Do a barrel roll!
Peppy Hare, Star Fox 64

Peppy Hare
ペッピーヘア Peppī Hea
Peppy Hare - Star Fox Zero
Peppy Hare, as he appears in Star Fox Zero
AGE 52
OCCUPATION(S) Member of Star Fox
Star Fox
Star Fox 64
Star Fox Adventures
Star Fox: Assault
Star Fox Zero
Rick May (1993-2002)
Chris Seavor (2002-2005)
Henry Dardenne (2005-2011)
Jaz Adams (2011-present)

Peppy Hare, or simply Peppy, is a member of the Star Fox mercenary team, and a major recurring character in the Star Fox series. As his name suggests, he is a hare with brown and white fur. He also wears a red G-suit, a white space coat, and has mechanical replacements for his legs. He and the rest of Star Fox fly specialized ships called Arwings, and fight to protect the Lylat System from threats.

Peppy was a member of the original Star Fox team, consisting of himself, Pigma Dengar, and their leader James McCloud. While on a scouting mission to investigate strange activity on the planet Venom, Pigma betrayed the team and trapped them for the evil Andross. Peppy barely escaped thanks to James sacrificing himself. Five years later, he joined a new Star Fox team with James' son Fox McCloud as the leader, alongside Slippy Toad and Falco Lombardi.


Early Life

Peppy Hare served for the Cornerian Army alongside his lifelong friends James McCloud and Pepper. At some point, he pulled out of the army to join a mercenary team known as Star Fox, along with James McCloud and Pigma Dengar. Fives years following the banishment of Andross, the team was hired to scout the planet Venom after noticing strange activity coming from there. During the mission, Pigma betrayed the team, being bribed by Andross to capture Peppy and James. Peppy barely escaped, while James died on Venom. He returned to Corneria to tell James' son, Fox McCloud, about his father's fate.

Five years later, Peppy Hare joined the second generation of Star Fox, headed by Fox to carry on his father's legacy. Joining him were mechanic Slippy Toad and ace pilot Falco Lombardi. The four became a major asset in Corneria's fight against Andross during the Lylat Wars.

Star Fox

Peppy makes his official debut in Star Fox. He pilots Arwings like the rest of the team, and together they fly through the Lylat System to take on Andross in Venom. He often gives advice for Fox regarding the controls and capabilities of the Arwing.

Star Fox 64

Peppy reappears in Star Fox 64, serving the same role he did in the previous game. The game's opening explains his origins with James McCloud and how he was a member of the original Star Fox team. He once again provides advice to Fox, his popular "Do a barrel roll!" quote becoming a famous internet meme. He may also provide advice during boss battles, such as explaining where weak points are. During dogfights against Star Wolf, Peppy and Pigma will target each other, mainly due to Pigma's treason against Corneria.

Peppy is also playable in the game's multiplayer mode.

Star Fox Adventures

Peppy returns in Star Fox Adventures. Since the Lylat Wars, he has retired from being a pilot, but still resides on the Great Fox and gives Fox helpful advice throughout the game. When contacting Peppy via communicator, he can bring up a map of Sauria.

Star Fox: Assault

In Star Fox: Assault, Peppy continues to give the team helpful advice from the Great Fox, acting as mission control alongside ROB 64. He is still retired, but will tell Fox how to use vehicles such as the Arwing or Landmaster, or give directions during missions. Like in Star Fox 64, Peppy is also playable in multiplayer mode, unlocked by playing 15 matches in Versus mode.

Compared to previous appearances, Peppy has a greater role in the game's story. During a mission on Corneria to protect it from an invasion of Aparoids, Fox must battle a possessed General Pepper. After defeating him, Peppy boards an Arwing and flies into Pepper's mothership just in time to save his life, nearly killing himself in the process. Later in the game, during the invasion of the Aparoid Homeworld. Peppy drives the Great Fox into a force field protecting the planet's core, destroying it and allowing the team to enter. The Great Fox explodes, though Peppy manages to escape using one of the ship's escape pods. After these events, he promises to retire for good.

Star Fox Zero

As Star Fox Zero retells the events of Star Fox and Star Fox 64, Peppy reappears in this game and serves the same role as he did in both games. Of particular note is him being the focal point of a mission on the planet Titania where he must be rescued after his Arwing is badly damaged (which is similar to a mission in Star Fox 64 where Slippy must be rescued).


Super Smash Bros. Discord

Peppy Hare appears in Super Smash Bros. Discord as a newcomer, serving as an Echo Fighter of Fox. Like the other Star Fox pilots, he uses Fox's moveset as a base, and most of his specials are derived from his. His specials are also available for the other Star Fox pilots as custom moves.

His neutral special is Bunny Blaster, which fire yellow beams that deal no damage, but can inflict paralysis on opponents, allowing it to be an effective combo starter. His side special, based on his famous quote, is Barrel Roll, where he readies himself before launching forward and performing a spinning battering ram, damaging opponents multiple times before launching them. His up special is Fire Rabbit, which unlike Fire Fox isn't effective in recovery, as he bounces along the ground unpredictably and damages opponents, instead acting as a way to gain stage control. Lastly, his down special is Punch Reflector, where he activates his Reflector and punches it forward ad causes it to fly like a projectile; the Reflector itself deals no damage, but the punch can damage opponents.

Peppy's Final Smash is Arwing Assault, where he summons his Arwing to do a couple barrel rolls on the stage in front of himself. A cutscene then plays with him shooting at the opponent with his Arwing, damaging and launching them.


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