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The series page of the Pencil and Paper games, a series by NextGen Solo. The Pencil and Paper series is one of two currently running NextGen Solo game series, the other being the Kenny's Kwest series.

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Game Information
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Pencil and Paper

The first in the series, Pencil and Paper introduced all the staples of the series, like the main characters, worlds, and story premise.

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Pencil and Paper 2

The second game in the series introduced 3 new worlds to the series, while updating on the existing 8. Pencil and Paper 2 also placed a bigger focus on the "god characters" of the series, Hue and Shadin.

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Pencil and Paper: Shadin's Wrath

As the final game in the series, P&P: Shadin's Wrath focuses on the ending of the story set from the first game. There aren't any new worlds added in the installment, but the existing worlds it uses are all heavily updated and include much more content.

This is the only game in the series to have computer-generated artwork and to be on a home console, rather than a handheld.