Not to be confused with Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb.
Perry the Umbrella dude
The island is locked? No problem! We just have to find the key.
Perry, Super Princess Peach Wii

Perry is a magical talking parasol in Super Princess Peach, Super Princess Peach Wii, and most recently, Super Princess Peach II: Shaken Emotions.




Perry was born on Forest Island, but him and his family had to flee by boat. On their voyage, the boat was attacked and Perry fell overboard.

When Perry woke up, he was in the Mushroom Kingdom. An old man found him and raised him up. A few years later, the Koopa Troop tracked Perry down and Bowser sent Kamek and Koopulk to find him.

When Kamek and Koopulk found Perry, they tried to destroy him but Perry's powers made him merely turn into an umbrella. Kamek and Koopulk simply dropped him on the street, believing he was dead. But a merchant found Perry, who sold him to Toadsworth, who gave it to Peach at the beginning of Super Princess Peach.


Super Bunea World

Perry appears as a amiibo Weapon in Super Bunea World, having 250 uses before it breaks. It can be gotten through scanning any Peach amiibo. It can preform attacks by either swinging or dashing. It makes Bunea somewhat slower, however.


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