Fear is the real power of gods.
Phobos in BoB 3: The Terror Tyrant.

Phobos (Fobos in Spanish and Phobe in French) is one of the divinities that appears in Battle of Bracelets series. He first appears in Battle of Bracelets: The Cursed Death and stars an expansion pack of said game: BoB 3: The Terror Tyrant. He is one of the main bosses of the series and one of the divinities that are fought, the God of Fear. His main weapons are the Fear Arm, that lets him punch the enemies to paralize them due to fear; and the Firewild Orbitars, orbitars that contain the spirits of ghosts that were captured by the mystic stones. His main ability is the Fear Touch, that let him control his hands to sink his victim into fear and possible to paralyze it or descend the attack power.

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Attacks, Power, Abilities


Attacks Power Unlocked Level
Scream 100 HP Always
Firewild 150 HP Always
Sacred Leaf Attack 300 HP Always
Ghosts Rebellion 300 HP Always
Wivern Eternal Flare 200 HP Lv. 3
Cosmic Pulse 400 HP Lv. 8
Mirage of Horror 450 HP Lv. 11
Blast of Fear 500 HP Lv. 15
Turbokick 550 HP Lv. 18
Electronic Attack 600 HP Lv. 20
Nighmare Song 650 HP Lv. 23
Diamond Cut 750 HP Lv. 26
Heart Needle 800 HP Lv. 30
Psychic Destruction 900 HP Lv. 32
Chaos Waves 1000 HP Lv. 35
Catodic Blast 1250 HP Lv. 38
Total Fear Control 1500 HP Lv. 41
Deepest Mind Chaos 1700 HP Lv. 43
Black Revolution 1750 HP Lv. 46
Dark Blast of Fear 2000 HP Lv. 50
Eternal Fear 2000 HP Lv. 53
Detection 2250 HP Lv. 55
Burning Fear 2500 HP Lv. 58
Scary Sight 2500 HP Lv. 61
Invasion of Fear 3000 HP Lv. 63
Phobos Execution 3500 HP Lv. 66
Dark Dragon Fear 4000 HP Lv. 68
Apocalyptic Orbit Hit 5000 HP Lv. 70
Ghost Empire 5000 HP Lv. 73
Lightning of Fear 10000 HP Lv. 76


Main Abilities

  • Fear Touch

Main Weapon

  • Fear Arm
  • Firewild Orbitars


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