My bad, I can get a little over hyped sometimes. Anyway, I am Pengrin, the greatest bumpty in the world!

Pengrin is a young, purple bumpty who made his first debut as Mario's third partner in Paper Mario: Prophecy of the Arts.


Pengrin is a purplish penguin with a lavender underbelly, brown baseball cap, a red cape, and two bandages on his flippers, one of them hiding a corruption he received from an eruption of Mt. Tulip. Once fully transformed, he has pitch black feathers, large red eyes, and wings are much bigger, holding his large body up.


As a young kid, Pengrin mainly consists of a clumsy and naïve nature, easily distracted and has an extreme love for food, which is soon depicted when he is fully corrupted and seems to eat and destroy anything in his path. However, he is very supportive of Mario and likes to collect anything that catches his interest, for he is known in the group for his boundless curiosity.

During the journey, Pengrin begins to mature a little bit, controlling his obsession for food and learning to be serious when he needs to be. Yet when he transforms, his personality prior to meeting Mario returns to him as he struggles to keep it.


Attack FP Needed Description Ranks
Poke 0 Hits target with a stick. Initial
Snowball 3 Throws a snowball at target. Initial
Hammer Smack 5 Uses hammer at target. Super Rank
Ice Slide 8 Slides belly on ice slope at target. Ultra Rank
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