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Paper Mario: Time is Ticking is a new upcoming installment in the Paper Mario (series) for the Nintendo Wii U. The game will be an RPG like in most past installment, but it will use many new gameplay elements and also past elements. The game will be released in November 2013  for all major regions, though it is not confirmed what exact date. The game follows Mario, Luigi and his friends in an all new adventure against the evil forces of pure evil itself...

Paper Mario: Time is Ticking
Paper Mario and his friends are back in there glorified paperific forms and are up against an all new adventure fighting pure evil itself!
Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Genre(s) RPG


Release Date(s) November 2013
Mode(s) Story



The gameplay is somewhat very similar to past installment, but includes many new and updated elements to it aswell, some of which are a twist on the classic gameplay and some on the other hand to make the game more exciting and fun. The game sticks to a RPG style, in which players take turns to attack, use items etc. But the game now has a slight puzzle side to it, in which players must swap characters frequently to get past things, solve puzzles and so forth.

New Battle Elements

There are a few new battle elements, but not that many. These are just slight changes and don't really change anything majorly. One of these is the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" which is a sort of who goes first decider and provides them an advantage on the battlefield and also allows them to move first. If ties occur, which is very unlikely, the stronger team will start first, but the weaker side, will get an advantage. This is also used when defending or blocking, the player to block perfectly, must beat the opponent, if the player loses, they will not block anything, if a tie occurs they will take half the damage and if winning the player will block perfectly resulting in no/hardly any damage. In battles, there are teams. Teams are put together by four characters chosen by the player, that can be changed at any time except battle and the teams are alot more important than single battle tactics, players can now use tag-team or team attacks in which they combine their powers, so when in battle remember there is no I in Team! The team encourages players to form their teams perfectly and choose the right moves, this also acts as the new partnering system, but partners are in the game, but can only assist for a move, as every character has three partners, these, although, can be used outside of battle as they have abillities which can help out and are needed in the story. 

New Outside of Battle Elements & Returning

There is only one new gameplay element used in the game, which is the variety of characters you can use, these have different abillities which can really help in the game and also complete puzzles and so on. This and all of the other elements from previous installment combine to make the new Outside of Battle Gameplay.

Returning Battle Elements

The Battle stays mainly the same, although stickers are used like in Sticker Star as attacks, every character has different stickers which go into their personal sticker book when collected and their are some which belong to nobody allowing it to go in any character's album. This combined with the new elements is the new gameplay of battles used in this installment.

Retro Partners

Some of the Playable Character's partners have returned from past installments from the series and make a small appearance in the game, only a few are chosen and the rest of the spaces are filled with new partners.


This is the story in Paper Mario: Time is Ticking.

Official Plot


Backstory (Part 1)

The Mushroom Kingdom is a very peaceful, bright and just a genuinely happy place to live in when Bowser’s not causing havoc there, but, why is it so peaceful, so bright and so happy you may ask?" <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;">"Well this is because we Mushroom Kingdom residents depend on a very important thing, the Grand Clockwork Tower, without it, our whole lives would be in darkness with time running out for the world, but this Tower, holds some very special stars, while we were in darkness, we found these saviours falling from the sky, somehow they changed our lives, they turned the world into what it is now, we don’t really know what they are, but we call them “Clockwork Stars” as they kept time running,"

<p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;">"There are exactly eighteen of the precious stars, twelve representing time itself, one for each hour on a clock, all bright colours that llightened up the Kingdom such as Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and so on, but there were six others too we could not live without, three of these were the Bronze, Silver and Gold Clockwork Stars, these are the stars that work the clock, there is also a Black Star and a White Star, Ying and Yang, these are so called possessed with the spirits of good in white and evil in black, these help bring balance in the world, but, finally there is the brightest star, the Grand Clockwork Star, larger than the others, it must be the main one that gives the stars it’s powers or something, I can’t be exact, I didn’t make them or anything did I!" <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;">"Continuing, without these stars our land would submerge back into complete darkness. FORTUNATELY some say that there is hope if these stars go missing, these saviours, legend has it that there is 16 Guardians each guarding one of the sacred stars, but wait, you may be thinking, what happened to the other two, well the other two are Black and White, these two are possessed so they are their own guardians I guess in a way, but if anything happens, we can rely on these sixteen to save us all, how do I know this you’re wondering, I know because I am one of them, yes, yes I know I’m old but I am the guardian of the Grand Clockwork Star! Well I guess you could say there’s only fifteen now really, I’m too old to be a hero, but I will help the others if anything bad happens to the Mushroom Kingdom…” Toadsworth stated. <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;">

Backstory (Part 2)

"Many, many, years ago, well, maybe not as many as the other tale, there was an evil jester named Jack who loved to cause havoc around the Mushroom Kingdom and would always be up to something evil. This multiple personality disordered jester always got away and could never be found, although he was hidden in plain sight, he add the ability to flip and swap dimensions, from 3D, to 2D and this explains why he was not found, no one else had the ability to do this. The King of the Mushroom Kingdom, had ordered for some knights to defeat the evil jester, but none of which did so, they all failed to do so. Until one day, a new hero appeared in town, he was a silent and strong type and because of this no one knows of that man, he was a lone wolf. This hero had the ability to flip dimensions and he managed to defeat the jester, the King was very impressed and gave the hero some coins, he did not accept the reward and walked away..."

"After this hero had walked away, the King went to a wizard, he needed to get rid of the jester somehow other than by killing him, he wanted to punish him for eternity, so the wizard got a small box which had stars decorated all around and had a small handle, the jester was sucked into the box and was stuck in their for eternity, with no way of getting out, unless, someone winded the box up and the box opened, but the box was hidden away so nobody would ever find it. This box now became the Jack in the Box."

Prologue Part 1: A Birthday Present for Daddy's little Monster

Coming Soon...


Many characters appear in the game, old and new, heroes and villains, playable and non-playable. This installment focuses on some of the major characters in the series and uses fewer of the Paper Mario characters.


There are 17 playable characters in Paper Mario: Time is Ticking, Mario is the only default character in the story and you must unlock the others at the point where they are saved/found. Each character is different, they have different stats, types, partners and even abilities! All have disadvantages and advantages, so choose wisely!

Name Description Type Stats Image Guardian How to Unlock
Mario Mario our favourite hero dressed in red is back in his glorious paper form and is ready for some more paperific battles! Mario has balanced stats, making him a good fighter. Balance TBA PaperMariooo Gold Star Default
Luigi Luigi, Mario's brother and partner is also here to save the day! Luigi will show his opponents who's boss with his new moves! Luigi has balanced stats like Mario making him also a good fighter. Balance TBA PaperLuigiDTT Silver Star Unlocked in Haunted Mansion
Princess Peach Princess Peach the damsel in distress and Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is also a Star Guardian and she has been waiting for so long to show off her battling skills and now it's her chance! Peach is a skill type giving her grace in her moves and more of a chance to get perfect attacks. Skill TBA Paper Peach3 Pink Star ???
Princess Daisy Princess Daisy the tomboy Princess of Sarasaland is making her first appearance in a paper game to date. She may be a Princess but boy she's one heck of a fighter. Daisy is a skill type giving her grace in her moves and more of a chance to get perfect attacks. Skill TBA Paper Daisy Orange Star ???
Yoshi Yoshi the green dinosaur who loves to eat enemies for breakfast is back and is excited to help his best friends save the day! Yoshi is a very speedy character allowing him to dodge attacks and inflict less damage. Speed TBA Paper yoshi by mariobros12smbx-d4vee4g Lime Green Star ???
Birdo Birdo is back and is in her all new paper form and is ready for some of the action. Will she use her suction to save the day? Who knows. Birdo is a balance character meaning she is a good fighter Balance TBA Scarlet Red Star ???
Toad Toad the Mushroom assistant is here to help Mario on his all new cardboardtacular quest! He may be small but he is tough. Toad is quite speedy but is friendly making him more likely to get gifts of NPCs. Friendly TBA Toad2PMSS Dark Blue Star ???
Toadette Toadette, Toad's sister is making her second paperific appearance in the series and this time she's playable! Toadette may be small but she's fiesty. Toadette is friendly making her more likely to get gifts of NPCs.  Friendly TBA Paper Toadette Violet Star ???
Wario Wario the greedy fat-man is here to steal some of Mario's limelight. Wario's sure gonna have to cheat, lie and steal to do this? I'm not sure what's going on here myself! Wario is very powerful meaning he has strong attacks and is a strong fighter. Power TBA PaperWarioDTT Yellow Star Unlocked in Moonlight City
Waluigi Waluigi, Wario's brother and Luigi's rival is new to the paper world along with Wario and is obviously going to have a bit of mischief, but, when it comes to being a Star Guardian things change. Waluigi is a skill character making him skillful and giving him a variety of skillful moves. Skill TBA Purple Star ???
Bowser Bowser the big baddie is back in paper to cause some havoc. He may not be the main villain, but he's still the biggest, the baddest and bestest so watch out! Bowser is a power character so he has strong attacks making him a strong fighter Power TBA Paper Bowser This character is not a guardian ???
Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr., the mischievous son of Bowser is back from Sticker Star, but this time he's saving the day? He may not be a guardian but he sure fights like one. Bowser's little monster! Bowser Jr. is tricky making him strategic and sly, a bad combination for a bad guy! Tricky TBA This character is not a guardian ???
DK Donkey Kong our favourite monkey is new to the paper world and is sure to cause some suprises! He'll help his old rival to save the day and stop pure evil! Donkey Kong is a power character giving him powerful moves causing him to be a strong fighter. Power TBA Bronze Star ???
Diddy Kong Diddy Kong our favourite lmonkey sidekick is also new to the paper world with Donkey Kong and he's here to cause some mischief. This banana loving monkey will guard the Star with his life! Diddy Kong is a speed type. Speed TBA Blue Star ???
Rosalina Rosalina, the guardian of baby stars, being a Star Guardian? Makes sense, if you ask me! Rosalina is here all the way from the galaxy in an all new paper form and she's ready to fight her way through this adventure! Rosalina is a tricky character making her smart and sly like Bowser Jr. Tricky TBA Super paper rosalina d by pakkun96 Cyan Star ???
Baby Mario Baby Mario, the baby form of Mario is back in an all new paper form. Like Mario he won't give up the star easily, he's a fighter. Baby Mario is a speed type, a speedy baby, that's a good combination! Speed TBA Paper Baby Mario Red Star ???
Baby Luigi Baby Luigi, the baby form of Luigi is back with his brother Baby Mario in an all new papertastic adventure! Baby Luigi is very friendly and is sure to make some brand new friends in this adventure. Friendly TBA Paper Baby Luigi Green Star ???

Character Abillities

Each character in Paper Mario: Time is Ticking has three special abillities which are unique to them. Each character has an attack ability, a puzzle ability and a super ability. All of which are mainly different from other characters. Attack Abillities are used to attack an enemy before going into battle, causing damage and providing an advantage in battle. Puzzle Abillities, are the major abillties which provide characters with a move that can get them to secret places, help them solve puzzles and so on. The final ability, Super Ability, is only used when a character's Special Ability gauge is full up, from defeating enemies, this provides them with an advantage in the overworld, such as defence, avoiding battles etc.

Mario's Abillities
  • Stomp (Attack)
  • Paperize (Puzzle)
  • Super (Super)
Luigi's Abillities
  • Poltergust (Attack)
  • Super Jump (Puzzle)
  • Invisibillity (Super)
Peach's Abillities
  • Whack (Attack)
  • Parasol Float (Puzzle)
  • Love Daze (Super)
Daisy's Abillities
  • Twirl (Attack)
  • Flower Reach (Puzzle)
  • Flower Power (Super)
Yoshi's Abillities
  • Ground Pound (Attack)
  • Tongue (Puzzle)
  • Rainbow (Super)
Birdo's Abillities
  • Egg (Attack)
  • Suction (Puzzle)
  • Diamonds Reign (Super)
Toad's Abillities
  • Punch (Attack)
  • Mushroom Bounce (Puzzle)
  • Mega Mushroom (Super)
Toadette's Abillities
  • High Note (Attack)
  • Music (Puzzle)
  • Melody (Super)
Wario's Abillities
  • Bodyslam (Attack)
  • Unlock (Puzzle)
  • Gassy Garlic (Super)
Waluigi's Abillities
  • Ace of Spades (Attack)
  • Transport (Puzzle)
  • Gambling Chance (Super)
Bowser's Abillities
  • Flamethrower (Attack)
  • Super Punch (Puzzle)
  • Bowser's Rage (Super)
Bowser Jr.'s Abillities
  • Paintbrush (Attack)
  • Koopa Clown Car (Puzzle)
  • Graffiti (Super)
Donkey Kong's Abillities
  • Barrel (Attack)
  • Climb (Puzzle)
  • Earthquake (Super)
Diddy Kong's Abillities
  • Peanut Popgun (Attack)
  • Climb (Puzzle)
  • Jet Pack (Super)
Rosalina's Abillities
  • Magic (Attack)
  • Summon (Puzzle)
  • Star Bit Shield (Super)
Baby Mario's Abillities
  • Mallet (Attack)
  • Flip (Puzzle)
  • Baby Mario Bros. (Super)
Baby Luigi's Abillities
  • Baby Spin (Attack)
  • Super Jump (Puzzle)
  • Baby Mario Bros. (Super)

Character Partners


Power Characters
These characters have strong attacks and are very powerful but are quite slow making it easier for foes to attack them.
Friendly Characters
These characters are very friendly making them more likely to get gifts of NPCs and are less likely to get hit by foes in the team but are weaker than others.
Skill Characters
These characters are very skillful and have graceful moves also giving them more of a chance to get perfect attacks but they aren't that powerful or fast.
Balance Characters
These characters have balanced stats making them great fighters but this is also a disadvantage as they don't have any high stats.
Speed Characters
These characters are very fast making them more like to attack and doge attacks but they are very weak so there attacks don't do much damage.
Tricky Characters
These characters are very smart and sly making them key players in the game as they have stratergy but these are the hardest characters to master in the game since there stats.






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