The Pigmask Private is an enemy in Mother 3.5 and is a member of the Pig Army. It is the lowest-ranking soldier, not counting the Pigmask Worker who is technically not a solider. It is your average Pigmask enemy and wears a pink uniform the color of a pig's skin. They are clumsy and are usually assigned to perform simple security tasks or to take on easy missions. However, these soldiers are almost never in short supply. They are also NPCs at some points, and will only engage in battle if you blatantly disrespect them or their rules.


  • Swung the Butt of His Ray Gun: Does damage to one target.
  • Fired a Beam: Does damage to one target, although there is a 15% chance it will miss.
  • Threw a Gas Grenade: May inflict nausea or crying on various party members.
  • Squealed for Help: Calls another Pigmask Private to join the fight.
  • Ran All the Way Home: Runs away from the battle, making sure you don't get any EXP from him.
  • Attacked With a Low Kick: Does damage to one target.


Battle Description

These soldiers stay "fit" by maintaining a proper diet consisting of the four major food groups: pork rinds, pork chops, bacon and ham.

Behind the Scenes

In Mother 3, these guys served as the standard "Pigmask" foes.

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