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Piece (full name: Isabelle Goodway) is a protagonist of the Blacklight series of video games, and a member of the Insurgence. Piece is quite a playful young Daphne, who is only months older than one of her fellow teammates. She works alongside Paperboy as a scout, often watching certain areas for an extended amount of time.


Prior to joining the Insurgence, Piece went to school at Danni White Junior High, where she got top marks in all of her classes, and was classified as a "nerd" by many of her peers. Despite this, she was quite popular with her fellow students, often socialising with large groups. However, this all changed when Schatten took over Sky City, and forced many of the high school and junior high students to work in Spitron factories. Piece worked alongside many other citizens for a year, before managing to escape the compound through a small hole in a fence that only she could fit through. Upon fleeing the compound, she lived in hiding for three weeks before meeting Blacklight and the Insurgence.

Piece got her codename from her mindset, which had deteriorated due to the large amount of stress put on her. She often lives in her own little world, and believes that what they are doing is a game. Because of this, she is treated quite kindly by her teammates.

The scarf that Piece wears around her mouth was the last thing given to her by her family and friends before she could escape. Because of this, she never lets it out of her sight, and treasures it deeper than even the lives of others.


Blacklight series

Piece is a secondary protagonist of the Blacklight video game series. Not much of her role within the series is currently known.

Relationships with other characters

James Wylde

Troy Browns

Jason Owens

Rachel Turner


  • Piece was originally going to be named Daphne, after her species name.
  • Piece is stated to be exceptionally good at word searches, which may be due to her ability to concentrate on something for a large amount of time.
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