Paper Mario Galaxy

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In this game you run around galaxies, collect items and power stars, and save the universe from the evil clutches of bowser!


One day, Mario and Luigi are talking with eachother in their house. Suddenly, a knock is heard at the door. The Mario Bros go to check it out. They find a starshroom sitting in their front yard! They decide to investigate the starshroom. When they get in, a click is heard. They turn around, and they see a luma starting up the starshroom. The Mario Bros freak out, and they blast off into space. They eventually reach Rosalina's Observatory. The luma explains where they are, and what's going on.

It turns out that Bowser has kidnapped not only Peach, but Daisy and Rosalina as well. A green luma appears and both the luma and the green luma go into Mario's (and Luigi's) hats! They learn the spin ability, and set off on their quest!

Later on their quest!

When the Mario Bros stumble upon Bowser for the second time (in Bowser's Deadly Dungeon), Bowser obtains the Dark Grand Star, a source of great and evil power! Bowser says that the only ones who could unlock the Dark Grand Star were Peach and Daisy! Bowser also states that he kidnapped Rosalina because she tried to put a stop to his plans. Then after battling Mario (or Luigi), he flies off to his main base.

Playable Characters

Paper Mario


The main character of the story! He is ready for anything! Bring it on Bowser, bring it on!

How to unlock: Default

Paper Luigi


The brother of Mario, he is a bit of a coward. However, his true strength can shine through at any given moment!

How to unlock: Default
Paper Rosalina


The mother of all lumas. She cares so much about her lumas, that she would do anything for them, even go into action if she has to!

How to unlock: Beat the game.
Paper Wario


The greedy counterpart of Mario. Even though he is considered evil, he still has a heroic side and will stop Bowser at all costs..... unless you give him money.

How to unlock: Beat the Game with Mario.

Paper Waluigi


The selfish counterpart of luigi, and possibly the brother of wario! He only cares for himself, at least that's what he wants people to think.

How to unlock: Beat the game with Luigi.


1-Up Mushroom

Gives player an extra life.

Paper 1-Up Mushroom

Life Mushroom

Gives player 3 extra units of energy.

Life Shroom

Bee Mushroom

Turns the player into a bee and gives them bee-like powers.

Paper Bee Mushroom
Bee mario

Boo Mushroom

Turns the player into a boo and gives them boo-like powers.

Paper Boo Mushroom
Paper Boo Mario

Cloud Flower

Gives the player the ability to make clouds and makes them light-weight.

Paper Cloud Flower
Paper Cloud Mario

Fire Flower

Gives the player the ability to shoot fire balls.

Paper Fire Flower
Fire Mario

Ice Flower

Gives the player the ability to shoot Iceballs.

Paper Ice Flower
Ice Mario

Water Flower

Gives the player the ability to shoot water balloons.

Water Flower
Water Mario

Leaf Flower

Gives the player the ability to shoot leaves.

Leaf Flower
Leaf Mario

Electro Mushroom

Gives the player the ability to use lightning.

Electric Shroom
Electro Mario

Stone Mushroom

Gives the player the ability to turn into a stone ball and crash into things.

Stone mushroom
Stone mario

Ninja Mushroom

Turns the player into a Ninja and allows them to use stealth and ninja-like weapons.

Ninja Shroom
Ninja Mario

Luma Flower

Turns the player into a luma and allows them to use luma-like abilities.

Luma Flower
Luma Mario

Red Star

Allows the player to fly around freely. (This is just a fun item, it has no connection to the plot.)

Paper Red Star
Flying Mario


  • Terrace
  1. Great Goomba Galaxy
  2. Yoshi Egg Galaxy
  3. Cottony Cloud Galaxy
  4. Bowser Jr's Airship Attack
  • Fountain
  1. Pool Fun Galaxy
  2. Bumbling Bee Galaxy
  3. Icy Ice Galaxy
  4. Bowser's Lava Lair
  • Kitchen
  1. Beach Base galaxy
  2. Trembling Terror Galaxy
  3. Slippery Slide Galaxy
  4. Bowser Jr's Furocious Fleet
  • Bedroom
  1. Greenleaf Galaxy
  2. Deceiving Desert Galaxy
  3. Melted Magma Galaxy
  4. Bowser's Deadly Dungeon Galaxy
  • Engine Room
  1. Toybox Galaxy
  2. Hungry Hungry Galaxy
  3. Bomb Blast Galaxy
  4. Bowser Jr's Menacing Machine
  • Garden
  1. Redleaf Galaxy
  2. Ninjipan Galaxy
  3. Complex Cave Galaxy
  4. Shooting Star Galaxy
  • Comet Observatory
  1. Toad Town
  2. Bowser's Galaxy of Doom


  • Lakitu King -Cottony Cloud Galaxy
  • Arantula -Bumbling Bee Galaxy
  • King Frost -Icy Ice Galaxy
  • Giant Cataquack -Beach Base Galaxy
  • King Boo -Trembling Terror Galaxy
  • Deadly Piranha -Greenleaf Galaxy
  • King Magma -Melted Magma Galaxy
  • General Guy -Toybox Galaxy
  • Chef Goomba -Hungry Hungry Galaxy
  • Bulky Bob-omb -Bomb Blast Galaxy
  • King Monty -Redleaf Galaxy
  • Leaf Ninji -Ninjipan Galaxy
  • Water Ninji -Ninjipan Galaxy
  • Rock Ninji -Ninjipan Galaxy
  • Fire Ninji -Ninjipan Galaxy
  • Ninjason -Ninjipan Galaxy
  • Ninjo -Ninjipan Galaxy
  • Ninju (The Golden Ninji) -Ninjipan Galaxy
  • Swoopula -Complex Cave Galaxy
  • Neo Lakitu King -Bowser's Galaxy of Doom
  • Idow -Bowser's Galaxy of Doom
  • King Snow -Bowser's Galaxy of Doom
  • Mega Cataquack -Bowser's Galaxy of Doom
  • Dark King Boo -Bowser's Galaxy of Doom
  • Toxic Piranha -Bowser's Galaxy of Doom
  • King Burnt -Bowser's Galaxy of Doom
  • Anti Guy -Bowser's Galaxy of Doom
  • Shadow Ninji -Bowser's Galaxy of Doom
  • Swampire -Bowser's Galaxy of Doom
  • Bowser Jr. -Bowser Jr's Airship Attack, Bowser Jr's Furocious Fleet, Bowser Jr's Menacing Machine, Bowser's Galaxy of Doom
  • Bowser -Bowser's Lava Lair, Bowser's Deadly Dungeon, Bowser's Galaxy of Doom
  • Dark Grand Star -Bowser's Galaxy of Doom


Dark Grand Star

A picture of the Dark Grand Star!

The Mario Bros finally reach Bowser's main base, only to discover that he is possessed by the Dark Grand Star! Now, instead of wanting to rule the universe, he wishes to destroy it completely! Mario (or Luigi) bravely fight Bowser. In the end, the player beats Bowser! However, the fight isn't over, because now the Dark Grand Star shows it's true form and fights the player to end this thing once and for all! Once Mario and Luigi defeat the Dark Grand Star, then Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina appear. They grab the last Grand Star, and fly back to the Comet Observatory, only to find out everything is destroyed! Thankfully, all the lumas survived! Who could've done this? It couldn't of been Bowser. Could it? They get to work building an airship, and once they finish, they call it the Grand Starship! (Pun on Grand Star) The screen turns white and says "To Be Continued" The credits roll, and the game ends.
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