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Penguins are a species of anthropomorphic, flightless bird found in the Mario series. Similar to their real life counterparts, they are good swimmers and inhabit cold climates. However, they can also inhabit tropical climates. Most do not hurt Mario, though they can serve as an obstacle to his quest.


Most penguins are colored a dark to moderate shade of blue with white bellies. They also have yellow beaks and feet.


Koopa Kart series

Penguins appear as an obstacle in the Koopa Kart series in snowy tracks. They push away and spin out any racer that bumps into them. Some move across the track by sliding on their bellies, while others simply waddle across the track.

Koopa Party series

In the Koopa Party series, Penguins appear in certain minigames where the setting is in a cold area. Here, they serve as obstacles to prevent the player from moving any further. In Koopa Party 8, a Penguin appears as one of thirty-six racers in the minigame Kart Khaos, where the player has to complete a three-lap race within ten minutes.