Penumbra is an antagonist in Shadowcalypse: Master of the Eclipse and a minor character in the New Fantendoverse. He is a semi-clone of Umbra Shader created by Queen Nebula to carry out her orders and wipe out her enemies.

So far, he has only appeared in Master of the Eclipse, being absent from Lord of the Blood Moon for unknown reasons. The series creator, however, has stated that he left the Nebulian Legion and is now wandering the universe as a vigilante.

It is unknown how exactly Nebula got her hands on Umbra's DNA, but according to bits of lore throughout the series, she may be sending her soldiers around the galaxy to take citizens' DNA in their sleep so she can form a large army of clones like Penumbra.


Penumbra is serious and solemn, and not one to take jokes. In Master of the Eclipse, he is shown to be attached to his goals; he fights Umbra on sight and reports his presence to Nebula. However, he is also very cynical, as shown when he questions Nebula's motives and leaves her army.

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