Paper Mario Party
Paper Mario Party Logo
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Developer(s) Paper Productions
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Party

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Paper Mario Party is a a party game produced and published by Paper Productions. In the game, Mario and Toadsworth host a party in the Paper Kingdom.

Playable Characters

Starter Characters

Unlockable Characters


Starter Boards

  • Toad Town
  • Shooting Star Summit
  • Bowser Castle (Note: Koopa Kids are the hosts instead of Toadsworth, since he was kidnapped by them.)
  • Koopa Meadows

Unlockable Boards

  • Shy Guy Toybox
  • Yoshi Island
  • Rosalina's Observatory
  • Boo Mansion
  • Rainbow Road
  • DK's Jungle Ruins (Note: you must comeplete at least 1 party board with at least 16 stars)


Blue Space Blue Space Gain 5 Coins.
Red Space

Red Space

Lose 5 Coins.
Normal Space Normal Space Nothing Happens.
Happening Space Happening Space An event happens.
Star Space Star Space You can buy a star. (Note: You must pass by or land on the space for it to take effect.)
Ztar Space Ztar Space Lose a star. (Note: You must land on the space for it to take effect.)
DK Space DK Space Roll the dice. If you get 1,2, or 3, you get 25 coins. Roll 4,5, or 6, and you get a star.
Bowser Space Bowser Space Roll the dice. Get a 1,2, or 3, and you lose 9 coins. Roll a 4 or 5, and you lose a star. Roll a 6, and nothing happens.
Lucky Space Lucky Space Go to the lucky area.
Unlucky Space Unlucky Space Go to the unlucky area.
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