PiiWii Logo
Developer(s) EEA Inc.
Subtype(s) None

The PiiWii (or Nintendo PiiWii) is a portable version of the Nintendo Wii, developed by EEA Inc. Like the Nintendo IC, the PiiWii was an idea around 2008 before the Nintendo DSi was even announced. It includes most of the features of the DSi and all the features of the Wii (minus the controls).


  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Download Play
  • Motion Control
  • Fine-tuned MicrophoneConnects and communicates with DS family of systems, Wii, and 3DS systems.
  • Charging Dock
  • Can charge on Wii Mote Charger
  • Can be used as a Wii Mote in multiplayer games
  • Face Recognition
  • Wii Shop Channel
  • Buttons: 1, 2, +, -, <] (Home), A, B D-pad Minichuk: Z, C, C-stick (Is usable as a button or analog stick. Looks and acts like 3DS control stick.)




  • The name PiiWii is a pun on peewee, meaning small, being that the PiiWii is a small portable version of the Wii.


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