SSB Pokémon Series
Pikachu SSB4
Pikachu's placeholder art, from Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.
Series Pokémon
Debut Pokémon Red & Green (1996)
Weight Light
Size Small
Smash Status Veteran
Availability Default
Final Smash (default) Volt Tackle
Final Smash (custom) Volt Rush
Fast and agile, this popular Mouse Pokémon got an arsenal of literally shocking attacks with electrifying power.
Description for Pikachu

Pikachu is one of the default characters in Super Smash Bros. Zenith. Pikachu is the official mascot of the Pokémon franchise, and one of the most well-known Pokémon since its debut. This popularity and publicity causes a slew of Pikachu-centered Pokémon games to be created.

Pikachu is not a new face in Super Smash Bros. It is the eighth default character in the first game has has always been a default character since. Pikachu is quick and houses some powerful moves, but is quite light.



Standard/Tilted Attacks

Move Description
Neutral Attack Pikachu will do very fast headbutts that do little damage and knockback. Can be used rapidly when the A button is held.
Side Attack Plants itself on its upper paws and kicks its lower paws in front of its body. The move has increased knockback when angled up, but will make tripping more likely angled down.
Up Attack Swipes its tail upward in an arc.
Down Attack Pikachu sweeps its tail in front of itself.
Dash Attack Makes a small leap and headbutts.

Smash Attacks

Move Description
Side Smash Attack Pikachu rears back, then ejects an electric jolt with its cheeks.
Up Smash Attack Pikachu backflips quickly, using its tail as means of attack.
Down Smash Attack Pikachu spins while covering itself with electricity. This move hits multiple times.

Aerial Attacks

Move Description
Neutral Aerial Attack
Front Aerial Attack
Back Aerial Attack
Up Aerial Attack
Down Aerial Attack

Floor/Edge Attack

Move Description
Floor Attack (Front)
Floor Attack (Back)
Floor Attack (Trip)
Edge Attack


Move Description
Frontward Throw
Backward Throw
Upward Throw
Downward Throw

Special Moves

Move Name Description
Neutral Special Move Default Thunder Jolt Fires a jolt of electricity forwards. This attack travels forwards while bouncing in arcs on the ground and up walls, and goes diagonally down when fired in the air.
Custom 1 Thunder Wave Fires a weaker jolt of electricity, but can paralyze opponents on the ground.
Custom 2 Thunder Shock Fires an almost horizontal ball of electricity, which doesn't bounce and instead disappears when it hits ground or walls.
Custom 3 Shock Wave Fires a weak ball of electricity that homes nearby opponents.
Side Special Move Default Skull Bash Charges and, when the B button is released fires itself like a missile. This move can be used as a horizontal recovery move.
Custom 1 Shocking Skull Bash When this move is executed, Pikachu will electrify itself so it can hit multiple times as it launches itself.
Custom 2 Heavy Skull Bash Doesn't travel as far as a regular Skull Bash, but does more damage near the start.
Custom 3 Headbutt While this move won't be as powerful as a Skull Bash, it doesn't need to be charged and travels much further.
Up Special Move Default Quick Attack Moves at warp speed at a maximum of two directions of 45 degrees, which can be selected via the control stick. Each warp leaves a little spark when it hits opponents.
Custom 1 Meteor Quick Attack This variation of Quick Attack leaves a meteor smash behind after each warp.
Custom 2 Quick Feet Pikachu can only move once in this move, but much further than any Quick Attack.
Custom 3 Wild Charge Pikachu can only move once and the distance is about the same, but Pikachu can hit opponents more easily.
Down Special Move Default Thunder Pikachu calls upon a large thunderbolt to strike down. The bolt itself does moderate vertical knockback, but the spark that appears then the bolt hits Pikachu deals great damage and knockback. The cloud itself has a Meteor smash effect when the bolt comes down.
Custom 1 Thunder Burst This variation creates a bigger blast whenthe bolt hits Pikachu.
Custom 2 Distant Thunder The thundercloud appears higher, and the thunderbolt will cause more damage this way.
Custom 3 Upward Thunder The thundercloud appears right at the same height as Pikachu, and will strike down from beneath.
Final Smash Default Volt Tackle Pikachu will transform in a ball of lightning that is slightly uncontrollable, but deals great damage.
Custom Volt Rush Pikachu will still turn in a ball of lightning, but rushes forward dealing great damage and knockback when it hits opponents.


Subject Description
On-screen Appearance A Poké Ball will be thrown as Pikachu pops out of it.
Taunts Up Taunt Pikachu waves excitedly at the camera
Side Taunt Pikachu charges itself with a determined look
Down Taunt Pikachu likes on the ground and rolls about
Victory Poses Pose #1 Pikachu sleeps, snoozing after a heated match
Pose #2 Pikachu does a backflip, a spin and does a pose.
Pose #3 Pikachu scratches his right ear.
Boxing Ring Title (US) Shocker Punch!
Boxing Ring Title (UK) The Electric Mouse Pokémon
Victory Fanfare Victory! Pokémon Remix of an excerpt from the Title Screen theme from Pokémon Red/Blue Versions. The Brawl version is used.
Credits Theme in All-Star Pokémon Theme
Home Stage Saffron City


Smash Trophies

Name Image Description Appears In How to Unlock
Pikachu This Pokémon is world-famous! If you don't know Pikachu, then you don't know Pokémon, which might mean you've been living under a rock. Pikachu's not a Rock-type, though, but Electric. If you often forget that, then let his lightning bolt-shaped tail remind you that. Pikachu is definitely one of the cuter Pokémon out there, but "cute" doesn't mean "weak" - Especially in Smash Bros.! GB Pokémon Red/Blue (1998) Clear Straight Classic as Pikachu
GBA Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen (2004)
Pikachu (Alt) Pikachu may be knocked back easily due to it being so light, but this Pokémon is, aside from lightning fast, a bearer of some powerful attacks. Pikachu's Skull Bash, for example, can deal great damage when fully charged. It might even KO you! Thunder can also deal great damage, but it's especially the spark that connects between Pikachu and the bolt you need to watch out for. GB Pokémon Red/Blue (1998) Clear Multipath Classic as Pikachu
GBA Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen (2004)
Volt Tackle (Final Smash) For his Final Smash, Pikachu cloaks itself in a ball of lightning and then goes beserk on his opponents! Literally, because a Volt Tackle is not easily controllable. This ball of lighting can fly around the stage, too. This is great, because Pikachu will be able to chase his opponents everywhere he wishes. But it's also bad, especially when it just ended. Hopefully, there's a platform underneath Pikachu then. GBA Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire (2003) Clear Regular All-Star as Pikachu
Wii U Super Smash Bros. Zenith (-)
Volt Rush Pikachu's custon Final Smash is a variation on Volt Tackle. Instead of flying around the stage, Pikachu will simply rush into his opponents. Woe those in his line of sight, because Volt Rush will do absolute massive damage. However, this attack comes with a catch. If Pikachu hits his opponents, they will lose their stock, but if they all evade the attack... it will cost Pikachu's own stock. Wii U Super Smash Bros. Zenith (-) Clear Random All-Star as Pikachu

Pokémon Attacks

Name Image Description Appears In How to Unlock
Thunder Thunder is quite a powerful Electric-type move. It involves hitting the opposing Pokémon from above by a powerful lightning bolt. It will do more damage on a Pokémon that used Fly or Bounce, and will always hit during a rainstorm. In Smash, this is Pikachu's Down Special. Just like in the Pokémon games, it is a powerful move that strikes down a powerful lightning bolt, but this time, Pikachu targets it on his own location. GB Pokémon Red/Blue (1998) Random Trophy
GBA Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire (2003)
Quick Attack Quick Attack is a Physical Normal-type move with a base power of 40. When this attack is used, the user will lunge at the target like with a Tackle, but at such speed that it makes the Pokémon almost invisible. Due to this, Quick attack has increased priority. In Smash, Pikachu uses this move as his Up Special, in which he goes to any location he wishes at such speeds. GB Pokémon Red/Blue (1998) Random Trophy
GBC Pokémon Gold/Silver (2000)


Name Image Description Appears In How to Unlock
Cosplay Pikachu This special female Pikachu is a real star in the Contest Spectacular! Not only does it have massive boosts in Coolness, Cuteness, Beauty, Cleverness and Toughness, it can also dress up so it fits the specified contest even more! Plus, it learns an extra move no other Pikachu can learn! Best of all? This special Pikachu can be all yours when you participate in one contest! 3DS Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (2014) Random Trophy
Light Ball This peculiar hold item is a marvel for those who dear their Pikachu: it doubles the offensive stats when held to them. This orb made its first appearance in Gold and Silver, but through odd means: only the Pikachu transferred from Pokémon Yellow has it in his possession. Starting with Ruby and Sapphire, wild Pikachu can hold upon it too. That's good, because it can help breed a Pichu with Volt Tackle since then! GBC Pokémon Gold/Silver (2000) Random Trophy
DS Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver (2010)

Alternate Costumes

Color Image Description Notes
Yellow fur with red cheeks, black eartips and brown backstripes. No acessories Pikachu's default colorscheme.
Red Orange-yellow fur with red cheeks, black eartips and brown backstripes. Wears a red cap with a white Poké Ball logo. The cap is based off of Red's cap in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. The colorscheme is based on a Shiny Pikachu.
Green Chartreuse fur with yellow cheeks, black eartips and teal backstripes. Wears a green headband with a Poké Ball logo. The headband is similar to the rim of Brendan's hat in Pokémon Emerald.
Blue Yellow fur with red cheeks, navy eartips and brown backstripes. Wears a blue party hat with a star pattern. Based on Pikachu's party hat costume as seen in Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Khaki Light yellow fur with pink cheeks, black eartips and black backstripes. Wears a yellow and black hat (worn backwards). The hat is based off of Ethan's cap in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. The colorscheme is similar to Pichu's.
Light Blue Light blue fur with red cheeks, navy eartips and blue backstripes. Wears a red cap with a black Poké Ball logo. The cap is based off of Hilbert's cap of Pokémon Black and White. The colorscheme is in reference to his jacket.
Crimson Light red fur with orange cheeks, black eartips and brown backstripes. Wears a crimson hat with black sunglasses on top. The cap is based off of Calem's default cap of Pokémon X and Y. Specifically, it's a Red Outdoors Cap with a set of Black Wide-Frame Sunglasses.
Brown Orange-brown fur with yellow cheeks, dark brown eartips and black backstripes. The tail is mostly black as well, and the hands and feet are dark brown too. Wears rocky crown. The colorscheme is similar to Raichu's. The object on his head is a hold item called King's Rock.
Black Pitch-black fur with white cheeks, white eyes, white nose, white eartips and white backstripes. Wears black sunglasses. In-game referred to as "Dark Pikachu". The sunglasses are a hold item called Black Glasses.
White White fur with gray cheeks, black eartips and gray backstripes. Wears a white headband with a red logo and blue stripes. Colorsheme is a reference to the Game Boy's monochrome palette. The headband is a hold item called Focus Band.

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