The Pigmask Army is Porky Minch's private army seen in Mother 3, and also in Mother 3.5. They are bumbling, chubby soldiers called Pigmasks. In addition, there are also researchers that manufacture the Pig Army's biological and mechanical weaponry. The workforce is comprised of recruited villagers and Claymen. Oftentimes they may seem incompetent, but the higher the rank, the more blinded by Porky's vision they are, and therefore more dangerous and wicked. Many Pigmasks take orders from Fassad, a man who wears garb fit for desert exploration no matter what the occasion is. Their commander is a silent, cold and mysterious figure called the Masked Man. The Pig Army followed Porky's orders and quickly took charge over modernizing the Nowhere Islands. However, they were all unaware as to what Porky's plans were concerning the Seven Needles.

The Pig Army is sometimes called the Pork Army as well.

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