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Paradigm is a 3D 3rd-person MOBA developed by Sixgon, in collaboration with Toroko and many other companies, for The V². It is a free-to-start game with an ever expanding amount of content. All content is completely original.


The year is 29XX. Modern multidimensional transport technology has allowed scientists to discover a cluster of realms, known as the Paradigm. As researchers, government officials and even some tourists plunged into the unknown and amazing world, so did a handful of unsavory characters. Soon, the appeal of these worlds was realized, and the potential taken advantage of. The Paradigm soon became host to a dangerous form of competition.

In this hostile and unknown world, who will reign supreme?


The game takes place on a 3D map, from a 3rd person perspective. Two teams of four versus each other; red team vs. blue team. Each map has its own objective, and the team who clears it is the victor. Each team is composed of four players, whom are each controller one of many Heroes. Heroes can be switched freely on death.

Each hero has their own health meter. Once it is empty, they die. It will not restore automatically, so you must use an on-map item or ability.

The player can move freely around with the Right Thumbstick, and can strafe while it is pressed. The Left Thumbstick will rotate the camera (pan it while pressed). The Bottom Triggers will zoom the camera in and out, and pressing both at once will reset the camera to its default position. Heroes can jump using V2Action Blue.png.

Every hero has a Quick Attack with V2Action Red.png and a Heavy Attack with V2Action Green.png. Quick attacks are faster, yet weaker and have less flinch, while heavy attacks deal more flinch and damage at the cost of speed. In addition, most quick attacks have about 2 follow-up attacks that can be performed by pressing the button multiple times. Some heavy attacks also have this property.

Each character has two additional Special Ablities, performed with the Shoulder Buttons. The exact function of a special ability is character specific. Some may require a resource, some just a cooldown, and others may have no limit. They may damage an enemy, buff the player, or heal a teammate.

Pressing an Inner Trigger will perform that hero's Paradigm Shift. However, it requires a full meter before it can be used. Paradigm Shifts are powerful, game changing special abilities. Your meter will fill slowly on its own, but attacking enemies, assisting teammates, and handling objectives will fill it faster.

V2Action Purple.png will react to certain objects, generally those pertaining to an objective.

V2Directional.png will say a variety of lines to your teammates.


The first 10 heroes released are fully available for free. Afterwards, all heroes must be purchased separately to be playable. However, one hero becomes free to access each week, to players that do not own them, for that week only.


Character Description Character Description
Lisette is a lone female bounty hunter that enters the Paradigm in search of her targets. Her playstyle consists of rushing in and barraging the enemy with quick attacks from her handguns. However, be wary of playing on the defensive, as defense is not Lisette's forte.
Added by Apihedron

Doctor Alister is a seemingly cold and uncaring doctor devoted to the field of genetic manipulation. Though he is capable of restoring health, his main draw is his ability to fine-tune allies' stats by altering their DNA. Of course, he cannot "adjust" himself and improve his own lacking physical power.
Added by Monstermanchego

Clara 003
Clara is a member of the Psiwitch cult, a group that uses technology in such a way that it appears to be magic. Clara is an "anti-support" character, focused around hindering the other team by lowering stats and trapping them.
Added by Pyrostar

Ignis is an intelligent dragonoid native to the Paradigm. In disagreement with its takeover by Earth scientists, he dons his Wing Pack and decides to flush them out. Ignis is a strong crowd-control hero, with most of his tools tailor made for the role. He can lay a carpet of flame, or even switch to Flight mode to harass and scorch enemies from the sky.
Added by Apihedron


A wanderer and former soldier from a realm in the Paradigm where bees are the primary species. Styng is a glass cannon who can dish out damage and immobilize opponents but can't defend himself very well.
Added by Sr.Wario


Oni is a demon who fights with a massive club and has the reputation of being unbeatable due to her massive strength. She is pretty quick too, but it comes at the cost of a very low defense.
Added by Exotoro


Maloha is a girl who loves the outdoors. She is a very confident individual and she loves being her own boss of a juice company. She is a very experienced worker and loves to make all different kinds of drinks and serve them around the world.
Added by Solarrion


A flamboyant demon hunter with a trenchcoat, hot on the heels of the vampire lord that has plagued his family for generations. With his incredible range and durability, he's a force to be reckoned with, but his slow attacking speed can leave him wide open.
Added by Monstermanchego


Car1 is a man who was corrupted by the media, and was soon absorbed from his life and became an outcast, soon becoming a half-computer himself. He is a glass cannon, easily being killed due to the fragile nature of computers, but can summon viruses and "what's trendy" to fight with him.
Added by EnderLegends

Ava Cthulhu

Ava was a little girl raised by parents with expectations for her to become a Lovecraftian monster when she grew up. While tossing a coin into a well making a wish to not disappoint her parents, she fell into the well and died. However, her fall disturbed Cthulhu who infested her body and gave her life. Ava starts out with the weakest stats every round, but can grow stronger by satisfying her hunger for blood with no true limit.
Added by SuperSmashBlender17

Character Description Character Description

A mysterious, spy like individual. Nobody truly knows the identity of Sneakman or his motives, but there are theories. Sneakman is a tricky stealth character, with the ability to teleport, cloak himself, and even attack from a distance with thrown knives.
Added by Apihedron

A horrifying hodgepodge of machine and flesh. Aquila is an animalistic cyborg with a merciless fighting style and an offputtingly optimistic personality. They are an up close and personal DPS character using his technowires to drag enemies towards Them and then pummel the shit out of em.
Added by Crunch

(also known as Edwin “Ed” Coderick) is a 16-year-old teenage rollerskater with electric abilities. A high-school trouble-maker who gained his powers after he was affected by electricity. Shock’Ed is a speed character who can attack enemies using his acrobatic moves and electric abilities.
Added by Tigzon the Tigerox

Amber Velvet

Amber Velvet is a years old vampire who comes from an alternate dimension where vampires took over a post apocalyptic world and turned normal humans into their slaves. A cold and ruthless fighter, she utilizes brutal techiniques in combat, preferring to rush the opponent and defeat them without a chance. She is accompined by two human slaves, of which help her in her attacks or can be used to heal her by sucking their blood.
Added by .vectorDestiny

Bomb With Legs
Bomb With Legs is, well, a giant explosive with limbs. Bomb With Legs stands on the battlefield with only one purpose in life: to explode. However, due to Bomb With Legs' explosive nature, he can only attack once before he depletes the entirety of his health, so it's important to use the right attack at the right time.
Bomb With Legs is given free with the purchase of any other character.
Added by SuperSmashBlender17

A powerful and influential vampire and a pioneer in the technology responsible for the ability to travel through the Paradigm. Elysium is a slow powerhouse that relies on draining health to maintain his vitality and trapping his targets before closing in for the kill.
Added by Monstermanchego

Nate Paradigm.png

A professional boxer who has become bored with the mundane rules of regular boxing and seeks a more interesting match. Nate may be slow, but packs a punch (literally). He fights pretty dirty, using moves that have been deemed illegal in the boxing community and even tripping his opponents.
Added by Hamclub13


The Totem Decuplets

The Totem decuplets are ten identical sisters stacked on top of each other, with Erin at the bottom and Lulu at the top. The sisters work together in everything they do, even described by some as some sort of "hivemind." The Totem decuplets will start out with average stats, but will collectively grow stronger every time one of their sisters is defeated.
Added by SuperSmashBlender17

NOTE: Outdated Artwork

A rootin', tootin' rabbit-eared farmer from a far-off kingdom, living in the outer areas, tending to his crops. He may seem pretty peaceful and friendly, but a closer look shows that he's a powerful warrior. He wields a blade called the Carrot Blade which looks just a little too tasty to be deadly.
Added by TheFoxyRiolu

Number 21

Number 21 has no name nor memory. He is a blue-skinned man who is hunted by the Paradigm Federation. He can create portals and turn into a "ghost" for a short time. According to the Federation, his body storages energy of the portals that brought them to Paradigm.


A girl who has never experienced real luck in this world and always kept her emotions for herself. This created Moody, an extension of her emotions through which she control said emotions and use them as weapon. She generally displays no emotion, but is quick on her feet.
Added by DarKingdomHearts


A woman on the run, framed for a murder she didn't commit. Jailbird has built up a unique persona as a vigilante to escape the law, using the high-tech devices once used to imprison her as her weapons. She's swift and resourceful, and capable of taking a hit.
Added by PabloDePablo

Anna Spindgetti.pngAnna Spindgetti

A scientist who is probably just a little bit crazy and is always working with alchemist elements or making potions. While not immenesly deadly, she can heal her allies and give them crazy effects with the exhaustive alchemy system.
Added by Exotoro

Jane Tenebris

A violent but good-hearted agent of the Paradigm Federation, who are trying to round up outlaws and cease the illegal conflict going on, Jane is a very complex person who's just trying to do her job. She's strong, but focuses purely on offensive skills and has no melee attacks.
Added by Sr.Wario

Noise E. Boi

Once an average human, he was genetically modified with bat DNA, which gives him the ability to track down enemies with mere sound. Noise E. can be sarcastic and prone to anger, but he's willing to help out as long as he gets a reward.
Added by MeGa eXal


The soul of a princess of pure and noble heart, possessing the sword of the dark knight who killed her. Ophelia is literally nothing more than a floating sword, so she has a small hitbox and can reflect some projectiles, but also relies solely on melee attacks.
Added by Pyrostar

AmyAmastuchi.pngAmy Amastuchi

A android that was formerly known as Jumper-004, before an event that she forgot led to her current set of memories. Amy uses jumping attacks and can jump incredibly high, with several aerial options.
Added by Exotoro

Hyper Metal

A psychotic robot developed by a race of advanced monkey-human hybrid overlords.  Hyper Metal is extremely swift, and while it falls apart quickly and takes much recoil damage, it can dish out much damage before its demise.
Added by .snickedge


Triple-C, also known as Carlin Collin Calvin, was the leader of the terrorist organization Parasite… until he was exposed to the Paradigm, which constantly likes to mess with them. The Paradigm made Triple-C go mentally and physically insane in pretty much every aspect. Because of this, he actually can't stop moving, like, at all, and he has a quick pace. His attacks also require "button mashing" to work properly.
Added by SuperSmashBlender17


Raevos is one of the Entorons, a race of immortal cosmic beings assigned to keep the universe in order. After millennia of monotony, the Entorons became mischievous, which was enough to send them into madness because their actions contradicted their existence. They got corrupted, causing chaos instead of order. Raevos is one of the few uncorrupted, and so tempers himself by participating in the Paradigm, dealing heavy-hitting but slow attacks.

Added by FlamingoPhoenixFeathers

Marco Pistol Gemello.png

A sicilian gunman of American origins. Pistol was once a member of the mafia Camorra and likes taking adventures in the USA, until Gina was kidnapped by a mysterious man. Pistol focuses on long range attacks, in which deals speed damage.
Added by Collaterale1


Elena Dimitrirov.png

A gentle and love peacing Russian girl who stranded into America after she was seperated from her family and find them. She has her pet mouse named Tyupan. She is a heal-type character who dosen't attack her enemy directly (except her quick and heavy attacks)
Added by Collaterale1


Insert Insect

An adorable insect-like creature with the power of Insertion; this allows it to "insert" blocks with different properties into the map. It was tamed and was then brought into the competition. Insert Insect is very good in maps where the goal involves capturing points.
Added by Poisonshot



An abombination created by a unknown company to absorb the fragments of the Paradigm and become ruler. Chimera automatically transforms into another character for a few seconds.
Added by Collaterale1

Oliva Mazixen.png
Olivia Mazixen

A normal girl who found herself in Paradigm and must defend herself with a bat. While she may not seem too interesting on her own, she can apply all kinds of materials to her bat based off other characters.
Added by Exotoro


A showy try-hard Deathorn who is actually very skilled and threatening wizard in his own right. Darthomus is capable to neglict the others Abilities with his own power, allies and enemies alike, and also give powerful magic attacks.
Added by Samtendo09


An experiment in sentient plant life, which was placed into the Paradigm to test her abilities. Her plant-like nature causes her to be dangerously toxic.
Added by Apihedron

Bloody Hands

An infamous serial killer who is simply called Bloody Hands by the crowds which is ironic because he never uses his hands. He uses telekinesis to operate his murder weapons and sticks them in his own back when he isn't using them.
Added by DarKingdomHearts

Hisao and Kool Man.png
Hisao and Kool Man

They are Japanese school boys that attented in Mizune Day High School. Hisao is very agressive (Then later gentle when he encounters Elena), while Kool Man does nothing but protect him, and he is obssesed with money. Both are tag-team characters, and they are the only ones to gain a third special ability.
Added by Collaterale1

A young girl who lost her soul and thus can't feel any emotion belonging to her, she instinctively joins Paradigm in attempt to find her soul. In terms of direct combat Luna can't really do much, instead she is able to tank heavy hits hits from her opponents before reflecting them with twice the power.
Added by ϞPlazzapϟ

Shining Sword Crasher Knight

Nobody knows where he came from or who he is. All we know is he fights in the paradigm for justice and is powered by posing.

Added by Crunch

Haru Kitsune

Haru Kitsune is a shrine maiden who can construct things from spirit energy, which she can sap from opponents in her evil "white" form. Haru Kitsune has two forms and each is fairly different; in her normal form, she is more of a builder, able to create deadly traps through buildings and support her team mates. Her evil "white" form saps energy from other characters and is more about being a wild creature that is always scampering but never really attacking head-on.
Added by Exotoro



A world-class magician from New Orleans, she is trained in showmanship and the art of illusions, using them in battle to fool and bedazzle her enemies. Her tricks are not actual magic; she relies on various equipment and her theatric bombasticness like any old magician would. Because of this, her moveset paints a support character.
Added by FlamingoPhoenixFeathers

Master Demus.png
Master Demus

One of the original explorers of the Paradigm. He is a wise and mytical old man who can control and create any life he gave. Demus is a magic-type character who focuses on powering up his teammates, or defeat the enemies by casting a magic.
Added by Collaterale1

Chem Jack


Added by Apihedron

Natalya & V.L.A.D.


Added by Apihedron


Ruler of the distant land of Molotov. He is a boisterous leader he craves glory for himself and his people. In battle, he is a momentum based character- he becomes faster and stronger as he lands attacks, but becomes weaker and slower if he misses or takes damage. High risk, high reward!
Added by LegendaryHero1023

Subject 050

A highly evolved creature resembling a massive amoeba, found within the Paradigm, contained by forces long gone. Nobody knows how to communicate with the mysterious "Subject 050", but the government has attempted to control it; time will tell if it obeys. Subject 050 is fairly unskilled in all areas at the start of a match, but taking different forms of damage and capturing objectives will eventually lead to it adapting for battle.
Added by PabloDePablo

Kuleana Laki.png
Kuleana Laki

A Hawaiian musician who suffers of obesity find his way to the music world, where he became a strong influence to the Hawaiian culture. His attacks find in time for the stage song. While he got the largest stamina and defense, he is very slow and can't jump higher.
Added by Collaterale1

O. Clock


O. Clock is a mechanical AI that functions under protection and tactics. He is renowned for leaping across every time period and gathering cosmetics for himself. The longer he stays on the battlefield at once, the more of a powerhouse he becomes, but once he is reset his entire foundation falls down.
Added by LunarScald

Wuwei Shan.png
Wuwei Shan

A cantonese jiangshi who wants revenge against Yihamah for shooting him. Shan is known for having 5 different movesets using 5 Animal Stances that each has different stats.
Added by Collaterale1

Princess Jodha

A jungle princess who is one with the jungle and can "talk" with it and even bring the jungle wherever she goes. With jungle always behind her, Jodha is powerful and has many tricks and tools to use against whatever gets in her way.
Added by Exotoro.


A mysterious being from the Paradigm, nobody knows who or what Freak is or why it got involved in the feud, but at least they seem to be having the time of their life. Freak is made to be a very tricky character to both play as and deal with, using many annoying tactics to avoid damage and hit back before making a get away.
Added by CSketch


A goddess of war, who is once cruel and ruthless, now became a excited competitor once inside the Paradigm. She can summon Abaddon and Stolas as she is a summoner, despite only two she can do (or three if you count her Paradigm Shift), she has the lowest health, and is able to be defeated easily, but it doesn't matter.
Added by Collaterale1


Ostensibly an exotic dancer, the beautiful Raijinn is actually amischevious shapeshifting genie, who uses her abilities to sow chaos wherever she goes. She acts as an espionage character, taking on guises before attacking enemies from within.
Added by Pyrostar

Midnight 058
Midnight is a young woman born with the power of controlling the elements. Her play style involves a good amount of stealth, and she has a lot of ranged elemental attacks, but isn't the best at offence or defence.
Added by KirbiMiroir

A genetically modified lizard who got out of her lab and is just attempting to find somewhere to make her nest. Fast and violent, Carniza is incredibly deadly but can be killed incredibly easily.
Added by Exotoro

Olympia Maizden

Olympia Maizden is the mother of Olivia Maizden and fights with a fifth dimensional sword that allows her to see behind walls and hidden characters.
Added by Exotoro.

Xoxo Heartly

Xoxo Heartly is a powerful, quick medic who can create little helpful heart-shaped beings when she blows kisses.
Added by StarfyBlenda

Calvin Kitty.png
Calvin Kitty
A hearty breed of a peculiar species that seems to be a cross of of a human and a cat. Aside from his feline mannerisms and utter naivety, he is an excellent combatant, practising his people's ancient art of The Paw. Even though he finds himself in trouble and in the Paradigm due to his curiosity, he manages to come out of it mostly unscathed lashing out quick close-threaded attacks.

Added by FlamingoPhoenixFeathers


Onibara is a powerful, sadistic demon woman who is the sister of Oni, or Onigoru. She is far more violent, far more out of control than her sister, and make no mistake: these two could not be further apart from each other.
Added by Exotoro

Not available.


Added by Nobody


All stages are completely free. More stages are simply added over time.

Stage Description Stage Description
The Monolith 001
The main section of the map is a large round area, with various stone ramps jutting up from the ground and blue ring markings radiating from the center. The outer edge of the map contains a stone hallway-like structure that circles the entire map, with various small windows, as well as four ramps that lead to the middle area. In the very middle of the map is a raised stone area with blue markings, the Monolith itself.
The objective of the map is to take the raised middle platform, and keep it for a longer time than the enemy team.
Island with Legs 002
The giant arena is an island which is very natural- trees of different types, beaches, and other natural things are randomly spread around the map. There are also hills and cliffs, as well as a few rivers and waterfall, but it's not as big as a normal island. On the opposite beaches, the spawns are, which are under umbrellas. The biggest feature is that the island has legs. The island, after about 30 seconds after the game starts, will rise up from the ground and, after a cutscene, will cause the island to move around quickly through the ocean until it finds another island, (which resembles Hawaii but with one of its islands missing), and sits down next to it. In the forest area, healing items can be found randomly on some bushes and trees. In the very middle, there is also a giant mountain, with a big tree hut on the top, which is the control point.
The objective is to have control of the control point when the island reaches its destination.
Low-Poly Coliseum 003
The Low-Poly Coliseum is simply a stadium made up of low-polygon graphics similar to those you would see on the Nintendo 64, complete with rectangular audience members in the seats. The coliseum is divided into four sections by walls that constantly shift to change up the environment, as well as a small "hole" opening on both sides with the team spawn points. Each section has a "modifier" to the battle. One section has a gladiator with a badly-designed lion that chases players, another has spiked hurdles that players will have to jump over, one has randomly-spawning portals, and the last is just a block of water.
The objective of this map is to gain "Entertainment Points" by conquering challenges and defeating players on the opposing team. The team with the most Entertainment Points at the end of the round wins. Entertainment Points are exclusive to this map.
Dark Matter Generator 004
A map that is very treacherous to navigate, consisting of several narrow walkways intersecting two concentric circle hallways, the interior one being connected to a small central platform with a large spire-like generator. The entire map takes place over a bottomless pit, so be extremely wary of falling to your death.
Every time a round begins in the Dark Matter Generator, a chosen player begins the match with a sphere of dark matter attached to them. This dark matter comes with a 30-second timer; if that runs out, they are blasted by the central spire and eliminated from the match. Players can pass the sphere through physical contact, which also resets the timer; tag-backs are not allowed, so you are safe from a sphere you just gave to someone else. If somebody is eliminated, the sphere jumps to a random player. The aim is to be the last player standing.
Warehouse Asimov 005
A big warehouse that has spaceships that are need in repair. Players can actually stand on the lights and break them. Inside some of the crates that litter the map are neat easter eggs referencing sci fi culture, such as a monolith or broken down garbage cubing bot.
The objective of this map is to get the most amount of points for your team.
Supermoon 006
A huge lunar landscape that circles around. It's pretty barren and flat with a couple sparse mountains. Hidden in the center of the map is a giant in operational drill.
The objective of this map is to get the most amount of points for your team.
Purgatory Opera House 007
Elysium's most recent headquarters in his long struggle against the ancestors of Marko. It's still open for business even after the disappearance of its founder, but this battle is occurring after hours. The center of this map is wide-open, but there are also several side corridors that players can use to reach balconies, the orchestra pit, the lobby, or even the stage itself.
The objective of this map is to get the most amount of points for your team.
Hive Havoc 008
A wide open stage that is a bit of a nail-biter to play on, and is more aimed towards casual players than competitive players, having a fun party game feel to it. This abandoned hive once belonged to the species of anthromorphic bees that Styng is from, presumably being a military base for them. Each team starts at a different side of the hive, and the map's geography is rather basic, featuring a few hills and lots of barrels and barricades to use as cover. The main feature of this map are the crates, which can be broken to collect random items. You can get honey jars to restore health, miniature Honey Gatlers that can be fired at enemies to do damage, sticky honey grenades that will immobilize opponents, and even honeycombs which will slightly fill your Paradigm Shift meter. Just don't get a honey mine, or you'll be stuck in honey temporarily, leaving you open for attack.
The objective of this map is for your team to get the most kills.
Rainbow Valley 009
A wide open area with grassy plains, rivers and, quite fittingly, several rainbows. Each team starts on a different side of the valley. Every rainbow shines on a certain area, and standing in an area where a rainbow is shining will cause random benefits to occur. There are also piles of leaves which can be uncovered to reveal various items, including Flowers which restore health or small animals which will tag along with you, causing your Paradigm Shift meter to fill more quickly while they're around.
The objective of this map is for your team to be the first to get 50 kills.
TBA 010


  • Paradigm is heavily influenced by B.O.K.O and SMASH BROS: EVERYONE!!!.
  • The map "Island with Legs" is a reference to the character named "Bomb with Legs".