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Paper Peach
ペーパーピーチ Pēpā Pīchi
PMCS Princess Peach.png
Paper Peach, as she appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash
FULL NAME Princess Peach Toadstool
SPECIES Human (Paper)
BIRTHPLACE Mushroom Kingdom
RESIDING AT Princess Peach's Castle, Toad Town
Paper Mario (love interest)
OCCUPATION(S) Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
Paper Mario
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Super Paper Mario
Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Paper Mario: Color Splash
Paper Mario: The Origami King
Samantha Kelly (current)
Jen Taylor (TTYD)
Leslie Swan (SPM)

Paper Peach is a paper version of Princess Peach and a major supporting character in the Paper Mario series. Like her counterpart in the main titles Paper Peach is the apparent ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and the love interest of Paper Mario, who is often tasked with rescuing her from outside threats. Within the continuity of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, Paper Peach, alongside several other characters and enemies, is released from the book in which the Paper Mario universe exists and comes to meet her biological counterpart when the two are kidnapped by Bowser, Bowser Jr., and their paper counterparts.

During the events of the original Nintendo 64 title Paper Mario, Paper Peach is held captive within her own castle, which had been lifted up into the sky by Paper Bowser. During the events of the game, Paper Peach spies on Paper Bowser's minions and often relies on a Star Kid named Twink in order to relay the information she learns back to Paper Mario and his party. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Peach is kidnapped once more, though this time by the alien race known as the X-Nauts after they are coerced into doing so by the Shadow Sirens. As with in the previous title, Paper Peach regularly relays information about her situation to Paper Mario, though this time with the assistance of the supercomputer TEC-XX, who sends emails on her behalf after falling in love with the princess. After the X-Nauts' leader, Sir Grodus, learns about TEC-XX's treachery, he is shut down and Paper Peach is taken to the Palace of Shadow to be used as the new host body for the Shadow Queen. Paper Mario is able to weaken the Shadow Queen enough to force her out of Paper Peach's body, and defeat the evil demon once and for all.

Paper Peach's most prominent role in the Paper Mario series comes in the form of being a playable character in Super Paper Mario. At the beginning of this game, Paper Peach is forced through hypnosis into marrying Paper Bowser by Count Bleck, an act which summons the evil Chaos Heart that will suck all worlds into The Void. After she is sucked into the Void, she is transported to Count Bleck's castle, which she escapes with the help of a Koopa Troopa and Dimentio, one of Bleck's minions. After escaping, she ends up in Flipside, where Paper Peach remains unconscious until Paper Mario brings her Spicy Soup, at which point she will awaken and enter her hero's party.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Paper Mario: Color Splash both see Paper Peach once again take the role of damsel in distress, being kidnapped by Paper Bowser in both of these titles. In the former title she is kidnapped while hosting the Sticker Fest, while the latter game sees her become the Koopa King's prisoner as she and Paper Mario are investigating the sudden disappearance of colour from Port Prisma and the surrounding areas. In Paper Mario: The Origami King, Paper Peach is transformed into one of King Olly's Folded Soldiers and acts as an antagonist to Paper Mario throughout this title as she remains under King Olly's control. As "Origami Peach", her personality becomes cold and distant, quite different from her normally kind and noble character.

Physical Appearance

In terms of her general design, Paper Peach resembles her counterpart from the main series of Mario titles. Paper Peach is depicted as a young woman with long light blonde hair (although it appeared to be a darker, more golden colour in the original Paper Mario title). In the original Paper Mario game for the Nintendo 64, Paper Peach was depicted with circular blue eyes similar in appearance to her earrings and brooch, though later games altered them to be vertical black ovals from which two small eyelashes protrude.

In Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Paper Peach wore the pink dress that was her standard up until the Nintendo GameCube era: a pink dress that extended out into a large hoop skirt following a fuchsia belt she wore around her torso. Her dress also contained a sapphire brooch surrounded by a golden border, sapphire orb earrings, and puffy shoulders. From Super Paper Mario onward her design was altered to reflect the updated design of her dress from the main series, being given a more elaborate and regal design that, while similar in design, replaced the fuchsia belt with dark pink panniers and also gave the bottom of her gown dark pink ruffled edges. Throughout all games however, she has consistently worn a golden crown with three jewels embedded within it: two blue jewels with a red jewel in-between.

Fanon Appearances

Kolorado's Kwest

Paper Peach has a minor appearance in the 2009 Wii game Kolorado's Kwest. Kolorado can find her in her castle, eating a meal with Paper Mario, and can say hello to her.


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  • According to the official Super Paper Mario strategy guide, this version of Peach has no nose. Cartoon characters such as this are often drawn without noses for simplicity, but this implies that Paper Peach's case is more than a stylistic choice, and differentiates her from the "prime" Princess Peach.

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