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In the ending of the first game, it is shown that the Comet Observatory was destroyed, and the Mario Bros, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, and the Lumas made an airship called "The Grand Starship" (Pun on Grand Star) With this ship, they set sail to figure out who was behind the destruction of the Comet Observatory.

Later, they encounter a shadowy figure of a Luma. The Luma shows them that they kidnapped Bowser, and that they intend to destroy the universe. (This is a clue that this Dark Luma is somehow related to the Dark Grand Star) After battling the Luma, they later find dark versions of Rosalina, Daisy, Peach, Luigi, and even Mario himself. It turns out that there is an opposite side to everything, meaning that good people have an evil clone, and vice versa. Later though, they notice that there is not a good side to Bowser. They continue on their adventure, and eventually reach Evil Mario.

Playable Characters

Paper Mario


Everyone's favorite plumber, and also the star of the game. He is ready for anything that fate throws in his way.

How to unlock: Default
Paper Luigi


The brother of the famous plumber. He's kind of a coward, but he has great inner strength. He will do anything for his bro, although he tends to get a little jealous.

How to unlock: Default
Paper Peach


The fair princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, and the love of Mario's life. This time, however, she is packed and ready for action! Sorry Mario, no saving this time!

How to unlock: Beat the Game with Mario.
Paper Daisy


The tomboy princess of Sarasaland, and the love of Luigi's life. She's always ready for action, so no surprises here!

How to unlock: Beat the Game with Luigi.
Paper Rosalina


The mother of all lumas! She's back in action, and will do anything to restore her home!

How to unlock: Default
Paper Bowser


Even the King of Koopas is good every once in awhile. This guy can rock the house with his fire breath!

How to unlock: Beat Evil Mario
Yellow Luma


This little guy is small, but strong! Now it's time to see what these little guys are made of! (Note: When playing as one, you can change the color to whatever you want.)

How to unlock: Play multiplayer mode for the first time.


Health Items

1-Up Mushroom

Gives the player an extra life.

Paper 1-Up Mushroom

Life Shroom

Gives the player 3 extra units of energy.

Life Shroom


Doodle Shroom (NEW)

Turns the player into a doodle.

Doodle Shroom
Doodle Mario

Mega Mushroom (NEW)

Grows the player so that they are huge.

Paper Mega Mushroom

Retro Shroom (NEW)

Turns the player into a retro smb-style sprite.

Retro Shroom
Retro Mario

Parashroom (NEW)

Turns the player into a paragoomba.


Spike Shroom (NEW)

Places a spike on the players head.

Spike Shroom
Spike Mario

Bee Mushroom

Turns the player into a bee and gives them bee-like powers.

Paper Bee Mushroom
Bee mario

Boo Mushroom

Turns the player into a boo and gives them boo-like powers.

Paper Boo Mushroom
Paper Boo Mario

Cloud Flower

Gives the player the ability to make clouds and makes them lightweight.

Paper Cloud Flower
Paper Cloud Mario

Shy Shroom (NEW)

Turns the player into a shy guy and gives them shy guy-like powers!

Shy Shroom
Shy Mario

Fire Flower

Gives the player the ability to shoot fireballs.

Paper Fire Flower
Fire Mario

Ice Flower

Gives the player the ability to shoot iceballs.

Paper Ice Flower
Ice Mario

Leaf Flower

Gives the player the ability to shoot leaves.

Leaf Flower
Leaf Mario

Water Flower

Gives the player the ability to shoot water balloons.

Water Flower
Water Mario

Electro Shroom

Gives the player the ability to control electricity.

Electric Shroom
Electro Mario

Stone Mushroom

Gives the player the ability to turn into a stone ball and ram into enemies.

Stone mushroom
Stone mario

Ninja Mushroom

Turns the player into a ninja and gives them super stealth and ninja weapons.

Ninja Shroom
Ninja Mario

Luma Flower

Turns the player into a luma and gives them luma-like abilities.

Luma Flower
Luma Mario

Red Star

Gives the player the ability to fly. (Note: You can only obtain this item in the shop.)

Paper Red Star
Flying Mario


Universe 1

  • Tall Tower Galaxy (Star: Goomboss' Goombas)
  • Yoshi Beach Galaxy (Star: The Vast Ocean)
  • Buzzing Bee Galaxy (Stars: The Troubling Tartangua, ???)
  • Luma Lair Galaxy (Grand Star: The Dark Truth)

Universe 2

  • Giga Galaxy (Star: A Small Star in a Big Galaxy)
  • Spiky Station Galaxy (Stars: Topmen on the Loose, ???)
  • Wet Wet Galaxy (Star: Bad Bad Bloopers)
  • Rosalina Rampage Galaxy (Grand Star: Rosalina's Wrath)

Universe 3

  • Doom Desert Galaxy (Star: A Heated Battle)
  • Shy Maze Galaxy (Stars: Navigating the Maze, ???)
  • Highjump Galaxy (Star: Jump Jump Jump!)
  • Daisy Dungeon Galaxy (Grand Star: The Dastardly Dark Daisy!)

Universe 4

  • Haunted Home Galaxy (Stars: Finding the key, a perplexing home)
  • Airlift Galaxy (Stars: Touch the Sky, ???)
  • Treeclimb Galaxy (Star: Save the Whittle!)
  • Peach Puzzle Galaxy (Grand Star: A Tricky trivia!)

Universe 5

  • Frozen Lava Galaxy (Stars: Enraged Embers, Jumping through Lava)
  • Shy Cove Galaxy (Star: Shyrates vs Ninjrates)


  • Goomboss -Tall Tower Galaxy
  • Tartangula -Buzzing Bee Galaxy
  • Giant Koopa -Giga Galaxy
  • TallTop -Spiky Station Galaxy
  • Big Blooper -Wet Wet Galaxy
  • Chain Chunk -Doom Desert Galaxy
  • Piranha King -Treeclimb Galaxy
  • Chief Chilly -Frozen Lava Galaxy
  • Captain Ninjrate -Shy Cove Galaxy


Once they reach Evil Mario, they fight him in an intense battle. When victory is almost in reach, Evil Mario does the "Evil Mario Finale" and knocks all the heroes to the ground. However, right before Evil Mario kills them, suddenly Bowser appears and knocks Evil Mario off the galaxy. It turns out that Bowser escaped his prison! However, the go on to find a dark blob-like creature. The dark blob told them something they never would expect. It was all a lie. There is no alternate side to everything. That's what they're enemies wanted them to believe. It turns out, that the dark blob is a giant dark entity that creates dark versions of heroes to try and outsmart them. The blob also goes on to tell them that he has created dark versions of all the galaxies too, and that he is going to form them into one mega dark galaxy. He also goes on to tell them that the Dark Grand Star is only a spec of his power, and the heroes notice that the blob is made ENTIRELY of MILLIONS of dark grand stars! Not only that, but he has also harnessed the dark energy of every Galaxy! After hearing this, the final battle commences.

Later in the battle, the blob overpowers them. However, when all hope seems lost, the Dark Heroes decide to turn to the good side, and they give Mario and Co. the last grand star! The Grand Stars shine very brightly. They power the heroes and they become super powered! The real final battle commences, and after a long hard battle, the heroes emerge victorious! They fly back to the observatory, which has been repaired thanks to some lumas. When they get there, they say their good byes, and then Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, and Bowser leave to their home planet and return to their normal lives!

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