Pengino Yellow
A yellow Pengino, the most common variety.
Species Origin Holly Kingdom
Alignment Good
First Appearance Super Princess Quest
Notable Members
Princess Demetria

Penginos are a peaceful race of penguin-like humanoid characters and the primary inhabitants of the Holly Kingdom. Penginos live in Igloos throughout the kingdom, similar to Toads' Toad Houses.

The most prominent Pengino, Pengina, is the personal retainer of Princess Demetria.


Super Princess Quest

After Bowser kidnaps Princess Demetria and begins turning the Holly Kingdom into his own personal hot tub, the Penginos who inhabit the kingdom are left helplessly panicking until Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Rosalina, and Toad arrive to defeat him. Penginos can be found throughout the kingdom in their Igloos, where they provide assistance to the heroes corresponding to their color scheme: Yellow Penginos give out items, Blue Penginos offer a minigame where items and coins can be won, Green Penginos offer a minigame where items and extra lives can be won, Red Penginos give Super Stars when a level has been lost fifteen times, and a single Purple Pengino offers records after the game has been beaten.

General Information


Generally, Penginos are cowardly but helpful, offering their services to anyone who is kind to them but cowering in the face of danger.

Physical Appearance

Penginos appear to be dark-skinned, slim creatures with flippers instead of hands. They are constantly seen wearing what appears to be a hood with an orange visor, shadowing their faces except for their eyes. They also appear to wear orange shoes and a light blue bodysuit with a vest over it. The vests come in six different colors: yellow, blue, green, red, purple, and pink. The only known female Pengino, Pengina, is seen to have four eyelashes.


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