Penguin Suit
A 3D render of the Penguin Suit.
Item Type Status
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Transforms Mario into Penguin Mario, letting him slide on his belly, throw Ice Balls, and swim more freely (similar to the Blue Shell, Ice Flower, and Frog Suit respectively). He also has webbed feet, so he doesn't slide when he's on ice.

The Penguin Suit is one of Mario's Power-Ups resembling a penguin that Mario can use to turn into Penguin Mario. This special suit makes it possible to shoot ice balls just like the Ice Flower, and to swim faster like with the Frog Suit. He also can slide on its belly and break Brick Blocks, just like the Blue Shell. The downside is that Mario runs slower and jumps lower.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Finale

The Penguin Suit appears as a power-up in Super Mario Finale. In order to unlock the Penguin Blocks in the overworld, Mario must travel to the Frosty Coast area and activate the Penguin Switch. Like the other power-ups in the game, they are instantly absorbed by Mario after he hits their block.

Super Mario Universal

The apparence from this Penguin Suit is different. It's more in 3D.



An amiibo figure of Penguin Suit exists! For more info about this amiibo, see this page.
Amiibo Penguin Suit.png
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