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Peter Pika (2015 game)
A logo to the game.
Developer(s) Inora
Publisher(s) Inora
Platform(s) Wii U/PlayStation 4/Xbox One
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series Peter Pika
Release Date(s) 2015
Mode(s) Story, Hard
Age Rating(s) E for Everyone
Media Included Disc/Downloadable

Peter Pika is a 3D platformer developed by Inora in 2015 for the Wii U/Xbox One/Playstation 4. Taking inspiration from Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Banjo-Kazooie, Sonic, and Mario, the game is a tribute, dealing with Peter Pika's adventures on Massive Mountain as he attempts to defeat the evil Dr. Wessel.


In the beautiful Massive Mountain, old friends Peter Pika, Chad Capybara, and Redd look out at the sun coming up triumphantly. Suddenly, the sun is obstructed from their view by a gigantic airship. Small silver bombs rain down, exploding down on the mountain, causing Chad to run around crying. Redd laughs until a bomb launches him away. Peter is launched away too, landing on a green patch. He burrows downward and ends up in Playful Plains. There, after brushing up on athletic moves and beating robots, he returns back to learn from Chad that the airship is being run by a Doctor Wessel.

Chad explains that the robots are using machines to drain the life energy of Massive Mountain and it's surrounding areas. He also explains that they are taking control of wildlife to turn them into minions. Chad suggests that Peter goes out and destroy the robots. An afraid Redd agrees. Peter sets out and goes across a bright grassland, dark cave, sunny desert, the frozen icelands, a firey volcano, and eventually ends up in the base of Wessel.

Ready to defeat Wessel to end the madness, Wessel explains his plan to take over the world using the energy of nature. He then brings out a secret weapon: a large robotic clone of Peter that he developed using DNA of Peter from him destroying the robots. Peter fights back, and launches the "Mecha Pika" into space. The animals, free, head to Massive Mountain where they all view the sun coming up alongside the cheerful trio.

In a post credits scene, Dr. Wessel is floating around in space, declaring his revenge and getting hit by meteors.


Peter Pika is a 3D Platformer ala Crash Bandicoot or Super Mario 3D World meaning that the game is 3D platformer that is linear, and has players going from start to finish. However, it also has various secrets and optional treasures to find, expanding the game. Players use the playable character(at first only Peter Pika, but later optionally Chad Capybara and Redd) to go from the level entrance(a burrow) to the finish, where they have to destroy a giant machine(similar to the first Sonic game).

The main focus of the game is platforming and fighting enemies. To do so, players have a wide varied moveset. All characters can do a long jump, backflip, somersault, and roll. In addition, each character has some way of extending their jump(Peter spins upward using his hat, Chad hops twice, Red can slow down his landing using his tail). They also have an attack(Peter can claw and ground pound, Chad can ram and body slam, and Redd can ground pound and swing his tail).

The game is structured into 6 worlds, connected with one hub. Each world has 3 standard levels(reach the goal), but they also have a level where players fight bosses, in addition to the unique Rolling levels. Here, players use gyroscope/control stick to guide the player(rolled into a ball) around a course to collect 8 red coins while avoiding obstacles. Every level has a Golden Flower hidden, in addition to three Crystals.

Bonus levels can be collected through keys. These levels are similar to the bonus rounds of Sonic 1, players roll around in a 2D area and try to collect enough points before the timer runs out. Beating these grants Golden Crystals, and with all of them, Hard Mode can be unlocked. Here, players control Peter or Chad and the difficult is upped. Beating that unlocks Redd.

The game allows players to save after every level, with there being no life system. Dying simply returns the player to the start of the level.


  • Peter Pika: A silent Pika who wears a propeller hat. He is relatively cheerful and cute. He's the default playable character. You can find his character page here.
  • Chad Capybara: A geeky Capybara who is Peter's best friend. He talks in a low snively voice. He runs the game's shop and is also a playable character in Hard Mode. You can find his character page here.
  • Redd: A sly laid back Red Panda. He will trade you Keys for Crystals and talks in a smooth quiet voice. He is an unlockable character who can be played as after Hard Mode is completed. You can find his character page here.
  • Dr. Wessel: A villainous weasel who made his base on Massive Mountain, Wessel seeks to drain the power of the mountain. He talks in a growl. You can find his character page here.


Massive Mountain

The hub world. Chad can be found in a small hut in the center of the world, and Redd can be found roaming around the world. The area is split into different parts, the center, where the titular mountain appears, and 6 other areas, one for each world. There's also a Star that can transport the player to space after all 6 Golden Crystals have been found.


Name Description
Playful Plains An open calm grassy level that features various square hills out of the ground. The player fights basic enemies here and learns their moves.
Tallest Treetops This level takes place on the tops of various Elm Trees. Players must swing on vines and avoid Wessel's Axemen cutting down the trees.
Pika Pond An underwater level that beings on a segment of lilypads that lead to a bright pond where the player must swim to the end.
Rolling Greens This is a basic rolling level that takes place on a wide open circular grassy platform. The hazards are trees that will bump you backwards.
Terrible Tower The first boss level. It has the player climbing a large stone tower in the clouds while defeating enemies and avoiding pits. At the top, players must use a trampoline to bounce into the open tower top and fight Barrel of Marmosets.


Name Description
Block Beat Sewers An absurdly large sewer full of blocks and hazards, the ground is also slick due to slime there.
Confusing Caverns A circular cave level that is maze-like, players must navigate it while fighting enemies and get to the end correctly.
Slick Cave Slide This downhill level begins above ground. Players must burrow through a hole in the ground to begin the next section, where players must slide down the cave while avoiding spiky crystals and pits.
Crystal Cruise A more complex rolling level that is still relatively small. Crystal Cruise is square, with the main hazards being small spike crystals.
Webbed World Another regular level that takes place in a cave. However, it is covered in webs, with the main enemies being spiders and other arachnids. Players must avoid getting stuck as they navigate it. The end has a large bouncy web. Hop on it to be taken to the boss, Sunny.


Name Description
Sunny Sun Expanse An open level taking place in a wide desert. The hazards are many here, but the platforming isn't too hard, featuring catci and quicksand.
Danger Dunes This platform heavy level takes place on ancient pillars jutting out of an endless sea of quicksand.
Lonely Oasis A gigantic oasis in the middle of the thirsty desert. The best description for this level is a more complex, larger, and more difficult version of Pika Pond.
Magic Carpet Ride A magic carpet over the blank desert. This rolling level is quite turbulent but devoid of obstacles.
Pyramid of the Ruins An ancient trap filled pyramid. The level is notable for it's many paths, elusive enemies, and quicksand. The end has a magic carpet that can be jumped on to take the player out of the pyramid to the boss.


Name Description
Shiny Shivery Snowfields A wide open platforming focused level taking place in a large field of snow. A few icy enemies are here, but thankfully ice itself is rare here.
Slip Sled Hill A mountain climbing level that has the player go up the twisting mountain while avoiding giant snowballs. At the peak, player must use a sled to go all the way down.
Snowed In Mansion A mansion isolated in the blizzard filled snowfield. Upon entering, player will find it to be lonely and must solve puzzles in the basement, floor one, and floor two to reach the ending. Along the way, ghost enemies are present.
Slick Igloo Rolling This odd rolling level takes place inside a gigantic floating igloo with an icy floor that makes control harder. In addition, giant Snowmen act as bumpers which can bump you out of the igloo if you're not careful.
Frantic Frozen Sea This level takes place over a sea so cold it will instantly kill you if you fall in it. To make matters worse, the only platforms are thin icy ones. The end has a boat. Hop in it to be taken to the boss arena to fight Narwall.


Name Description
Meteor Rain Run This linear level takes place on gigantic molten rock, with firey meteors raining down onto the player, complicating things.
Mad Magma Rush This level has players jumping from platform to platform in a sea of magma, while avoiding erupting lava and falling in.
Dark Depths An underground cave below a volcano. Players must go from the top to bottom while fighting enemies and avoiding hot crystals.
Low Lava Trek A large open square rock platform floating dangerously close to a sea of lava. The hazard are  holes which shoot lava out of them and can be fallen out of.
Close Climb An incredibly tall volcano with lava and fire scattered liberally. To reach the end, one must ascend the volcano by climbing platforms, defeating enemies, and avoiding lava. At the end, players must hop into a cannon to launch to the boss battle, Buckin' Bongo.


Name Description
Sinister Sea The entrance to Wessel's base, a classic Bond villain aquarium, with sharks and eels attacking. This level is the hardest of the water levels, expanding on it's predecessors.
Electric Elevator An enemy centric level that takes place in a large circular elevator. There are six rounds, featuring enemies from each world. After all are defeated, the level is finished.
Switch Sattelite The base of Wessel's experiments. The main gimmick has to do with gravity flipping switches, but there are also other switches that alter the level.
Revenge Roll A large glass platform in the sky, this rolling level is the hardest, featuring bumpers, holes, and a new hazard: electric guns that will shock anyone in contact.
Perfect Peak This level takes place in Wessel's interior base. Each floor tests a specific skill: fighting, platforming, and puzzle solving. At the end, players must race to board a rocket that will launc the player to the final boss arena.


The final bonus level. This level is completely unique, acting as an on-rails shooter where players use Peter on a star blasting energy at various satellites. After scoring enough, the level is won. This level showcases various easter eggs and breaks the fourth wall.


Scroll over the items with your mouse to read info!


Eat these to restore 1 health point.These can be bought from Chad and used to plant a Flower any time.Eat these to restore all health. These can be bought from Chad and used to plant a Rose any time.Eat these to become temporarily invincible.These can be bought from Chad and used to plant a Star Flower any time.


There's one Golden Flower hidden in every level. Collect 6 to upgrade Peter's health. He starts with 3 and the max is 8. There are three of these in every level. Collect them and trade 15 of these for a Key.These can be bought with Crystals and will open bonus rounds. Complete Bonus Rounds to earn these. Collect all 6 to open Space.


Name Description
Barrel of Marmosets The boss of Grass, encountered in the Terrible Tower level.  It's a large barrel filled by Marmosets, with their leader on top, moving it by running at high speeds, attempting to crush the player. This boss is fought in a small circular area with spikes surrounding it. Lure the barrel to the spikes and get out of the way to pierce the barrel. Do this three times to make the bucket explode, shooting the Marmosets away.
Sunny The boss of Cave, encountered in the Webbed World level. It's a gigantic Sun Spider. This boss is fought inside a small circular cave, with a hole in the roof, letting in sun onto Sunny. Sunny attacks by smashing the player with it's long legs and shooting sticky webs. Players must jump onto Sunny's back and ground pound, launching them into the roof hole, covering the sun and damaging Sunny. Do this three times to shrivel Sunny.
Pango Lin The boss of Desert, encountered in the Pyramid of the Ruins level. It's a grim quiet Pangolin. This boss is fought in a circular sandy arena surrounded by a cliff. Pango will attack by rolling into a ball and spinning into the player. Players must make Pango roll into the cliff wall, causing a rock to fall onto his head, doing damage. Do this three times to knock Pango out.
Narwall The boss of Ice, encountered in the Frantic Frozen Sea level. It's an angry loud Narwhal. This boss is fought on a medium sized circular ice platform with four bombs on it, one for each area. Narwall attacks by using his horn to pierce the ice. Players must lure Narwall to hit the bomb with his horn to make it explode, doing damage. Do this four times to send Narwall away.
Buckin' Bongo The boss of Volcano, encountered in the Close Climb level. It's a large enraged primal Bongo. The boss is fought on a small circular platform at the top of a volcano, with lava below. He doesn't attack directly but rams into the player, trying to knock the player into the lava. The player must jump on Bongo's head to knock him back. After a few jumps, he'll be knocked into the lava and be set on fire, causing him to jump back up. Do this three times to defeat Buckin' Bongo, causing him to run away.
Dr. Wessel in the Mecha Pika The boss of Peak, encountered in the Perfect Peak level, as well as the final boss. Dr. Wessel is manning a gigantic robotic pika. He'll attack by shooting lasers. The Mecha Pika is fought in a giant metal room. Players must climb platforms and step on panels to activate them and turn them green. Once all are green, a cannon will appear. Fire it to do damage to Wessel. Each time, the panels are more and harder to find, with more hazards. Do this three times to destroy the Mecha Pika and blast Wessel into space.


  • Bouncebots: Wessel's foot soldiers. They are small spherical wind up robots that attack by charging into you. Jump on their head once to defeat them.
  • Sheep: Poor innocent sheep. If they spot you, they'll run away. Three hits will defeat them, but who is going to do such an injustice?
  • Jetbots: Bouncebots armored with jetpacks. They don't attack, but rather float up and down, acting as a potential crippling hazard. One jump will turn them into Bouncebots.
  • Axers: Small fat purple robots with sharp noses and construction hats. They attack by swinging their axe, and are stationary. Jump on them once to defeat them.
  • Frogs: Large frogs that hop from lily pad to lily pad. They "attack" by hopping on you. Three jumps will defeat them.
  • Pirahnas: Vicious small fish that will swim near you and chomp at you. They should be avoided, but invincibility will kill them.
  • Marmosets: Small monkeys that will jump around when they spot you, and attack by tossing banana boomerangs. One hit will kill them.
  • Bouncebots
  • Jetbots
  • Spikebots: Bouncebots armed with spiked heads. They must be attacked by claw, but are pretty similar to Bouncebots.
  • Spiders: Small arachnids that come down from the ceiling through a web rope. They jump away when you are near, and attack by shooting web pellets. One jump will defeat them.
  • Bats: These night creatures swoop down before coming back up. Three jumps will defeat them, but they are hard to pin down.
  • Scorpions: Venomous creatures that will waddle towards Peter when they spot him. When near, they'll clamp their jaws, poisoning you and instantly defeating you. One claw will defeat them.
  • Phaorno: Egyptians wearing mummy masks, who will charge towards you, spear in hand. Three hits will defeat them.
  • Scorpion
  • Spichinx: Stationary sphinx who shoot three fireballs out. They can't be defeated except for invincibility.
  • Piranhas
  • Squids: Underwater foes who who will jet towards you when they see you. Use invincibility to defeat them.
  • Condor: Vicious vultures who don't exactly attack, but instead will pick you up and drop you in quicksand. One claw will send them away.
  • Mummys: Weaker Phaornos.
  • Snowmannon: Giant metal stationary Snowmen who throw giant explosive Snowballs. Hit Snowmannon 5 times to make it explode.
  • Penguins: Hostile penguins who will slide into you when they spot you.
  • Bats
  • Ghosts: Floating sheet ghosts that reveal themselves when you approach. They'll proceed to follow you. Hit them from the back with a claw to defeat them.
  • Eruptos: Red robots who look similar to Axers. They attack by drilling into you and blasting duel fireballs. Hit them three times to defeat them.
  • Firobs: Flying fireballs with angular faces. They can only be defeated through invincibility, and don't attack except for floating.
  • Drillems: Floating metal eyes armed with two drills for arms. They'll float near you and then drill. One jump will defeat them.
  • Shark: Stronger piranhas. They attack the same way, but are faster and do more damage.
  • Electric Eels: Slow floating eels that will electrocute you on contact. They can't be defeated through normal moves.
  • Rocket Squids: Faster red squids who will home in on the player.
  • All Previous Enemies


Show Score
Fresh Critic of Belair 80%
Critical View 40%
Pyro Sez 62%
Fantendo Reporter 60%
Critical Hit 56%
Wood-Grilled Reviews 65%

Reception was mixed, earning a rough average score of 63%. Criticism was given to the small size of the game, but praise was given to the simple but well done concept and unique bosses.


  • Pikas are small mammals related to Rabbits, who live on top of mountain sides, and are called "Whistling Hares" due to the noise they make when they dive into burrows. Pikas were chosen as the main character when the developers came upon a list of obscure cute animals. This was also used to choose Redd and Chad, alongside many of the other animals.
  • Wessel is arguably the only main character who is not obscure. This is because Weasels pray on Pikas.
  • Unused obscure animals can be seen in the final boss, where Wessel's Mecha Pika uses them for ammo.
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