Party Planners
Party Planners
All 18 members of the Party Planners.
Leader(s) Gustavo
Alignment Neutral
(Notable) Members
Chef Pubby
Dr. Piranhaca
Party Guy
Rex (pet)
Ribbon Bro.
First Appearance The Rescue Squad: Birthday Blitz
Organizing parties, defeating the Rescue Squad, defeating Mario and co.
Diamond, Bowser

The Party Planners are, as their name suggests, a group of birthday party planners that appear as bosses in The Rescue Squad: Birthday Blitz. They are hired by Diamond to collect various items around the neighboring Kingdoms of the Underworld, all of which would contribute to her birthday party being the best she ever had. The Rescue Squad see this happening, and take it as a challenge. As such, the four decide to race the Party Planners to the Kingdoms and get the items before the Party Planners can reach them, and in turn use said items for Pearl's birthday party. Their role in the game is very similar to the Broodals in Super Mario Odyssey.

Gustavo is the leader of the Party Planners, responsible for client relations and troubleshooting. As such, he is never seen taking part in the construction of the birthday parties. The rest of them, however, all have a certain role to fill when hosting the parties.


Party Planners
Character Information
Gustavo - Party Planners

Gustavo is a Monty Mole in a green tie and fedora. He is the leader, founder, and boss of the Party Planners. He is responsible for troubleshooting and client relations and isn't seen taking part directly in hosting parties. Like other Monty Moles, Gustavo can dig into the ground and surprise opponents by popping out unexpectedly.

Happy - Party Planners

Happy is a Koopa Troopa member of the Party Planners. He has a pink wig, clown shoes, and a large red, rubbery nose, and as such serves as a clown, responsible for party entertainment. Despite this, he hates kids with a burning passion, saying that his paycheck is his only motivation for working. He is also aggressive in battle, spinning around in his shell to attack opponents who try to get in his way.

Party Guy & Rex - Party Planners
Party Guy & Rex

Party Guy is a Shy Guy member of the Party Planners. Despite his shy and timid personality, he is great with kids and loves his job. He runs a petting zoo in the parties he helps set up, though at the same time struggles to keep his pet Chain Chomp Rex in check. The two are inseparable, and even battle opponents with each other. Albeit, Rex usually drags Party Guy along.

Ribbon Bro. - Party Planners
Ribbon Bro.

Ribbon Bro. is a Hammer Bro. member of the Party Planners. Taking an interest in ribbon dancing, he decided to take it up as a career and become a member of the team, entertaining children at parties with his graceful dance moves. He also puts these skills to use in battle, using it to both damage opponents and throw weapons such as hammers and boomerangs.

Buster - Party Planners

Though the youngest of the group, Buster is a valued member of the Party Planners. Being a Bob-omb, he is responsible for pyrotechnics, such as fireworks, and as such is always willing to make any party he helps set up a spectacle. He does have a very short temper though and is prone to explode out of anger when things don't go his way, especially when battling opponents.

Booline Twins - Party Planners
Booline Twins

The Booline Twins, individually named Darah and Abby respectively, are a pair of Boo Party Planners and responsible for decorations at the party. The sisters are inseparable and are rarely seen away from each other. Both take an interest in fashion and decorating, leading to their current job. The two also battle alongside each other when battling any opponents, and get enraged if one of them is defeated.

Goomba Troupe - Party Planners
Goomba Troupe

Jack, Jake, Josh, and John, collectively called the Goomba Troupe, are a quartet of four Goombas and members of the Party Planners, serving as entertainers and performing stunts on their unicycle. The four have a love-hate relationship with each other, though in the end are always willing to put differences aside to entertain kids. They also have spiked helmets as well as a unicycle, which are used when battling opponents.

Dr. Piranhaca - Party Planners
Dr. Piranhaca

Dr. Piranhaca is a Piranha Plant scientist and a member of the Party Planners. She was able to rework her Warp Pipe into a tank, giving it treads that allow for slow, yet effective transportation. She also gave her Warp Pipe a cannon, which can fire Bullet Bills at anyone who steps in her way.

Koopini - Party Planners

By far the eldest of the Party Planners, Koopini is a seasoned Magikoopa and a former member of Bowser's army, as well as a mentor for Kamek and Kammy Koopa. After retiring from his army, he decided to use his magical abilities in a non-violent manner, and as such joined the Party Planners as a magician, He is still very powerful and is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Raikitu - Party Planners

Raikitu is a Lakitu member of the Party Planners. Being a huge fan of heavy metal music, he took up the career as a music performer for such music, outfitting his cloud in drums to produce music wherever he goes. His appearance and music often scare the children, however. He also has thunder abilities, which he can use to his advantage in any battle.

Chef Pubby - Party Planners
Chef Pubby

Chef Pubby is a Spike member of the Party Planners, in charge of preparing the foods and dishes at the birthday parties he helps to set up. He speaks in a deep French accent and is obsessed with creating the finest cuisine to satisfy any child. He has the unique ability to upchuck gumballs instead of spiked balls, which comes useful when battling opponents.

Squidito - Party Planners

Though not the most focused, Squidito is an invaluable member of the Party Planners. Like most Bloopers, he can squirt ink, though he can also squirt colored ink, and as such is in charge of making mural art to make any birthday party more special. His ink is also incorporated into his battle patterns, where he covers the arena in ink to make opponents slip around.

Krash - Party Planners

Krash is a Ka-Thunk member of the Party Planners. As such, he is assigned to taking photographs at birthday parties and frame them. He is often seen inside a giant picture frame-inspired Ka-Thunk, making him the largest member of the group. This large frame is used whenever he battles opponents that get in the group's way.


The Rescue Squad: Birthday Blitz

The Party Planner make their debut as bosses in The Rescue Squad: Birthday Blitz. They are seen with Diamond, as she hires them to travel to the various Kingdoms to get supplies to make her birthday party better. The Rescue Squad decide to get these items before they do, and use them for Pearl's birthday party. Aside from Honeyhive Elementary and Thundervolt Castle, every Kingdom has one battle with one of the members. Defeating them will allow the player to collect the birthday item as well as a Party Star. This, alongside inviting the Kingdoms' royal families, is necessary for story progression.



  • The boss battles of the Party Planners are all based on the behavior of their regular enemy counterparts.
  • As mentioned, the Party Planners are based on the Broodals from Super Mario Odyssey. Specifically, Gustavo is based on Topper in that he is the leader of the group, Buster is based on Hariet for being in charge of pyrotechnics, and Squidito is based on Spewart in that they both spray liquid in their battles.
    • Party Guy and Rex may also be based on Madame Broode and her Chain Chompikins, as both use pet Chain Chomps to attack the player.
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