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Penny Loafer Female
101 lbs
20 years old Human
Penny Loafer, with her Standing Ripple Gorrilaz
FULL NAME Penny Loafer
POWERS Capturing attention!
Cycle of misc. abilities!
BIRTHDAY November 27th
ALIGNMENT Fame! Fortune!
OCCUPATION(S) Super star!
BIRTH LOCATION Seattle, Washington
CURRENT LOCATION Seattle, Washington

Fame! TV! Video Games! Music! Paparazzi! Bubble tea! Glamour! Beauty! Exclamation points! Hot tubs! Sex! Money!


Ocean 11 Gang! Question marks? Coffee! Torture! Vapid criticism! The media! Needless fighting! Cold showers! Waking up to a cold and unfulfilling existence!


Penny Loafer is a celebrity of mixed race descent that lives in Seattle, Washington, aided by her Standing Ripple known as Gorillaz. Granted her powers by the Ocean 11's gang in a desperate bid to gain superpowers of her own, she is now indebted this to mob for life against her will. Becoming a quick celebrity among the Seattle scene, Penny Loafer loves the glamorous life of a celebrity, although not so much the consequences of her own actions and has other people protect her from the mob. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) to give the Standing Ripple users a connecting tissue and creating a character that is specifically a vapid celebrity that isn't directly related to all the battles in the Fantendoverse.

A celebrity with supernatural powers that were granted to her by the Ocean 11 Mob, Penny Loafer is a vapid woman with no concerns other than her fame. She is able to use her Standing Ripple to make people pay attention to her through finger snaps. Her Standing Ripple cycles through various secondary abilities from week to week or even day by day, with some repeats, thus giving Penny the appearance as if she is very talented.


Penny Loafer Description

Penny Loafer is a young woman who is a mix of black and Caucasian descent, with some light Vitiligo across her stomach that she usually keeps hidden away. She has purple-brown hair that is cut very sharply, styled to perfection every morning before she goes out in the morning. During this time, she will often eat breakfast and watch the news. She also has a pair of trademark heart glasses, which have become iconic with her image. She wears pretty plain outfits that cost thousands of dollars due to their tag, but are remarkably high quality. She also keeps a brown leather purse around her shoulder at almost all times, which contain things like drinks, her wallet, a razor, lip gloss, condoms, a tv remote, and a variety of pens and a sketchpad. She wears black tennis shoes, which like her clothes, are deceptively plain and cost thousands of dollars. She wears thigh high socks, which unlike the rest of her wardrobe, are actually fairly cheap.

Gorillaz Description

A giant ape with blue fur and light blue skin. Gorillaz features a fairly cartoonish appearance and is rather wide in appearance. The tip of his fur is noticeably lighter, almost cyan. Gorillaz is able to change their size at will and has unique properties relating to how they interact with the environment, able to project themselves on tv screens and contort their image into the second dimension.


Penny Loafer is vapid and cares mostly about fame. As such, her Standing Ripple couldn't be more perfect for her and has brought out some of her worst qualities, such as her attention-seeking behaviors and the need to be heard, no matter what. However, despite her superficiality, there is a part of Penny that is genuine- her want to be an artist. While Penny does not really excel in any particular medium of art, she has extensive knowledge of how to create drawings, music, and film and Gorillaz is able to help her connect to people in the industry to bring her to unstoppable stardom.

Additionally, the relationships she forms with people are not superficial, at least to her. She can remember many faces and names and while she may not have time for people she considers friends, she does her best to keep in contact with those she does consider friends. However, due to her attention seeking ways and fairly immature take on criticism of her, she can come off as either insincere or even petty.

She punctuates almost all her sentences with exclamation points and rarely asks questions. She doesn't really care for criticism, although she is quite well-versed in taking down poorly-constructed criticism. If criticism is lobbed at her, she has been trained to not throw a fit in public but it's clear that it really does bother her. Her bubbly personality can come off as ingenuine but it's actually how she lets people know they have her full attention.

Gorillaz is uniquely animated for Standing Ripple. While it doesn't appear near her in public, it can invade televisions and break out into impromptu music videos for showcases of it's user, often accompanied by a guest vocalist.


Stand Out Stories

Powers and Abilities

Penny Loafer's powers and abilities come mostly from her Standing Ripple, Gorillaz. Gorillaz allows Penny to put attention on her with a snap of a finger, able to both catch the attention of specific people or everyone within a certain radius. It's completely invaluable as a distraction tactic, although is horrible for battle as Penny Loafer cannot really defend herself that well when everyone's suddenly focused on her.

Gorillaz is a rather unique Standing Ripple due to it having a host of cycling secondary abilities from week to week or day to day. It is unreliable and unpredictable, but can sometimes give the impression that Penny has a talent that she doesn't actually have. Additionally, is can invade television screens and turn itself two dimensional, making it fairly hard to hit due it's ability to project itself quickly.

Penny Loafer has no specific powers suitable for battle, but can sketch, sing, capture film and photography, and edit film to a fairly decent degree.

Specific Abilities

  • Starshine - Gorillaz's primary ability. When Penny Loafer snaps her fingers, everyone's attention is pointed towards her. Snapping with her left hand will capture the attention of everyone from a 50-1,000 foot radius depending on how loud the snap is, while snapping with her right hand will allow her to specifically target people who she remembers the face of. This attention grabbing ability does not have many counters and can actually cause physical pain if used too wide of a range and too loudly- if Penny realized the full potential of the power at her fingertips, she could actually twist someone's neck by repeatedly snapping her fingers while walking around her opponent. Needless to say, she doesn't actually realize this potential because she doesn't like to fight or kill people.
    • Souk Eye - This variant on Starshine is used when Penny Loafer flicks her finger into someone's eye, causing their effected eye to track her while their other eye can move around as normal. The effect lasts 30 minutes and briefly turns the opponent's eye black after the effects linger off, causing temporary blindness that lasts the rest of the day.

Secondary Abilities Gorillaz does not have a set secondary ability. Instead, their abilities rotate in and out on a weekly or daily basis. Here is a sampling of some of the abilities that Gorillaz can give Penny.

  • Feel Good Inc - One of Gorillaz' many, many, many secondary abilities. Transferred through the massaging of someone's shoulders, Penny can force someone to feel happy for a temporary amount of time, which is dependent on how long she massages their shoulders. This effects the brain and cancels out depressors for a short amount of time. If it lasts too long, it can cause brain damage. The effect can be cancelled out through napping.
  • On Melancholy Hill - One of Gorillaz' many, many, many secondary abilities. The inverse of Feel Good Inc, Penny can make someone feel melancholy through holding their hands. This is actually able to cancel out most emotions, including violent ones, with very little effort. This effect lasts longer the longer Penny holds someone's hand.
  • DARE - Gorillaz holds out it's arms and inflates the opponent's head, able to make it weigh more to the point where to opponent is held down by the weight of their own head. If the opponent lacks a head or makes it invisible, this ability is useless.
  • Andromeda - Penny Loafer can float as if she's in space and can convert airborne objects into small objects that are incredibly compact and create their own gravity. They also stay stationary in the air. This allows her to use them to stay up in the air. These can be used by her allies as well.
  • Sorcererz - When lying down, Penny Loafer can see her "inner vision", which can foretell future events or allow her to lucid dream through the dreamscape reality. She must be laying down for this to work and with both eyes closed. Gorillaz cannot protect her while projecting this ability to Penny.
    • Magic City - When she snaps her fingers while performing this ability, everyone who has their attention drawn to her will also lay down and see what she sees. They cannot get up until she does, making this incredibly useful as a stall mechanic.
  • Lake Zurich - Penny is able to create "portals" to Lake Zurich- these portals take the form of arches embedded into concrete walls and use Distortion Mist to travel people from one location to another. These portals fade away after Penny is no longer able to utilize this power. She can only use it against concrete walls- any other wall will not work.
  • Ascension - Penny is able to float upwards directly without being impacted by gravity or atmospheric conditions. She can even launch herself into space. However, she cannot go down as safely, requiring her to drop down instead. As such, she requires a parachute and possibly a space suit to use this ability safely. She can stop anywhere in the air when using this ability.
  • Interlude: Elevator Going Up - Penny is able to force any elevator to instantly appear to her level so long as she is going up. The people inside are teleported to the elevator's new location without realizing it, although they are safe. This also works on broken elevators.
    • Interlude: New World - Penny Loafer is able to use elevators to travel between dimensions, although she cannot chose a dimension and the nature of this ability prevents her from going to the same dimension twice beyond just her home dimension. Additionally, the ability does not require her to necessarily board the elevator or even have someone ride it from the original dimension- there is a 50/50 chance that another person from another dimension will already be in the elevator.
  • Let Me Out - Penny can unlock any lock with her finger nails, which form to resemble the key required to open the lock. Doesn't work on digital locks. If her finger nails are slightly broken in anyway, they will snap off mid-way through the process.
  • Empire Ants - Penny can control ants to follow out tasks she gives them through only being able to point. While they will be able to understand basic pathing and picking up of objects, they will not be able to take more complicated instructions such as building.
  • Carnival - Penny turns the ground around her into a spinning carousal, of which she can change the speed of to her liking by making Gorillaz grab and push the beams around. This is an effective trapping ability, which can disorient opponents very well. However, floating opponents are often not effected in any way.
  • Seattle Yodel - While standing on the Seattle Space Tower, Penny is able to project her voice across television signals and radio signals across the whole city of Seattle. This is limited only to Seattle and changing the channel or station will eliminate her voice and can allow people to change back to their original program without her voice talking over it.




  • Penny Loafer is named after the American slang for the laceless, slip-on shoe.
  • Gorillaz is named after the band. Their abilities are named after the songs "Starshine", "Souk Eye", "Feel Good Inc.", "On Melancholy Hill", "DARE", "Andromeda", "Sorcererz", "Magic City", "Lake Zurich", "Ascension", "Interlude: Elevator Going Up", "Let Me Out", "Empire Ants", and "Carnival". Their secondary abilties shifting so much is a reference to the diversity of Gorillaz as a band, as well as how the aesthetic changes for each "phase".



Standing Ripple is a concept in the New Fantendoverse used to refer to projections of fighting spirits created by contact with the metal Ripplite. These fighting spirits are created from the hosts' Aura and general will to fight and host incredible but bizarre abilities. These Standing Ripples name themselves, usually off musical artists, and often do not speak or act on their own, but do follow their host everywhere. They have an arguable consciousness; while they can act on their own when not in combat, they do not seem to be consciously aware of their own actions.

Ripplite is a mineral/metal alloy that can phase light through it to alter it's properties. It is key to being able to produce Standing Ripples. It comes from Vokkskar-created Catalyst Comets that crash into planets. Ripplite can also inversely be used to cut through Standing Ripples. Given it's weak resistance to force, crushing similar to quartzine mineral, it is not good for weapons.
  • Ocean 11's leader Hammerhead, who has the largest fragment recovered, has used it for monetary gain and on every member of his mob gang.
  • CHELPRO as corporation has a smaller fragment that they are experimenting with.
  • Trent Corona has a very small fragment that he uses in the blade of a laser sword known as the Ripple Ripper.
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  • Standing Ripples are inspired by the concept of Stands from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The name of the concept is even a reference to both the shorthand (Stand) and it's meaning (Ghostly Ripple).
    • One key difference is that if Standing Ripples interact with the environment, they can be hurt and attacked like a normal character. Additionally, they can be seen by anyone.
  • Standing Ripples could possibly be seen as a new extension of the music numbers that have been present in both the original Fantendoverse and the new Fantendoverse- where as music punctuated pivotal moments in past stories, now they are literally powering characters.
  • Coincidentally, Standing Ripples and Stands were both introduced in the third "part" of their respective series' on going narratives- Standing Ripples in Phase 3 of the New Fantendoverse and Stands in Part 3 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.