Persona 5 Arena
Persona 5 Arena.png
Developer(s) Arc System Works
Publisher(s) Atlus
Platform(s) PlayStation 5
Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player
Online Multiplayer

Persona 5 Arena (Persona 5 The Ultimax in Tokyo Tournament Arena in japan) is a game belonged to the Persona 5 games, the game is created by Atlus and Arc System Works.


A few months has passed since The Phantom Thieves had its last mission, suddenly, strange events has ocurred in Tokyo and the P2 Grand Prix Tournament has been announced, motivated by the participation of his friends, Ren Amamiya is decided to go back to Tokyo and take action on this once more.

The Investigation Team and Shadows Operative are on the case too, at the end the 3 groups must join forces to avoid this new danger.


Many of the elements from Persona 4 Arena has been kept, being now a 2.5 dimensional fighting game using the graphics of Guilty Gear XRD & Strive, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Granblue Fantasy Versus and Dungeon Fighters Duel.

Game Modes

  • Story Mode
    • General Story: The game's main story.
    • Episode Persona 5: The story told from the point of view of the Phantom Thieves.
    • Episode Persona 4: The story told from the point of view of the Investigation Team.
    • Episode Persona 3: The story told from the point of view of Shadows Operative.
    • Episode Akechi: The story told from the point of view of Goro Akechi.
  • Arcade
  • Versus
  • Survival
  • Training
  • Velvet Room
  • Options


Persona 5 Arena Character Select (Full Roster).png

Main Roster

Artwork Name Persona Arcana
Joker P5.png Joker


SMT Fool Arcana.png
Ryujisakamoto.png Skull

Captain Kidd

SMT Chariot Arcana.png
Panther render.png Panther


SMT Lovers Arcana.png
Yusuke Kitagawa.png Fox


SMT Emperor Arcana.png
P5 Makoto Nijima, Phantom Thief.png Queen


SMT Priestess Arcana.png
P5 Futaba Sakura, Phantom Thief.png Oracle


SMT Hermit Arcana.png
P5 Haru Okumura, Phantom Thief.png Noir


SMT Empress Arcana.png
P5 Morgana character artwork.png Mona


SMT Magician Arcana.png
Yu Narukami.png Yu Narukami


SMT Fool Arcana.png
Persona 4 arena Yosuke.png Yosuke Hanamura


SMT Magician Arcana.png
P4U Chie Portrait.png Chie Satonaka


SMT Chariot Arcana.png
Yukiko Amagi.png Yukiko Amagi

Konohana Sakuya

SMT Priestess Arcana.png
Aigis Cross Tag Battle.png Aigis

Pallas Athena

SMT Fool Arcana.png
P4A Mitsuru Render.png Mitsuru Kirijo


SMT Empress Arcana.png
P4A Akihiko Render.png Akihiko Sanada


SMT Emperor Arcana.png
Labrys (Cross Tag Battle).png Labrys


SMT Fortune Arcana.png
P5 Goro Akechi.png Goro Akechi


SMT Justice Arcana.png
Tohru Adachi (Cross Tag Battle).png Tohru Adachi


SMT Hunger Arcana.png
P5DSN - Lavenza.png Lavenza


SMT Strength Arcana.png
Margaret (P4A).png Margaret


SMT Empress Arcana.png


Artwork Name Persona Arcana
EEfXQNZWkAELYsU.png Violet


P5S Sophia.png Sophia


P5S Wolf.png Wolf


P4AU Marie.png Marie Kaguya Hime
SMT Aeon Arcana.png
P4A Kanji Render.png Kanji Tatsumi Take-Mikazuchi
SMT Emperor Arcana.png
Naoto Shirogane.png Naoto Shirogane Sukuna-Hikona
SMT Fortune Arcana.png
P4A Rise Render.png Rise Kujikawa Himiko
SMT Lovers Arcana.png
Teddie (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Character Select Artwork).png Teddie Kintoki-Douji
SMT Star Arcana.png
P4AU Yukari Takaba.png Yukari Takeba Io
P4AU Junpei Iori.png Junpei Iori Hermes
350px-P4U2 Ken Portrait.png Ken Amada & Koromaru Nemesis & Cerberus
Sho Minazuki.png Sho Minazuki Tsukuyomi
P4U Elizabeth Portrait.png Elizabeth


P3P Theo Render.png Theodore


Artwork Name Persona Arcana
Shadow Joker.png Shadow Joker


SMT Fool Arcana.png
Shadow Pan Hydra


Artwork Name
P5 Igor.png Igor
P5 Sojiro Sakura.png Sojiro Sakura
José.png Jose
Sae body.png Sae Nijima
P5 Munehisa Iwai.png Muneisha Iwai
P5 Tae Takemi.png Tae Takemi
Ichiko Oya.png Ichiko Ohya
Yuki Mishima.png Yuuki Mishima
Shiho Suzui.png Shiho Suzui
Shinya Oda.png Shinya Oda
Chihaya Mifune.png Chihaya Mifune
Sadayo Kawakami.png Sadayo Kawakami
Hifumi Togo.png Hifumi Togo
Toranosuke Yoshida.png Toranosuke Yoshida
P4DojimaRender.png Ryotaro Dojima
Nanako Dojima
Fuuka P4U Transparent.png Fuuka Yamagishi


  • Mementos
  • Class 2-D
  • Gym
  • Café LeBlanc
  • Harajuku
  • Shujin Academy's Gate
  • TV World Entrance
  • Junes
  • Shopping District
  • Tartarus Entrance
  • Top of Tartarus
  • Announcement Room
  • Mega-Metaverse (Final Boss' Stage)

Battle Themes

Song Theme of
Last Surprise (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Joker
Captain Skull Skull
Charming Feline Panther
The Art of Battle Fox
Queen of the Ride Queen
The Hacker Oracle
Voleur de beauté Noir
Phantom Thief Mona
Reach Out To The Truth (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Yu Narukami
The Hero of Junes (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Yosuke Hanamura
Like the Dragon (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Chie Satonaka
Princess Amagi (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Yukiko Amagi
Heartful Cry (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Aigis
Mission for the Brillant Executioner (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Mitsuru Kirijo
The Wandering Wolf (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Akihiko Sanada
Spirited Girl (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Labrys
The Traitor Goro Akechi
A Fool Or A Clown (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Tohru Adachi
Life Will Change (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Caroline & Justine
Battle Hymn of the Soul Margaret
Deep Inferno Shadow Pan (Human Form)
The Flames of Chaos Shadow Pan (Persona Form)
Charmful Thief Violet
Skilled AI Sophie
Silent Duty Wolf
XOXO for you (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Marie
A Pure-Hearted Beast (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Kanji Tatsumi
The Seeker of Truth (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Naoto Shirogane
Twinkle Star (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Rise Kujikawa
Teddie Circus (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Teddie
The Joker (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Sho Minazuki
Pink Sniper (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Yukari Takeba
Mr. Easy-Going Man (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Junpei Iori
Youthful Spirit (in Tokyo Tournament Arena) Ken Amada & Koromaru
The Battle for Everyone's Souls Elizabeth
A Way of Life Theodore
Thou Against Shadows Mirror Match
Last Surprise Rival Match (VS Persona 5)
Reach Out to the Truth Rival Match (VS Persona 4)
Mass Destruction Rival Match (VS Persona 3)
Last Surprise (Strikers Ver.) Shadow Joker
Shadow Skull
Shadow Panther
Shadow Fox
Shadow Queen
Blooming Villain Shadow Oracle
Shadow Noir
Shadow Mona
Shadow Violet
Shadow Sophie
Shadow Wolf
Reach Out To The Truth - First Battle Shadow Yu
ZONE TIME Shadow Yosuke
Backside of the TV Shadow Chie
Castle Shadow Yukiko
Sauna or Muscle Blues Shadow Kanji
Secret Base Shadow Naoto
Striptease Shadow Rise
Borderline of Madness Shadow Teddie
Calamity Shadow Yukari
Deep Breath Deep Breath Shadow Junpei
Shadow Shadow Mitsuru
Crisis Shadow Akihiko
Master of Shadow Shadow Aigis
That Which Comes from the Darkness Shadow Ken & Koromaru
Shadows of the Labyrinth Shadow Labrys
Final Battle Story Mode's Final Battle


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