The Pathverse is the canon established in the game The Paths Crossed, and continued on with certain other games. It consists mostly of characters from other canons, but has no relation to them.


The Pathverse is created by the Masters. The Masters are Dialga, who allows time to flow, Palkia, who allows space to exist, Giratina, who separates the realms, Uxie, Mespirit and Azelf who created life, and Cresselia and Darkrai who control dreams and nightmares respectively.

The Masters themselves were created by Arceus, who also has control over the domains of the Masters but usually prefers to not interfere, staying in his own private realm which can only be accessed by himself, or when others are teleported there by him.

The Spirits were created by the Golden Godesses Nayru, Din and Farore, who existed alongside Arceus and helped him create the Pathverse. The Light Spirits, Ordona, Faron, Eldin and Lanayru, sustain light energy throughout the realms. The Fairy Spirits are normal fairies who have been given magic abilities by the Goddesses; they are Ciela, the Spirit of Courage, Leaf, the Spirit of Power and Neri, the Spirit of Wisdom. The Masters also have the ability to assign their own Fairy Spirits, although only Dialga has appointed a Spirit of Time (Ciela, who is also the Spirit of Courage).


See History of the Pathverse

The history of the Pathverse is sorted into different Ages; recorded history begins at the First Age, but legends tell of a time before the First Age (referred to as the Zero Age) where the Masters lived alongside the people, helping them to establish societies.


  • Devotee City: The capital city of the Inner Realm, created in the First Age and it stood until it was burnt down at the beginning of the Sixth Age.
    • Devotee Castle: This castle was designed by King Dedede during the First Age, and stood all the way until the Sixth Age when the monarchy was overthrown, and the Inner Realm became an anarchy.


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