Pensharp New
A battle artwork of a Pensharp.
First Appearance Doodlemen RPG
Latest Appearance Doodlemen Journey: Sideways Quest
Notable Members

Pensharps are the weakest enemy in the Doodlemen series, next their sub-species, Pendulls of course and are the second enemy ever fought in Doodlemen RPG. Pensharps look like normal pencils with eyes. They are common in the series. Pensharps think that they are taken advantage of when drawn with, according to the first even Pensharp seen. There are a lot in of them in Pen City.


Doodlemen RPG

Pensharps first appear in Doodlemen RPG. They appear in the area at the end of Canvas Road, which is Pen City. There, many Pensharps will battle. In battle, Pensharps attack in two different ways. One is where they hop forward, passing though Dudle or Dudlette's area. They can simply jump over them to dodge. The second, they bend over and charge at the player, where Dudle can jump on their side. Pensharps can also be used a weapons if the pick up command is used. They can then be used as swords. However, there is no extra experience for this.


  • Strangely enough, in their beta appearance, Pensharps had no metal band. This was most likely a mistake in the artwork, because the one before that did have it.


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