Picori Festival is a game released by C.I.A. Station, Inc. that was taken over from Twenty-Second Choice for the DS which plays similairly to the Mario Party series except with Zelda characters. The game takes place in an alternate storyline of the Minish Cap in Story Mode, but features characters and boards from every Zelda game in Free mode and in the minigames.


Princess Zelda goes to see her childhood friend Link to tell him about the upcoming Picori Festival. When he wakes up, the two head to the festival. When they arrive, however, Vaati has taken over and stolen the Party Rod. Using it, he turns Hyrule into a massive board game, and says that only if somebody manages to win all of the board games will he be willing to fight them.


If they have a * next to their name they are unlockable.



There are two types of items, Arrows (offensive) and Shields (defensive).


  • Cannonball Arrow
  • Earthquake Arrow
  • Cancel Arrow
  • Switch Arrow
  • Lucky Arrow


  • Triple Go Shield
  • Double Go Shield
  • Cancel Shield
  • Air Shield
  • Curse Shield
  • Block Shield

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