Pika Girl
Pika Girl
The American Cover
Producer(s) Kaji Productions, Game Freak, Shaft Inc.
Broadcaster(s) Flag of the United States Cartoon Network
Flag of Japan Cartoon Network (Japan)
Genre(s) Anime, Action/Adventure
First Air Date(s)
Mid 2015
Age Rating(s)
Opening Theme Pika Girl by S3RL (Shortened)
Ending Theme The Pikachu Song by ???
Country of Origin Japan
Original Language Japanese
Season(s) N/A
Episodes 2
Runtime 15-20 minutes
Status Ongoing

Pika Girl (Japanese: 私のピカチュウ友 My Pikachu Friend) is an action/adventure anime based off of the Pokémon series, but with a twist. This show takes place away from the normal Pokémon series in it's own universe It revolves around trainers of the Kizoka region, mainly a boy named Kaito, who's Pokémon have mysteriously changed into humans after a genesis wave that passed over the entire region. However, these Pokémon still have their powers, and battle in a new way no one has ever imagined.


The region of Kizoka; a place of wonders and mysterious. A place where trainers and their Pokémon go out for amazing adventures, have battles every turn, and overall have a good time. However, one day, an unknown legendary has appeared in the region that no one ever knew about, casting off a genesis wave throughout the entire region. At first, people didn't worry, but that was until they realized that their Pokémon had become humans!

The story mostly takes place around Kaito, a 16-year old trainer of the Sutek region, who has been living there for many years. The genesis wave was a surprising turn in Kaito's life, as he is now able to communicate with his Pokémon in a way he wasn't able to before. He takes most interest in Pikachu, a female pikachu that he'd caught when he was little and has had her ever since. The two of them go on a journey to figure out why this happened and how to make things go back to normal. When they find out the solution is unknown, Pikachu is glad as a human and sets out to act like one, even though she is still required to train and use her powers.

List of Episodes

Episode Name Description
Genesis Wave A mysterious genesis wave has passed over the Kizoka Region, changing everyone's Pokémon into humans! What caused this, and what will trainers do about it? Kaito, a teenage trainer, sets of with his now female, human pikachu to find out what's going on.
Re-training Despite the sudden change in life, Kaito is determined to train Pikachu to be able to battle in her new body. However, Pikachu wants to take a break from battling and set out to see the city in a way she never was before.


Name Age Gender Friend/Companions Enemies Description
Kaito 16 Male Pikachu, Amanda, Gallade, Braixen N/A Kaito is one of the main characters in Pika Girl. He is usually calm and supportive, always trying to help out his and other Pokémon. However, he doesn't like to slack off while training, always trying to be prepared for battle. He seems to show slight annoyance for Pikachu's frequency to get off task and always wanting to explore, but doesn't tell her directly. However, he shows slightly more affection towards Pikachu than his other two Pokémon, usually letting her outside of her pokéball the most and used in battle a lot.
Pikachu 15 Female Kaito, Gallade, Braixen Amanda (to a certain extent) Pikachu is kind, helpful, and most of the time very adventurous and competitive. However, she enjoys being free and not being commanded to battle at every turn of her life, and wants to explore what it's like to be a human. She still has the powers of a Pikachu, being able to run at an extremely fast pace and also manipulate electric energy. She can still perform every single move she knew as a Pokémon, which were thunderbolt, quick attack, nuzzle, and sweet kiss.

Pikachu has for a slight romantic affection for her trainer, Kaito. She shows this throughout the anime, blushing whenever he compliments her and occasionally giving Kaito a "sweet kiss" on the cheek. Also, she sometimes shows jealousy towards Amanda when her and Kaito are together, which hints that she has a crush as well.

Amanda 16 Female Kaito, Cincinno, Honedge N/A Amanda is a very friendly trainer, and gets along with about anyone she meets. She is a part-time worker at her parent's Pokémon Daycare, who's business has been going quite slow since the genesis wave incident. However, she doesn't let this get her down, and still strikes to be a good Pokémon trainer in the end. Amanda was also Kaito's childhood friend, and they grew up together like a family.
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