough jaw and special saliva to soften and crunch wood to be eaten and stored for later. They will also eat fruit and seeds if they can find them. Thier pink coloration makes them unmistakable from the males. Fortunately, their jaws are too small to eat the Pikmin. -Olimar
Fiery Blowhog Sunken Cesspool, Heated Crypt, Lost Kingdom Day/Night This particular Blowhog, as the name implies, sprays out a flamethrower. A special catalyst purifies a phosphorous compound that will combust at room temperature. Because of this temperature based combustion, every Blowhog's body temperature is unique, specially adapted to it's specific climate. Blowhogs in cold climates have a different phosphorous compound that combusts at lower temperatures. -Olimar
Fiery Bulblax Heated Crypt Day/Night While technically not on fire, it certainly feels like it! It's cells generate a waxy substance that will burn white hot when it comes into contact with the oxygen. A second, inner layer of skin is specially designed to absorb the intense heat and protect it's organs, though it doesn't always work, especially when the Bulblax is wet. In this event the cells immediately stop producing wax, and instead produce a cooling agent. The beast chills out almost immediately! -Olimar
Fiery Dweevil Heated Crypt Day/Night Just another of the ever expanding Dweevil family, the Fiery dweevil will spew out flames at would be predators. The production of these flames is nearly identical to fiery Blowhog, but a connection between the two species is yet unconfirmed. On occasion, it will explode upon death, so I must be very cautious and observe it as it is defeated. -Olimar
Gassy Wollywog TBA Night Of all the ways nature creates ways to survive, this just might be the wierdest. This species of Wollywog stores large amounts of gas, then releases it explosively as it jumps. The gas has a special temporary paralysis effect, leaving Pikmin to an unavoidable death by crushing. It also uses this to escape predators. By bloating it's air storage sac to near bursting and unleashing it all at once, it can cover huge distaness in a single jump! However, this method of escape can only be implemented every once in a while, or it's air sac can pop. This species of Wollywog is landlocked, having completely lost it's ability to swim. -Olimar
Gatling Groink Rusted Labrynth Day-rare /Night Unlike the cruel mechanization of project TITAN, the Gatling Groink is a natural combination of flesh and metal. It has a large fuel cell of sorts that generate it's explosive ammo, and a spring loaded firing mechanism. This biological wonder can transform food into fuel for it's battery, as well as use solar energy. If the tail fin can be stunned or damaged, the Groink will be unable to fire until it's auto-repair system is fixes the fin. This same auto-repair system is capable of bringing it back to full health in a matter of minutes! Some Groinks have evolved with a rapid fire ability. -Olimar
Giant Breadbug TBA Night These massive Breadbugs have a huge layer of fat, making them nigh invincible to enemy attacks. The only way to harm them is through the might of the purple Pikmin. They retain the obsessive compulsive desire to collect and hoard that their smaller counterparts are renowned for. -Alph
Gluttonous Weedpecker TBA Day/Night DNA testing has shown that this airborn pest is in fact a relative of the Snagret. It has a similar attack pattern, and has great flight abilities. Winged pikmin aren't fast enough to keep up. It is strange that there are so few creatures with this kind of flight ability. My theory is that it may have to something to do with the polluted, poisonous atmosphere. -Alph
Greater Spotted Jellyfloat TBA Night The incredible floatiness of this creature defies all scientific explanation. Gravity should bring it down and prevent any such phenonomenon... and yet it still floats. Many theories are involved, but all of them have been proved false. Another mind blowing object of this alien world. They suck up prey for digestion later, and are hardly a threat due this delayed digestion. -Olimar
Hairy Bulborb Frosty Ridge Day/Night A species of bulborb covered in soft, white fur. This fur protects it from the cold environments that it lives in. Recent evolution in the species has resulted in thicker follicles, meaning that they rarely lose their hair anymore. It's hair grows very fast, and it sheds often to maintain it at a reasonable length. -Olimar
Hermit Crawmad Sunken Cesspool Day/Night Although Hermit Crawmad's armored shelll was once an obstacle, it has proven prone to the Orange pikmin's drill attack, but this is rarely relevant as this species is mainly aquatic. The homes of these creatures are actually quite shallow, and provide little space for movement. They have also evolved with larger claws, allowing several pikmin to be snatched at once. -Alph
Honeywisp TBA Day Another wonder of this planet. These peaceful creatures glide along effortlessly as they return to thier nests with nectar. Even after all these years, a specimen has yet to be obtained due the instantaneous collapse of it's physical structure upon defeat. The camoflauge abilities of these wisps is legendary and renders them completely invisible. -Olimar
Hundlegs Monster's Burrow (Boss) Day/Night This creatures tough hide would have had us relentlessly attacking it for days, but thanks to the green pikmin, the battle was relatively easy. By transferingg spores from one place to another, the pikmin and I slowly gained height by following a path leading upward until I could throw pikmin directly onto this very tall behemoth's head. Much to my surprise, I rescued Captain Olimar and we've teamed up to accomplish each otherss goals faster. -Alph
Idle Sky Urchin TBA Day/Night While they appear harmless and serene, do not be fooled! When threatened it puffs up, spreads out deadly spikes, and promptly thuds to the ground. They are best downed with Rock pikmin. A large bubble-like air sac allows for their floating abilities. -Olimar
Illusionary Dragon Steamy Bathhouse (Boss) Day/Night This creature has a very complex and colorful body structure. The males try to look as flashy as possible to attract females. These dragons prefer to spray water jets as opposed to fire. By emitting an extremely bright flashes of light, foes can get temporarily dazed or even permanently blinded. It's large mouth is it's most deadly feature. -Olimar
Immoral Scatterfly Radiant Cavern (Boss) Day/Night This was the result of a misname. I meant to name it the Immortal Scatterfly, but accidentally catalogued it as the Immoral Scatterfly. It had the interesting ability to use our own sprays against us. It could either supercharge itself, or bury our pikmin and freeze us helplessly in place! It's body was covered in several poison producing blobs, but the white pikmin were able to disable those. -Alph
Infected Amprat TBA Day/Night Seeing how Amprats often carry disease and pestilence place to place, it's no surprise they were among the first to be infected. By this time, the fungus has been confirmed to have began in the Sunken Cesspool. Study of the creatures was put off for some time due to the various diseases and other deficits of dealing with this species. When it's fur goes wild after dichargingg electricity, spores are discharged all around the area. -Alph
Infected Bloater TBA Day/Night An infected Ornate Bloater. When it puffs up, spores get scattered throughout the area. It was no surprise this species was infected, due to the massive amounts of infetced air they use every day. The green pikmin are able to deal double damage to spore based enemies, because they can suck out the spores while attacking them. -Olimar
Infected Blowhog Rusted Labyrinth Day/Night Blowhogs have begun to be infected as well. Because of this, the creatures now spray out more of the spore whenever they exhale. This deadly disease is thought to have originated in the Sunken Cesspool, due to the pollution content of the water. The disease outbreak has left me worried. If the Onion was to be infected... No. Best not think about it. The green Pikmin would surely prevent such a thing. -Olimar
Infected Bulborb Sunken Cesspool, Rusted Labyrinth Day/Night A Grubdog Bulborb infected with a mind controlling spore. These bulborbs are zombie-like in both appearance and behavior. They do not need to sleep. They wouldn't need to eat either, but the spores appear to be unable to tame the endles hunger of these beasts. Once the host can no longer be of service, the fungus decomposes the victim and sends millions of microscopic spores in the air to infect other wildlife. -Olimar
Infected Long Legs TBA Day/Night The Long Legs has one of the most effective immune systems of any creature I've ever seen. Failure of the system can result in immediate self-destruction, and is why it simply disintegrates upon defeat. The fact that this species has been infected has left me very unsettled. If the Spore Spawn is not defeated soon then the entire planet will fall before it's destructive disease. -Olimar
Infected Phosbat TBA Night Phosbats infected with a controlling spore. Due to their pathetic immune systems, they will actually deteriorate if ignored long enough. The phosbat at is predicted to go extinct in a few years because of this. -Olimar
Infected Sheargrub Sunken Cesspool, Crystal Cave Day/Night We have yet to discover the source of this destructive fungus. The sheargrubs must be smarter than they look. If an infected member of the colony is found, one sheargrub will drag the infected one miles away from the nest, and hold it down until it dies. The other sheargrub will then shut down all functions to prevent the spore from infecting it. It's kind of depressing, actually. -Alph
Iridescent Flint Beetle TBA Day/Night Flint Beetles have the ultimate food storage strategy. A special stomach-like organ stores nectar and pellets in a sterile, airtight condition. The contents stored in this membrane can stay edible for up to six months! These creatures armored shells are something special, protecting them from almost any environment, as well as the orange Pikmin's drill attack. -Olimar
Iridescent Glint Beetle TBA Day The Glint Beetle feeds on minerals in addition to storing nectar. Thanks to a special bacteria in it's stomach, it can digest these minerals. They then coat themselves in any leftover minerals, such as gold and platinum, giving it's indestructible shell a beautiful shine. This species of Beetle, already incredibly rare, is now even more so due to an increasingly common defect in the special bacteria. -Olimar
Iridescent Tint Beetle TBA Day The Tint Beetle is almost exactly the same as the Flint Beetle, except for it's shell. A mutated gene resulted in a colorless shell that reflects sunlight, forming a rainbow pattern on it's back. They also have a preference to store one large pellet rather than several smaller pellets and/or nectar. -Olimar
Joustmite Guiding Tree Day/Night Originally thought to be a close relative of the Cloaking Burrow-nit, it was surprising to be discovered it IS a Cloaking Burrow-nit. They are the same In every way except for the fact that this creatures shell is on it's face. Burrow-nit/Joustmite's tell each other apart because of their unique shell patterns. These differences are very subtle and difficult to spot to the untrained eye. -Olimar
Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat TBA Night The Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat has had to adapt to survive, and is now exclusively nocturnal. They had begun to live in groups in an attempt to preserve their small numbers. Olimar and I have decided to leave them be unless it cannot be avoided. -Alph
Limbed Bunker Sunken Cesspool (Area Boss) Day/Night This creature has around twelve seperate appendages, which it used to fight as well as eat pikmin. Each appendage had to be separately defeated before we could attack it directly. The fact that it resided in a very dangerous hole filled with every hazard imaginble didn't help either. -Alph
Lunatic Mamuta TBA Night It would be almost impossible to distinguish from a regular Mamuta based purely on looks, but it's behavior is so radically different that classifying it is no problem. These extremely territorial, violent creatures will be thrown into a murderous rage when confronted, smashing and beating any opposer. It will chase it's enemy until it has successfully mutilated it. It is not only capable of smashing Pikmin, but also throwing them great distances and crushing them in it's iron grip. It has a special spinning attack that will brutally slaughter and/or launch any Pikmin (or captain) it comes into contact with. It is unknown what causes it's irrational anger. -Olimar
Male Sheargrub Shady Woods, Mosaic Field Day/Night Young male Sheargrubs have large jaws and can snatch up a Pikmin, and immediately burrow underground with and eat it if I'm not careful enough. Their main job in a sheargrub colony is to burrow and fight to protect. They have developed into much more vicious creatures than before, so as to avoid being overrun by it's largest natural enemy, the Swarming Sheargrub. -Alph
Mamuta TBA Day These creatures are very peaceful, and rarely resort to violence. They appear to have a fondness of flowers, preferring to plant Pikmin as opposed to crushing them. Their odd appearance may seem threatening, but they are in fact fairly friendly. However, after a bad run-in with a Lunatic Mamuta, Alph is having a hard time believing this. -Olimar
Manipulative Scythehand Heated Crypt (Area Boss) Day This creepy looking creature had actually taken control of the orange pikmin onion! It was out of reach of my pikmin, and any winged pikmin to approach it would meet an untimely doom from it's wicked sharp, furiously fast blades attached to it's arms. After a bitter struggle to control the Orange pikmin, we finally turned them on their master and defeated this creepy creature once and for all. Although it may have the appearance of teleportation, it is actually an optical illusion. -Alph
Mecha-Bulborb Lost Kingdom (Mini-Boss), Rusted Labyrinth Day/Night An offspring of Project TITAN, this cyborg Bulborb can generate an electric shield, making it impervious to attacks, as well as making it a death magnet to us and the Pikmin. This cyborg's stubby mechanical limbs mean it can only patrol a small area, and moves very slow. It's ironic how after giving this company everything I had to save it, I must now fight to shut it down. This must be stopped before they destroy this beautiful planet! -Olimar
Mecha-Cannon Beetle TBA Day/Night A mechanized Cannon Beetle Larva. They fire cannon shots at a much greater velocity, and a few even fire explosive shots! Fortunately, this particular cyborg has lost it's ability to burrow, making it a sitting duck when confronted with Rock Pikmin. (or Black Pikmin, depending on the ammo) -Alph
Mecha-Dirigibug TBA Day/Night As if it wasn't annoying enough already, the Mecha-Dirigibug can grab up to four Pikmin at once, and will then use a rocket pack to blast to another part of the area before planting it's victims. If thrown with enough force, Pikmin have a chance of being crushed. It's wings cannot support the newly added weight well, however. It is a much lower flyer, and it has been observed to crash almost randomly. Project TITAN is hurting the flora and fauna more than helping! -Olimar
Mecha-Hundlegs TBA Day/Night The Mecha-Hundlegs is a beta prototype, and as such isn't quite as dangerous as other TITAN mechs we've encountered. It has almost double the speed, but trips frequently. It has a rapid fire cannon on it's head, but it is very tempermentall and often causes damage to the mech as well as the pikmin. The battlefield wasn't quite as advantageous this time around, either... -Alph
Mecha-Snagret TBA Day/Night The snagret was already one of my least favorite encounters, but this takes the cake as the worst. It snatches pikmin at more than twice the speed of a regular snagret! However, it's ability to burrow has been greatly dulled, leaving it very prone to it's environment. -Alph
Millegs TBA Day/Night This large, armored insect appears to have millions of tiny legs! It rushes around like a freight train, devouring pikmin that are unlucky enough to stumble across it's path. Fortunately, it has relatively low stamina, and pauses often to rest. I must take advantage of this with the Orange pikmin. -Alph
Mirage Scaler Melting Pot (Boss) Day/Night The camoflauge of this creature is the closest rival to the honeywisp's legendary camo capability. It can almost instantly change color, and then proceed to lash out it's massive, sticky tongue at a very rapid pace to quickly consume huge groups of pikmin. It can climb any surface as well. It can be easily knocked off a wall with the mighty purple pikmin. -Alph
Munge Dweevil TBA Night This dweevil has a nasty poisonous defense mechanism, making white pikmin most suitable, although a purple pikmin can defeat almost any dweevil with ease due to it's awesome power. -Alph
Nosy Trunkbear TBA Day/Night These large and furry creatures live in forests, and will fiercly guard thier homes inside hollow logs. Using their incredible strength they are able to uproot small trees, as well as scatter pikmin across the map. This beast is quite slow, and it's nose is extremely vulnerable to thelikess of purple pikmin. -Alph
Orange Bulborb TBA Day/Night Unlike most of the Grubdog species of this planet, the Orange Bulborb is not actually nocturnal. It can mimic deep sleep to near perfection, and when unsuspecting prey attempts to slip by, It "wakes up" and devours it. It relies on it's sense of smell to detect the prey. The first time I saw one, I was unaware of this, and it resulted in dire consequences... -Olimar
Ornate Bloater TBA Day/Night These creatures look like a floating, mosaic. When threatened it inflates to monstrous size, and can attempt to flatten pikmin beneath it's now massive body. Any uncrushed pikmin caught under it will be devoured, meaning rock pikmin are not the best choice. Purple pikmin can ground this foe with no hope of gettong back into the air. -Alph
Pearly Clamclamp Sunken Cesspool Day/Night The jewels of the Pearly Clamclamp are being hunted restlessly by TITAN, and the pearls have been all the rage on Hocotate. Unlike most other species of this variety, the Pearly Clamclamp can create pearls in just a few hours. These pearls are extremely thin however, and will break unless one is cautious. The effects of project SUPPLY have left their home devastated, and few remain. -Olimar
Peckish Aristocrab TBA Day The Peckish Aristocrab is a very territorial foe. It scuttles side to side with great speed, and the larger claw is devastating to pikmin and bulborb alike. It's ability to develop bubbles is really quite facinating. A storage membrane holds a potent bubble solution, and it's perfectly tubular throat combined with gently exhaling results in the sturdy bubbles. The mortal enemy of this creature is the Spotty Bulbear, as their territorise often collide and result in a violent clash. -Olimar
Pileated Snagret Snavian Nesting Ground (Boss) Night The Pileated Snagret is much more deadly than it's common relative, the Burrowing Snagret. It can fully emerge from the ground and proceed to hop around on it's foot. However, the foot is weak and unstable making it easy to knock over. The burrowing capability far surpasses that of any Snagret or Snarrow. It can detect it's prey using an inner thermal detector, making pikmin with high body temperatures much more vulnerable. -Olimar
Phosbat TBA Night The younger stage of the Vehemoth Phosbat. It is extremely similar to the Bulborb Larva. The only outstanding feature of this creature is the easiness of defeating it... Anyone laughing? -Olimar
Prickly Pack Rat Rusted Labyrinth Day/Night The Prickly Pack Rat has what looks like a shel, but is actually hundreds of tiny spikes that will pop up, elongate and impale any unsuspecting foe. The shell can be shattered with Rock pikmin or orange pikmin, but the orange pikmin will be impaled if I am not quick enough. It is also extremely agile. -Alph
Puckering Blinnow TBA Day/Night Their main strategy of defense is quantity over quality. Although they are rather harmless on their own, in large enough swarms things can quickly get out of hand. Pikmin that are caught can be saved if I am quick enough. -Alph
Puffstool Gnarled Root Dungeon (Boss), Mosaic Field Day-rare /Night This creature is essentially a living mushroom! It spends it's time producing spores. When it has produced the maximum amount of spores, it detaches from it's nutrient filled cap and scatters spores on local wildlife. It then proceeds to take over the creatures and turn them into the large mushroom shaped Puffstool. It can emit some of these spores to temporarily ward off threats. However, local wildlife have been building up immunity to the spores, resulting in the Puffstool becoming endangered. Connections to the recent fungus outbreak have been proven false. -Olimar
Puffy Blowhog TBA Day/Night The Puffy Blowhog uses a bladder inflated with hydrogen to remain aloft, while simultaneously producing non-lethal amounts of electricity to maintain it's glorious shine that makes it instantly recognizable. It has developed a new defensive strategy as well. By overinflatingg the bladder and blasting out the air in a violent exhalation, it can cross great distances in a small amount of time. Hunderds of tiny blowholes help maintain a constank height. -Olimar
Pyroclasmic Slooch TBA Day/Night These fiery slugs produce their extreme body temperature in much the same way as the Fiery Bulblax. A special oil secreted through it's skin. The main difference being that this creature is quite literally on fire. They have been known to spontaneously combust on occasion, because they lack the counter to the special oil the Fiery Bulblax has. -Olimar
Queasy Scumwing Rusted Labyrinth Day This snitchbug look-a-like has a disgusting defense mechanism. It esentially vomits out a combination of bile and a horrible smelling liquid created by a unique gland. The vile substance is the perfect combination of sulfur and hydrogen, among other elements... and I can smell it through my suit. The Pikmin are very disturbed by the smell and I lose control as they scatter to get away. -Alph
Raging Long Legs TBA Day/Night An incredible breakthrough suggests that the Raging Long Legs is not actually a living being, but a machine! ... Kind of? After many unsuccsessful attempts at disection, we finally succeeded only to discover all of it's innards were comprised entirely of metal. It doesn't function like a machine however, as a heart-like organ pumps blood, and lungs breath and purify air. This incredible phenomenon suggests that there was once an extremely advance civilization living here at one time... but how could such an advanced civilization come to an end? I should hire an archeologist to come study this... -Olimar
Ranging Bloyster TBA Day/Night The Ranging Bloyster is obssessed with shiny objects. As a result, it will target us captains, but pikmin that get caught in the crossfire will not be spared. It has seven separatel functioning tongues that all together slurp up large groups at once or individually rapidly eat two or three at a time. The only weak point is the nutrient storage orban protruding from it's rear. -Alph
Red Spotty Bulborb Shady Woods Day/Night After much fighting over the name of this species, we finally decided once and for all to call it the Red Spotty Bulborb. Besides the now plentiful pikmin, this is the most common species on the planet. Their massive jaws make them the perfect hunter of smaller animals, as well as able to hold it's own against much larger species. They have recently developed a special, clear eye-lid meaning that attacking the eyes is no longer as effective. -Olimar
Red Pik Pik TBA Day/Night Mechanized pikmin with the ability to spit fire! Project TITAN has always been something that must be stopped, but I am more determined than ever to prevent anymore of this madness. -Olimar
Red Spectralid TBA Day/Night These peaceful butterflies glide from flower to flower, collecting nectar. I once took a day off just to watch them flutter around. It was very relaxing... -Olimar
Rock Pik Pik TBA Day/Night Mechanized Rock pikmin that will not rest until they have hunted their prey. -Alph
Rusted Groink TBA Day/Night The name is actually quite misleading, as a rusty machine would usually operate poorly. The opposite was true in this case (with the exception that the Groink is insane) The internal repair mechanism went out of control, causing the Groink to grow slighty larger, and devolope extra parts. It moves very fast with it's four legs. It then promptly exploded, which caused the the Groink to rust. The most defining characteristic of this mutation however, is it's four cannon defense. Each Cannon can target seperatlely, and fire deadly bomb rocks. Black pikmin are the secret to victory against this insane machine. -Olimar
Sandbelching Meerslug Swelteing Tropics (Area Boss) Day/Night This massive beast lives in a large sand pit. Fighting it is the same strategy as fighting a Snagret. Wait for it to pop up, dodge a few attacks and counter with a few of your own. Feeding it Bomb rocks is a bad idea, as it will only spit them back out at me. -Alph
Scaled Scaler TBA Day/Night An odd combination of mammal and reptile, this small creature climbs and swings from tree to tree. The scales on it's body protect it from any attacks, meaning only it's feet hand and face are vulnerable. It's very versatile hands can snatch up small groups of pikmin at once. -Alph
Shaggy Long Legs TBA Day/Night A close relative of the now extinct Beady Long Legs, the Shaggy Long Legs has long hairs that must be plucked off in order to be attacked. Although the pikmin can climb the legs to reach their target, it would be much faster to throw the high flying yellow pikmin directly onto it's abdomen. -Alph
Shearwig TBA Day/Night The shearwig is actually the older stage of the male sheargrub. Their main purpose is to protect the colony, while the wingless males dig tunnels. -Alph
Shedskin Seeker Mosaic Field (Area Boss) Day/Night This large creature strongly resembles a snake. At first, it seemed like an easy fight, but an incredible power allowed this beast to grow at massive rates. It had to shed it's skin in order to grow, and the shedded skin could move around on it's own! After it was defeated, it completely disintegrated, and almost nothing is known about this natural phenomenon. -Olimar
Skeeterskate TBA Day/Night The process by which this species floats on the water is quite fscinating. By creating bubbles beneath it's feet, these bubbles can actually support this very light insect. It also has the ability to fire a thin, accurate stream of water to temporarily blind foes in order to escape. They have had to adapt due to the contamination levels of the Sunken Cesspool.
Skitter Leaf TBA Day The Skitter Leaf has the most convincing mimicry I've encountered. It looks exactly like a leaf, and can fool (almost) any predator. Interestingly, the pikmin are among the few species to see through this clever disguise. The leaves are actually very high in nutrients, and are becoming a medical miracle. -Olimar
Skutterchuck TBA Day These pesky insects live in groups, and sling large crystals at enemies. The development of these crystals involves and combination of a glue-like liquid produced by a special gland, and leaving it to harden in the sun. When the crystals shatter, they chew up the remains so they can recycle the glue. -Alph
Smoky Progg TBA Night I thought that this terrifying creature had gone extinct after my first adventure to this world. Originally thought to be a mutated Mamuta larva, these theories have been disproved. DNA testing shows it is actually a mutated member of the Arachnorb family, and the fact that at least one more has been found means it may someday become it's own thriving species. The acidity of this creature is surprising, and needless to say, incredibly dangerous. Pikmin can only attack it for a few seconds before having to detach. Fortunately, this creature's trail of poisonous smog imposes a much smaller threat now that White Pikmin are part of the team. -Olimar
Snow Bulborb Frosty Ridge Day/Night Yet another one the various species with a Breadbug mimic. The Breadbug is unable to grow hair, but the adult doesn't seem to notice. They are slighty larger than other Baby Bulborb/Breadbug imitation due to an extra layer of fat to keep them warm. They are the least prone to the infectious spore that has been spreading. -Olimar
Spore Spawn Theone Room (Final Boss) Day/Night requires all notes (total of 45) Unknown specimen. Cannot be identified. All we know is that it caused the deadly plague outbreak. It may never be truly defeated, due to the massive widespread of the spores. The destructive spores are perhaps the only thing I have not yet been brave enough to taste test... My gut seems to cry in agony of just the thought of allowing these spores to enter my esophagus, and I am not one to upset my bowels. Who would I be without them? -Louie
Spotty Bulbear TBA Day/Night The Spotty Bulbear is one of the more active members of the Grubdog family. Rather than waiting for food to foolishly wander into it's territory, it goes out searching for it. Another interesting note is it's preference to hunt during the day. They are willing to share territory as long as they are still able to find plenty of food. Thier tough hide and quick healing makes them much tougher foes than your average Bulborb. -Alph
Sputtlefish TBA Day A Puckering Blinnow with the added ability to spray toxic ink. The regeneration abilities of this aquatic specimen are very powerful, and further study of this may help to advance the medical field. -Alph
Swarming Sheargrub TBA Day/Night Sheargrub colonies consist of two groups. The males (with or without wings) protect and build the tunnels, and the females nurture the young. A third partyy has been recently found, and is wreaking mass havoc on these carefully managed nests. The swarming sheargrub live in massive packs, and viciously attack and destroy fellow sheargrub nests. The reasoning behind this agressionn is yet to be discovered. -Olimar
Swooping Snitchbug TBA Day/Night Although they appear to be wings, they are actually a pair of antennae that keep the Snitchbug aloft. As the name suggests, they swoop in to capture prey, but for unknown reasons, rather than eating it they prefer to slam it into the ground. My back still aches from that experience... I'm getting to old for this. -Olimar
Terrifying Tulip TBA Day/Night A close relative of the Creeping Crysanthemum, it has the same strategy of hiding and mimicry. A major difference is the deadly poison coating it's body. If it hits itself with it's bulb, the poison will be scattered in a large radius. Upon death, this poison will seep into the ground, killing any wildlife in the immediate vicinity. I don't understand why Alph named it the Terrifying Tulip, as it is not even remotely similar to any tulip I've ever seen. -Olimar
TITAN Blaster Giant's Playground (Boss) Day/Night It very much resembles a massive Cannon Beetle. Except with Bomb Rocks. And Missiles. And Napalm. And Acid. And... Well you get the point. -Alph
TITAN Crusher Guiding Tree (1st Area Boss) Day/Night Requires 10 notes This particular TITAN robot appears to be based off the Raging Long Legs. It is much more deadly due to it's destructive stun guns, as well as a few element based grenades. -Alph
TITAN Destroyer + The President Guiding Tree (2nd Area Boss) Day/Night requires 25 notes The largest and deadliest of the TITAN robots, the President himself piloted this large walker. Greatly resembling the mighty Titan Dweevil, it fires shots of various elements, including Fire, Bomb rocks, and even Spores. While technically not an organism, we decided to go ahead and salvage the wreckage. The President is currently being held captive in storage. -Olimar
Titanic Gelborb TBA Day/Night Aquatic This slug-like creature is quite extraordinary. It's opaque outer skin is extremely flexible, and could theorectically allow the creature to swell to three times it's already monstrous size. The inside is coated in gel-like mucus to prevent the large amounts of deadly hydrochloric acid and water from melting it from the inside out. It's large blue tongue is very sticky, and any creature stuck on it has a very small chance of escape. Anything trapped inside suffers a horrific combination of drowning and digestion. When distressed, It has an extraordinary defense. It sucks in large amounts of water, swelling to nearly twice it's size, and sprays out a massive blast of water mixed with deadly acid. If left on land for to long, the Gelborb will dry up. -Olimar
Toady Bloyster TBA Day/Night This slow, lazy, slimy creature's membrane is covered in what would be the ultimate sunscreen... if I wasn't allergic to it (Applying it results in serious rashes and excrutiating pain. Alph won't stop laughing at my misfortune). It blocks out any sunlight, allowing it to survive in the sun for extended periods of time. However, without water to make more the sunscreen will eventually lose it's potency. It also sprays non-lethal ink to annoy foes. -Olimar
Unnerving Progg Rusted Labyrinth on or before Day 20 Night

no precipitation

Almost nothing is known about this oddity. It effectively disintegrated after defeat, and appears to be the only member of it's kind. After defeating it, it dropped an upgrade that the onion actually fused with. The Mega Multiplier increases the pikmin generated by defeated creatures by 10% of the usual amount. -Olimar
Vehemoth Phosbat Polarizing Tunnels, (Boss) Crystal Cave (Mini-Boss) Night This massive flying creature inhabits dark caves and prefers a moist climate. The hairs on its back are bioluminescent and glow just before it swoops in to eat it's prey so it can locate it easier. It's eyes, besides almost useless for sight, are extremely sensitive to light. When confronted with a bright light, it will be rendered helpless until it gets away. On my first expedition here, it had eaten Captain Charlie! Fortunately, his spacesuit prevented him from being digested. -Alph
Volatile Dweevil TBA Night The dweevil family is famous for carrying things on it's back, and the Volatile Dweevil is no exception. The main difference is that these Dweevils carry deadly Bomb Rocks. It is a mystery as to why they prefer explosive objects, because the use of this defensive measure results in self termination. The species is becoming much more rare due to a large increase in accidental self-detonation. What is left of them have mostly retreated underground. -Olimar
Waddlepus TBA Day/Night The defensive measures of this aquatic creature are quite facinating. It expels not acid, fire, or poison, but bubbles. These bubbles are very thick (as far as bubbles go) and can carry Pikmin away great distances if ignored. Purple Pikmin are too heavy for the bubbles to capture. Against large foes the bubbles are an annoyance at best, and will do little in the way of protection. The Waddlepus' extreme regenerative properties are it's true defensive measure. -Alph
Water Dumple TBA Day/Night These aquatic creatures are extremely similar to Dwarf Bulborbs (both legitimate Bulborbs and thier Breadbug look-a-likes). There appear to be two types of Dumple. One of them is slighty larger with whiskers, while the other is smaller with a larger tail. However, these differences are purely cosmetic. Due to a of lack eyes, nostrils, or ears, they use electromagnetic pulses to manuver. They breath through thier skin. -Olimar
Watery Blowhog Sunken Cesspool Day/Night The Watery Blowhog lack the catalysts that allow the Fiery Blowhog to ignite the liquid it sprays and spit out a deadly flamethrower. Although this is the dominant gene, population of Fiery and Watery Blowhogs has been inexplicably even. One theory suggests that some Watery Blowhogs simply have a delay in developing the catalyst. -Olimar
White Spectralid TBA Day/Night It's amazing that on such a brutal planet, beauty can still thrive. I often feel guilty attacking these harmless insects for their hard earned nectar. Something tells me that the Pikmin, however, aren't quite as apolegetic. -Alph
Whiptongue Bulborb Mosaic Field Day/Night Like the Bulbear, this Bulborb is also diurnal, making it very difficult to approach. They have developed an extraordinary tongue, which is three times the length of it's body. Despite it's size, it is easily controlled. Although it's tongue is the perfect device for capturing small prey easily, it really limits food options where larger creatures are concerned. As such they are limited to areas where smaller insects roam. -Alph
Withering Blowhog TBA Day/Night While not as powerful as the Puffy Blowhog, they are better at adapting to new environments, and as a result are much more common. Thier breath is an interesting phenomenon, where a special hormone in it's breath causes Pikmin instantly to lose thier flowers. Further study will be required to determine how this is possible. -Olimar
Wogpole Shady Woods, Sunken Cesspool, Mosaic Field Day/Night The expansive Wogpole:Wollywog ratio is an interesting topic. Wogpoles rely on thier huge numbers to survive rather than any sort of personal defense mechanism. Only a few wogpoles ever make it to maturity. The only way to classify wogpoles is based on what type of Wollywog lives nearby, due to all early stages of development being exact duplicates. -Olimar
Yellow Spectralid TBA Day/Night These harmless pollinators store nectar to feed on later. Their yellow markings are a sign that it is poisonous to predators (though only when eaten). The Pikmin unflinchingly destroy this frail creature. It's a little unsettling sometimes, watching them attack... I'm glad they're on our side. -Olimar
Yellow Wollywog Shady Woods, Mosaic Field, Sweltering Tropics Day Evolution has granted the Yellow Wollywog much greater jumping proficiency than it's relatives, but greatly detracted form it's swimming ability. It inhabits the shallows where it instinctively crushes nearby creatures. The large amounts of stored fat on this creatures does not benefit it in any way, and the continued presence of this excess fat is a mystery. -Olimar

Hard Mode Exclusive Enemies

Name Location Discovery Conditions Captain's Notes
Antenna Beetle TBA Night The Antenna Beetle can learn to mimic many sounds, including our whistles! Although ultimately harmless by itself, this greatly confuses the Pikmin, and they seem very unsure when attacking this particular enemy. They prefer a damp, warm climate and feed mainly on nectar. This makes their meat very rich when properly prepared. -Louie
Bladed Beeb TBA Night These small insects live in groups, and can severely wound foes much larger than them. Any Bulborb would think twice before eating one again. But not me! Carefully remove the deadly blades, and grind into fine powder. It makes a perfect, healthy replacement for salt and pepper. -Louie
Bulbmin TBA Day/Night When a pikmin takes over a host from inside out, the result is Bulbmin. A nearly invincible hybrid of Pikmin and Bulborb. The massive leaf of the adult is extremely nutricious and make an amazing salad. -Louie
Bulborb Larva TBA Day/Night Spread in chicken batter and butter for a fast simple, chicken nugget. The inner juices, when boiled and cooled, make an excellent dipping sauce. The eyes are equally as good battered and fried. -Louie
Creepy Beeb TBA Night The Creepy Beeb is so named because once it detects prey, it will endlessly stalk it until it eats it... and it is not exactly the prettiest insect around. Beebs have been known to follow us into entirely different areas. Once they start following, they must be defeated to avoid any surprise conflicts. -Alph
Decorated Cannon Beetle TBA Day This creature has a beatiful shell that reflects sunlight in special ways to form complex patterns, giving them the appearance of literally glowing. Their boulders have a homing ability that can be turned against it, and are the easiest way to deal fast damage. The meat of this creature is normally very tough and almost inedible, but when it sits in a croc pot for a couple hours is a heavenly meat, very similar to pulled pork. -Louie
Decorated Cannon Larva TBA Day The Decorated Cannon Larva has a lock-on projectile that will follow me until destroyed. This projectile can be turned against it and will defeat it in only two hits. if getting crushed is unavoidable then a purple, rock, or Orange pikmin can shatter the boulder if thrown on top. -Alph
Emperor Bulblax TBA Day/Night The Emperor Bulblax hides underground, with only it's eye stalks and a little bit of moss showing. It's massive tongue has no limit to the number of pikmin it can eat! and it's moss covered back is completely indestructible. This creature contains a truckload of flavorful, succulent steak, too. The tongue is especially rich. Spice it up with your favorite stuff, and barbeque for the best taste. -Louie
Empress Bulblax TBA Day/Night The massive amounts of meat on this creature are even worse than the Giant Breadbug's. Best to avoid as it is difficult to prepare, and is really bitter. When frustrated it rolls back and forth, wreaking havoc and causing boulders to fall from the ceiling. -Louie
Goolix TBA Day/Night Only blue pikmin can harm this gelatinous thing. It can be further harmed by attacking it's visible organs. These organs make a great pizza topping while sliced thinly. The membrane, when dried and hardened, can be dipped in the goo for a strange, yet yummy, chip dip. -Louie
Infected Aristocrab TBA Day/Night The Aristocrab was already bad enough, but this is just madness! The spores have enhanced it's brainpower, making it much harder to combat. It has lost it's ability to blow bubbles, due to the spore clogging much of it's trachea. -Alph
Man-at-Legs TBA Day/Night A natural combination of a large arachnorb and mechanical parts led to the evolution of the ultimate predator. This creatures rapid-fire cannon launches out explosive shots at it's prey, and leaves little chance of survival. This large creature has no natural enemies, so the reason behind it's incredible destructive power is unknown. Even more perplexing is that the massive arachnorb has almost no control over it's cannon. A more recent theory suggests that this creature did not evolve this way, but was created as the ultimate weapon. Not too farfetched a theory considering the schemes of project TITAN. -Alph
Mecha-Breadbug TBA Day/Night Mechanized Breadbugs move at triple the speed and carry twice their usual weight. However, they themselves can no longer fit in their own dens leaving them defenseless to many major predators. -Alph
Mitite TBA Day/Night Remove the legs, and grind into a spread to put on sandwhichs. This recipe is Alph's favorite. They release a strange hormone which causes the pikmin to spazz out. Purple pikmin are oddly immune to it. -Louie
Pileated Snarrow TBA Day/Night Completely inedible. Eating it is poisonous and will result in uncontrollable dancing, a strong desire to run into walls and the need to do backflips as a means of getting around. -Louie
Quaggled Mireclops TBA Day/Night The tender padded feet of the Mireclops are gross, but very nutritious. The fruit-like bulb is what you really want, as it is sweet beyong compare. Blue pikmin were best suited to this fight, due to the large amounts of water in the area. -Louie
Segmented Crawbster TBA Day/Night This beast is extremely hostile and will ram any enemy to wander into it's path at full speed. It's mortal enemy, the Lunatic Mamuta is one of few creatures vicious enough to fight it back. Although the claw is the true prize, the jelly-like underbelly is an equally incredible pie filling. -Louie
White Pik Pik TBA Day/Night The white pikpik can spray huge amounts of poison, as well as outrun any of my pikmin. It has the ability to burrow and surprise attack the pikmin above it. -Alph