Paw Paw Island
Developer(s) SpectraGear Studios
Publisher(s) SpectraGear Studios, Nintendo, Sony
Platform(s) Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5
Genre(s) Pet Simulation

Paw Paw Island is a life simulation game created by SpectraGear Studios on September 21, 2021. In this game, the player cares for different animals who need a home.


The player receives a Critter Camp Island Package in their mail and arrives at a vacant island at sea in a plane alongside two other random creatures. Soon, they are toured around the island while the player learns how to fund and manage it.


Similar to Tomodachi Life and its Japan-exclusive prequel Tomodachi Collection, the player can check out other animals at their exhibits and help with their problems and issues. The game holds sweet anime-based visuals and slightly cartoonish appearances of the characters. Anything can happen between critters, and there are certain areas which can be unlocked, upgraded, and checked out by the player.


As manager of their island, players can host projects of a certain goal by raising charity, sharing to local critters, etc. Once a goal is reached, an announcement will be held from the Main Post.

Daily Report

These happen occasionally, reminding the player of a new unlocked feature. This can also feature the weather forecast, trends on the island, and other stuff. There are news reporters hosting the show, most in which are critters from other peoples' islands.

Critter Features

Critters will move in to exhibits and can be checked on once in a while. Their ability to start relationships can cause unpredictable and bizarre interactions.


To earn critters, a player must head to the Booth Station where they can fetch up unoccupied critters. There are a few Banners that will fetch a certain type of critter. Rarities are set into five ranks: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, and Legendary.


This shows a critter's stats. This includes their name, relationships, hunger, health, current mood, likes, dislikes, animal type, species, and rarity.



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