Peashooter HD
Species Origin Pea
Rarity Common
Habitat(s) Lawns
Ability/ies Shooting Peas
Vulnerable To Fire
First Appearance Plants vs. Zombies
Notable Members
Green Shadow, Scooter
Crazy Dave

Peashooters are plants in the Plants vs. Zombies series that shoot peas at Zombies. They are arguably the most iconic plant in the Plants vs. Zombies games.


Peashooters are small, green plants with a single leaf on the back of their heads. They have a large mouth and two black eyes as well as four leafs.

Powers and Abilities

Peashooters can shoot an endless supply of peas at the Zombies. They can also move very fast in the garden warfare games. When they consume Plant food they shoot out a stream of Peas.

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