Pikmin: Spore Outbreak
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, Real Time Strategy
Series Pikmin Series
Predecessor Pikmin 3
Release Date(s) Japan: July 27th 2016

North America: August 6th 2016

Europe: August 27th 2016

Australia: September 30th 2016

Mode(s) Story Mode

2Player Mode Co-Op

Pikmin Labyrinth

Challenge Mode

Night-Time Adventure Mode


After Olimar returns to Hocotate and the visitors from Koppai return to their planet, the President warns Olimar that he has to go back to the planet immediately! Three mysterious people seem to have stolen a ship from the President and drove off to the Pikmin planet, greedy for money. Olimar is annoyed by this, even reluctant to the President. Nevertheless, the president persuades him, and the two shove off for yet another return to the Pikmin planet, to save the species and protect the President's amount of money from being topped!

The President lands on top of a very tall tree, and Olimar is knocked unconscious on the ground, resting on a pile of leaves. The President walks over to a Red Onion, posing as a Candypop Bud for survival. It sprouts a three red Pikmin, and the President knows what to do. He enlarges his army until he has about 20 Pikmin. Suddenly, sheargrubs emerge from the bark of the trees and attack the President. They are the female versions, so they cannot do much harm. He defeats them and encounters a mushroom shaped object. He throws Pikmin at it, and it releases spores, shrouding all of his pikmin. His built-in gadget that functions much like the ship from the second Pikmin game tells him that the mushroom was to blame. The President throws them all off, and they revert to normal. The Pikmin dash toward a bunch of leafs and jump off of the branch, and the President follows, down to Olimar. Olimar wakes up as he is covered with Pikmin, and laughs. He is happy to see the creatures once more. Olimar is astounded that the Pikmin have learned to glide with leaves. The President's gadget says that there is leftover treasure stuck in the ground. Olimar throw the pikmin to pull it out. The sun begins to set, and the two captains hear wild fauna. They return to the ship as the red pikmin climb up the tree via a branch. 

The next day Olimar and the President have minor encounters with the bandits, only seeing shadows upon walls. They give chase. Eventually they conclude that the bandits are hiding in a cave. There is a capsule on top of a wall, but there is no way to get to it. They find the bandits; A man, a woman, and Olimar's Son! Olimar notices that its his son, and his son runs to him. After a reunion, the two other unnamed bandits run off, still greedy. Olimar and the President work together to toss Olimar's son to a high ledge. Olimar's son sees a lime-green candypop bud, throwing Pikmin inside. After plucking a sprout, the green Pikmin emerge. Olimar's son names them Mantis Pikmin, as they have bladed arms. The Pikmin playfully slashes, and Olimar's son hops down. They throw the Mantis Pikmin at the wall, and they bring the capsule down to the S.S. Hocota. The President is confused by the Mantis Pikmin, as if he had not seen Pikmin until now. The three go back up to the surface.

When the crew reaches the Forest of Confidence, the two bandit figures appear again. Collecting an important treasure from a cave inside the Forest helps them reach new areas, and even catch up with the villainous bandits. They learn that the bandits are named Bouzo and Pychu, and they soon run off after snagging a treasure with the help of Pikmin, restricting Olimar and co.'s army numbers. 

In the Broil-Lands Bouzo and Pychu encounter the Yellow Pikmin and Bomb-Rocks, which they use to get past a Dozing Meerslug. This paves the way for Olimar and co. to visit the Hot-Hole cave. Shortly after, they too will come across the Yellow Pikmin. After the next cave is completed, the Volcano in the area erupts. 

When they lift off from the Broil-Lands, their ship malfunctions, and it flings Olimar faraway. Olimar discovers Rose Pikmin in the Prairie of Prosperity. They assist him in getting through brambles. Soon Olimar meets up with his Son and the President. His son is quite happy to see him, but his President is not the same. He does exactly appear the most sentimental, but is glad Olimar is there. Olimar's son looks up, and sees Louie! Louie is resting on a branch with Dweevils, and Olimar's son's call awakes him. Louie gets angry, and Olimar tells Louie not to yell at his son. Louie complains some more and goes back to sleep. This makes the President angry and tries punching the tree bark for some reason. 

Main Characters

Captain Olimar

Captain Olimar is the game's main Protagonist. He is responsible for finding the Pikmin species, and repaying the debt of his Company, Hocotate Freight. He discovers Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White and Rose Pikmin, as well as Wogmin and Bulbmin. Suit Colour: Red

Olimar SporeOutbreak

Captain Olimar!

The President

The President commanded Olimar and Louie to search for treasure to repay the Company's debt in Pikmin 2, but when Louie goes missing after the debt is repaid, the President goes to planet with Olimar! Suit Colour: Blue


Louie was stranded on the Pikmin planet several times. When Alph, Birttany and Charlie gave Olimar a lift home to Hocotate, Alph mentions that Louie had not gone onboard. It appears that after causing the debt of Hocotate Freight, Louie would rather not stay on Hocotate. Suit Colour: Turquoise

Olimar's Son (Sagittarius?)

Olimar's son decided to join a gang of money-greedy bandits for a free ride to the Planet of Pikmin, since his dad wouldn't take him. He is the namer and first discoverer of Mantis Pikmin. Suit Colour: Green


The brawn of the bandits who went to PNF-404 for pokos. Bouzo is not very smart, and even a bit clumsy, however he does know certain things, especially how to utilize the Pikmin perfectly. Every one assumes Bouzo has no clue what is going on, but he does know, he just won't speak up... Suit Colour: Black


The brains of the bandits who went to PNF-404 for pokos. Pychu can handle strategy better than Bouzo, but she does not know how exactly to bypass large barriers, which she turns to Bouzo for. Suit Colour: Purple

Minor Characters

While on the adventure, Olimar and co. will have conversations with characters back on Hocotate. The minor characters appear in 3D Models, like the other characters. They can be seen using body language while in a LIVE video conversation. 

Olimar's Wife

Olimar contacts his family every night. Occasionally his wife will respond with a mail message. Most of her messages are in between day 3-42. She sometimes mentions that Bulbie is getting ready to go the circus, which can cause Olimar's son to butt into the coversation. 

Olimar's Daughter

Throughout the game, Olimar will have "flashbacks" about his daughter. These are mostly obscure tips for the game. Olimar's daughter can appear sometimes and join in the conversation of Olimar and his wife. 
Hey dad...? Don't forget to buckle your wriststraps. I don't want you falling off the mountain! Don't forget your sickles, either.
Olimar's Daughter, A flashback subtly referring to the ability of Mantis PIkmin.


Bulbie is mentioned throughout Olimar's Wife and Daughter's conversations. In fact, he can even appear instead of Olimar's Wife, resulting in Olimar waving at Bulbie, and him mumbling about possibly sending his son back home. 

The President's Wife

The President will reminsce about his wife while idle. "!" and does not make any other mention.

Louie's Grandmother

Once in a while, it will be Louie talking to his Grandmother instead of Olimar to his wife. Louie's Grandmother mentions slight things about Louie's past, such as even more tales of bugs. 

Louie dear, do you remember when I made you eat a Spriggle Hop? It gave you a case of the Hocotation-Bounce, didn't it? Can you ever forgive me?
Louie's Grandmother, mentioning a tale about a bug known as the Spriggle Hop


Olimar checks in with the Koppaites whom visited the planet for fruit. Alph says that they are doing well, and he even got a new space-suit: the Kopocate 3500 ABC. On one day, Alph will notice that Olimar has a son, and begin wondering how the rest of his family would like to meet Olimar and his family. 


Brittany has a higher chance of being called instead of Charlie, but Alph has a higher chance than Brittany. She says that the fruit juice is delicious, and will sometimes mention her Auntie Bea to Olimar. 


Captain Charlie's rubber duck can appear instead of Charlie himself, which makes Charlie the least likely appearing character in Pikmin: Spore Outbreak.


The game plays similar to both Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3. It includes all of the hazards from Pikmin 2 as well as introducing new ones, and brings back the gameplay and A.I. mechanics from Pikmin 3. Caves are back, and they bring some of the most difficult challenges Olimar has ever faced.

Bouzo and Pychu, the Bandits

Bouzo and Pychu are bandits greedy for pokos. While they scavenge for money, certain days will allow you to have a higher or lower number of Pikmin in your squad. (Usually about 7-16 less, as Bouzo and Pychu use those numbers) Occasionally, their numbers will go down as well, as if their Pikmin are being killed. They will never experience a Pikmin extinction, however. As likely as it is, you will never engage them while you explore, except in Cut-scenes. 



Simple Showcase of where the Areas are.

Gigantic Garden

  • Flower Pothole
  • Little Leaf Cave
  • The Panic House

Forest of Confidence

  • The Burrow
  • Mandiblard Mine
  • Fort of Puffstools
  • Crystalized Cavern


  • Hot-Hole
  • Forbidden City
  • Accursed Temple
  • Infernal Abyss

Prairie of Prosperity

  • Hidden Away Spring
  • Thicket Tunnel
  • Greed's Pathway

Faraway Field

  • Dreaded Den
  • Prickly Thorn Palace
  • Forlorn Fortress
  • Grand Cavern

Boss Creatures

Like all Pikmin games, there are boss creatures to battle, usually having a specific strategy for each. 

  • Loopy Skitter-String
  • Bearded Scamprat
  • Queen Shearpill
  • Spitting Wollywoad
  • Mashing Long Legs
  • Polycephalous Snagret
  • Parched Barrenstark
  • Husked Cannon Beetle King
  • Spined Shieldshot

New Creatures

Like all Pikmin games, they introduce new enemies in each game, and this game is no different.

Regular Enemies

Creature Name Scientific Name Family Seed Worth Carry Weight Behavior Olimar's Notes
Acrid Oligrab

Cancaer iratubulbus

Cancalium 7 5 The Acrid Oligrab scuttles toward a group of pikmin, snatching a couple. It cannot blow bubbles like the Peckish Aristocrab, but it can use both arms, since they are regular sized.  The Acrid Oligrab can quickly snatch up prey with its claws. You can see it picking berries from Burgeoning Spiderworts sometimes, gobbling them down. It feels like it's a more sophisicated version of the Ravenous Whiskerpillar, taking a crab appearence. 
Bristly Tamprat

Rodentian spinosumian

Racharia 4 5 This mammalian creature rubs the few bead-hairs it has on its cheeks, causing its entire body to spike up, impaling 15 maximum Pikmin if it runs into them. Rose Pikmin cannot be impaled. (neither can Rock Pikmin, in Challenge mode) It can also bite to eat 2-3 Pikmin. 
Buzzleflea Scarpanica muscaligin Scarpanid 3 3 The Buzzleflea has a round body-shape, with a cone for a head, and acts somewhat like the members of the Flitterbie family. It has three skinny legs, and three yellow eyes. Two fuzzy antenna give the creature makeshift wings. It can be found landing on creature corpses, either still or being pulled. If there are Pikmin (trying) pulling the corpse and the Buzzleflea lands on it, it will emit a gas from its legs to panic Pikmin, and rest upon the corpse. It will begin to retreat if attacked, and will return if not defeated.   Just about as harmless as all other Scarpanids, the Buzzleflea will not eat Pikmin. However instead of snatching them, they prefer to release a smelltastic odor to make Pikmin panic. They can be found sitting upon deceased corpses, pampering their bodies. 
Charged Bloyster Molluschid cassodiratia Mollusking 18 5 A Mollusking capable of producing a powerful electrical attack to Pikmin. This comes from tiny bumps near its mouth. It will shock Blue Pikmin, and instantly kill any drowning Pikmin in the vicinity, should there be any drowning.  This strange Mollusking is capable of discharging electrical currents in the water, paralyzing tiny creatures who wander too close. The Charged Bloyster is said to have evolved its strange electricity powers by absorbing electric sparks, although this case is highly unlikely, even for a creature on this particular planet. 
Crawling Clawsnap Scarapodica mandibla Scarapod 7 9 Crawling Clawsnaps are giant Scarapods that have pinchers on the front. They can eat at least 12 Pikmin with one bite.  
Bramble-tailed Bulborb Oculus kageyamii spinacauda Grub-dog 10 12 This species of Grub-dog has evolved a light brown tail that it can spear Pikmin with, and then proceed to drop them in its mouth. Rose and Rock Pikmin cannot be speared. It can still bite like a regular Bulborb, however.
Disgruntled Dandelfly



Flitterbie 7 9 Unlike the Nectarous Dandelfly, the Disgruntled Dandelfly will seek out Pikmin to prey on. Its butterfly-proboscis will unfold to spear Pikmin when it swoops down to attack. It can catch up to 12 Pikmin with this. Its entire head has a very high amount of health, but that is the only way to hurt it.  Contrast to the Nectarous Dandelfly, the Disgruntled Dandelfly seeks food and will attempt to spike little insects with its proboscis. It is a graceful hunter that swoops down upon its prey efficiently. Disgruntled Dandelfly have four sets of tiny claws which are not present in the more peaceful Nectarous Dandelfly. They do not seem to be of any use, however. 
Dozing Meerslug Limax somnolentus Limasnine 14 16 Located mostly in corridors, this enemy blocks the way of Leaders and sleeps. In order to pass through, they will have to fight it. A single pikmin thrown on it will anger it. It will roar and enter the ground. When it nears prey, it will surface like a Snagret and launch dirt clumps at Pikmin. 
Fluttering Puffstool Aspergilla flovanti Sporovid 14 16 A winged Puffstool. The wings look like the Vehemoth Phosbat's, and drops poison gas on Pikmin when flying. It will remian dormant until a Captain or Pikmin strays too far close. It will hover into the air, trying to poison Pikmin. After a bit, it will slide down into the ground. It will soon recover and hobble around, like a Flint Beetle. It will eventually take off to the air to poison them again, if not killed. A confusing Puffstool, the Fluttering Puffstool has gigantic wings that give it unsteady but possible flight. Its wings drop undeveloped spores that poison, instead of infecting. Fluttering Puffstool tucks its tiny, flimsy legs in when it is fluttering. It is a mystery as to why it gained flight, somewhat like the aimlessly floating plant-life Glowshrooms.
Foggy Bagmouth Sacculum caligomnia  Colsaculum 6 8 A type of Bagmouth, it expels gas to make Pikmin panic so it can target them easier. It is slightly smaller, and has a larger mouth.
Glow-Wisp Fatuus illumen luminate Wisp N/A N/A Looks like a Honeywisp, but carries red and blue glowing balls, like the colours of Glowcaps. If it is killed, it will drop that ball, and a pikmin can pick it up and carry it around, helping to light up the area. It can be thrown at enemies to stun them. The ball will still glow even if it is not killed, but it will not exactly go in the direction you want, either. It makes a humming noise, to alert the captains. A species of wisp, the Glow-Wisp prefers the dark cavernous areas, becoming component to the subterranean life. Creatures who like the dark will lurk down on this creature, while those that fear the dark appreciate its prescence. The only thing salvagable from these is the mysterious glowing ball filled with Hocotatium 111, which radiates a tremendous light signal, and also works well as a night-light. 
Greedy Bagmouth Sacculum avarinia  Colsaculum 9 10 A type of Bagmouth, it is larger than all the rest, and it can suck in Leaders as well, although it will spit them out like boulders from Lithopods, scattering Pikmin.
Honking Trumbill Avioso tubarostrum  Presteiges 10 14 A swimming enemy about the size of a Toady Bloyster. It has a neck like a Snagret, however much shorter. It has a trumpet-shaped mouth. Its neck helps it stretch over to suck Pikmin into its trumpet mouth. It only rests on the surface of the water. 
Ignited Jyte

Ignamis ignaraent

Jyte  2 2 A red and black worm-shaped enemy with three purple eyes that jumps out of the ground to stick Pikmin to itself and shortly after being exposed to sunlight, it combusts into flames, catching all Pikmin that are not Red on fire.  For some reason, this plump worm creature leaps into the sunlight which severely burns its skin and then spontaneously combusts! I do not see why it would want to try to burn other small creatures with it, as that would surely not be how it gets its nutrition. This is one of those creatures' whose existance stumps me...
Flickerflare Beetle Mesmeri micoignis Kettlebug 5 4 Flickerflare Beetles have the same general structure as an Antenna Beetle, although it has a spout on the head, which is mainly cone-shaped. When it uses its wings, it will catch fire a very short time after. It will hop around following the current Leader, trying to ignite non-red Pikmin. The Beetle's body will eventually extinguish, creating one last fire blast, giving out as if it were an explosion, however not as fatal. 
Naked Kramprat Rodentian nuduslian Racharia 4 6 A tan Racharia, it cannot rub any part of its body to use as attacking, it can only rush into Pikmin squads, biting fiercely and gnawing on them. It goes down easier than a regular Racharia. 
Nettlesome Puffstool Aspergilla turbul relentus Sporovid 17 11 A blue and green tinted Puffstool. It will stroll over to Captains and release a blue gas that deals heavy damage to all nearby Captains while shocking all nearby Pikmin. It can activate bomb-rocks if they are close.
Paddling Snagret Shiropedes aquapede Snavian 25 10 This is a Snagret that swims in the water. It appears from the ground when Blue Pikmin or Leaders walk along underwater. It will go below and act like a regular Snagret, or swim freely in the water, flipping around. For this reason, it can hit on any point of its body, not just the head.  One of the minority of Snavians that did not resort to a life of subterrean activity. It has warm feathers instead of scales, giving it less protection than other Snavians. It is by far the most acrobatic, attacking prey extremely quickly, and with ease. 
Pellet Poser

Pseudopose  pellai rus

Pellet Weed 1, 5, 10, 20 1, 5, 10, 20 A Pellet Poser acts like a Pellet of a Pellet Posy at first, but when approached, it will show three legs and a pair of mandibles, attempting to chomp on Pikmin. They drop from Posy Posers if Posy Posers are defeated. These odd insectoid creatures mimic the amply nutrient-filled pellets the Pikmin use to reproduce. They are monsters, but also are of the Pellet Weed family, odd find, I say. Who knows what will be mimicked next on this planet? 
Posy Poser

Pseudopose  possus rus

Pellet Weed 1, 5, 10, 20 1, 5, 10, 20 A Posy Poser is a Pellet Posy enemy that looks normal, but when attacked, the back leaves behind the Posy Poser start to curl forward slowly, closing in on the Pikmin hitting it. If they are not called back, all Pikmin on it will perish. The larger the Pellet, the longer it will take for the leaves to enclose. When defeated, they drop Pellet Posers. A creature mimicking the nutritious Pellet Posy, highly unsuspecting until the leaves begin to fold. What a disturbing mimicry... It's suggested that if one watches closely, they can see the Posy Poser blinking. I will have to test that theory, like always. 
Puffshrimp Aspergilla podropuny Sporovid 7 8 A puffshrimp is an immature Puffstool. When Pikmin approach it, it will try to run away. If it is swarmed, it will trip over, releasing tons of spores.  A juvenile Puffstool. It takes at least 37 weeks for a Puffshrimp to mature into a Puffstool. Puffshrimps must remain in the darkness if they so wish to grow up. They appear to use echolocation with the rods on their caps, sensing danger. 
Scaly Bagmouth Sacculum columnia  Colsaculum 6 8 The Scaly Bagmouth is a medium-sized worm enemy that slides along the ground, attempting to suck in Pikmin. Its stomach serves as a bag where it will eventually eat the Pikmin, digesting them after 30 seconds.  It is assumed that the Scaly Bagmouth has adapted its strange slug like form so it could slither upon the ground and pull in prey with its strong mouth. They could potentially be mutated forms of Grub-dogs, but even until then, they will remain a strange creature.
Shelled Bulblain  Oculus indurubaum Grub-Dog 15 16 This Grub-Dog cannot be hit from the back, as it has a shell. If it is hit from the shell first, it will wake up and quickly turn. It cannot eat Pikmin as fast, however.  Paving the scientific way for a different species of Grub-dog, the Shelled Bulblain has an impregnable shell on its back. The shell is thin enough to protect from behind-attacks, while also alerting the Bulblain of danger. Contrary to current belief, it is not nocturnal, just lazy. 
Sizable Sophisticrab

Cancaer urbanusae

Cancalium 12 14 A giant Cancalium, about as large as two Aristocrabs stacked on top of each other. It has two enormous claws and two tiny ones, the larger claws sweep the ground in front of it, and the smaller claws throw the Pikmin off of it.  A gigantic Cacalium, the Sizable Sophisticrab is much more ferocious and dangerous than the Aristocrab. It is speculated that 1-in-30 Aristocrabs grow into the much more powerful Sizable Sophisticrab. This will require futher-more observation.
Stalking Rattleflick Scarapodica creepae Scarapod 4 4 This Scarapod can appear when three quarters of a day have passed starting Day 7. It moves like a Flint Beetle, stalking the Leaders and Pikmin. It will make a sharp noise to alert the player. If they are not careful, their Pikmin could be attacked, and the Rattleflick would get away, and attempt for another meal. The pesky, and rather creepy Stalking Rattleflick appears when the sun waits to rest, and then stalks its prey. It's likely that it is part of the ancestral family of Scarpanids, being the few that did not evolve flight, and stayed land-dwelling.
Tunneling Snagret Shiropedes cuniculum Snavian 20 12 The Tunneling Snagret has adapted to tunneling underground, as a result, its head is usually close to the ground when it surfaces, giving all Pikmin an easier time when fighting it. However, when it attacks, it goes below to snap up Pikmin unexpectedly 4-5 times. A Snagret species who has devoted its body to be more streamlined than other's, so its bill can drill through the soil, faster and more agile than the more accurate, slower Burrowing Snagret. Nevertheless, it is quite good at what it does and should not be shrugged off as a mere weaker species. 
Webbing Dirigibug         Flotillum ligamentumaximus Dirigibug 9 4 Floating with the help of webbed gas-sacs, the Webbing Dirigibug spins webs to ensnare Pikmin in. It will then slowly pull the web-strand into its mouth, and immediately kill all Pikmin on it. The discovery of this creature is astounding. Believing to only have one species in the family, the Dirigibug family has shown the light to this creature. This completely obliterates all theories I had floating around about the Careening Dirigibug. This will require immediate investigation for more info on the Dirigibug family.

Puffstool Infected Enemies

The puffstools hid away for a migration from Pikmin 2 and 3, and return to infect the indigenous life. Olimar classifies them all as the family "Sporovid(?)".

Creature Name Scientific Name Behavior Olimar's Notes



Acting much like the firey and watery blowhogs, but instead spits the sames spores as a puffstool. Any Pikmin unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast will turn on the leaders. Not to be confused with the Puffy Blowhog, the Puffhog releases a strange fungai gas that infects pikmin upon interaction! Studies show that the Puffhog has a much further attack range than other Blowhogs, making it an accurate sprayer in infecting prey.



Just like the Wollywogs, the Wollypuff use the same jumping attack, however since they are inefected, they release spores upon contact with the ground after jumping.  This Amphituber creates spores after it finishes a jump, infecting anything near it that it missed with its large mass. Perhaps that the Wollywog gets infected on purpose to fit within a mutualistic relationship? 
Dissonant Sprint Beetle Aspergilla vespora Somewhat like the Doodlebug from Pikmin 2, it releases a gas occasionally that infects Pikmin. 
Puffish Aristocrab Aspergilla gigalium Puffish Aristrocrabs blow spore bubbles that trap Pikmin, and then infects them when they are not popped soon enough. Puffish Aristocrabs prove bulkier than their more healthy versions. I have noticed that its body-shape looks like a bulb of garlic back on Hocotate. I once ate one, and it gave me bad breath. The Aristocrab could gain its spore bubbles by eating gross garlic shaped mushrooms. No...impossible for such a creature...

The Pikmin

Of course, what would a Pikmin game be without Pikmin? 

Story Pikmin (In Order obtained) 
Pikmin Type Distinguishing Feature Mobility Attack Strength Thrown Strength Special Ability Candypop Bud Name
Red Pikmin Thorn-like Nose Average Strong Average Immune to Fire Crimson Candypop Bud
Mantis Pikmin Large blades for arms Slow Strong Low Harder to for enemies to throw off, can climb holed walls Myrtle Candypop Bud
Yellow Pikmin Large Ears Average Average High Resistant to Electricity Golden Candypop Bud
Rose Pikmin Instead of Sutera Cordata, has a rose flower. Fast Average Average Can walk through prickly terrain unharmed. Rosy Candypop Bud
Blue Pikmin Gills shaped like a mouth Average Average Average Loves swimming in the water Lapis Lazuli Candypop Bud
Wogmin Tiny Wollywog-like Pikmin, another parasitic Pikmin, like Bulbmin Slow Weak High When thrown at an enemy, they keep trying to bounce on them, cannot latch on to enemies. Also hop when moving. Resistant to water and explosions.  N/A

The Sutera Cordata of the Fourth Generation of Pikmin.

All Pikmin, including the ones found in Pikmin 2 and 3 are present in Challenge Mode.

Sutera Cordata

The Mantis Pikmin and Wogmin have these flowers upon their sprouts. They are the colour of the fourth generation of Pikmin.

Pikmin Labyrinth

Pikmin Labyrinth is the 2-Player versus mode in Pikmin: Spore Outbreak. Players have 7 minutes to collect as many enemies and treasures as they can before the two Players battle each other. There are Candypop buds scattered throughout the maps, should the players want to increase their team-type. Just as Pikmin 3, the leaves, buds and flowers are the same as the colour of the team they are on. It can be played in 1v1 or 2v2, like Pikmin 3's Bingo Battle. In 1v1, either player can choose their character, however in 2v2, there are three different pre-selected duos; Olimar and Olimar's son, the President and Louie, and Bouzo and Pychu. As with Pikmin 3, there are three slightly different layouts for each Map, with different hazards or variety of enemies.

Defeating enemies and bringing them to the Onion will allow you to choose 10 maximum to assist you in your battle against the other player, but they come at a cost of losing pikmin. The cost of a creature is half of the seed value of the creature. (If it is an odd number, then it will become the number of one lower) 16 Seed value = 8 less Pikmin, 15 seed value = 7 less Pikmin. Remember, only 50 maximum Pikmin for each Team. You cannot have less than 10 Pikmin to start the duel, resulting in being unable to select all possible creatures if you choose too many with a high cost. *Both armies are given 50 to start the duel with, although that will change when they choose to bring in creatures*


Map Name Area Design Hazards General Layout Main Enemies
Tree Tower Carved Tree Thorns, Water Mainly round arena with some pathways leading around the tree.  Amoured Cannon Beetle Larva, Tunneling Snagret, Firey Blowhog, Watery Blowhog, Sheargrub
Puffstool Fort Fire Geysers, Water, Puffstool, Puffshrimp, Bulborb, Sheargrub, Mamuta
Battlefield of Bravery Sandy tunnel Fire Geysers, Electric-mines, bomb-rocks  Circular arena with stone walls Sheargrub, Firey Blowhog, Watery Blowhog, Swooping Snitchbug, Bulbear, Burrowing Snagret, Scaly Bagmouth
Frosty Field Snowy hills Water Hexagonal in shape, water pools in rings. Arctic Cannon Larva, Whiptongue Bulborb, Mamuta, Burrowing Snagret, Toady Bloyster, Puckering Blinnow 
Opposing Woods Shady and bright forest Water Horizontal shape, cut diagonally between teams Sheargrub, Bulborb, Red Spectralid, Yellow Spectralid, Yellow Wollywog, Stalking Rattleflick, Burrowing Snagret
Hostile Quagmire Grassy, stone and marshy terrain Water, Mashing Long Legs appears and creates bodies of water on the marshy terrain when stepped on.  Out in the open in the middle, somewhat compressed on the sides. 

Mashing Long Legs, Bulborb, Armoured Cannon Beetle Larva, Water Dumple, Peckish Aristocrab, Waddlepus, Yellow Wollywog

Secluded Sanctuary Grassy, stone Water, Bomb-rocks White Spectralid, Red Spectralid, Yellow Spectralid, Mamuta, Water Dumple, Yellow Wollywog, Wogpole, Puffshrimp
Volcanic Plateau Rocky Mountain, Boardwalk Giant volcano in the middle of the arena, occasionally flows lava down a certain side, which kills all Pikmin, including Red. Fire Geysers, Bomb-rocks Mainly circular arena with boardwalks on opposing sides.  Sheargrub, Shearwig, Firey Bulblax, Ignited Jyte, Dissicated Skitter Leaf, Bulborb, Disgruntled Dandelfly
Clockwork Canyon Factory-like area Abyss, Conveyers, Bomb-rocks, Fire Geysers, Electric-mines, Water Complex arena with conveyers and machines. Potential dead-ends Skutterchuck, Shearwig, Foggy Bagmouth, Bearded Amprat, Puffy Blowhog
Final Battlefront Metal  Bomb-Rocks, Fire Geysers, Electric-Mines, Water Gigantic circular arena Bulborb, Sheargrub, Shearwig, Skutterchuck, Pyroclasmic Slooch, Burrowing Snagret, Bearded Amprat, Sizable Sophisticrab, Careening Diribug, Beady Long Legs, Emperor Bulblax, Swooping Snitchbug

Easter Eggs

  • In the Far-Away Field, a drawing found in a cave depicts a Red Pikmin sprout being pulled from the ground, and then shifting into all the different varieties of Pikmin, starting with Blue, Yellow, Purple, Rock, White, Winged, Rose and finally Mantis Pikmin. There is an artist's pen-name below the drawing, Red-Capped Plumber. This is an obvious reference to Nintendo's Super Mario. 


  • As there are multiple new Puffstools in this game, the regular Puffstool has been renamed the Red Puffstool, like the Bulborb to Red Bulborb because of more variants in Pikmin 2.
  • This is the second Pikmin game to feature more than the occasional in-game and cinematic cutscenes, the first being Pikmin 3. 
  • Olimar's Son names the Mantis Pikmin after their feature, like the Koppaites in Pikmin 3, unlike Olimar who names the Pikmin by colour. 

Artwork Gallery

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