The Paper Partners Series is a strange series in that the thing that relates them all is not the main character but rather the partners. The games are all focused around different characters however all of their first partners are characters from the Nintendo 64 game Paper Mario, they are all in the paper style.

Game Format

They are all in paper styled RPG games with their battling system consisting of taking turns with foes to deal damage. They are rewarded in experiance points which are needed to level up. They have HP to determine how much health they have and instead of FP they have a different stat in every game to determine what special moves they can use, for example in Kolorado's Kwest they have Koopy Points ot KP.

Game Library

Kolorado's Kwest

The first game in the series Kolorado's Kwest focuses around Kolorado and his quest to retrieve the five magical crystals for the Mushroom Kingdom. His first partner is Kooper the Koopa Troopa partner. There are six mandatory partners and two optional partners meaning there are as many partners as in the original Paper Mario.

Fearsome Red's Fantastic Follies

The second game in the series is focused around Yoyo formerly known as Fearsome Red or the Red Yoshi Kid he is a member of the Fearsome 5. He is on a quest to unite the Yoshi Tribe of Lavalava Island and the Yoshi Tribe of Dinosaur Land so he can become the village leader. The first partner is Sushie the Cheep Cheep.

Gourmet Guy's Tasty Mission

The third game in the series made by Twenty-Second Choice, Gourmet Guy's Tasty Mission stars the lovable Gourmet Guy as he attempts to help the citizens of Toad Town after Tayce T. is kidnapped and all of the food supplies are stolen. The first partner is Watt.

Goombaria's Great Adventure

There is even less known about the third game as it too is still in early production. All that is currently known about the game is that it focuses around Goombaria, Goombario's little sister and her first partner will be her older brother Goombario.

Untitled Bombette Project

There will be a project with Bombette as the first partner.

Untitled Parakarry Project

There will be a project with Parakarry as the first partner.

Untitled Lakilester Project

There will be a project with Lakilester as the first partner.

Untitled Lady Bow Project

There will be a project with Lady Bow as the first partner.

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