Persona Q3: Cybernetic Labyrinth is the 3rd installement of Persona Q Series created by Atlus, exclusive for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

The game features characters from Persona 3, Persona 4, Persona 5 and Persona 6.


The P6 protagonist calls her/his friends to help her/him investigate a new online VR game called "The Shadow's Labyrinth." They are then attended by the P6 Velvet Room attendant(s), who gives them goggles to try that game, immediately, they log in and enter the cyber world, but the second they get in the internet, glitches appeared and created creatures based on the Shadow-Selves called "Cybernetic Shadows". Eventually they will meet the other Wild Cards who also got trapped in the internet by the mastermind behind these glitches: The Mother Computer System, a supernatural virus who wants to get in the real world and destroy it to rise her domains and make it a bug.

Now is up to them to destroy her and save the internet, the VR game, and the real world.

Ren Amamiya's Story

Ren calls everyone for their normal Phantom Thieves meeting. And they also managed to contact Akechi and Yoshizawa to help them. And their story takes place during the events of the third semester. Once the nav is ready, they head to Mementos to investigate any strange occurrences. But they also see that Mementos is glitching. So they find a portal and Mona just drives everyone in.

Yu Narukami's Story

The Investigation Team are at Junes. Yosuke sees if anyone's watching, but it's all clear. So everyone jumps in the TV World, but once in, they starts seeing all of these glitchy screens around them. Hence, they enter the internet instead of the TV.

Makoto Yuki/Kotone Shiomi's Story

SEES is exploring the dark hour like normal. Once they exterminate a Shadow, they proceed to the next floor. But suddenly, they start to see Tartarus glitching like crazy. They try to run up the stairs, but ultimately wind up falling in at the process.


Most of the gameplay from Persona Q2 has been kept, besides of Shadows-Selfs, there will be exclusive enemy copies called "Cybernetic Shadows" which are copies of the characters created by the mother computer system.

There will be doors that would be used as portals to other websites that will led our heroes keep traveling through the internet until they find the portal to go back to the real world. These doors will lead to many labyrinths, battles and quests to find items that may be helpful in the journey.

There will also be some rooms called "Distortion Labyrinths" that will bring temporal abilities to the player's party such as weapons that are commonly seen on YouTube's funny Bloopers, "puke" rainbows through their weapons, among other things.


Persona 3

Persona 3 Portable

Persona 4

Persona 5

Persona 5 Royal

Persona 6

Persona Q Series



Shopping Labyrinth

A Mall-like labyrinth that is based on the shopping sites like eBay or Amazon and the first labyrinth to be selected.


Exclusive Weapons/Skills

Enemies & Bosses

Deep Web Labyrinth

A dark mansion where the darkest side of the cyber world resides. From scammers, and explicit photos, anything goes.


  • Characters swell up fat in the "Thicc Room".

Exclusive Weapons/Skills

  • Belly Bump/Roll (in the "Thicc Room")

Enemies & Bosses

  • Giant Morgana (Boss)
  • Explicit Shadows

Gaming Labyrinth

A massive arcade/amusement park where some of the world's most famous online games reside.


Exclusive Weapons/Skills

Enemies & Bosses

Entretainment Labyrinth

A huge casino resort where the most brightest of stars live, big budget projects are in development, and everything that goes with them.


  • Characters have rainbows merging from their feets as they float in a similar fashion to Nyan Cat in the "Hall of Memes Room".

Exclusive Weapons/Skills

  • Screaming Goat (in the "YouTube Room")
  • Rainbow kicks (in the "Hall of Memes Room")

Enemies & Bosses

Cybernetic City (Final Labyrinth)

Once all the labyrinths are completed, the final labyrinth will be a huge cybernetic city. Where the Cyber Shadows start to spread their boss' virus. If the city dies, then the party dies too.


Exclusive Weapons/Skills

Enemies & Bosses

References to Cultural Media

During the game, we will find many easter eggs/references to Internet Memes and videos, the following ones can be found:

Persona Memes

  • Morgana's Go To Sleep: A boss from the Deep Web Labyrinth, it's a giant Morgana who will try to send the party to "bed" and force them to go to sleep until you destroy him.
  • Aigis Toaster: The Aigis Toaster is an NPC in the story and a supporting protagonist, aiding the Wild Cards in their journey to restore "Shadow of the Labyrith" and their world from glitching and finally return to the real world safe and sound.
  • Vibin' Naoto: In the Gaming Labyrinth, three chibi versions of Naoto Shirogane can be seen dancing to a trending dancing game in the same fashion to her chibi avatar's dance in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.

Non-Persona Memes

  • Rick Roll: In some parts of the game, it can be seen fake copies of the Persona protagonists recreating the meme as the P6 Protagonist copy sings a japanese version of Never Gonna Give You Up; this happens when you find the wrong place.
  • Extra Thicc: A distortion labyrinth which causes everyone who enters this room to bloat up and get extremely fat, which causes disadvantage to the player's party since they'll move slower but as the same time they will be able to gain the temporal ability to roll and/or belly-bump their enemies until the party leaves the labyrinth.
  • Screaming Goat: The goat appears as one of the weapons you can use in the game, when it screams, you can low the enemie's speed, the goat also has a Persona.
  • Nyan Cat: A distortion labyrinth that will almost keep the party stand on feet because the room becomes a flying Morgana who flies in the space as many enemies appears to try and kill you, the playable cast will gain the temporal ability to float with a rainbow below them which make them faster and it will make easier to charge your weapons and summon your Persona.
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