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Paradigm Shift

Alister is a playable hero in Paradigm. He is one of the 10 free heroes introduced at launch.


Doctor Alister is a quiet and stony-faced scientist researching methods of fine-tuning the human genome by using radiation to effectively accelerate evolution. Turned away by his peers as a madman, he seeks to prove them wrong by testing the wartime applications of his technology.


Alister is tall and thin, with a pale face that has been scarred and burned by overexposure to radiation in the past. His eyes are almond-shaped and emerald, and his tidily-cut hair is light brown.

Alister generally wears a lab coat - the sole remaining sign of his title as a doctor - over his cargo pants, combat boots, and black t-shirt. All of his clothing is a bit on the ragged side due to his time spent travelling and researching evolution. Strapped to his right arm is his gauntlet-like mutation device, which fires various types of radiation from its palm when necessary.

Alister maintains a cold exterior that others tend to find unnerving. Underneath it, however, lies a dangerous eccentric who is hell-bent on changing the world with his discoveries, regardless of how dangerous those discoveries could be.


Alister is a fairly standard support character. His ability to heal and buff nearby allies makes him most useful on the front line, but he is physically lacking and usually doesn't last long if he doesn't have an ally to protect him. His health is also rather below-average, though his slightly greater speed lets him keep up with assault heroes.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Toxic Strike Alister performs a single weak jab with his right arm, followed by a slightly stronger hook punch with his left upon pressing V2Action Red. Aside from their aura of radiation that poisons struck enemies, the punches do barely any damage. Regression Alister fires a single burst of close-range harmful radiation from his mutation device, knocking away enemies in front of him while dealing low damage and poisoning struck enemies. After firing the burst, Alister is momentarily left vulnerable to harm while he recharges the device.
Special Ability 1 Special Ability 2
Regenerator Stream Alister automatically locks on to a nearby ally and begins healing them with a beam of strange energy. If other allies move into the beam's path, they will also be slightly healed. However, Alister must be near the targeted ally to continue healing them, and cannot use his standard attacks while healing. Alister is also incapable of targeting himself. Mutation Pulse Alister automatically locks on to a nearby ally and alters their physiology using genetic manipulation. He can either grant the target passive regeneration, increase their damage output, or protect them against specific types of damage - the result is mostly randomized. Each ally can only have one boon at any given moment, and the boons wear off after a set amount of time passes. Alister is also incapable of targeting himself.
Paradigm Shift
Symbiosis Alister releases a wave of intense mutagenic energy in a radius around him, causing nearby allies to rapidly evolve. For a short while, all allies within range will rapidly regenerate and have both their offensive and defensive abilities increased. Unfortunately, neither of these boons apply to Alister himself, and felling him will preemptively dispel the Paradigm Shift.


Let us begin today's testing session.
Upon joining a match

I'm guessing you'd rather not be my control group...
Upon joining a match

Let's see how you can improve, eh?
Upon using Mutation Pulse

Perfect mutualism!
Upon using Symbiosis

We shall all evolve in harmony!
Upon using Symbiosis

Shame, Lisette. I could've made you even faster.
Upon killing Lisette

No hard feelings. My technology is simply better.
Upon killing Clara

The path your species' evolution took must be intriguing...
Upon killing Styng

It seems I've evolved beyond perfection...
Upon killing Ava Cthulhu

I'll have to examine your biology further once this is over...
Upon killing Aquilia


  • Alister was heavily inspired by the concept of BioShock's DNA-altering Plasmids and Vigors.
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