Percivus ML
Percivus, from the surface
Location Andromeda Galaxy
Codename Lun:11
Planet Mass 56 Billion
Planet Size 76 Billion
Date of Creation & Discovery
Class Uninhabited
Atmosphere Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide
Distinct Features Several strange floating blocks everywhere
Notable Inhabitants/Individuals

The Lonely God

Infinty, Forever and Eternity chose to make this their own planet, they could not grasp as to why there are these strange floating blocks everywhere though.

The Planet is completley empty, filled with nothing but, floating blocks and an essence of life.

The only way to reach Percivus is through the Void or by summoning Infinity.

There is a canyon on Percivus where the only way across is to jump on the blocks, they won't move at all, they are suspended in time.

There is also a cave, which conseals this huge machine, which constantly grinds and gears around, that gives off this green light, it is said to contain a crystal which if removed, would cancel out the suspense in time, causing the blocks to appeal to gravity and fall.

Enemy Earth

During the events of Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture, it was revealed the Earth that all the heroes had been sent to was a terraformed Percivus. Under the name Anubis or Enemy Earth, this new Percivus was terraformed to resemble Earth. However, the terraform process was still ongoing, and on the outskirts the original Percivus remained. The group later returned to the Percivus part during the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered to find Abaddon and his new partners: The Man In The Black Cloak and Reese II.

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