Peewee Piranha

Peewee Piranha's artwork from RedYoshi's Universal Conquest

Peewee Piranha is a Piranha Plant from the Mario series. It first appears as a boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2 at the Sky Station Galaxy, in the mission "Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum".

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Peewee Piranha appears as the first boss of the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. To defeat it, Mario must Star Spin the eggshell covering most of his body. The shell will be completely broken off after two Star Spins. Then Mario must Star Spin Peewee Piranha's behind. Then, Peewee becomes angry and the shell reforms.  The second half of the battle begins and Mario must repeat the process again. During the second half, Peewee Piranha's speed and accuracy are increased, and he gains a new attack: he tries to jump on Mario. After the battle is over, Mario gains a Power Star.