Petey's Adventure

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Boxart of the game
Developer(s) Crash Co.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Platformer, Beat-em-Up
Release Date(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) E10+.png12Rating.png
Media Included Cartridge

Petey's Adventure (also called Petey's Day Out in Japan and Petey's Big Game: The Piranha Pilgrimage in Europe) is a 2.5D platformer for the Nintendo Switch and Pharo, developed by Crash Co. and published by Nintendo. It notably stars Petey Piranha, and is the first game to have him as the titular character and the fourth Mario platformer to star another character, following Yoshi's Island, Donkey Kong Country, and Wario Land. Differing from these games, Petey's Adventure goes for more of a beat-em-up, and takes inspiration from the Kirby series in that regard. Elements of the other aforementioned platformers are mixed into the game as well. The game is also known for its bizarre humor and pop culture references.

The game was released worldwide on the Nintendo Switch and Pharo. In addition, a special bundle was released, which included special Petey Piranha-themed Pharo controllers.


The story opens on Petey Piranha, laying down on his hammock and watching a makeshift television, flipping through the channels with his remote. However, the sky becomes darkened, and storm clouds begin appearing. Confused, Petey investigates as his nearby friends, King Boo, Boo, Wiggler, and Blooper begin noticing the storm. An opening appears in the clouds as strange aliens begin emerging from the sky, and begin flying around. These aliens begin uprooting nearby Piranha Plants from the ground and begin taking them away. Enraged, Petey attempts to help them before being stopped by an alien, which he easily knocks out. The large Piranha Plant and his team unites to rescue the Piranha Plants, starting with the ones on Pipe Island.

Playable Characters

Character Image Card Descriptions
Petey Piranha
Petey Piranha MPSR.png
The star of the show! Petey Piranha started off as a small-time boss for Mario to occasionally take down, and is now starring in his own adventure! When Piranha Plants are being stolen from Pipe Island and the rest of the world, Petey and his buddies don't hesitate to jump into action!
Petey is the heaviest of the characters, so he is rather slow. However, he has the strongest physical attacks of the team, ranging from bites to leaf slaps to spitting out goop. His leaf arms also double as wings, allowing him to flap them and hover above ground to reach new areas.
If you manage to fill out Petey's Super Meter, he can summon a Polluted Piranha to help him out. He takes a deep breath and spits out a large glob of goo, which summons a Polluted Piranha that follows around Petey. While with him, this new buddy can chomp at enemies and collect any items out of reach. He's only there for limited time, so use it wisely.
King Boo
Mario Party Star Rush King Boo.png
The king of ghosts, King Boo trapped Mario in a painting at one point, and planned to do the same for Luigi too. Nowadays, he spends his time with his Boo minions on the haunted mansion on Pipe Island, Bad Manor. He appears to have a close relationship with Petey, and as such will stop at nothing to help him on his quest to help the captured Piranha Plants!
Being a ghost, King Boo's attacks mainly revolve around haunting opponents. Sure, he has physical attacks like tongue licks and rolls, but he can also turn invisible to dodge incoming attacks and can charge up for a scary face, which will stun opponents nearby. He may be king, but he's quite the warrior!
After charging King Boo's Super Meter, the ghost king can show the true extent of his power. Using his crown, he opens a humongous portal, called the Paranormal Portal, in front of him and uses it to suck any enemy, obstacle, and item in the large radius. The portal soon collapses, but not before giving you the items it sucked in. Helpful!
Boo Ice Cream.png
Most Boos spend there time haunting random Toads and scaring the socks out of them. This Boo though? She spends her time eating ice cream. In fact, you can usually always find her holding an ice cream cone with way too many scoops on it. Boo better not get a brain freeze during this adventure!
Boo and ice cream are essentially the same thing - you can't have one without the other. If you take Boo's ice cream away, who knows what she will do? A lot of her attacks revolve around, you guessed it, ice cream. She can throw cones at opponents, freeze them in a block of ice and kick them away, and even use different ice cream flavors to create explosions with different effects!
As if we even need to say it, Boo's Super Meter attack involves ice cream. When she uses it, Boo not only downs her ice cream cone, she also eats an ice cream sandwich, an ice cream sundae, and a lot of other sweets. This causes a sugar rush so powerful it freezes time and space, allowing Boo to travel around the level safely while enemies are stuck in place. Better be quick though - the effect wears off!
Wiggler MK7.png
Wigglers have made common appearances across the Mario series, and have even been playable characters in a few games. Here though, a Wiggler helps Petey on his quest to rescue all the Piranha Plants. He may looks cute and cuddly at first, but you wanna make sure he stays that way... you don't wanna see him angry.
Wiggler has a few helpful attacks that allow him to dosh out damage on enemies. For example, he can charge forward, effectively dispatching enemies in front of him. He can also stomp on the ground to create an earthquake that stuns all ground-bound enemies. However, he will get angry if his health is down to 1/6, and he will begin moving faster, jumping higher, and attacking harder!
At first glance, Wigglers look nice and friendly, but get them riled up enough and they will become your worst nightmare! Though Wiggler can already get angry, his Super Meter move makes him FURIOUS! In this state Wiggler's attack strength is at its highest, defeating even the toughest enemies in a few blows. Plus, he's so angry that he brushes off any pain he receives. In other words, he's invincible.
Many players have fallen victim to the infamous Blooper waltz. These guys are just so annoying to deal with in underwater levels. Unofrtunately for enemies, and fortunately for you, Blooper comes out of the water, this time in your control. He doesn't have a whole lot of ground abilities, but can tackle any level of raging water easily.
Being a squid, Blooper works best for underwater levels. He swims faster than any character and can even swim through powerful currents. His Blooper Ink attack will fire a glob of ink forward, which will stun enemies for some time. Use this to unlease your Blooper Missile, whihc can deal some severe damage to foes.
After filling up the Super Meter, Blooper can use a special ability that allows him to encase himself in a bubble. This may not do much, but it will gradually refill your health untill it's fully replenished. You're also able to defend yourself from enemy attacks bu be careful; getting hit enough times will casue the bubble to pop.
Magia Petey's Adventure.jpg
Magia is a young magician-in-training, spending day and night homing her skills. She aims to become a world-famous magician one day to impress everyone with her magic. That will need to be put aside however, as right now she is helping Petey Piranha rescue the Piranha Plants!
Though Magia, being a kid, has some weak physical attacks, she is armed with her special wand. Using this, she can cast magic spells to weaken her enemies, allowing her to pick them off. One of these spells is Stopwatch, which freezes an enemy in place. Another spell is Softener, which makes enemy attacks deal less damage.
Magia is only a magic novice, but using her Super Meter attack can show you the true extent of her power. She empowers herself with magic, which makes her glow a golden aura. In this state, when she casts a standard spell at enemies they will turn into Petals for her to collect. If you're lucky you may even get a 1-Up! This can also deal some serious damage to bosses.


Petey's Adventure is a 2.5D platformer. The player treks around linear stages, with the goal simply being to enter the Goal Pipe at the end of each level. The game is divided into several worlds with varying themes, ranging from simple ones to grasslands, deserts, and snowy mountains, to more unorthodoxed ones like a world based on Mario games from the NES and SNES, a haunted mansion, and outer space. Every playable character has a set of different attacks that they can use to take out enemies and bosses. In addition, the characters have their own special attack, performed when a Super Meter is charged. To charge it, the player must defeat enemies and collecting Petals.

Though the game can simply be completed by dashing through every level as quick as possible, there are several hidden collectables throughout the level. Similar to the Yoshi's Island series, these collectables are counted towards a score in the end of the level, with the maximum amount of points being 100. After completing a level, it can be replayed again to clear some missions of said level, which are similar to the ones found in Sonic Generations. The levels are also significantly longer than most levels, and have a mid-boss to defeat before reaching the checkpoint. However, when re-entering a level from the world map players are able to select which checkpoint to appear from in order to make collecting missing items easier.

Another key feature in the game is items, which act very similarly to the Super Smash Bros. series. These items will randomly appear, and using them can either help the player or harm opponents. Some of these items make references to other media. Expamples of these include P's Journal (a reference to D's Journal from Bravely Default), the Liberty Shield (a reference to Captain America's shield from the Marvel universe), Monster Spheres (references to Poké Balls in the Pokémon series), and the PoniPlushies (a reference to My Little Pony merchandise). Each item has their own varied and unique uses.

By gaining points after clearing levels, players are also able to unlock special cards, which explain various enemies, characters, items, and areas. Some cards are unlocked via special conditions, though.


Item Image Card Description
Mine A simple land mine. Place these anywhere on the ground, wall, or ceiling and it'll latch onto it. The first unlucky soul to step on it will be exploded and sent flying. It's quite useful for dealing with those baddies that try to ambush you from the ceiling. Oh, and don't worry; it's user-friendly!
Freaky Fungus Mushrooms may not look all that appetizing, but this one actually grants magical powers. Eat it and you'll grow twice as large, allowing you to have more range in attacks and crush enemies with extra power. However, get hit by an enemy and you'll shrink down to normal size.
Funky Fungus This mushroom may look unsafe to eat, but it's actually quite delicious. Eating it will allow some of your health to be restored, making it a useful tool for the more difficult levels. Of course, it will slide across the ground, so you'll need to chase it.
Dluffy Cherry At first glance, this looks like a normal pair of cherries, but they're actually magical! Consume these and you'll get two extra hands. These will seek out and punch any enemies nearby, and can also be used to grab higher ledges. You'll get a pretty stylish straw hat too.
TP Launcher Any college student will be willing to tell you there is nothing more satisfying than TPing a rival school's property. With this bad boy, you can launch toilet paper rolls to hit enemies from afar. The toilet paper will unravel as it flies through the air, so the closer your target is, the better.
P's Journal This unique journal holds not the past, but the future. It seems that every step you take is predicted by this mysterious book, as if someone from the future knows what's going to happen. It's quite useful for an epic quest. For battling baddies... not so much.
PoniPlushies These fluffy critters are so soft and cuddly you just can't help but hold on to them. Good thing that they give you special abilities while your holding them! There are six varieties, which do the following:
  • Purple: Makes your Super Meter fill faster.
  • Cyan: Increases your speed.
  • Pink: Increases your jump height.
  • Orange: Increases the strength of your attacks.
  • White: Directs you towards hidden collectibles.
  • Yellow: You'll take less damage from enemies.
Monster Sphere This little gadget may not look like much, but toss it at an enemy and you'll capture them if it hits! From here, you can pick up the Monster Sphere and throw it again to release the enemy, attacking any other foes nearby. They're not too strong however, so don't get too attached.
Dragonzilla's Meal Though this delicious, tender steak is tempting to eat, you'd probably regret it. This belongs to the fabled beast Dragonzilla. When you throw this item at an enemy, the beast will dive down to eat the food... as well as any foes nearby. Must have skipped breakfast.
Liberty Shield A rather large shield with a star on it, said to symbolize the mark of a hero. When you throw it, it will fly through the air and hit a wall or enemy, then ricochet back to you. Just be sure to catch it, otherwise it'll ricochet off you as well.
Exploding Pineapple From a glace this seems like an ordinary pineapple, but it's actually a well-disguised explosive! Throw this and a timer will count down from three. When it hits one, the pineapple will explode and defeat any enemies in the radius. It's not much to be honest, but at least this further proves pineapples and pizza do not mix.
Petals Everyone who knows about flowers knows that petals are part of what make them a beauty of nature. When separated from a flower they just seem lifeless, but that shouldn't stop you from collecting them! Collecting 100 of them gives you an extra life, and your collected Petals can be spent on special items and costume pieces from the shop.
Red Petals In any given level, there are 20 Red Petals hidden among the regular ones. You don't know which are which until you collect them, so you'll need to collect every Petal you see. However, a single Red Petal is worth two Petals, which can be used to buy more stuff in the shop.
Secret Map As you can guess from the name, these Secret Maps are, well, secret. They're difficult to find, and you're going to need to put your thinking cap on to find them... or just have a white PoniPlushie with you. Either way, nabbing one will unlock a secret, but harder level for you to play.
The Seven Insanity Pearls Throughout your adventure there are seven Insanity Pearls to collect, said to bestow unlimited power to however collected all of them. You'll need to search high and low for them, though they are not required for 100 points. Instead, they're required for unlocking a special bonus... well... best not to say, but it IS special!


The worlds in Petey's Adventure are separated into seven islands, each with three worlds. Once the worlds of Pipe Island are beaten, any of the five other islands can be played in any order. A final world is unlocked after these worlds are beaten, and three bonus worlds are unlocked after certain conditions are met; find the seven Insanity Pearls, get 100 points in all the main levels, and complete all of the challenges in the game. In total, this adds up to 26 worlds.

World Image Card Description
Pipe Island
Pipe Plains Petey's old stomping grounds, this land is covered in Warp Pipes. They come in varying sizes, and some can take you to new areas while others can shoot you into the air. The levels in this world are relatively simple, and introduce you to the main mechanics of the game. You can skip the tutorials if you just wanna rush the game though.
Tube Beach Taking place on the coast of Pipe Island, Tube Beach is, as you'd guess, the adventure's obligatory beach area. With sandy beaches and crashing waves, this place would be a nice tropical resort if it weren't for all the Pipes sticking around. That doesn't stop Piranha Plants enjoying the coast though!
Bad Manor This is King Boo's base of operation, his equivalent of Bowser's castle. You could probably guess it was King Boo's given that it's a haunted mansion, but what you DIDN'T know was that it was next door to Petey's hammock. Boos are often annoyed about the surrounding Pipes getting in the way, but it makes the mansion all the more scarrier!
Monirare City
Station Plaza With big buildings, billboards, and cars roaming the streets, Station Plaza is a pretty busy place. A large mutant Piranha Plant may not fit in with the crowd, but that won't stop Petey from rescuing the trapped Piranha Plants along the city streets. Just be sure to avoid getting in cars' ways, the city goers won't like that.
Pipeline Central The main sewer pipeline of Monirare City. In addition to the waterfalls that push you around and the crowded passageways, there also lies some baddies you'll encounter. It may be difficult to navigate through the tight pathways, but at least the paths are straightforward... for the most part.
Monirare Casino Monirare City holds a large casino that only licensed members can access. Petey isn't a member, but considering there are Piranha Plants here he'll break in anyway. Monirare Casino holds various bumpers, flippers, and more that can launch you around the level. You can also spend Petals on a slot machine. Go for the jackpot!
Autumn Forest
Mushroom Valley This area of Autumn Valley is covered with large mushrooms! They can act as extra platforms to help you with scaling those higher ledges. They come in a variety of colors too; yellow ones bounce you higher, green ones move from side to side, pink ones extend and retract, the list goes on.
Sunset Savannah The sunset in this area is so beautiful one would wish it would stay like this forever. Oh, wait, this place already does that! Because of the sun being right behind Petey and co., you can only see their silhouettes in these levels. This may make platforming more difficult, but at least you can look at the sunset in the background.
The Big Tree The Big Tree (that's literally what it's called) stands at the center of Autumn Forest, and is the largest tree in the world. So large, one could hide Piranha Plants in there! You'll need to climb upward in these levels, eventually reaching the branches and leaves on the tree's top. Just try not to look down.
Sky Heaven
Skyway Pass Above the world below lies a large mass of clouds. Under normal circumstances you'd fall right through them and hit the ground. But c'mon, in this game anything goes! You better be Steph Curry with the platforming, because one mess up and you're gonna fall down.
Retro Remedy Sky Heaven holds a mysterious area where everything's all... pixely and blocky. These places should seem familiar, so you shouldn't have any trouble. Or... you WOULDN'T if it weren't for all the changes these levels went through to accommodate Petey's Adventure physics, which completely ruins the authentic feel. I mean... pixels! Cool!
Thundercloud Temple This large, floating temple is of unknown origin, but is surrounded by thunderclouds. They will strike lightning to try and damage you, but clever platforming should help you through. The temple's a little rickety though; be careful not to fall through the floor!
Sakura Islands
Cherry Fields Cherry Fields is one of the main attractions of the Sakura Islands, known for its vibrant, pink trees and cherry blossoms. It's especially beautiful during the sunset. Maybe after all of this is over with Petey and his friends could take a vacation here!
Dong Kong This ancient town has been on the Sakura Islands for centuries, and it's only flourished since then. It stands out from other towns across the world for its unique structures and the peaceful lifestyle of its inhabitants. Petey, however, is anything BUT peaceful, so he may have a difficult time getting around, especially when jumping on rooftops.
Blossom Bay One of the Sakura Islands holds a large bay surrounded by cherry trees. It's a beautiful site and used to be a popular tourist attraction, but is now being used as a base for those fiends that kidnapped the Piranha Plants. Good thing Petey can breathe underwater, as he'll need to when diving deep down through the bay's depths.
Blue Waters
Raging Waves The surface of Blue Waters isn't really that calm; waves come crashing down everywhere, which can helpfully move platforms upward or downward, or harmfully... harm you. There's a bunch of water levels here too, so Blooper may be useful for this world.
Dark Deeps Blue Waters may look pretty calm on the surface, but as they always say, beauty is only skin-deep. Moving through the pretty dark waters of Dark Deeps will proove that. Not only is this world filled with water levels, but you'll also need to swim through the dark. Try using the glowing reefs to light your path.
Titenic Way back when, the Titenic, a great and powerful transportation ship, was moving across Blue Waters before accidentally hitting a large iceburg. It managed to sink the whole ship, and it remains at the seafloor of Blue Waters to this day. It's been forbidden for random people to travel through it, but Petey has never been one to follow rules; especially when Piranha Plants are involved!
Blazing Planet
Squadron City The Blazing Planet is home to various creatures of vastly different races, all of which managed to live in harmony. They're not really keep on unsuspecting trespassers though, and are quick to start wars with anyone who poses a threat. Though who would win in a situation like this; Petey and his allies, or an army led by around 64 warriors?
Kypter Archipelago Though Blazing Planet is only around 30% water, it's large enough to hold this long island chain. The islands have been protected by the ancient toucan gods for eons, and are quick to dispatch anyone who enters the islands unasked. Petey doesn't care about that however; all he cares about are saving the Piranha Plants!
Mystery Island This island is pretty secluded from everywhere else; it's not charted on maps and almost no one has discovered it yet; making it the perfect place to hide Piranha Plants. These aren't your normal levels; there are multiple branching paths and you'll need to take each one to piece together a way to the end of the level. You'll probably need some hidden items that you'll need to collect, Metroid-style!
The Black Void
The Black Void You've traveled through the world and rescued all the Piranha Plants. Now you need to go to the black void and take out the cause of this madness. Sure, there's some very difficult platforming, but this is it! You're on the home stretch! Go into this void and save the world! Oh and you can also skip the credits, so you can get right back to the game!


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