Paper Peach is an upcoming role-playing video game. It's going to be published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It will be the sixth instalment for the Paper Mario (series) despite not having the “Paper Mario” in the title. The game is also stated as a spiritual sequel to 2005's Super Princess Peach.

Paper Peach borrows many gameplay elements from the series as a drawing based art style but mostly from the second instalment of the series, the 2004’s Paper Mario : The Thousand-Year Door, such as a turn-based battle system, multiple playable characters and chapters.

The plot follows Princess Peach as, after an unexpected betrayal from Mario, has to run away from her kingdom, The Mushroom Kingdom, and saves herself from her past allies now become her worst enemies.

This game is also expected to bring back Intermissions between chapters, where you can assume the role of Mario, Daisy, Luigi and also Waluigi with their own stories connected with the main story.


       Main Characters



The Heroic Princess
Paper Peach3

"Let me get them! I am a PRINCESS,
and they have thrown mud at my dignity!"

This is time, Princess Peach is under the spotlight! Armed with courage and her stylish parasol she is now determined to kick some butts. Don't understimate her, she also has the grey matter to resolve each enigma on her way!

It is impossible that this courageous princess is behind the evil plan jeopardizing the Mushroom Kingdom, her own kingdom! Is she hiding some dark secrets? Probably not... But she is now on her own to fight for herself and discover the truth behind this conspiracy!



The Big Meany ?


Why Mario did such a vile thing to Princess Peach? Accusing her of all the disasters threatening the Mushroom Kingdom? Make the whole kingdom turns against her!

No one would ever imagine the day where Mario becomes the bad guy but Princess Peach is innocent and for proving it she has no other choice to fight against who was the closest person from her. It's heartbreaking!


Captain Syrup

The Black Sugar Commander

"Anchors aweigh sweety."

The pirate leader of the Black Sugar Gang and an unlikely ally for Peach in her adventure.

Captain Maple Syrup is the most researched criminal in Sarasaland, this treasure-crazy brigand is malicious and should not be trusted but Peach doesn't have much of a choice, she is the only one that see her as an innocent.

As Peach becomes a new crew member in the Black Sugar Gang, the two of them start to get closer, developing an unexpected camaraderie.



The Fearless Bestie

"Daisy Kick!!"

Daisy is, since a long time, Peach's best friend. Despite both living in different kingdoms they see each other regularly, it helps that Daisy has her own plane!

When Daisy discovers what happened in the Mushroom Kingdom she could not believe it and without any clue about where could be Peach, she chooses, with the help of her Sassy assistant, Venus the Dayzee, to investigate.

Don't stand on her way, she is an intrepid girl and ready to fight!


Luigi & Waluigi

The Awkward Duo

"Wahahaha! Too slow, Luigi!"
"Ohhh boy..."

Wait... Why are this two rivals together?

And what are they doing when everyone is freaking out in the Mushroom Kingdom?!

One thing is certain, nobody expect this two to solve any problems but maybe we are just too quick on the judgment...

       Peach's Partners

To see the complete gameplay go here

Throughout the game, Peach uses partners. His partners have purposes in both the overworld and battle. Every partner knows one normal attack and one ability upon joining the party but learns a second ability after being upgraded to Super Rank, and masters the Vibe Mode when given by a Princess Spirit.

Toadette PLEA


The Tickled Toad
Toadette and Princess Peach get along very well. Toadette always wants to help Peach any way she can, even though she's pushy about it and even when everything seems to prove that Peach is becoming dangerous.
Mr goom

Mr. Goom

The Wacky Warlock
Peach comes accross this unpredictable Goom, when she tries to free the Wario Castle against Madame Mothana. Like most of her partner, Mr Goom can't talk but he succeed to present himself as a novice (and often clumsy) magician with big dreams. We all hope that someday, we will find in a prestigious theater!


Paper Peach was developed by Intelligent Systems, the company behind all the Paper Mario games.

After the mixed reception of the last two series instalments, Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Paper Mario: Color Splash, producer Kensuke Tanabe shared his desire to create two distinguish but complementary universes in the Paper Mario series, one which will purse the actual action-centric format and a new one which will come back to the turn-based role play dropped out since the second instalment.

Paper Peach was first revealed at the Nintendo's E3 2019 direct, with the promise to return to the Paper Mario : The Thousand-Year Door Gameplay and reconnect with the fan of the second instalment.

The game was announced as having a “risky storyline” as it will break lot of the series ropes, first of all by having Mario as the main antagonist and Princess Peach as the main protagonist but also for giving what they call “a real development of one of the most cherished character in the franchise” and “a renaissance to forgotten characters”. In fact less-known characters as Captain Syrup, Tatanga, Waluigi and Daisy are announced to be, for the first time, in front of the adventure.

It was also described as heavily inspired by the Super Mario Land trilogy universe.


The following section is about the gameplay new elements since The Thousand-Year Door.
To see the complete gameplay go here

In terms of gameplay, Paper Peach brings over the core mechanics of The Thousand-Year Door and enhances them.

       Open world (or Open Ocean)

800px-SSBU-Paper Mario 2
This is the first Paper Mario game with a Open world gameplay where the player have much more freedom on how it is possible to move forward in the story as the game have less predefined directions than the previous instalments. As soon as the player finish the first chapter, they can control the Black Sugar vessel, the Sweet Stuff, and then have the choice to sail between various islands each representing a different chapter of the story.

This means that each chapter, after that, can be done, to a certain extent, in any order. The special events will all depend, not on your location but on your progression (how much chapter bosses you have defeated and how much special events did the player unlock before).


The player, now play with Peach as the main protagonist and starts their adventure with a parasol instead of a hammer.

Her parasol, is the most used accessories in the game. It gives to Peach the opportunity to hit the enemy and some obstacles like the Hammer but also so grab things to throw them after.

If the parasol is open (when he doesn’t have an enemy or object trapped inside), Peach can access the ability of gliding in the air.

In-battle, when an enemy is too weak to fight Peach, the player can absorb them with Peach’s Parasol. Using this move, Peach can launch the absorbed enemies toward other enemies inflicting them damage.

       Vibe system

The Vibe system makes its return since the Super Princess Peach game.

There are four Vibes, Joy, Gloom, Rage and Calm; all of which are based on her emotions.

Each Vibe has its own Meter that increases with specific action. The more filled up a Vibe meter is, the more powerful the powers using this Vibe will be. Using Vibe power will decrease the respective meter. If a Meter is maxed up every battle participants will be affected by the vibe.

During battle, this Vibes can be used as power to gain bonus and affect all the participant on the stage and the audience. This is particularly efficient with sensible enemies (the shiny ones) who gains new abilities depending on which Vibe power is using.

The Vibe system replaces the Crystal Star powers from The Thousand-Years Old Door.


Its powers are based on the flower and the fruits.

In battle, Peach can fill up her Joy Meter by using items in-battle. The power are mostly based on giving to Peach new offensive or healing items or to upgrade the ones she already has.

Using a Joy Power on sensible enemies will give them wings.


Its powers are based on the water.

In battle, Peach can fill up her Gloom Meter by being low on health. The power are mostly based on the defensive and counter the attack.

Using a Gloom Power on sensible enemies will make them cry and change them into Boo if they faint crying.


Its powers are based on the fire.

In battle, Peach can fill up her Rage Meter by taking hit. The power are mostly based on the offensive.

Using a Rage Power on sensible enemies will make them enemies stronger, faster and concentrate their attack uniquely toward the Princess.


Its powers are based on the wind.

In battle, the Calm Meter is filling up constantly but slowly. The power are mostly based on healing Peach and her partners.

Using a Calm Power on sensible enemies will give them a green shield making them invincible but giving to the Princess the possibility to bounce on it and even roll with it.

       Princess Spirits & Vibe modes

Further in the game, the player can even make an association between a Vibe and one of their Party Members by putting a partner in the audience on Vibe Mode.

A Party Member doesn't have the ability to use the Vibe mode at first. This new ability are given by the Princess spirits that Peach meets in the end of most of the chapters. When she meets a Princess spirit, Peach can choose which of her actual Party Members can have the ability to use the Vibe Mode.

Bu putting a Party Member in Vibe Mode, Peach will see the Vibe powers that she can summon during the battle greatly influenced to the point to be, sometimes, completely changed. With eight different Partners, this association system can give to the player up to 36 different Vibe powers.

       Audience & VIP members

As previous game in the series, the battles take place on a stage in front of an audience which can help the player if it performs well or throw damage-causing items at the player or leave if the player performs poorly.

There is more level than the previous instalments, as for every 10 levels, the stage will increase by 50 audience members for a total of 300 at level 50.

The more audience members are in the stage, the more chance a VIP member enters. VIP members can bring unique bonus to the player like bigger SP, rare items and even temporary Party Members. Generally, VIP members are well-known characters from previous Paper Mario games.

From every 10 levels, starting with level 60, the players will have more chance to have a VIP member in their audience (instead to have their total audience members increase like before level 50).

       Secret Level 100


Peach normal max up at the level 99 but she can access to a secret level 100, which won’t give her more HP (Heart Points), FP (Flower Points) or BP (Badge Points) but an unique Badge.

       Enemies Formations

On the stage, Peach and one partner find themselves on the left side, with the enemy group occupying the right side. What kind of enemies Peach faces is determined by which type of enemy initiated the battle on the overworld, with several different formations being possible.

A formation can reunite two to ten enemies together into a strong unique enemy. Enemies in formation can be challenging but there is always a way to bring down the group formation.

Types of formation:

  • Stack: All enemies of the same type, combine together as a stack and engage as a single enemy.
  • Tower: Until four enemies can form, one above the other, a tower.
  • Cone: One enemy can become a cone paper to have a spiky top, he can even go above another enemy (in Tower formation) to give him the spiky top.
  • Wheel: A group of five same enemies stacked on top of each other, forming a vertical line, then formed into a wheel.



PP Prologue

The game opens with Princess Peach preparing meticulously a tea party in the Mushroom Kingdom with the help of Toadette. As she rearranges some cupcakes, she glimpses a little Gao in the bushes, but it quickly disappears. When she feels ready, Toadette gives her her crown to wear. As soon as Peach puts the crown, all the kingdom is bring to chaos, everyone is so absurdly scared they run everywhere and start to shove everything around them.

This is madness! Peach and Toadette, desperately, try to tame the crazy Toads in the same time as seeking for Mario's help. They come across, Captain Syrup, one of the most wanted bandit of the seas. She surely has something to do with it, but she swears that she was only there to steal some jewels and has nothing to do with this disaster. Peach still confronts and captures her, resolute to deal with her later.

Mario finally appears but he, with the help of Toadsworth, catches the princess and accuses her in front of everybody to be the one behind this panic. He proves that she has the power to influence everybody's emotions. As she doesn't seem to be able to control it, she needs to be in quarantine before another disaster and for the time they need to figure out. Peach is in shock because she didn't know that she had this power, but as Mario showed, it's true she can control emotions. The crowd agrees, Princess Peach needs to be confined and even judged for what she caused!

In the meantime, the fearsome pirate, Captain Syrup, frees herself and Peach with her. For the Captain, something it's really wrong here and if Peach lets them locked her up it will end badly for sure. As the two of them run, a mob, composed of Mario and hundreds of Toads, goes after them, Toadette is in there too.

Despite Toadette begging Peach to stay, Peach runs away with the Captain on the Black Sugar Gang vessel. Suddenly, the little Gao from earlier jumps in the boat.


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