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Pickpocket, the Thief turned Hero
SPECIES Loxelere
AGE 16
BIRTHDAY February 17
ZODIAC ♒ Aquarius
HEIGHT 4'03"
BIRTHPLACE Island of Ima
ALIGNMENT Chaotic Good
Alessia (sister)
Widget (ally)
Residents of Ima (friends)
WEAPONS Dagger, Grappling Hook, Spike String

Pickpocket was introduced as the protagonist of the game Pickpocket, Our Hero! He lives on the mysterious Island of Ima. In his early days, he was considered a dastardly thief that stole riches from around the island. After his long adventure and making a couple friends, he has turned over a new leaf, being caring while also protecting the island from threat. Currently, he is a caring warrior that lives in his house with his sister, Alessia, and his new friend and ally, Widget.

Pickpocket's design is composed of black and white. His face and hands are white while his legs and helmet are black. The feathers of his wings are a slight gray. The sclera of his eyes are black while his irises are white. His body and hands are spherical while his helmet goes around most of his head. His legs are composed of triangle shapes.


Pickpocket originally had a snarky and mean attitude during his days as a thief. He would often not care for others and would even purposefully put people in harms way in order to steal something.

Upon finding Widget and going on his first long adventure, his personality changes throughout the game. In the beginning he keeps his annoyed attitude about Widget, but eventually grows a strong bond with it. Today, his attitude is considered nice, though he does have some traits of his snarky attitude from his previous lifestyle and will unleash great fury when he feels he needs to. When he isn't doing much, he often sleeps in a hammock at his house.

Despite mostly being kind and wanting to talk to others most of the time, he still carries over some of his snarky or angry elements from his past life. For instance, in Pickpocket, Our Hero 2!, he gets easily annoyed when awoken from sleeping and chases after those that have angered him, usually with Widget tagging along either to help or stop him.


Pickpocket's main weapon of choice is a dagger. He has trained with it his whole life and is skilled in its arts. He can use his signature moves such as the Slamdown, the Rapid-Stab, and the Rising Rapier, all different moves he uses with his dagger.

When he is alongside Widget, he gains the power of a shield that he makes out of Widget. There are three variants of this shield; the Blaura Shield, the Redaura Spines, and the Graura Wheel. At the end of Pickpocket, Our Hero!, Widget is fused with Pickpocket's dagger to form the Widget Sword, a powerful sword that Pickpocket uses to defeat Prizm, the final boss.

Though he doesn't use these most often, he does sometimes carry along other tools that could help him. He will carry around a jack-laced string that pokes opponents in a move he names the Spike String and can also pull out a grapple gun to latch onto walls and opponents in a move he calls the Hook Handle.

Pickpocket can also crouch down in his games, which allows him to decrease his height and avoid overhead attacks. During his crouch, he can perform a Poke. This is an attack that allows Pickpocket to poke forward with his dagger in order to attack enemies or to poke in small places.

Originally, Pickpocket was unable to fly due to his parents mysteriously disappearing before he could be taught to. However, at the end of Pickpocket, Our Hero!, he is given the powers of flight by the Longost Crystal and can now fly freely at any time!



Pickpocket, Our Hero!

Pickpocket's first appearance in a game. He is the main protagonist alongside Widget and represents the player character.

One day, on one of Pickpocket's schemes, he came across a legendary jewel found at Longost Temple, an ancient worship zone found by excavators. He attempted to steal the jewel, but was interrupted by a mysterious being, which he named Widget. After tripping and breaking the jewel, it splits into pieces and flies all across Ima, leaving Pickpocket and Widget to find it!

Pickpocket, Our Hero 2!

After The Three Emoki annoyed him quite too much, Pickpocket goes along with Widget to catch the three and to get payback! Little did he know, the path ahead is much darker than it looks.

Other Appearances

Fantendo Smash Bros. Something

Pickpocket and Widget appear in Fantendo Smash Bros. Something as an unlockable fighter. They take moves from their home-series as well as a unique Fan Finisher.

For his Special Moves, he uses Swift Swipe, Spike String, Rising Rapier, and Graura Wheel, having Widget assist him in the latter.

Their Fan Finisher is unique in that it does not seem to be based on any existing move. It is named Longost Strike. Pickpocket flies into the air and slashes wildly across the screen before forming a spiked barrier with Widget to ram into an opponent.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom333)

Pickpocket is represented as a Spirit in Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat. His Spirit Battle is represented by Simone (meant to represent Pickpocket) and a tiny Volt (meant to represent Widget).

He also appears as one of the summonable characters from a Summoner Orb. When he appears, he simply walks about the stage and slashes around with his dagger.

Later on, Pickpocket was promoted to be a full fighter, being fighter #66. He uses Swift Swipe for his Neutral Special, Hook Handle for his Side Special, Rising Rapier for his Up Special, Graura Wheel for his Down Special, and the Widget Sword for his Fan Finisher.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Battleground

Pickpocket appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Battleground, marking his first playable appearance in a Fantendo Smash Bros. game. He appears as Fighter #115. So far, everything else about his appearance is currently unknown.

Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball!

NaFPD Pickpocket.png
Theft Skills
Special Move: Hook Handle
Pickpocket uses a grappling hook to grab
grounded dodgeballs from the enemy's side.


Though Pickpocket doesn't appear physically, a hat based off of him is available in the game. The hat has a high rarity, but is free if you have save data from Pickpocket, Our Hero! on the same console.

When worn, Widget will float around the player as a cosmetic.

No Man's Timeline

Pickpocket appears as one of the playable characters in No Man's Timeline. His tagline is "The Thief With A Heart Of Silver".

In this game, Pickpocket's unique action is his Hook Handle. You can direct the direction that it is sent out and can then perform two different actions with it. By pressing the Weak Attack button, the Hook is simply sent back to Pickpocket. If any other button is pressed, the Hook will bring Pickpocket forward to perform a unique actions. Additionally, during his Aura Specials, Pickpocket can use Hook Handle to bring opponents towards his attacks.

Other moves of Pickpocket's are his Special Moves, which are the Rapid Stab, Rising Rapier, and Redaura Spines, the latter having Widget assist him.

Pickpocket also has two Hyper Moves that consist of the Swift Swipe and the Graura Wheel the latter having Widget assist him.

Fantendo's Card Cataclysm

FCC Pickpocket Card.png
Pickpocket, Our Hero!
Formerly a dastardly and villainous thief who stole riches from the residents of Ima, Pickpocket has since turned over a new leaf after meeting Widget and recovering the legendary jewel, and now protects the island from threat.
Rising Rapier
Pickpocket performs an upwards slash with his dagger which deals high damage and reduces the target's defence by 50% for every hit.



Alessia is Pickpocket's younger sister who was left with him when his parents mysteriously disappeared. He is her caretaker and acts as a parent. He is protective of his sister, even during his days of a rude thief. In an effort to give her fighting skills, Alessia was trained with a makeshift sword made of old plastic and wood. Though she is not the best at fighting, her fighting style is playful rather than dangerous and she goes into the harshest of conditions with the happiest of attitudes.


Widget is Pickpocket's ally in Pickpocket, Our Hero! He came across it on one of his schemes to steal a gem from Longost Temple and eventually grew a strong bond to it. Widget helps Pickpocket in performing his shield moves and can also morph its clay body into objects or weapons in order to solve different situations. Widget is almost completely expressionless, always having a face consisting of three dots. Despite the blank stare, Widget has the ability to show emotions through actions or morphing such as love, anger, and pain. Widget can also morph into shapes to "talk" to others.

Residents of Ima

Throughout Pickpocket's adventure, he befriends multiple residents found around Ima. In Pickpocket, Our Hero!, Pickpocket has befriended Melo, Soras, Solana & Aku, Topu, Samare, Motem, Galaxa, & Chris throughout his adventure.



  • Pickpocket is the first completely original character by TheWikiOddish.
  • Pickpocket's design is mostly inspired by Meta Knight, Pit, and Finn from the KirbyKid Icarus, and Adventure Time franchises respectively.
  • As part of a drawing tablet request on a blog made by AgentMuffin, the filename for Pickpocket's drawing was named Orb of Stealy.png. This name eventually became a joke between developers of Pickpocket and was considered a nickname of his.
  • Pickpocket's request to be in Fantendo Smash Bros. Something came before the creation of his first game.
  • Before his final design, Pickpocket had gone through many different design changes. After his debut, several details were revealed about some of his original designs:
    • One of his concepts had him with detached feet, similarly to his hands.
    • One of his concepts had him with rabbit ears.
    • One of his concepts had his dagger look like Galaxia, the sword Meta Knight uses.
  • Pickpocket's dagger coloration was originally intended to have a yellow handle with a dark-gray blade. However, since CrakaboLazy4090 colored the dagger with an orange handle with a light-gray blade, the design eventually caught on (such as it's coloration in Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball! and Fantendo's Card Cataclysm) and instead became the canon coloration.