Pickpocket, Our Hero! is a 2D platforming adventure game developed by Odd Spores Studios. It follows the adventures of Pickpocket, a used-to-be thief, and Widget, Pickpocket's clay partner. Together, they form a duo that take on adventure head-on! In this game, they must find the Crystals Of Ima that have scattered around their home island, Ima.


Buckle in...'cuz this is a lot....

Chapter 1: A New Friend

The story begins on the Island of Ima, a magical island filled with life and imagination. Our main character, Pickpocket, is shown in his house, sleeping on a hammock. As he peacefully sleeps, his sister, Alessia, wakes him abruptly, causing him to fall to the floor. Alessia shows Pickpocket the weekly newspaper showing that a giant jewel was recently placed in a nearby temple named Longost Temple. Excited by the find, Pickpocket grabs his dagger and runs to the temple, located on the beach.

At the temple, Pickpocket peeks into the unguarded doorway of the temple, seeing the gem. Pickpocket, excited with the find, hauls the heavy gem out of the temple. Before he can head to the door, Pickpocket feels as though someone is watching him. He feels that there is somebody there, but continues along with his find. While out of the temple, a being is seen following him. It pokes him in the back, causing him to trip and break the gem into 6 pieces. Pickpocket angrily turns around to find the culprit, but nobody is there. He turns to the broken gem in pieces to find that there is a small being floating around it. The being is interested by the gem as Pickpocket proceeds to shoo the being away. The gems start to rise into the sky about Pickpocket and the being, rotating in a circle and forming a star shape before spreading throughout Ima. Pickpocket, angered, sits in the grassy fields in front of his house. The being, saddened by Pickpocket's loss, floats beside him. Pickpocket then realizes that he can go to find the scattered gems throughout the city and raises his dagger skyward. Pickpocket decides that the small being, which he names Widget, should come with him. The two wander into the ongoing forest to start their new adventure!



The first area Pickpocket and Widget explore in the Longost Forest. This forest is known for its many tales ranging from magical to spooky.

The first level is Forest Front. Signs scattered throughout the level will teach Pickpocket the basics. He can jump a maximum of three times before he falls to the ground. He can also attack enemies that are seen throughout the forest, which all sport different behaviors. Muddy Marsh is filled with muddy areas that Pickpocket will need to jump over. The enemy Mudaby appears often in this level. The next level is Hunting Heights, which features lots of the enemies Armo and Buzzby. Watch out, as you may find yourself surrounded quickly.

Upon wandering through the forest, Pickpocket finds a small village. No, literally, a village that is minuscule in size. Pickpocket sees that small beings live in this village, as they run terrified of him. However, one of them flies to Pickpocket and speaks to him. She states her name is Melo and that she is interested in meeting new people that come to her hometown of Fairwell. She is also looking for a hero that will stop a terrible beast terrorizing her village. Luckily, Pickpocket and Widget are here! She states that minutes ago, her village's market was destroyed by a giant lion-like beast. Melo heals Pickpocket after his adventure through the woods and gives him a new move; Slamdown! Melo wishes Pickpocket and Widget goodbye as they adventure farther into the forest.



The next level is a boss level, so watch out and prepare yourself! Pickpocket and Widget wander farther into the forest and eventually come across a large flower-filled clearing. The trees are open to reveal the sky and flowers are blossoming all around! However, an enemy swoops from above; Honeyhive! This will be your first boss fight, so you will have to deplete the bosses HP to zero to win!

Honeyhive can throw out multiple attacks involving summoning her colony. She can order bees to fly at Pickpocket, which need to be dodged. She can also spit out globs of honey that can hurt the duo while also slowing them down. She is also capable of swooping down at Pickpocket and Widget, which can easily be avoided by jumping over her. One attack you need to be careful of is her Bee Guard attack in which she orders bees to surround her to create a guard around her. She will then fly around the battleground in an attempt to ram into Pickpocket. If she is attacked during this move and takes enough damage, the bees surrounding her will fly away and she will be vulnerable to attack!

After defeating the viscous hive, Pickpocket and Widget meet up with Melo, who has been watching them as they moved through the forest. She says that Honeyhive was not the beast terrorizing their town, but that it was much larger. It was colored orange and had a tail that cut trees instantly! It had a giant maw filled with teeth and a single eye! Terrified by the details, Widget hides behind Pickpocket. Pickpocket reassures Widget that they can find the beast and they both travel on!

The next two levels focus on two enemies; Buzzby and Surtreese. Windy Woods starts off as a normal stage, dodging Buzzby flying overhead and hopping through trees. However, later into the level, strong winds will push you back while Buzzby fly at you! The winds will slow down your speed while you move forward and will push you backward if you don't move! The next level, Bushy Brush, will have rows of Surtreese waiting to pop up from the ground and attack! This level will test you jumping and reaction skills. There will also be sections where it is needed to jump over pits filled with them!



The duo keep traveling and eventually come across the orange beast that Melo had spoken of; Persimmon! This large beast of orange spots the duo and viciously attacks! Persimmon can use many different kinds of attacks including swiping its claws forward or biting in front of it. If any of these two attacks hit, they do great damage, so watch out. Persimmon can also jump up and down in place or swing his tail in front of himself. The jump attack does not do much damage, but will send you far. However, the tail attack is incredibly strong and can KO you instantly if you don't watch out!

After battling Persimmon enough, he will shake his head, roar loudly, and then jump into the background to battle in his second phase! While jumping into the background, Persimmon hits the trees beside it with his tail to make them fall and create a platform for Persimmon to stand on. While in the background, Persimmon can not be attacked, but it can attack you! Persimmon will attack by swinging his tail into the foreground or by shooting and scanning a laser from his eye, both attacks you must jump over or duck under to avoid. Persimmon may also spit orange globs at Pickpocket and Widget in order to hurt them. He can also jump into the foreground to perform a bite attack, which leaves him vulnerable to attack!

Once Persimmon is defeated, he lies on the ground as the black crystal on his back shatters and Persimmon explodes after letting out a roar. From Persimmon rises one of the pieces of the crystal that scattered from the jewel. Pickpocket and Widget take the piece and celebrate their victory. The duo then proceed to the end of the forest trail where they spot a clearing and their next stop to look; Eyesky City!

Chapter 2: The City's Onward Path

The next level is Onward Outskirts. At the beginning of the level, you will have to make it through your final steps in the Longost Forest. Familir enemies such as Armo and Buzzby block the way, but they can be easily defeated. Once through the forest, you will have to travel through a field filled with pits to jump over in order to get to the city. You will also meet new enemies in this level, particularly Progalv and Weedmask. Weedmask can be found in the forest and field sections of the level while Progalv can be seen flying in the sky once you are out of the forest.

FInally, time to enter Eyesky City! The level after Onward Outskirts is Spry Street, the road leading into the city. Before entering the city, a couple enemies such as Progalv and Buzzby block the path by flying in lines towards the duo, though they can be easily defeated. Onwards, you can talk to the people of Eyesky City. They state that a tragedy is happening at their tallest tower. They say a giant beast is climbing to the very top. How very similar to Melo's situation.... The duo know something is up, so they continue talking to residents of the town. They say that they would have easily been saved, but one of their greatest forces has retired and is at the top floor of one of their apartment towers. Knowing what they have to do, Pickpocket and Widget head into the apartments, looking for the city's past force.

The level Alps Apartment doesn't include any enemies, though you may find it tricky to pass through. The level consists of a tall platform-climber in which the duo must get to the top floor where the city's past force now lives. You can use elevators to solve puzzles that may be in your way or you may need to ask people in the apartment's halls for hints to puzzles.



Finally, at the top, Pickpocket knocks on the door of the top-floor apartment. A young teenager answers the door. With an annoyed attitude, he asks who is there and what their business is here. Pickpocket tells the teen that their city is in trouble and that this is the apartment where they needed to visit in order to find the city's past force. The teen opens the door and looks outside. He introduces himself as Soras, the child of the city's force. He lets Pickpocket and Widget inside to show them who once gave rule to the city.

Solana & Aku

Solana & Aku

Once inside, Soras leads the two to a large room where they reside. Inside of the large room sits them.

The godly beings, with a rumbling voice, ask who the trespassers are. Soras asks for the two's names and tells his parents that they are Pickpocket and Widget. With a booming shout, the gods ask what their business is. Pickpocket says that their city is in danger and that a giant beast is attacking their tallest tower.

The being sighs and tells the three that they will have to settle in for a story. Soras, annoyed by the hearing, leaves the room to go play video games. With only Pickpocket and Widget in the room, the gods explain their story:

"A long time ago, when the Island of Ima was a whole, there were two gods who ruled over Eyesky City. These two gods controlled the sun and moon rising and setting. Once the island was split and a terrible being came from the center, the two gods could not defeat it, leaving them both vulnerable. With the terrible monster's great power, they were torn of their godly powers, shriveling in the darkness as the monster absorbed the land. As an act of love and a last effort to destroy the monster, the two gods fused to create a blinding light that repelled the monster to up above. We are those two gods. With the last of our power, we shot the beast back to its home, hopefully never to return. But now, we are stuck in this form for all of eternity. We have lost our powers and are now set to sit in this apartment for the rest of our living days."

Pickpocket, pleading for help, finally asks the two for their help in stopping the tyrant on the town. The god simply refuses as it has lost its strongest power and can no longer fight strong beings such as that. However, the two say that they can fight Pickpocket and Widget in an attempt to regain power. Thus, starts the next boss fight!

Solana & Aku, being gods, are strong just by themselves. However, due to their weakened state, their powers will not be too harsh. Solana will attack by shooting lots of fireballs at the two while Aku will attack by raining stars above Pickpocket. The fireballs can be avoided simply by constantly moving and the stars can be dodged by moving a lot before Aku sets his path on Pickpocket. They may also use a black hole attack in which they suck in the duo with the center of their eye. Keep running away from this attack to avoid it! They may also send out the shapes on their necks in order to attack Pickpocket. The shapes explode once they hit the ground, doing lots of damage. They will then regrow on their necks.

After defeating the two gods, they fall to the ground, weakened. The two then realize that they are two weak to fight the giant beast destroying their city. Pickpocket reassures them that they put up a fight against him and that they can defeat it if they power through! Motivated, the gods rise up, filled with power! The two gods then burst out of the ceiling of their apartment and call for Soras. Soras hops on top of their head and they both release a giant beam of power that shoots directly at the beast. This weakens it as it cries loudly and falls to the bottom of the tower. Solana and Aku tell Pickpocket and Widget to hurry to the tower so that they can finish off the beast.

Before leaving, you may want to pick up a new move from Soras. This move will be the Hook Handle, a new move that Pickpocket can use in battle or against enemies. This move may help in the next boss fight, so use it wisely. Onto the next level!


The types of Leyems

The next level, Rooftop Rumble, will see the duo traveling on top of the buildings, hopping from roof to roof. Try not to fall in between the buildings. Flying enemies such as Buzzby and Porgalv appear, so you will also need to defeat them. There will be new enemies here too! These strange beings called Leyems will fly by and shoot green lasers out of their eye. They are weak and can be defeated in one or two hits, though they are fast and zip about the stage quickly. Try predicting where they appear to defeat them!

The next stage is Alluding Avenue. Just the name lets you know something big is coming. The only enemies that appear here are Leyems, and lots of them appear! You can travel on the ground now, no longer needing to scale buildings. The flat ground gives you space to run and defeat enemies, though it also gives space for the Leyems to follow you around! Quickly run to the end of the stage to get to the next boss fight!

Upon entering the next level, the beast that was blasted from the tower by Soras, Solana, & Aku is laying at the bottom. She shakes the dirt and concrete off of her head and stands on her six legs, calling for Leyems. Six Leyems show up at her sides and they all screech while climbing up the tower once more. Pickpocket and Widget know they must defeat this beast named Chartreuse! Pickpocket flaps his wings to try to reach the creature but fails to fly up. Pickpocket transforms into a platform to carry Pickpcoket up while floating to the top of the tower.



The battle with Chartreuse will take place all around the tower. She will attack by trying to poke Pickpocket with her legs or by running all around the tower in attempt to ram into the two. She may also unleash a huge powerful attack involving her six Leyems in which they all prepare a giant green laser that moves in multiple directions. It can shoot upward, forward, or downward. The upward laser should be no problem to avoid as it goes above your head, the forward laser you may need to duck under, and the downward laser will definitely need to be dodged by jumping as it aims directly at the two. She may also send a Leyem flying at you, so try to duck under them once she throws one.

Once she takes enough damage, she and the Leyems will screech and quickly float and scuttle to the top of the tower where her second form is fought in battle.

In her second form, you are able to use Widget again since he is not in use as a platform. During the second phase Chartreuse will attack using her previous attacks but stronger. She will stomp forward multiple times with her legs, attempt to do lots of damage to Pickpocket. She will also throw a Leyem at Pickpocket, which bounces around the battleground. A secret technique to get rid of the Leyems is by using the move Hook Handle to grab them and then attack them to make them disappear from the battle. Chartreuse may also unleash another giant green laser that you will have to duck under in order to survive, as getting hit by it is almost a KO! She may also attack by jumping about the top of the tower, sometimes switching left and right.

Once she is defeated, she stumbles about the stage in a daze as her Leyems disappear. Tripping over her own legs, the black crystal above her shatters as she trips off the top of the tower, screeching on the way down. She hits the bottom and explodes, revealing the next piece of the Longost Crystal. Pickpocket and Widget celebrate their victory before seeing a passing ship from atop the tower. The ship seems to mean trouble, so Widget straps onto Pickpocket and morphs into a jetpack to boost the two towards the next setting; Airship Cephalo!

Chapter 3: The Terror In The Sky


Dr. Octer

Meanwhile, inside of the ship, the commander has one of the mysterious beasts locked up in the ships control room. It appears in a cage while locked in chains as it rumbles and slams against the walls of its cell. The commander walks to the cage and rubs his tentacles together mischievously. The commander, Dr. Octer, says that the beast will make a great power source for the ship. Suddenly, Dr. Octer gets a warning on his radar that Pickpocket and Widget are headed towards the top of the ship! He calls to a servant off in the distance of his ship to scout the halls for the upcoming duo.

In the next level, the duo land on top of Airship Cephalo, a giant blimp set on using the next beast for power! They must stop the commander, defeat the beast, and obtain the next Longost Crystal piece! In Airship Assault, you will be struggling against harsh winds that blow oncoming enemies in the way! Progalv will line the area while a new enemy will also appear! An enemy named Octohelm will appear and it will try to ram into the two with its spiky helmet. At the end of the level, you will find an opening in the ship that will allow you to enter the blimps top floor.

The top floor of the blimp will take place in a level named Insane Invasion where you will find lots of octopus enemies waiting in the halls of the blimp. Enemies such as Octosplat, Octohelm, and Octosnatch will appear in this level. Try to avoid them, as they can rack up damage if paired together.



The next level, Mess Hall Madness, takes you through the airship's eating area. You will have to avoid the usual octopus enemies while also avoiding Mudaby, an enemy previously appearing in Longost Forest. A new enemy named Octobelly will appear and will try to flop onto you in order to attack. The later portion of the level contains a good number of them, so watch out for their jumping belly flops!



Finally, the duo are on the middle floor of the airship. There doesn't seem to be any enemies until Widget spots an oncoming guard. However, he appears to be super friendly. He presents himself as Topu, one of the ships happiest crew members! He is so friendly in fact, he offers Pickpocket a gift. Topu hands over a new move for Pickpocket to use; Graura Wheel. It is a new kind of shield move that will allow the duo to roll down steep areas, which will come in handy in future levels.

Suddenly, the soldier that Dr. Octer sent to look for the duo appears. He whacks Topu in the head and tells him to get back to his work. What a jerk! Saddened, Topu walks off with a tear in his eye. The solider presents himself as Cirra, one of Dr. Octer's most trusted soldiers. He says that the duo can't go any further as he is about to stop them. Cirra pulls out a device with a button on it that raises a giant robot from the floor. He presents it as the Robocto Cannon. The two need to defeat it to get to Dr. Octer!


Robocto Cannon

The Robocto Cannon is a giant robotic cannon made for defeating its enemies! You will have to defeat it in order to get to Dr. Octer. The Robocto Cannon can use multiple kinds of attack, most of which are very powerful. It can fire cannonballs from its mouth that do lots of damage upon being hit. It may also shoot multiple Octovile enemies from its mouth to mix up the battle. Try using the Graura Wheel move that Topu gave you to deflect and defeat them. The robot may also flip onto its side and unleash a giant electric blast from its legs that does a ton of damage and will always be an instant KO. The Robocto Cannon can also perform a spin attack where it picks up dust while spinning in a circle in order to get Pickpocket and Widget away. It may also send out pieces of scrap metal from the top of its head in an attempt to crush the two with them.

Upon defeating the Robocto Cannon, it falls and crumbles into small pieces, leaving nothing but scraps of machinery. Cirra, surprised with Pickpocket and Widgets combined power, congratulates the two, and then says that they are not even closely prepared to what is coming their way. Cirra grabs a teleporter device and warps away, disappearing without a trace. Suddenly, Topu comes back, rubbing his head. He congratulates the duo and rewards them by healing them after the battle. Topu says that he is hopeful that Pickpocket will defeat Dr. Octer after he enslaved the many octopi he found. Topu tells the two to go forward and continue their adventure. Onto the next level!

The next level, Rolling Round, will feature lots of downhill segments in order to get to the ship's control room faster. Use the Graura Wheel move that Topu gave you to roll down there faster and to run over enemies on the way down. At the bottom of the slopes, there is flat ground again that is home to Octobelly and Octohelm, so watch out for these two tough kinds of octopi!

Crazy Control has a lot of obstacles to move through while also doubling as a maze. You will have to go through a set pattern of rooms in order to reach the control room where Dr. Octer and the next crystal are held. You may find rooms filled with enemies or you may find long tunnels that lead to dead-ends. Just try to get to the end of the maze and you will find the control room!

Upon entering the control room, Pickpocket and Widget come face-to-face with Dr. Octer. He states that the creature he has captured will be of great power source to the ship and that it will power it for eternity. While laughing maniacally, the creature held in chains and inside its cell rams against the walls of the cell and bursts out of its chains. Dr. Octer, unbeknownst to the creature breaking free is slammed out of the way with a single swipe of the creatures hand as it breaks down the bars that held it. The next fight begins against the creature named Majorelle.



Majorelle can throw giant attacks with its arms, specifically punching, slapping, and slamming attacks. He will sometimes perform a headbutt attack in which he will ram forward with his horn to attack the duo. If you jump out of the way in time, Majorelle will get his horn stuck in the wall. This is when he is vulnerable, so attack as much as you can when he is in this state. He may also clap his hands together to create a blue soundwave that repels anything around him.

Upon taking enough damage, Majorelle roars and slams the ground angrily. He grabs the metal floor, ripping it open and jumping through the hole he made. Pickpocket and Widget follow and are now found on a platform below the ship that is outside. Majorelle can perform a spin attack in which he spins with his arms out to do multi-hit damage. He may also summon a glowing laser from the pattern on his chest that you must duck under to avoid. He can also take the horn off of his head and throw it like a boomerang. Duck under it when he throws it and when it comes back to him.

Upon being defeated, Majorelle yells in pain as the dark crystal on his tail shatters. Strangely, before he turns into the next crystal piece, he speaks! Majorelle tells Pickpocket thanks and that he must defeat the one who put him in this form. Confused, Pickpocket asks who. Before Majorelle can utter a final word, he explodes and the next crystal piece is revealed. Widget takes the piece and gives it to Pickpocket. The ship they are aboard starts to rumble as it has taken critical damage after the fight with Majorelle. Topu appears, peaking through the hole in the ship. He says he knows a safe way off of the ship in this situation. He lends down his tentacle to let the two up as they walk away from the control room. Cirra and Dr. Octer are panicking as Airship Cephalo is about to crash into Pickpocket and Widget's next destination; Dedmen Forest.

Chapter 4: She Hides In The Forest

As Topu floats down on a parachute and Pickpocket floats down with Widget carrying him, they both land in Dedmen Forest. Nearby, Airship Cephalo has crashed. Topu wished the two farewell and skips away to go find the crashed ship. The two look around in fear as the dark atmosphere seems to grow larger. The trees are old and bare and the short grass below is a deep gray. The two muster up their bravery and head into the deep and dark woods.

The first level will be Weary Woodland where lots of scary enemies reside. The familiar faces of Mudaby and Weedmask appear as well as two new enemies; Echolo and Skyoo. Echolo is a bat-like enemies that will attack by swooping in on the duo and screeching to create soundwaves. Skyoo will float around in the air and will extend it's tail to stab the ground where Pickpocket is about to walk. The level is dark, but you can help turn Widget into a lantern at certain sections in the level to light up the area.

In the next level, Creepy Cavern, the duo must move through dark areas filled with Echolo enemies. Most of the levels consists of jumping over ravines in the cavern, using Widget as a lantern to light dark areas, and avoiding Echolo as they swoop down onto you. You will also encounter an undead variant of Surtreese that hides in the ground and will grab at the duo when stepped on. If Undead Surtreese grabs you, you will slowly decrease in HP before being let go.

Upon exiting the cave, the duo see a small girl wearing a tattered cloak. She seems to be watching them from a distance through the trees. She scrambles off into the deep brush. Pickpocket and Widget must find who this mystery girl is! First, they must travel through Thorny Thicket, a large area covered in dark vines with red thorns that do damage to you once you touch them! A new enemy known as Terrineed hides here, using its arms to grab Pickpocket and bite him to give him venom. The venom does gradual damage to Pickpocket, but it will cure after some time.

After making it through the Thorny Thicket, Pickpocket and Widget come out with thorns all over themselves. Luckily, something spiny has stuck to them; the new move Redaura Spines! This guarding move can be used for defense and offense! The duo then catch up to the hooded girl. She removes her cloak to reveal...a HUMAN!? Scared of the duo, she whistles for her pet Crystal, a giant diamond creature that she hops on and orders to attack!



This giant foe will take some work to defeat. Crystal can attack by slamming the ground with it's tail, which does lots of damage to Pickpocket. She may also attack by spitting out sharp crystals that stick into the ground. Attack the crystals in the ground to shatter them and get them out of the way. If you're looking for her weak spot, you will have to attack her when she performs a reflect attack where she will appear on the right side of the battlefield and will reflect light into her head, creating a rainbow ray. If you use one of your shield moves, the ray will be reflected, blinding Crystal. Attack then and then you will defeat her! Upon being defeated, Crystal cracks a bit and then lays on the ground defeated. Scared, the human hides behind Crystal with her hands over her head. Pickpocket and Widget reassure the human that she is in no danger. The girl introduces herself as Samare, one of the last humans.



She sees that the duo is friendly, but still doesn't trust them, so she wakes Crystal up and mounts her again to lead to two through the forest. Upon going deeper into the forest, the duo spot a shining yellow light. Maybe it is one of the beasts that the duo must fight to obtain the next crystal piece? Pickpocket tells Samare about his quest with Widget and says that one of the beasts he must defeat is located in Dedmen Forest. Samare says she will clear the way for Pickpocket and Widget and orders Crystal to clear the oncoming trees with her tail. The duo thank Samare and head forward. Samare rubs Crystal's cracked head and seems to trust the duo a little bit more. The next level on seems to be getting closer to the ruins of where Airship Cephalo crashed. There is smoke and debris in the distance, so the two know they are getting close! The level, Foreboding Field, is a mostly flat area with a few steep hills to climb and go down, though there are a lot of enemies in the way such as Weedmask and Echolo. The last level of this area, Malicious Mountain, contains lots of prickly thorns and lots of ravines to jump over all while climbing up a steep mountain containing enemies such as Mudaby, Terrineed, and Skyoo. There are also octopus enemies that appeared on Airship Cephalo such as Octovile and Octobelly, so you know you are getting close to Airship Cephalo's remains.

Upon reaching the ruins where Airship Cephalo crashed, it seems to be quiet. The crew had evacuated and there seems to be no trace of life left. However, Widget spots the glowing yellow light that they had seen before. Pickpocket and Widget walk closer to the yellow light and find it to be the next beast they must defeat, Xanthic! The strange creature screeches, opening her mouth and flailing her tongue and limbs. She climbs atop the dead trees and lunges at the duo, starting the next fight!



Xanthic is a wild creature, mostly attacking by flailing her blade-like arms around rapidly. She may also attack by moving into the dark trees in the background and then lashing out to attack the duo. You can dodge this attack by following her glowing eyes that shine in the darkness. She may also release a flurry of small lasers from her mouth that can be reflected with shields in order to paralyze her for a bit.

Upon taking enough damage, Xanthic screeches, flailing her limbs and tongue about. She will then go into her second phase where she will have stronger and more unpredictable attacks. She will also perform an attack where she flails her limbs so rapidly, it hurts Pickpocket and Widget whenever they go near her. You can duck under this attack as she doesn't touch the ground during the attack. She may also attack by spitting hot yellow acid onto the battlefield that goes away after a while, though you will need to jump over it to avoid it while it is on the ground.

Pickpocket and Widget give the final blows to Xanthic. As she flails, screeches, and falls to the floor, the dark crystal on her antennae doesn't seem to shatter. Suddenly, she gets back up again, about to attack the duo. Paralyzed with fear, the two don't know what to do. Out of nowhere, Samare comes riding in on Crystal which slams her tail into the ground, smashing Xanthic and the dark crystal on her head. Once Crystal lifts her tail, the next piece of the Longost Crystal in there. Widget picks it up and hands it to Pickpocket, which celebrate their victory. They thanks Samare and Crystal as Samare says that she is starting to trust the more non-human inhabitants of Ima. She tells the two that there is a city up ahead, suggesting that that might be where the next crystal piece is. Pickpocket waves goodbye to the two and heads to the next destination; Forgo City.

Chapter 5: The Otherworldly City



Upon entering Forgo City, the two spot a small being in the distance. It seems to be some sort of robot rolling around and investigating the area. The two wander up to the strange machine and ask what it is doing here. The robot kindly introduces itself as Modem, a robot sent from another planet to investigate the life on Ima. Modem immediately zooms off to find more life forms, but Pickpocket and Widget didn't catch up! They must rush to find him! The two head off to find Modem, however, they don't seem to be alone in this city, as someone watches from far off.

The next levels will see the duo traveling through Forgo City, an abandoned city covered with rust, cracks, and foliage. The first level is Rusty Ruins which is just a straight level with some familiar enemies such as Armo and Buzzby. These familiar faces may be cute, but they are stronger in this section, so watch out.

The next level is Overwhelming Overgrowth, a park in the city with obstacles such as overgrown vines and large cracked statues. You may see familiar enemies such as Weedmask and Terrineed here, but you will also see the new enemy Shok.

In Icky Indoors, the duo will explore several abandoned buildings in the middle of the town. These include a factory, a mall, and an apartment building. The factory section contains enemies such as Shok and Armo. It also contains moving conveyor belts that will try to move you into obstacles such as spikes, pits, or loads of enemies. There will also be puzzles where you have to push button combinations to open door sets to advance. There are hints scattered throughout the factory so you know what to do. The mall section will include enemies such as Buzzby, Echolo, and Terrineed as well as the new enemy Lagirus. It will also include auto-scrolling sections containing enemies you must defeat. The apartment section is an auto-scroll section where you must climb upward without getting crushed by floors from above. Enemies will also fall down, making it a challenge to deal with them and the upward scrolling of the level.

Upon finally catching up to Motem, Pickpocket stumbles onto the ground, out of breath as Widget looks down at him. Motem says that he sense an incoming force to the city and that it is approaching at an alarming rate. Suddenly, the spaceship comes flying over the town, spotting the three in the middle of the city. The spaceship lowers, showing an alien inside. She greets herself as Galaxa and says that she needs to clear the area in order to invade it, but Pickpocket and Widget won't budge out of the way. Motem however, scurries in fear of the spaceship, leaving behind a new move for Pickpocket to use, the Spike String! Pickpocket and Widget are prepared for their next battle!


Galaxa and her Spaceship

Galaxa can execute powerful attacks while inside her spaceship. She can spin it rapidly to do damage in the air and can also swoop down onto the ground to try and attack below. She may also send out bombs from the bottom of her ship that count down from three. These bombs can be attacked, and if they are attacked enough, they will be sent back flying at Galaxa and her spaceship, doing damage. She may also perform a large attack in which she will go to the center of the stage and will unleash a giant light beam that must be avoided by going to the sides of the battleground. The beam also pulls in anybody that is around it, so you will also need to run from the beams suction in order to avoid it.

Upon being defeated, Galaxa's spaceship flies out of control and crashes into the ruined buildings, breaking the spaceship. Galaxa eventually moves out of the spaceship, angry with Pickpocket and Widget. Now that her spaceship is destroyed, she won't be able to return home! Motem comes rolling in, fascinated by Galaxa. He says that she could be good for researching the life on other planets. Motem eventually takes Galaxa along with him and continues following Pickpocket and Widget to find the next Corrupted Color.

The next levels are Haunted Housing and Perilous Path. Haunted Housing takes the duo through a giant mansion filled with spooky enemies such as Echolo and the new enemy Dollien. The mansion is filled with traps that may lead to danger, so be careful on where you step. Perilous Path, sounding intimidating itself, must be the level before the boss. Perilous Path is very rocky and bumpy and contains lots of enemies just waiting for you to step forward. Try to stay strong through this path, or else you might see yourself at low health.



Beyond the Perilous Path is an empty field filled with dead grass. In the distance, Pickpocket, Widget, Galaxa, and Motem can see nothing but desert ahead. The four continue forward until they see something in the dead grass. A purple head emerges from the grass, looking around. It seems harmless, so Pickpocket rushes over with Widget. Suddenly, the beast rises up, revealing it's body to be a giant mouth! This must be the next Corrupted Color. The two prepare for battle with Motem and Galaxa watching from behind!

The wild actions of Mauveine can be tricky to avoid, so watch out for her attacks! She can attack by shooting a beam from her eyes that does minimal damage, but can drain your health due to hitting multiple times. She can also stomp the ground, raising the ground and sending rocks flying. She may also perform a very strong bite attack that will almost instantly KO Pickpocket if he is not at full health. She may also turn around to stab her two tails forward.

Upon getting to half health, Mauveine roars loudly, stomping the ground wildly. She will start to perform more powerful versions of her previous attacks and even new ones too. She will spit out globs of slobber that may trap Pickpocket and Widget. You will have to mash buttons to get out of it. She may also perform a jump and stomp attack where she jumps high and then slams down. After slamming down, she will act tired, leaving her open for attack.

Once defeated, the dark crystal on her head shatters as her head and body both roar loudly. She stumbles and eventually falls into the field of dead grass, exploding and leaving the next crystal for Pickpocket and Widget. They pick up the next piece and celebrate their victory as Galaxa and Motem rush over. Motem says that he can takes Pickpocket across the desert quickly by activating his jet-boost system as he predicts that the next Corrupted Color will be at the Dia Mountains. Galaxa wants to stay in Forgo City and study it's ruins, so she stays behind, waving the three goodbye. Pickpocket jumps onto Motem as Motem blasts off across the desert with Widget quickly floating behind. As they skip past the desert, the three are headed towards the Dia Mountains!

Chapter 6: The Mountain's Red Hate

Eventually landing near the Dia Mountains, Pickpocket jumps off of Motem and Widget eventually floats in, tired. Motem tells the two that the mountains contain harsh climates ranging from freezing colds to burning hots and he wishes them luck before zooming away. Pickpocket waves goodbye to Motem as Widget lies on the ground, bushed from floating. Pickpocket looks down at Widget, until Widget begins to crack! Pickpocket panics, shouting for help. Pickpocket grabs Widget and carries him along in hopes of finding someone to care for him.

Now that Widget is tired and damaged, you can't use your Defensive Moves. Looks like you'll have to just tough the next levels out. The level Fluffy Flowerbed may seem nice, but it may contain some strong enemies. Familiar faces like Armo, Surtreese, and Weedmask appear, though there are also new enemies.

The level Bottom Base will start at the bottom of one of the mountains and then will eventually become steeper to climb. Enemies will be there, waiting to push you off. Be careful not to run into them, or you may fall all the way down the mountain.

In Makeshift Mineshaft, you be traveling through various tunnels, trying to get to the end. There are forks in the paths that you must go. Some paths contain more enemies than others while some may have more obstacles. Either way, you will still bump into enemies such as Echolo and Progalv.



Upon going further, the duo eventually meet up with miners that work inside of the mountains. They seem to be worried about something and they are all scattered. Pickpocket tries to desperately ask for help in order to heal Widget, but they all seem to be unaware of him. Pickpocket raises his dagger and shouts, alerting the entire caves of miners of his presence. Pickpocket asks who can heal Widget back to health so that he can continue his adventure. One of the top minors hops forward, a small fellow named Chris. Chris says that he can show Pickpocket the way to his healing cavern in order to fix Widget, so Pickpocket carries Widget in his hands, following Chris as he hops away.

Pickpocket, Widget, and Chris make it to Chris' healing cavern where Widget is laid on a small table to be examined. Chris tells Pickpocket that Widget is a strange and rare being, one that hasn't appeared on the island of Ima in decades. Chris simply grabs some molding clay, shapes it, and rubs it on Widget's shattered body. Widget begins to shake and float again, good as new! Widget rushes to Pickpocket as Pickpocket embraces him. Chris is happy that the two are back together, but tells the two that the reason most of the miners are worried is because there was a sighting of a large beast in their caverns. Chris hands them the move Rising Rapier, the final move that Pickpocket needed to collect. Pickpocket and Widget know what to do, so Pickpocket raises his dagger as Widget spins about as the two then proceed through the tunnels, waving goodbye to Chris.



The two move through the caverns and hear loud footsteps traveling towards them. They eventually see a large shadow in the distance of the cavern, stepping towards them with all six of it's legs! The large beast Armonsect is here to stop the two in their tracks!

Armonsect can't be damaged normally, so you'll have to find it's weak spot first. Armonsect can throw out strong punches with it's linked arms. If Armonsect punches forward, you can quickly move away from where it is about to hit in order to break it's arm. Once you break it's arms to the red-labeled area, the mask on Armonsect will break off, revealing a small face! Armonsect is vulnerable at this time, so attack while you can!

Upon being defeated, the armor on Armonsect starts to crack as the mask on Armonsect shatters away. Armonsect quickly scuttles away with its broken armor, arms, and mask. Pickpocket and Widget celebrate their victory, but they spot an even larger being in the distance. As Armonsect runs away, a large being captures it with it's tongue, eating Armonsect whole and then slowly moving away. Pickpocket and Widget stare at what just happened and realize that that must be the last beast they must defeat to complete the Longost Crystal!

The duo eventually climb to the top of the mountain, revealing a freezing cold forest alongside a burning hot volcano. The duo must tough through both of these conditions to find the last beast!

The area Freezing Frontier will contain less enemies and more tricky platforms to move through. The platforms made of ice are slippery, making it so that you slide across them once you step on them. Just because there are less enemies doesn't mean that there won't be any! Watch out for Balaweight and Armo as well as the new enemy Snowmon.

Moving on from the cold temperatures are the hottest on the island; Vast Volcano! This section will contain the new enemies Bombat and Goluinem, waiting to attack you as they wait on the volcano's fiery path. Also watch out for lava pits that will burn the two if they fall in!



Upon reaching the edge of Vast Volcano, the two see the being wandering inside of the volcano. Widget forms into a platform, allowing Pickpocket to step on. Widget then descends into the volcano slowly with Pickpocket having his dagger ready. The two make it to solid ground as Widget forms back to normal. They see the back of the large beast standing in the volcano. Pickpocket shouts at the beast and orders it to fight! The beast angrily turns around and lashes its tongue out. The beast known as Coquelicot is ready for battle!

Coquelicot, the final Corrupted Color to fight. He will attack by stabbing his two arms forward in an attempt to skew Pickpocket and Widget. he will also lash his tongue about in order to do damager. If he catches you with his tongue in this attack, he will slam the two all of the battleground, doing lots of damage. Coquelicot may also perform a running attack where he runs around the walls of the volcano, then stampeding through the battleground in order to run over the two. He may also release a giant beam from his mouth in order to attack the two. The beam does lots of damage, so watch out for it by ducking.

Upon reaching half health, Coquelicot screeches and slams the floor, sending them all down into a lava-surrounded battlefield. Coquelicot's attacks will be more vicious as he circles the small island the three now fight on. He will repeatedly poke in front of him with his arms and will also perform a headbutt attack where he zooms forward with the spikes on his head in order to attack the two!

Upon finally being defeated, Coquelicot stumbles as the dark crystal on his chest shatters. As it shatters, he lets loose a final scream before the final piece is revealed. The two have done it, the Longost Crystal has just been completed! The two celebrate before the Longost Crystal starts shaking. Pickpocket holds the crystal as it flashes all sorts of colors. The crystal shakes even more, rumbling out of control. The crystal then shoots up into the air with Pickpocket still holding onto it! Widget flies upward to see Pickpocket and the floating crystal. The Longost Crystal flashes about and shakes while Pickpocket keeps his grip. The crystal zooms towards the ocean, past the land of Ima as Widget continues to follow.

Chapter 7: Crystals Of Higher Beings

As the Longost Crystal zooms through the ocean, Widget catches up to Pickpocket and latches onto the Longost Crystal. Pickpocket helps himself up and stands on top of the zooming crystal, looking into the distance. Nearby, a large altar can be seen with a small entrance at it's top. However, it is slowly closing. The crystal zooms downward towards the opening as Pickpocket and Widget hold onto their lives. The crystal zooms through the entrance just before it closes and floats still for a bit, allowing Pickpocket and Widget to get off. Before Pickpocket can grab the Longost Crystal again, it zooms forward through the hallways of the strange alter the two find themselves in. The two know they have to find the Longost Crystal once again and that they must end this once and for all!

Through Ancient Altar, you will see strange versions of the enemies that have appeared before. They behave the same, but seem to be made of shining, gray crystals now. The level Ancient Altar will be your first trial and will test the moves you have earned. You will go through many different puzzles in the Space Altar, utilizing the different moves you have earned. In Ancient Altar, you will use Rising Rapier to get to high places, the Graura Wheel to speed through hallways, and the Hook Handle to reach across long ravines.

In Evil Entrance, you will use Rapid-Stab, Redaura Spines, and Swift Swipe to both fight hordes of enemies while also hitting buttons to unlock doors from a far distance.

In Immortal Illusions, you will have to use Slamdown and Spike String in order to hit beyond walls and Blaura Shield to reflect lasers that hit hard-to-reach buttons. There are also enemy raids in between puzzles, so prepares for them.

In Opposite Observation, you will use Rising Rapier to get to high places, Blaura Shield to reflect lasers (like in the previous level), and Spike String to reach beyond walls.

In Ugly Underbelly, you can choose whatever moves you want, but be careful, this level consists of only enemy hordes that you must fight off one-after-another. Make sure you choose the strongest and best moves in order to tough through eight rooms of enemy raids that you must defeat to continue. These raids will contain the new enemy Izm, one of the strongest enemies in the game.

In Duo Dilemma, you may proceed without choosing specific moves. This also applies to the next level. In this level, you will have to climb upwards through the altar, battling obstacles in the way. Eventually, going high enough will reveal that you are now high into the sky on a starry night.

In Pickpocket's Persistence, this will be the final normal level that you move through. Prepare for a true trial to see how far you've come. There are many tricky areas throughout this level as well as traps will with enemies and raids where you defeat hordes of enemies as well as wild Izm's that fly by and try to attack the duo. Tough through this final level to get to the finale!

Finally, after their long adventure, the two finally make it to the top of the altar. They find that the Longost Crystal is floating before them, flashing and twitching uncontrollably. The crystal floats to the center of the room where are dark presence lays. Around the darkness there are six small slots. The Longost Crystal spreads apart, placing each color crystal in it's own slot. The room begins to shake immensely as the floor starts to crack. The darkness raises its head, revealing four eyes and a mouth of large teeth. The creatures speaks to the two, stating that it is named Prizm. They have disturbed it's slumber and now they will suffer the wrath of Prizm's power. However, the crystals all shine, blasting color towards Prizm, causing him great pain. Przim shakes and roars loudly, shaking the room even more. Prizm, in immense pain, bursts it's body out of the altar and flies into space. He laughs maniacally and says he will cause darkness to spread onto another planet. Before flying into the night sky, Prizm slams down the altar with his hands, causing Pickpocket and Widget to fall through the floor.

Falling down as Prizm zips through the sky, Pickpocket and Widget don't know what they will do to stop this. Suddenly, the pieces of the Longost Crystal float to their rescue, beaming them with great rainbow light. Suddenly, the crystals start to speak to the duo! "Thank you for bringing us to the altar" says the orange one. "You must take this power and defeat Prizm" says the green crystal. "This power will greatly increase your strength as well as your little partner's" said the blue one. "As well as that, we see that you, the dagger wielder, were missing something" said the yellow one. "So we granted you the gift of flight!" said the purple crystal! "Now, go take down that monster that transformed us into corrupted beings!" shouted the red crystal! All of the pieces stopped beaming power onto the two. Pickpocket and Widget both flew into the night sky, ready to defeat the wicked force known as Prizm.

Upon flying through the sky, the duo spot Prizm. Prizm spots the two and then engages in a battle. He says that the duo are far too puny to defeat such a strong being. Pickpocket grabs his dagger, places it on Widget as Widget morphs around it, creating the ultimate weapon, Sword Widget! Now is the time to put this evil force to rest!

This is it, the final battle. During this battle, Pickpocket can fly freely around the area with his new flying powers, being able to damage Prizm by slashing him with the Widget Sword. Prizm will attack with many different attacks similar to the ones of the Corrupted Colors. he will use the swiping claws attack from Persimmon, the throw attack with Prizm involving his planets, the flurry-punch attack from Majorelle, the flailing attack from Xanthic, the bite attack from Mauveine, and the stampede attack from Coquelicot. He may also prepare a giant beam attack where he charges black energy and releases it to cover almost half of the screen while laughing maniacally. Move to the very bottom or very top of the area to avoid it.

Once Prizm has taken enough damage, he will roar, making his eyes darker and gaining a second pair of hands as his body starts to crack. He will perform the same attacks, but stronger and more unpredictable. He can even combo two attacks to do more damage. He will also release red droplets from the cracks in his chest, damaging the two if they are hit by it.



Attacking Prizm more will anger him further! Now, Prizm's eyes are bloodshot and dark, the planets at his sides destroyed and melted, now having six hands with his crystal body now shattered, leaving a veiny outline of what was left with a dark orb in the center of his chest. He will perform the same attacks as his second form, but now more quickly and they do much more damage. He may also send forward his six hands to hit Pickpocket before reversing them. Try not to go where the hands have gone to avoid them going forward and backwards. He may also release shards from his body that do lots of damage if you are hit. He may also fly forward towards the duo. Avoid him by going through the hole in the second portion of his body.

As Pickpocket and Widget give the final blow to Prizm, he roars loudly, saying his final words:

"No...NO...NONONONONO! This was not the plan that we had discussed! Listen here you two, I will return to kill you two someday. Even though my body is shattered, mangled, misshapen in every way, I will return to destroy you and that small ally of yours. This is not the last of PRIZM!"

As Prizm roars, his body falls apart, the planets at his sides, melting away as the dark orb that laid in his chest detaches from his body and zooms off into the sky. His eyes are now blank as his being disappears into nothing but space dust.

Pickpocket and Widget return to the ground, Widget separating from Pickpocket's dagger. The two watch the night sky while sitting on top of a hill. The two then realize that they have landed right in front of Pickpocket's house, where they had met for the first time. Alessia emerges from the house and greets her brother and the new being. Alessia, interested with Widget, examines him all around. Pickpocket pats the ground, telling Alessia that they have been through a lot. Pickpocket begins to tell Alessia of the story that they had just gone through as they lay back, watching the starry sky as the screen pans towards the starry night, revealing the full moon as a shooting star passes by followed by a dark one too, ending the adventure with the text 'THE END' slowly followed by a small question mark at the end. Is this the end of Pickpocket and Widget's journey? We will just have to figure out next time!


After the credits roll, a small cutscene plays, showing the outside of Pickpocket's house as the lights inside go out. In the night sky, the moon shines. However, a dark sphere can be seen traveling by the moon, tracking energy behind it...



Below is the list of levels throughout each of the areas that can be found in the game. Levels listed with italics are cutscene levels. The levels consists of only a cutscene and there is no area to explore.

All areas have a cutscene for their 4th level (with the exception of Space Altar). After completing a cutscene, a certain new move is obtained for Pickpocket to use.

All of the lands have boss fights for their 5th and 8th levels. The 5th level of each land contains a midway-boss, which is a boss that must be defeated to continue through the land to reach the final boss of the area (with the exception of Space Altar which only has a boss for it's 8th level).

The 8th level of each land contains a major-boss, which is a boss that must be defeated to continue the story and go onto the next area.

Pickpocket's Moves

Pickpocket can use different types of moves that will help him on his adventure. Some of the moves are required in order to get past certain areas.

Some of Pickpockets basic moves are his three jumps. Despite having wings, he was never taught to fly, so he is only able to go a short distance with his wings. He can also crouch down to avoid attacks from overhead.

He can also perform a Poke attack in which he pokes his dagger downward while crouching. This is useful for poking in small spaces or attacking an enemy when you need to stay small. 

Pickpocket is automatically inputed with Rapid-Stab, Blaura Shield, and Swift Swipe at the beginning of the game, but he can earn the other moves later on in the story. Below are the move that Pickpocket can learn.

Physical Move

Below are descriptions for the Physical Moves that Pickpocket can have.

Defensive Move

Below are descriptions for the Defensive Moves that Pickpocket can have.

Special Move

Below are descriptions for the Special Moves that Pickpocket can have.


Below is a list of enemies that appear in the game. Listed are their name, appearance, behavior, and where you can find them.


Pickpocket, Our Hero!/Bosses


Pickpocket, Our Hero first started development in 2018. It had originally started as a Wario Land game that was untitled at the time, but included the character Widget as Wario's partner. The beginning of the story is similar to the original game with Wario sleeping in a hammock and waking up to a report on television that a gem was placed in Longost Temple. Wario goes to greedily steal the gem, but is gathered with Widget as the gem splits and spreads itself throughout the land. The island of Ima was originally intended to be the Mushroom Kingdom and many things had changed in development in order to make it original including allies, enemies, and bosses.

In late 2018, the idea of a Wario Land game was scrapped in favor for something original. The design of Pickpocket did not appear until the proposal of a different and unrelated project. The original proposal for Pickpocket was of a television cartoon series that would be based around adventure and take inspiration by series such as Adventure Time. Widget was not originally paired with Pickpocket, as Pickpocket was set to adventure by himself. The television series had many different characters that do not appear in the final game, but some inspiration was taken from the designs of characters appearing in the television show in order to make the characters in Pickpocket.

In early 2019, the story of Pickpocket had not been developed until TheWikiOddish had searched through old drawings of his. In the pile, the two proposals of the original Wario Land game and the Pickpocket TV series were found. TheWikiOddish liked the designs of Pickpocket and Widget, so it was decided that a long-awaited original game was to be made with the two paired together. Then, the story and characters of Pickpocket, Our Hero! started development.

In the middle of 2019 is when the majority of character designs were made including the main characters, enemies, and bosses. This was also the time that the moves for Pickpocket including Physical, Defensive, and Special moves were made. Pickpocket was redrawn several times and a final design was finally decided, which is the design present today. Inspiration was also taken from older sketches of random creations from the early 2018 era, right around where the scrapped Wario Land game was starting development. During this year, the story and locations were also finished.

Now that a ton of details were finished, it was time to decide what kind of game it would be. Some of the original ideas for the game to make it an RPG with a recruiting function in which Pickpocket & Widget could recruit the characters met along the way (characters such as Melo, Soras, & Topu). However, this was scrapped in favor for a story-based platformer.

In early 2020, most of everything had their designs finalized, though the majority of designs also came during the development of the game itself. During this period is also when the Pickpocket, Our Hero! article was released for the world to see.


  • This is the first completely original game by TheWikiOddish.
  • So far, this game has had the longest development history of all of TheWikiOddish's games.
  • This is the first game by TheWikiOddish to be represented in other games not created by TheWikiOddish.
  • All of the main characters names have their own meaning:
    • Pickpocket obviously references his past life as a thief. A pickpocket is someone who steals from others.
    • Widget comes from the word widget, meaning a small gadget or device.
    • Melo comes from melon, named for her pink color and round shape, similar to a watermelon's insides and shape.
    • Persimmon, Chartreuse, Majorelle, & Xanthic are all names of colors that they represent (Ex: Xanthic is a shade of yellow).
    • Soras is the name Saros backwards. Saros comes from Greek and is the name for an eclipse, referencing the relationship with his parents.
    • Solana & Aku come from Sun & Moon, which the two represent.
    • Topu comes from the four letter chain in octopus.
    • Cirra comes from Cirrina, a species of octopus.
    • Samare is named after the antagonist from The Ring movie, as her design was partially inspired by her.
    • Modem comes from the term to 'send data through a motem'. A modem is a device for modulation and demodulation.
    • Galaxa obviously comes from galaxy, referencing her home in space.
    • Chris comes from crystal, what the miners are based off of.
    • Prizm comes from a misspelling of prism.
  • Finishing the story of Pickpocket, Our Hero! was the 2,000th edit by TheWikiOddish.
  • Most of the ideas in Pickpocket, Our Hero! stem from dreams, random sketches, and inspiration from games TheWikiOddish has played.
  • The sequel for Pickpocket, Our Hero! was revealed on TheWikiOddish's birthday.


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