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SSB Mario Series.png Paper Mario: The Temple of Time
Developer(s) SPLogoSymbol.png St. Clair Publications
Publisher(s) Intelligent Systems
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Genre(s) Turn-based RPG
Series SSB Mario Series.png Paper Mario
Predecessor SSB Mario Series.png Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Successor SSB Mario Series.png Super Paper Mario
Release Date(s) North America: June 17, 2007

Europe: December 19, 2007
Australia: December 31, 2007
Japan: June 2, 2008

Mode(s) Single-player only
Age Rating(s) North America (ESRB): T

Europe (PEGI): 12
Australia (ACB): PG
Japan (CERO): C

Media Included Nintendo DS cartridge
Available Input Nintendo DS controller

The second of only two games that St. Clair Publications released for the Nintendo DS, Paper Mario: The Temple of Time is the third installment in the Paper Mario series and the only one to be an outright sequel to a previous title.

Continuing where Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door left off, the plot of this game involves Grodus being found by his two siblings, Gromedy and Grama, with a brand new prosthetic body for his head to rest on. He heads off to their homeland, the Temporal Islands, to re-form the X-Nauts and try to conquer the world once more. However, before they go, upon learning that Mario is in Rogueport once more, he uses the siblings' weapon, Magnus von Grapple X, to wreak serious havoc on Rogueport. He freezes the town and kills Professor Frankly in the process.

Mario and friends head to the Temporal Islands themselves upon learning that there is a Temple of Time that can reverse the damage inflicted on Rogueport if all seven of the Islands' Crystal Stars are reunited; Grodus, meanwhile, tries to put those seven Stars in his own hands to try and erase the past three years from history and prevent Mario and Peach from ever coming to Rogueport in the first place. And thus, the hunt is on!



TBA. Short version: Mario gets back all his old partners from TTYD and heads to the Temple of Time to start the quest.

Areas traversed: Rogueport, the Temporal Islands, the Temple of Time

Chapter 1

TBA. Short version: Mario et al clash with the Neo X-Nauts in an ancient temple. He learns the new Paper Gun ability, which allows for first-person shooter controls in some areas.

Areas traversed: Rumble Ruins

Chapter 2

TBA. Short version: Goombella goes to her old stomping grounds of the Goomba Valley. Along the way, Mario et al meet the Chompstress and clash with Goomboss. Mario also learns the Paper Cup ability.

Areas traversed: Goomba Valley

Chapter 3

TBA. Short version: Mario et al infiltrate a factory where their next partner, Flubba the Spike, is being held prisoner.

Areas traversed: Neo X-Naut Power Plant

Chapter 4

TBA. Short version: Mario et al must learn how to swim underwater from their next partner, Spike the Cheep-Cheep, when it's discovered that the Neo X-Nauts have established a base there. Mario also gets the Hyper Boots here.

Areas traversed: Dorrie's Lagoon, Cheep-Cheep Deeps, Neo X-Naut Underwater Base

Chapter 5

TBA. Short version: Mario et al clash with the Neo X-Nauts again, this time in an enchanted forest that uses Mushrooms as a power source. The final new partner, Sprixie, is found here, as is the Hyper Hammer.

Areas traversed: Fairy Forest

Chapter 6

TBA. Short version: Mario et al must brave a volcano and a glacier for their next Crystal Star. Mario gets the Ultimate Boots here.

Areas traversed: Volcano Glacier

Chapter 7

TBA. Short version: Mario et al looks for the final Crystal Star in a haunted mansion that is heavily implied to have been where Grodus was once born. They clash with the X-Nauts yet again, and Mario gets the Ultimate Hammer.

Areas traversed: Masochist's Mansion

Chapter 8

TBA. Short version: The finale. Mario et al infiltrate the Neo X-Naut Air Base and clash with Grodus once more.

Areas traversed: Lakitu's Big Sky Country, Neo X-Naut Air Base


The game's core mechanics are the same as Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. You begin the game with every single partner and upgrade you had there, minus Ms. Mowz and any Badge abilities. Obviously, due to this game being on Nintendo DS, the controls are different, so while you're in Rogueport, you're given the chance to adapt to the new control system. Mario starts with 30 HP, 25 Flower Points, and 15 Badge Points.

Paper Abilities

The four Paper moves from the last game are back, and this game introduces two new ones: Paper Gun and Paper Cup. Paper Gun only activates in specific areas and forces the game to become a first person shooter, with Mario turning into Fire Mario and shooting fireballs. Paper Cup allows for on-the-spot healing, in exchange for lost mobility.


As before, there are Peach and Bowser interludes.

Battle system

The battle system is mostly unchanged from TTYD. Battles take place on a stage. In addition to the traditional turn-based combat, the characters on-stage may interact with the scenery: sometimes the background will fall, damaging all characters on stage and possibly making them Dizzy, the audience helps Mario gain Star Power and also may throw items on stage or attack Mario and his partners, and lastly, some enemies may even use the audience to their advantage.

Attacking enemies

While Mario and his partners are battling enemies, they can attack enemies with extra power using various Action Commands. Stylish Moves are extra commands to please the crowd more and gain more Star Power.


Press B Button with good timing when an enemy is attacking you to reduce damage taken by 1 and become immune to any status effects the move may have had. Press A Button instead to do a Superguard, which negates the attack completely and hits direct attackers for 1 HP. The timing for a Superguard is much more difficult; you only have 6 frames (in a 60 FPS game; essentially .1 seconds) to do it in as opposed to the 15 that a regular Guard affords you.

Star Points

As before, you get these every time you win a battle. Get 100 to level up. Every time you level up, Mario and all partners are healed up (a change from TTYD, where only the active partner was healed), and you can give him a boost to his HP, Flower Points, or Badge Points. As before, the max level is 99; max HP and FP are 200, and max BP is 99.

As you level up, enemies will give you fewer Star Points, until finally, they give you none. When you win a battle in which none of the enemies give you Star Points, you get 1 as a consolation prize.

Shine Sprites

Main article: /Shine Sprite locations

As before, you can get Shine Sprites to upgrade your partners twice. It takes three Shine Sprites to upgrade a partner. There are 60 in the game altogether.

The Audience

Again, as in TTYD, you use the Audience to restore your Star Power. Use the Appeal action or a Stylish Move to recover more Star Energy. The Audience occasionally takes active participation in the battles; some spectators throw helpful or hurtful items, while others may incapacitate other audience members, making Star Power recovery more difficult.


Another mechanic back from TTYD, every time you successfully do an Action Command, an icon appears. Get two matching icons and pull a third successful Action Command to take the Bingo wheel for a spin.

Mario's Partners

Mario begins this game with every single partner he had from TTYD, except for Ms. Mowz. There are an additional four partners for him to meet. As before, they all have a field ability that you can activate by pressing X Button. By default, all partners know four moves and can be further upgraded at Merlon's house for three Shine Sprites a pop. Each partner can be upgraded twice, first to Hyper Rank, and then to Ultimate Rank.

Partner Name Summary, field ability Battle moves Description


A Goomba who, for some odd reason, speaks in "Valley Girl". Press X Button to make her tell you information about the place you're in or a nearby NPC. She knows a lot more than she lets on! Headbonk (0 FP) Similar to Mario's jump; hits enemy twice. Does not work on spiky or fire enemies unless you have Spike Shield P or Ice Power P equipped.
Tattle (0 FP) Analyzes an enemy, revealing their HP, Attack, Defense, and possibly other statistics such as weaknesses.
Multibonk (3 FP) Attacks enemy repeatedly for diminishing damage (minimum 1 per hit). Also doesn't work on spiky or fire enemies without the proper Badges.
Rally Wink (4 FP) Sacrifices her turn so that Mario can have a second.
Piledriver (5 FP) Referencing Super Mario Bros. 3's Piledriver Microgoombas, Goombella hops on a Brick and does high damage (maximum of 12 HP), but only hits once.
Paragoomba Down (7 FP) Boosts either her Attack or Mario's and allows them to attack twice for three turns.


A normally timid Koopa, Koops becomes a fierce fighter if roused. He has a default Defense of 1 and can upgrade it to 3, but he can be flipped upside-down from some attacks. Press X Button to make Koops do a Shell Toss. You can even hold him in place. Shell Toss (0 FP) Attacks the front-most ground-bound/low-hovering enemy.
Power Shell (3 FP) Attacks all ground-bound/low-hovering enemies.
Shell Shield (4 FP) Summons a Green Shell to protect Mario for a few turns.
Shell Slam (6 FP) Attacks all ground-bound/low-hovering enemies AND pierces their Defense.
Shady Koopa Shuffle (0 FP) Allows Koops to attack even when he's upside-down. Will do double damage in that case.
Intimidate (4 FP) Stops certain enemies from fleeing.


Overly dramatic (and fat) "actress". Press X Button to make her blow things away. Body Slam (0 FP) Attacks one enemy. Does not work on spiky or fire enemies without the appropriate Badges, but can hit enemies on the ceiling.
Gale Force (4 FP) Blows weak enemies away from battle. (They do not give you Star Points.) This move is particularly effective against aerial enemies.
Lip Lock (3 FP) Restores Flurrie's HP by the amount of damage done and can pierce Defense.
Dodgy Fog (4 FP) Makes Mario dodgy for a few turns, so that attacks directed at Mario miss more often.
Puff Up (6 FP) Shrinks all opponents and makes them soft for three turns.
Hurricane (9 FP) Inflicts severe damage on all opponents and makes them dizzy and confused.


Born in Glitzville's Glitz Pit, the fire of a competitor burns in this Yoshi. Press X Button to ride on his back like most Yoshis. He can run much faster than Mario can, and while he cannot jump as high as Mario, he can float in the air for a few moments to cover a greater distance and cross gaps. The Yoshi can be a variety of colors. Ground Pound (0 FP) Attacks one enemy multiple times for 1 HP of damage per hit.
Gulp (4 FP) Swallows the front-most grounded enemy and shoots it at the next enemy in line if there is one, damaging both of them. This move ignores Defense Power. Does not work on fire enemies without Ice Power P.
Mini-Egg (3 FP) Throws a set amount of eggs at various random enemies, dealing 1 HP of damage per hit to them and making them Tiny.
Stampede (6 FP) Calls forth a herd of Yoshis to attack all grounded enemies.
Blue Shell (2 FP) Makes Yoshi grow wings; he and Mario will fly up for two turns.
Red Shell (9 FP) Spews a giant flame that hits all enemies and burns them.


One of the Shadow Queen's "Shadow Sirens", she betrayed them because Mario was much nicer to her than Beldam. Press X Button with her out to pull Mario into the shadows with her Veil technique. Shade Fist (0 FP) Burns an opponent, the only move guaranteed to do so.
Veil (1 FP) Hides Mario and herself in the shadows to evade an attack. Next turn, Vivian will not be able to act.
Fiery Jinx (6 FP) Attacks all enemies with fire, piercing their Defense and burning them.
Infatuate (4 FP) Blows kisses at all enemies, possibly confusing them.
Lightning Blast (4 FP) Hits all opponents at once with a lightning bolt.
Blizzard (8 FP) Hits all opponents with ice, possibly freezing them.

Admiral Bobbery

Allegedly one of the greatest sailors in the Mushroom Kingdom; just don't ask him about his wife... Press X Button to use his bomb attack to destroy cracked walls, flip switches, and attack enemies. He can even be tossed upwards to walk on ledges. Bomb (0 FP) Bombs the front-most ground-bound enemy.
Bomb Squad (3 FP) Throws three mini-bombs that explode next turn.
Hold Fast (4 FP) Gives Bobbery the Payback status for up to five turns. New to this game: He can give Mario the status instead.
Bob-Ombast (9 FP) Hits all enemies with a powerful explosion. All flying enemies that survive lose their wings.
Slow Bomb (5 FP) Gives any opponent that gets hit the Slow status for 6 turns, only making them able to act once every other turn.
Elemental Bombs (5 FP) Throws fire, ice, electric, and poison bombs at the opponent, possibly giving those statuses to anyone who gets hit.
The Chompstress A Twilight Towner with Chain Chomps chained to her wrists, her "dominatrix" attitude is probably one reason for the game's T rating. Press X Button to make her Chain Chomps bite at things. With Chain Chomps attached
Chomp Swing (0 FP) The Chompstress swings each of her Chain Chomps at opponents.
Detach (0 FP) Detaches her Chain Chomps. They act the same as enemy Chain Chomps, so go to the Bestiary to learn more about that. When they die, she'll call for a new pair of Chain Chomps to her wrists two turns later.
With Chain Chomps detached
Extreme Speed (0 FP) Does a Spinia-style spin that hits the front-most ground-bound enemy.
Thunderbolt (2 FP) Hits one enemy with a lightning bolt.
Toxic Gas (4 FP) Hits all opponents with gas that may confuse them, poison them, or make them allergic
Air Spin (3 FP) Similar to Goombella's Multibonk.
Dark Drain (3 FP) Drains the HP of all opponents, divides it by 2-4, and distributes it evenly to herself, Mario, and any Chain Chomps still on the field.
Shadow Wave (15 FP) A two-turn move with charging in the first turn. Does not stack with the Charge P badge. Does heavy damage to all enemies.
Flubba A Spike with a penchant for getting into trouble. Press X Button to make him puke up a spiked ball and fling it, destroying certain obstacles. Spiked Ball (0 FP) Pukes up a spiked ball and flings it at the front-most ground-bound enemy.
Quake Club (3 FP) Hits all ground-bound and ceiling enemies, dropping the latter and flipping over any flippable enemies in the former group.
Multi-Spike (4 FP) Hits all ground-bound enemies and pierces their Defense.
Vision (6 FP) Sees a "vision" that strikes all opponents two turns later.
Spike Crash (9 FP) Hits all enemies with a giant spiked ball.
Heat Vision (7 FP) Hits all enemies with a laser. Does more damage to air enemies.
Spike A Spiky Cheep Cheep who is highly resilient to Nibbles. Press X Button near water and Mario will be able to swim in it with his help. His spikes make him immune to direct contact. Bubble (0 FP) Weak, but it hits all opponents and may lower their Defense.
Spike Shield (3 FP) Protects himself or Mario for one turn. Must skip his next turn.
Bubblebeam (4 FP) Stronger than Bubble, but only hits one opponent
Surf (7 FP) Washes away all opponents, but can hurt Mario, too.
Ink Blot (6 FP) Squirts out Blooper ink, reducing opponents' accuracy.
Tsunami (9 FP) An all-consuming blast of water that instantly kills fire enemies and Bob-Ombs.
Sprixie Essentially Ms. Mowz's replacement, Sprixie is overly cheery. Press X Button and she will help you find hidden items. Slap (0 FP) Smacks an enemy of your choice. Pierces Defense.
Covet (2 FP) Steals an opponent's item, if they're holding one.
Tease (3 FP) Hits all opponents; makes them dizzy.
Smooch (10 FP) Restores Mario's HP by 10.
Payday (4 FP) Flings coins at opponents. Will encourage more coins to drop after the battle ends.
Triple Kick (8 FP) Hits air-bound enemies with up to three kicks that grow stronger each time.

Crystal Stars

As before, the main objective of your quest is the Crystal Stars. You begin the game with all Star Powers that you previously had, and these Crystal Stars give you even more!

Star Name Found in Power granted and SP needed to use Description


Main article: /Items

You can once again use items to help you. This time around, you have no upper limit on how many items you can have in your bag. As a result, the ability to store items at shops was removed, since it likely wouldn't serve any purpose.


Main article: /Badges

You can once again use Badges in this game. They can be purchased at the Lovely Howz or Charlieton, traded for Star Pieces by Dazzle, won at the Pianta Parlor, or found out in the open or from red ? Blocks.

To use Badges, you need Badge Points. Some of the badges add new jumping or hammer moves to Mario's commands during battle and other new abilities.

Badges can also affect Mario and his partners outside of battles. After the battle certain badges can increase the amount of coins, flowers, hearts, or items enemies drop. Enemies might also carry badges in battle, which only Sprixie can steal right away, and there is a likeliness that they might leave them when they are defeated.

The W and L Emblems also return.

If multiple copies of the same jump or hammer badge are worn at once, the FP requirements will increase exponentially, whereas the attack power will increase linearly.

Star Pieces

Main article: /Star Piece locations

Once again, you can find Star Pieces in the game. Sprixie can help you with this. Mario can then trade them with Dazzle for Badges. There are 100 Star Pieces in the game.

Zess T. Recipes

Main article: /Zess T.'s recipes

As before, you can have Zess T. cook some recipes for you. There is a specific item in the game that will allow her to cook up to three items at once.

Bestiary (Tattle Log)

Main article: /Bestiary

Trouble Center

Main article: /Trouble Center

Mario can once again go to the Trouble Center for some extra rewards.


Bold signifies chapter bosses.

Chapter Name HP Attack Defense Location
8 Magnus von Grapple X 300 10 5 X-Naut Air Base

The Pit of 100 Trials

Main article: /Pit of 100 Trials

Once again, you can take on the Pit of 100 Trials as a sidequest.


Nothing yet, but here just in case.

The Romance language copies of this game were unusually successful, apparently due to the similarities of the words "temple" and "time" in those languages.

Pre-release and unused content

This game was originally planned in 2005 for Game Boy Advance, under the name "Paper Mario Advance", and with the ability to connect to TTYD via the GCN-GBA Cable. The game also featured a far different cast, one which was ultimately derided as "a bunch of Mary Sues" and dropped.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ペーパーマリオ RPG: 時間の神殿
Pēpā Mario ĀruPīJī: Jikan no Shinden
Paper Mario RPG: The Temple of Time
Spanish Mario Papel: El Tempo del Tiempo
French Mario Papier: Le Temple du Temps
German Papier Mario: Das Tempel der Zeit
Italian Mario Carta: Il Tempio del Tempo