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Paper Mario: The Oracles of Truth
PMOoT Boxart.png
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s) Unknown
Mode(s) Single player
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg3Rating.pngA CERO cero.png
Media Included Media Switch.png Nintendo Switch card
Media DL icon.png Digital download
Available Input Joy-Con Icon.png Joy-Con
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.png Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
PMTOoT Logo.png

Paper Mario: The Oracles of Truth is the seventh installment in the Paper Mario series, slated to be released on the Nintendo Switch sometime in the future (not really). Its plot revolves around Mario, who goes on an adventure to save the 8 Mirage Oracles after Bowser steals the Gleamful Mirror, an ancient artifact from the Gleammore Kingdom. Having heard of the tales about the mirror's magic, Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach and intended to summon an opposite version of her that would finally reciprocate his feelings. This backfires, and instead summons mirror creatures that get Bowser and Princess Peach trapped within the mirror, take the Mirage Oracles captive, and begin invading the real world.

The gameplay more closely follows the style of the first two installments in the series, especially Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, once again emphasizing the role-playing elements of the overworld and battle system, while also retaining some of the exploration and puzzle-solving elements. Traditional Paper Mario partners return, each with their own unique abilities that help Mario in the overworld and in battle, and in addition a varied cast of non-playable characters like in the first three games.

Header7 pmoot.png

Star pm.png Opening

The story begins with a beautiful temple filled with many mirrors, the Shrine of Mirages. Located in the Gleammore Kingdom's capital city Phosphopolis , this shrine contains the Gleamful Mirror, an ancient artifact said to work as a bridge between worlds. The ten Mirage Oracles have watched over this place and the mirror for ages in order to prevent both worlds from meddling with the other. However, one day, Bowser storms into the shrine and captures the Mirage Oracles with Kammy Koopa's assistance. A mysterious cloaked figure accompanying Bowser signals him towards the Gleamful Mirror, which he proceeds to steal.

Back in the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach receives an invitation to a banquet with the royal family of the neighboring Gleammore Kingdom. Surprised but pleased about it, the Princess travels there and brings Toadsworth and a few Toads along. Upon arriving at Phosphopolis, Peach is almost immediately ambushed and kidnapped by Bowser and Kammy Koopa, who reveal the invitation to be a trap. She is forced to look at her reflection on the Gleamful Mirror, as Bowser believed the Mirage version of Peach would be summoned to willingly rule alongside him. Instead, the Mirage version of Peach, Princess Nectarine, took this chance to send her troops through the mirror. They trap Bowser and Peach inside the mirror and then invade the Gleammore Kingdom. In a state of distress, Kammy Koopa flies with her broom back to the Mushroom Kingdom to ask Mario for help.

Star pm.png Prologue: Welcome to Phosphopolis


After Mario is informed of these events, he and Luigi board a ship to the Gleammore Kingdom. Shortly after they arrive, Mario finds a group of Mirage Toads called Truffles led by Lewis (Luigi's Mirage counterpart, to Luigi's surprise) attacking some people, amongst them a Whittle named Whitney. Mario fights Lewis and easily defeats him, causing the group of Mirages to flee. Whitney introduces herself, and joins Mario after he explains his new quest to her. She suggests visiting the royal Gleammore family, who had been taking shelter in their castle. The King Chandler reveals to Mario that the Mirages kidnapped the Oracles and ran off with them and the mirror. He then introduces Mario to Mirarim, a sage of the Shrine of Mirages that has lived with the royal family throughout its existence and is the one that created the Oracles. She guides Mario to the shrine, and they stand before where the Gleamful Mirror used to be. Mirarim is then able to share a vision, revealing the location of the first Mirage Oracle, Malachite.

Star pm.png Chapter 1: Gluttony Mess on Solerno Island

Star pm.png Chapter 2: Temple of the Dragon

Star pm.png Chapter 3: Retro at the City

Star pm.png Chapter 4: The Mt. Sorbet Expedition

Star pm.png Chapter 5: Fly into the Sky Ruins

Star pm.png Chapter 6: Sweet, Sweet Candy Clutter

Star pm.png Chapter 7: The Shady Factory

Star pm.png Chapter 8: Reclaim the Goldgravel Sands

Star pm.png Chapter 9: Mario Goes to Magic School

Star pm.png Chapter 10-1: One Mirror, Two Worlds

Star pm.png Chapter 10-2: A Glimmering Finale!

Header6 pmoot.png

Paper Mario: The Oracles of Truth is a role-playing game that brings over the core gameplay and mechanics from the first two installments in the series, Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The player controls Mario for the majority of the game, traveling through different locations, mostly in the Gleammore Kingdom. Throughout his journey, Mario befriends various characters who join him on his quest, known as party members (see Partners). Many NPCs and/or enemies that Mario can interact with appear throughout these locations, and some of these NPCs, such as Merlon, can provide Mario and his party with services.

Like in most Paper Mario games, Mario starts his journey with two basic abilities: Jumping, and his Hammer. Mario can jump to reach higher ground, cross small gaps, and hit floating blocks, while his hammer allows him to break blocks on the ground and other obstacles. Both of these abilities can be upgraded as the player progresses by finding special items that give him new abilities.

8BitMario Coin.png 8-Bit Mode

8BitMario PMOoT.png

8-Bit Mode is essentially the same as the background scenery traveling from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, but with a retro flair to it. Instead of regular Warp Pipes, Mario and his party can sometimes stumble upon 8-Bit Pipes on the overworld that, when entered, will send them to a background scenery and turn Mario and his partners into 8-Bit versions of themselves. Unlike TTYD's simpler accessible backgrounds, some of this game's backgrounds contain elements reminiscent of Super Mario Bros., and sort of mimics its gameplay as well. Most 8-Bit background sections are necessary to get to certain locations or obtain items and/or badges.

Oracle Coin.png Reflection Mode

Reflection is Mirarim's ability on the overworld. At the start of the maneuver, Mirarim freezes time and projects an alternate version of the location they are in that exists within the Mirage World. A short timer begins, during which Mario can explore the mirror version of the area and search for elements not seen in the 'real world'. Areas that can be affected are signaled by Mirarim's face, as it glows whenever she senses something that can be found on the other side.

MirarimMario PMOoT.png

This ability is used extensively in the game to solve puzzles. For example, Mario and his party may sometimes require something that is missing in order to progress, such as a bridge or a switch. In instances like these, Mirarim hints that she can use Reflection there, and the team may find the bridge or switch in the mirror counterpart. These environment objects can be 'copied' and then 'pasted' onto the real world, allowing Mario and co. to progress. Likewise, some objects can also be removed from the real overworld and then pasted on its mirror version instead.

After Chapter 1, Mario can also use this ability to rescue Luigi, who somehow gets kicked into the mirror version of certain areas in the game during each chapter. Retrieving Luigi is essential, as he gives Mario important items he found while trying to help every time he is rescued.

Chapter Coin Peach.png Intermissions Chapter Coin Bowser.png


Like in the first two games, there are intermissions after each chapter where the player assumes control of both Peach and Bowser. Unlike TTYD's intermissions, Peach and Bowser both share the same intermissions rather than being separate, as they are both held captive in Nectarine's Castle. Here, Peach and Bowser sneak around to obtain information about the Mirages' plans, which are secretly delivered to Mario by a Truffle guard that they befriended (Oddie T.). Peach and Bowser do not have access to Mario's abilities, party members, or inventory, but they may find items and/or badges lying around that they can give to Oddie T. so he may deliver them to Mario as well.

Battle system
Header6 pmoot.png

Battle-wise, the game is like most in the series, using a turn-based system. The way in which a battle begins will depend on a few factors: simply walking into or being approached by an enemy on the overworld will start a battle normally, but if either Mario (or a partner in some cases) or an enemy successfully attacks the other on the overworld, the battle will begin with a 'first strike' and will grant the attacker a preemptive turn before the fight starts proper. Mario and his party will find themselves on the left side of the stage, while enemies will always occupy the right side. Enemies on the stage will vary depending on which enemy initiated the battle, with many different formations being possible.

The game combines the set-up of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door's stage plays and Paper Mario: The Origami King's rings by having battles take place on circular stages, with an audience and other theater elements surrounding them. The default view of a battle is similar to that of Paper Mario: Sticker Star's and Paper Mario: Color Splash's, but it will switch between different angles while the player decides their next move. By taking place on stages again, the audience may randomly interact with the battle in several ways, such as throwing items at Mario and his partner or enemies (be it a beneficial or hindering one, the latter of which can be avoided by attacking said audience member), giving extra Star Power (SP) to Mario, temporarily disabling fellow audience members, tampering with pieces of the set to either harm Mario or his enemies, or by being used by certain bosses to attack Mario or heal themselves. Additionally, stage hazards return, such as fog which may cause Mario's party or enemies to miss their attacks, and flaming or freezing props that may burn or freeze everyone on stage.

In order to win battles, Mario and his party have to eliminate all the enemies on the opposite side, either by defeating them or causing them to flee. Enemies are defeated when their Heart Points (HP) hits zero. This is also the case with Mario and his partners; if a partner's HP reaches zero, they will faint, forcing Mario to switch them for another party member. However, if Mario's HP hits zero without a Life Shroom or the use of the Second Chance special move, the battle will be lost and it will be considered a Game Over.

Chapter Coin Mario.png Mario's action

MarioHammer PM.png

As mentioned before, Mario's main attack options are "Jump" and "Hammer". While Mario may use these moves on most enemies, there are certain enemies on which using one or both of these options is not possible or at least inadvisable. Hammer attacks are strong but have a range limit, usually only being able to hit ground-bound or low hovering foes. Jumping attacks, while not as strong, allow Mario to hit enemies that are out of reach. However, jumping on spiked or otherwise hazardous enemies will instead cancel the attack and cause Mario to take 1 HP of damage.

There are Badges that can grant Mario custom jumping and hammer attacks, though, such as 'Hammer Throw' allowing Mario to throw his hammer at flying enemies, or 'Spike Shield' allowing him to jump on spiked enemies. Custom jumping and hammer moves usually consume Flower Points (FP) and are unavailable if lacking the required amount.

In addition to jumping and hammer attacks, Mario also unlocks special moves by finding the correlating Mirage Oracles. Special moves have a wide variety of effects that consume Star Power (SP) that is represented by star symbols at the top bar of the screen, and they deplete SP in varying amounts depending on the move used. Small amounts of SP is recovered with each turn, but by using 'Stylish moves' (See Action Commands), the audience will increase the amount of SP regained.

Other than the moves mentioned before, Mario may also use healing or attacking items found in his inventory, skip his turn by guarding, or attempt to run away from battle. While trying to flee, a bar appears that gets filled by mashing the A button, with an indicator sliding from left to right until it stops. If it stops on the filled portion of the bar, Mario and co. escape successfully from battle (while losing a few coins because of it). If it stops on the unfilled part, Mario wastes his action and the battle continues.

Partner Coin.png Partner action

PMOoT 3Partners.png

Party members' options are similar to Mario's, though they cannot use Mirage Oracle special moves, and have access to their own repertoire of main attacks (starting with two moves, and gaining an additional two for a total of four by being upgraded). At least one of these attacks is always free to use, whereas other, more potent attacks cost Flower Points. Partners can also equip some Badges, which empowers them similarly to Mario.

While partners have their own HP, they do not have their own FP and instead draw from the same pool as Mario's. Similarly to Mario's jumping attacks, partners must beware of hazardous foes when it comes to jump-type attacks, or generally attacks that come into direct contact with these enemies. Additionally, some elemental attacks should be taken into account when there are elemental enemies. As an example, using fire attacks on fire enemies could cause no damage or even heal them, but using ice attacks instead will cause extra damage.

Only one party member can be used during battle, but the currently active one can be swapped out for a different party member during battle. This wastes an action unless the 'Quick Change' Badge is equipped.

Enemy Coin.png Enemy action

PMOoT Enemies.png

After Mario and his partner have taken their actions, it will be the enemies' turn to attack. If able, enemies will attack one after another, either targeting Mario, his party member, or both at once in some cases. When all enemies have attacked, the current turn ends and the next one starts from the beginning again, with the player choosing Mario and his partner's actions.

Enemy formations will differ depending on location and which enemy initiated the fight. Occassionally, an enemy might bring an item or badge to the battle with them. If item-wielding enemies are not taken out in time, they will use them on Mario and/or his party member if it is an offensive item, or themselves if it is a defensive item. It is also possible to steal their badges/items with the use of Wuwu & Fufu's 'Monkey Lift' move or the 'Sneak Tweak' badge.

Some bosses will also take advantage of the audience and utilize them to either attack Mario and his party member or heal themselves. Enemies and bosses may also be negatively affected by the audience when they mess with the stage's set or throw pebbles at them.

Star pm.png Status effects

Certain attacks and items can afflict their targets with conditions that affect their battle performance. Status effects are in most cases temporary, with the duration of it being determined by a number of turns alongside an icon that indicates what the effect is. Status effects only apply during battles and wear off once returning to the overworld.

Star pm.png Regular effects

Icon Name Effect
Burn stat.png Burn The target takes 1 HP of damage every turn.
Poison stat.png Poison
Charged stat.png Charged Raises the Attack power of the user. Does not have a duration based on turns, but will instead wear off after attacking. Can be stacked.
Confused stat.png Confused Causes its target to gain an approximately 50% chance each turn to do something random and unexpected instead of what it intended to do, such as attacking a teammate, making Mario or his partner use an option that is not what was actually chosen, etc.
DEFDown stat.png DEF-Down Lowers the target's defense by the specified amount.
DEFUp stat.png DEF-Up Reduces damage from incoming attacks by the specified amount.
Dizzy stat.png Dizzy The target is unable to execute actions until the effect wears off.
Frozen stat.png Frozen
Immobilized stat.png Immobilized
Paralyzed stat.png Paralyzed
Sleep stat.png Sleepy
Dodgy stat.png Dodgy The target becomes evasive, randomly causing enemy attacks to miss.
Electrified stat.png Electrified If the target is hit by a direct attack, the attacker receives 1 HP of damage. If the attack is part of a sequence, it will be canceled after the first hit.
Fast stat.png Fast Allows the target to attack twice in one turn.
Foiled stat.gif Foiled A rare neutral status effect that prevents its target from being inflicted with further status ailments, neither positive nor negative. It will not remove status effects that were already applied.
Huge stat.png Huge The target grows tremendously, boosting their Attack power by 2 for 2 turns.
Invisible stat.png Invisible Forces all attacks against the target to miss.
POWDown stat.png POW-Down Lowers the Attack power of the target by the specified amount.
POWUp stat.png POW-Up Boosts the damage of all attacks by the specified amount.
HPRegen stat.pngFPRegen stat.png Regen Grants the target gradual HP and/or FP, slightly healing these stats with each passing turn.
Revenge stat.png Revenge When the target is afflicted, all direct attackers will receive half the damage the character receives, rounded down.
Slow stat.png Slow The afflicted victim can only attack once every other turn.
Tiny stat.png Tiny The target is shrunk and the power of their attacks is docked by 2 for 2 turns.

Star pm.png Unique effects

Icon Name Effect
Danger stat.png Danger Triggers whenever Mario's or partner's HP reaches 5 or less. It has no immediate effect on battle, but some Badges require them to be in this state to work.
Flipped stat.png Flipped A state unique to shell-wearing enemies, Clefts, and Bristles. An enemy that has been flipped upside-down has reduced defense and may not be able to attack for one or more turns.
Peril stat.png Peril Triggers whenever Mario's or partner's HP reaches 1. It has no immediate effect on battle, but some Badges require them to be in this state to work.
ProhbitedCommand.png Prohibited Command Mario or his party member will have one of their action commands dislodged from the menu.
Stone stat.png Stone Mario or his party member becomes impervious to all enemy attacks, but also cannot move. Given by the Rock Shroom item.

Star pm.png Action Commands

During battles, when Mario or his partner is executing an attack, an input prompt will be shown. If the action command is successful, attacks will deal bonus damage or have other additional effects. There are also extra action commands known as Stylish moves. They accompany every attack in the game and are completely optional. They can be done by pressing the A button at a certain time during an attack. Successfully doing Stylish moves pleases the crowd more and earns Mario more Star Power.

There are also defensive action commands, known as Guarding and Superguarding. To perform them, the player must press A or B right when a foe is about to strike Mario and/or his party member. If timed just right, guarding reduces the damage taken from enemy attacks and help the player resist status effects.

  • Guarding is done by pressing the A button. It reduces the damage taken by 1 HP and also negates status effects. It is the easier form of guarding, as the player has slightly more time to react and time it right.
  • Superguarding is done by pressing the B button instead. It completely ignores damage from enemies and sometimes even damages the attacker, acting as a counter of sorts. Direct hitters take 1 HP of damage and most ranged foes take no damage. Some ranged attacks, like Spike's spiked balls or Pokey's segment throws, can be reflected back at them, which deals 1 HP of damage as well. Superguarding is more difficult to execute, as the frames/time window to do so is even less than that of regular guarding.

Star pm.png Leveling up

StarPoint Coin.png Star Points


After winning battles, Mario earns experience in the form of Star Points. The amount he earns from each enemy or boss will depend on the levels of the defeated enemies as well as that of Mario himself; as his level goes up, he receives less Star Points from them. If Mario's level is just under, matches or exceeds the enemy's, or reaches the maximum level (99), he does not earn any Star Points from them at all. Whenever Mario's Star Point count reaches 100, his level increases by one and the player can choose whether to upgrade Mario's Heart Points, Flower Points or Badge Points. Choosing HP or FP will raise the upgraded stat by 5, while choosing BP will increase Mario's BP by 3. The maximum value for HP and FP is 200, and for BP it is 99.

Partner Coin.png Power Moons

PowerMoon PM.png

In a similar fashion to TTYD's Shine Sprites, there are Power Moons found on the overworld throughout the game. When collected, these items allow Mario to upgrade his partners by giving the Power Moons to Merlon. A total of 3 is needed for each upgrade, and every party member can be upgraded twice, learning additional moves and increasing their HP. There are 60 Power Moons altogether in the game.

Header6 pmoot.png

Star pm.png Main

Image Name Description
Mario PMOoT.png Mario The main protagonist of the game. Mario is informed that Princess Peach has been kidnapped again, with the bearers of news being... Kammy Koopa? As Bowser's plan backfired and got himself and Peach trapped within a magic mirror, Mario travels to Gleammore Kingdom to seek more information and begins searching for the Mirage Oracles to put a stop to the mirror invaders and save Peach (and by extension Bowser).
Peach2 PMOoT.png Princess Peach Prior to the events of the game, Peach is cordially invited to the neighboring Gleammore Kingdom for a royal banquet. She accepts and brings Toadsworth along. However, to their surprise, this was all a ploy by Bowser to lure Peach towards the Gleamful Mirror. He kidnaps Peach after she arrives, and takes her to the magic mirror that he stole. As Peach looks into it, her reflection starts sending creatures from the mirror that overwhelm and throw her and Bowser inside it.

Both Peach and Bowser are held captive in the Mirage World's Fungus Kingdom, and during intermissions, they befriend a Truffle Guard named Oddie T. who tries to help them however he can and secretly delivers information to Mario in the real world.

Bowser PMOoT.png Bowser Bowser learns about the Gleamful Mirror from a hooded man detailing the tales of the Gleammore Kingdom, a neighbor land to the Mushroom Kingdom. He tells Bowser about this ancient mirror artifact that can summon alternate reflections from a mysterious dimension within. Bowser then comes up with a plan, traveling to the Gleammore Kingdom and stealing the mirror from the Shrine of Mirages. Then he tricks Princess Peach into visiting Gleammore, and kidnaps her in order to summon her mirage counterpart that, as he believes, would like him back and rule by his side as he always intended. This plan goes wrong, however, as Princess Nectarine instead sends her henchmen to trap Bowser and Peach inside the mirror and invade the real world.

Bowser and Peach are imprisoned in the Fungus Kingdom, but are assisted by Oddie T., a Truffle Guard they befriend.

Star pm.png Partners

Throughout the game, Mario uses partners, just like in the first two games. His partners have purposes in both the overworld and battle. They can be upgraded by Merlon by giving him 3 Power Moons. Every partner knows two moves upon joining the party, learns the third after being upgraded to Super Rank, and masters the final move after attaining Ultra Rank.

Name Summary
Whitney PMOoT.png

A sassy and well-spoken Whittle traveler that enjoys exploring the world and learning new things. She is the first character to join Mario when he first goes to Gleammore Kingdom. She has the same ability to uncover an enemy's stats as Goombario and Goombella do.

In the overworld, she can give Mario all sorts of information about the current location they are in, as well as information regarding characters they encounter.

Whitney's Battle Information
0 FP
Hits ground-bound enemy twice. Does not work on fire enemies.
0 FP
Analyzes enemy and reveals their HP and other statistics.
Slap Frenzy
3 FP
Hits ground-bound enemy consecutively until the action command is failed. Does not work on fire enemies.
4 FP
Infatuates enemies with the blow of a kiss. Can confuse.
Quaxton PMOoT.png

A hotheaded Cataquack rebel that lives in Solerno Village and joins Mario just to spite his overprotective mother, who is always strict about his endeavors, and with whom he had a falling out. After his adventures with Mario, he and his mother reconcile and understand each other better.

Outside of battle, he can throw Mario high into the air to reach higher places.

Quaxton's Battle Information
0 FP
Jumps onto an enemy with a headbutt. Does not work on spiky or fire enemies.
Fling Up
3 FP
Catapults a ground-bound enemy high into the air, removing them from the battle for 1 turn. Said enemy falls onto another on the next turn, dealing twice the damage on the latter. (does not catapult bosses)
4 FP
Attacks all grounded enemies by rushing through them. Can inflict dizziness.
6 FP
Discourages all enemies, temporarily decreasing their defense ratings.
Karasuke PMOoT.png

An ancient Dark Bones warrior that wakes up from his long slumber after Mario attempts to grab his blade in the Tranquil Mausoleum. He fights Mario and then joins him out of respect when he proves himself worthy in battle, assisting in opening the path to the Yomi Temple where one of the Oracles was seemingly sent to.

He has the same ability Kooper and Koops have outside of battle, using his shell toss move to flip switches, grab items and attack enemies, while retaining Koops' ability to hold his shell in place and then fire it back in the opposite direction.

Karasuke's Battle Information
Shell Toss
0 FP
Attacks one ground-bound or low-hovering enemy with his shell.
Super Slash
3 FP
Attacks all ground-bound and low-hovering enemies with a quick sword slash.
Life Drain
4 FP
Transfers an enemy's HP to Karasuke's HP. This move pierces Defense Power.
Phantasm Slash
8 FP
Attacks all enemies regardless of their position with a flurry of sword slashes, ignoring their Defense Power.
PriscillaNew PMOoT.png

Charming and elegant, Priscilla is a Tropical Wiggler that has created a successful career out of her beautiful voice. She is a renowned artist that hails from the prestigious Neondale City. However, the crime rates had been rising lately, and Priscilla was falling victim to this when Mario arrives. She joins him after being saved from getting robbed by the local 8-Bits Mafia.

Outside of battle, she can stretch her body to cover a great distance across gaps, allowing Mario to cross them. This is functionally similar to Parakarry's and Yoshi's abilities.

Priscilla's Battle Information
Umbrella Smack
0 FP
Attacks one enemy multiple times with her umbrella for 1 point of damage per hit.
3 FP
Stretches up to 6 segments for a couple turns. Enemies may attack one of the extra segments which does not deal direct damage to her.
Piercing Voice
3 FP
Targets all enemies and may cause them to flee the battle. (does not work on bosses)
4 FP
Targets all enemies and may cause them to fall asleep.
PJ PMOoT.png

A big Penguin with an even bigger heart. PJ is a record-breaking swimmer and mountain hiker, and always ready for an adventure. Mario is assisted by him throughout his travels in Mount Sorbet. He decides to officially join the party not long after.

His overworld ability is a lot like Sushie's and the Boat Mode from past games. He allows Mario to ride on his backpack to traverse across water unscathed.

PJ's Battle Information
Wave Slide
0 FP
Attacks one ground-bound or low-hovering enemy by water sliding.
3 FP
Throws a snowball at one enemy. Can freeze. Does not work on ice enemies. Effective against fire foes.
4 FP
Grabs one enemy and suplexes them onto another, damaging both. Ignores Defense Power. Does not work on spiky or fire enemies.
8 FP
Attacks all enemies with a snowslide, leaving them frozen. Effective against fire foes, but can heal ice enemies.
WuwuFufu PMOoT.png
Wuwu & Fufu

An inseparable Ukiki and Fwoosh duo. Despite their seemingly clashing personalities, these two are the best of friends. Wuwu and Fufu are exploring partners, always looking around for treasure and other goods throughout their travels. At the moment of meeting and joining Mario, they were setting camp at the floating island ruins of Nimbus Skerry alongside other visitors.

Just like Flurrie, Fufu can blow wind at enemies to make them dizzy and stun them, and to blow fake walls away, revealing secret passages.

Wuwu & Fufu's Battle Information
Monkey Lift
0 FP
Attacks one enemy in a comical ball of violence. Steals an enemy's held badge or item.
Tempest Blow
4 FP
Blows weak enemies away from battle. This move is particularly effective against aerial enemies. (does not work on bosses)
Thunder Strike
7 FP
Summons a big cloud that strikes lightning onto all enemies. Can immobilize.
Raise Morale
4 FP
Gives Mario a second turn, at the expense of their own turn.
Milkelle PMOoT.png

A sweet and clumsy, yet strong Whomp residing in Sugarmore Country. Milkelle and other residents are currently in distress due to the sudden appearance of evil, zombified Gingerbread Knights (from the Mirage World) and the Mirage version of the Cookie Queen, Baroness Biscuit, who has taken over. She joins Mario as he helps her land from being corrupted.

Outside of battle, Milkelle can trip over and fall on Mario, folding him into a spring shape so he can walk through low passageways.

Milkelle's Battle Information
Trip 'n' Fall
0 FP
Attacks ground-bound enemy by falling on them. Ignores Defense Power. Does not work on spiky enemies.
Hard Candy
3 FP
Temporarily raises Mario's Defense Power by 2 points.
Cookie House
4 FP
Builds a cookie house around Mario that protects him for a few turns.
Mama's Whimps
7 FP
Calls similarly-looking Whimps to attack all enemies.
Rockwell PMOoT.png

A laidback but smart Rocky Wrench engineer that used to work for an underground factory called Cobalt Pipelines Inc., until he had suspicions about recent fishy activity going on with the higher-ups and some of the staff, and got fired for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. He joins Mario once he found out he was going to infiltrate the factory while seeking one of the Mirage Oracles.

Rockwell's overworld ability is pulling the team inside a manhole, which for all practical purposes is identical to Lady Bow's and Vivian's abilities.

Rockwell's Battle Information
Wrench Toss
0 FP
Throws wrench at one enemy regardless of their position.
1 FP
Hides Mario and himself in a manhole to negate all damage for a turn. Next turn, Rockwell will not be able to act.
Manhole Trap
3 FP
May remove one enemy from the battle. (does not work on bosses)
Hammer Whack
6 FP
Bounces on and attacks every enemy after the other with a hammer for as long as the action command is not failed. If there is only one enemy to begin with, Rockwell continuously hits them.
Jarshepsut PMOoT.png

The headstrong Tsubōn princess of Goldgravel Desert who was recently overthrown by her brother and exiled from her palace. When her own servants turned on her as well for mysterious reasons, she knew something was off. When Mario and his team inform her about the Mirage invasion and the presence of a Mirage Oracle in her palace, she knew joining Mario was her one chance to put a stop to this.

She essentially has the same overworld ability as Bombette and Bobbery, albeit with a different method and an additional technique: she can destroy cracked walls by shooting fireballs a short distance. The same fireballs can also light up certain things such as torches.

Jarshepsut's Battle Information
0 FP
Attacks one enemy regardless of position, leaving them burned. Does not work on fire enemies. Effective against ice enemies.
Heated Pot
3 FP
Damages all enemies that physically attack Jarshepsut.
Sand Curse
5 FP
Causes enemies to possibly attack each other for a couple turns. (does not work on bosses)
9 FP
Powerfully blasts all enemies regardless of their position with a barrage of fireballs.
Kyra PMOoT.png
Kyra Koopa

She is an ambitious Magikoopa scholar and talented artist from the Koopa University of Magic Arts. Kyra Koopa was spending her time assisting Kamek in researching more information about the Gleamful Mirror. At some point they found and captured one of the Mirage Oracles, and lure Mario into the university to take the other Oracles from him to save Bowser themselves. She is initially an enemy that Mario fights (from following the "attack Mario on sight" protocol) but joins him afterwards on a truce (and because she developed a crush on him).

Kyra's ability outside of battle is to allow Mario to ride on her broom, moving faster than Mario's walking speed and passing over hazardous surfaces such as spikes or lava.

Kyra Koopa's Battle Information
Paint Blast
0 FP
Attacks one enemy regardless of their position with a magic blast of paint.
Magic Boost
3 FP
Turns Mario or herself big if used on either, temporarily increasing Attack Power by 2 points. Causes a random debuff if used on an enemy, such as: tiny (lower Attack Power), dizzy, paralyze, or poison.
Clone Painting
5 FP
Paints two clones of Mario or herself if used on either, temporarily boosting evasiveness. If used on an enemy, Kyra paints said enemy to assist them for 1 turn. (this does not work on bosses)
Love Spell
10 FP
If successful, Mario recovers up to 10 HP.

Star pm.png Supporting

Image Name Description
Mirarim PMOoT.png Mirarim Mario's main companion in this game alongside his partners. Mirarim is a friendly and wise mirror spirit from ancient Gleammore Kingdom, who created other spirits known as the Mirage Oracles at some point. Together they became sage watchers of the Shrine of Mirages, a sacred place bound to protect their old civilization's creations.

Mirarim gives Mario the ability of Reflection in the overworld as well as Blessing as one of the Mirage Oracle Moves during battle.

Luigi PMOoT.png Luigi Mario's brother. Luigi drove Mario to Gleammore Kingdom on his kart after being informed that Peach (and Bowser) was in trouble. After Mario embarks on his quest, Luigi initially stays alongside the others in Phosphopolis , but after Chapter 1, he also sets off to assist Mario.

He can be found in certain areas on each chapter, trapped within the Mirage version of that area which is determined by his incessant calls for his brother. Each time he is saved with the use of Reflection, he explains how he got trapped, and gives Mario an important item he found that led to it.

Adot PMOoT.png

HoodedAdot PMOoT.png

Oddie T. Oddie T. is a Truffle Guard from the Fungus Kingdom. Oddie T. guards Peach's and Bowser's prison room after they had been captured under the orders of Princess Nectarine. He just does his job at first, but eventually befriends both Peach and Bowser while having conversations with them, and allows them to secretly wander around the castle to gather information during intermissions.

Oddie T. also serves as a messenger between Peach, Bowser, and Mario, meeting with Mario in secret to deliver information to him, essentially becoming an ally to the heroes and a traitor to the evil Mirages.

Image Name Description
Toadsworth PMOoT.png
Toadsworth Toadsworth is Princess Peach's longtime steward. When Peach is invited to a royal banquet over at the Gleammore Kingdom, she, Toadsworth, and a few Toads come along with her. However, they all soon realize it was a trap upon arriving, as Bowser kidnaps Peach and then all the mess with the Gleamful Mirror happens. Toadsworth is extremely worried and distressed about the princess.

Still worried but positive that Mario will save her as he usually does, Toadsworth spends the remainder of the game in Phosphopolis ' Inn. Occasionally, he may give Mario an Inn Coupon, saying he "should take a breather every once in a while... BUT not for long! The princess is still in danger!".

Toadette PMOoT.png Toadette Toadette is one of the Toads that went along with Peach on her visit to Phosphopolis . She, Toadbert, and a few others are then cornered by Mirages until Mario arrives and defeats Mirage Luigi. Throughout the game, Toadette can be found wandering around Phosphopolis . Sometimes, she will tell Mario of gossips she has heard about Phosphopolis , which serve as hints for Mario to discover secrets around the city.
Toadbert PMOoT.png Toadbert Toadbert is one of the Toads that went along with Peach on her visit to Phosphopolis . Like Toadette and some others, he was being ambushed by Mirages until Mario rescued them. Toadbert spends the remainder of the game at Phosphopolis ' Library. Should Mario need advice when it comes to game mechanics, Toadbert can give useful information. As Mario progresses through the game, the number of topics he can provide increases.
SweeT PMOoT.png Sweet T. Sweet T. is a chipper and friendly Toad chef that owns her own restaurant in Phosphopolis . After Chapter 1, she offers to cook dishes for Mario if he brings ingredients to her. Mario can give her an item so that she cooks it using her kitchen, usually making it into something better.

After Chapter 5, she submits a trouble on the Trouble Center, in which she asks for someone to convince her estranged older brother to work with her again. If Mario does so, she will also cook two items into one for him, resulting in more food she can cook.

SwaviT PMOoT.png Swavi T. Swavi T. is Sweet T.'s older brother. He used to work with his sister in their restaurant at Phosphopolis , until they had a fight over his Cookbook, which he took with him when he left. He resented cooking, and started working as a waiter in Neondale City. When talking to him, he sometimes mentions how much he misses his sister, but is too ashamed to go back.

If Mario chooses Sweet T.s trouble on the Trouble Center, talking to Swavi T. until he is convinced will make him go back to Phosphopolis . After they reconcile, Sweet T. will improve her cooking alongside Swavi T. and his Cookbook.

UppyT PMOoT.png Uppy T. Uppy T. is a Toad aviator and adventurer. He is an acquaintance of Wuwu and Fufu, who's setting camp alongside them in Nimbus Skerry. In many ways, he is similar to Professor Kolorado, being a bold and oblivious treasure-seeker who tries to aid Mario while going into the Nimbus Skerry Ruins, but failing to be of much assistance due to his foolishness.
AmyT PMOoT.png Amy T. Amy T. is a bright resident of Hotaru Village from Chapter 2. She likes to play music with her biwa instrument, which she uses to calm down the Moo Moos in her farm. After Chapter 3, she submits a trouble in the Trouble Center, asking for someone to find her a new instrument after hers had been accidentally eaten by a Moo Moo.

To solve her request, Mario has to go to a few specific NPCs in different locations to obtain different materials from them: Wood, Ivory, and Strings. After getting them all and bringing them to Amy T., she will ask Mario to bring the materials to Merlindis in the village, who uses magic to turn the materials into a biwa. After giving Amy T. her new biwa, she will reward Mario with 50 coins.

JollyT PMOoT.png Jolly T. Jolly T. is a Toad living in Cottonburgh of Sugarmore Country. He is one many residents distressed about the Mirage Gingerbread invasion. After Chapter 6 is cleared, he puts a trouble on the Trouble Center. He is very hungry, and tells Mario he craves 3 specific foods. Mario has to go to 3 different locations to find the ingredients for each food and bring them to Jolly T. Once this is done, Jolly T. will reward Mario with a Jelly Super.
FunGus PMOoT.png Fun Gus Fun Gus is a Toad DJ that Mario encounters during every chapter. He is a traveling musician, playing music on his disk jockey equipment for the public. If Mario talks to him, he offers a catalogue of music arrangements made by him. If Mario pays for a song, it will play on the area they are currently at, and it can be set back to the area's default song if so desired. The music list increases with each chapter, and will be added to the Sound Test after paying Fun Gus for them. His remixes cover a variety of songs in the Mario series.

He is also in charge of the aforementioned Sound Test, where the player can listen to the game's soundtrack (that has been unlocked so far).

Image Name Description
GenericGleamish3 PMOoT.png
Gleamish (Species) Gleamish are the occupants of the Gleammore Kingdom, a neighbor ally of the Mushroom Kingdom. They are of the Gleammore Kingdom as Toads are of the Mushroom Kingdom. They look similar to Toads, but instead of mushroom caps, they have candle-like hats with flames or lights in different shapes surrounding them. They are generally kind and dutiful people, and are very preoccupied with the Mirages that have been set loose on their kingdom.
KingChandler PMOoT.png
King Chandler King Chandler is the ruler of the Gleammore Kingdom, alongside his wife, Queen Lumine. When Bowser stole the Gleamful Mirror and the Mirage Oracles were captured, King Chandler sent his troops after Bowser, but they were subdued as implied by how they were found semi-conscious by Mario on his way to the Gleamful Castle. King Chandler says that a mysterious cloaked man was seen obstructing his troops and assisting Bowser and Kammy, but has no idea who he was and what his true intentions were.

After talking to King Chandler and Glowan during the Prologue, Mario is joined by Mirarim, one of the royal family's longtime friends who created the other Mirage Oracles. He later assists Mario in getting to Nimbus Skerry pre-Chapter 5, by using the royal family's Super Gleamy Blimp to transport him there.

QueenLumine PMOoT.png
Queen Lumine Queen Lumine is the other ruler of Gleammore Kingdom and wife of King Chandler. She is very worried about the Mirages going around her kingdom. Although their Gleamish troops are doing their best to fight off the Mirages, she knows of Mario's previous heroic deeds, and puts her complete trust in him finding the Mirage Oracles. She reveals she is also a longtime friend of Peach's, and is worried about her whereabouts as well.
Glowan PMOoT.png
Glowan Glowan is the ambassador of the Gleammore Kingdom and the king and queen's trusted adviser. He is good friends with Mirarim, who has lived with the royal family for ages. Glowan guides Mario through the Gleamful Castle on his first visit, and is the one who suggests Mirarim to join Mario, seeing as her ability to see the Mirage World through the real world might come in handy.

He asks Mario if they know about the battle system and the Action Commands, where the player may choose to learn about them in a tutorial. Additionally, he gives Mario his first badge, the Power Jump, and reminds him how to equip and use badges.

Kiwi PMOoT.png
Kiwi Kiwi is the proprietor of Kiwicola Bar, a soda bar in Phosphopolis . He is very knowledgeable about the townsfolk, as many people are familiar with his bar. Mario can sit on an empty stool and have a Chuckola drink at the bar for 10 Coins. This enters a cutscene where Kiwi and two other guests have a conversation alongside Mario.
BobGlintissimo PMOoT.png
Bob Glintissimo Bob Glintissimo is a quiz show host who appears in different areas throughout Phosphopolis . Mario can talk to him to participate in his show, where he will have to answer questions about various trivia of the game, and in some cases, trivia about the Mario series in general. Mario can obtain a total of 70 Star Pieces from participating in Bob's quiz shows.
Stella PMOoT.png
Ms. Stella Ms. Stella is a Gleamish singer that performs at both Kiwicola Bar and Sweet T.'s. The location in which she is performing changes with each chapter. Ms. Stella is a well-known chanteuse, locally famous for her beautiful voice.

After Chapter 4, she submits a trouble on the Trouble Center where she asks for medicinal help, as she's become sick and requires something to help her undo the rasp in her voice. Mario may then collect Cherry Petals in Hotaru Woods and give them to Merlindis in Hotaru Town so she can make a Cherry Remedy. If Mario brings the medicine to Ms. Stella to her house in Phosphopolis , she will immediately regain her voice, and will reward Mario with the Attack FX S badge.

Swapton PMOoT.png
Swapton Swapton is a Gleamish that sponsors item trading contests on TVs found inside some houses. If Mario wants to participate, he has to interact with one of the TVs and switch the channel to the one in which Swapton broadcasts. He will announce where he will be located in Phosphopolis , and ask for participants to bring him a certain item within a time limit.

If Mario is successful in bringing such item in 5 minutes, Swapton will reward him with a better item. If Mario fails to bring the item in time, Swapton will shudder and fly away with the wind after being talked to. The same events will be be held one more time, allowing the player to collect all the items.

Diddel PMOoT.png
Fiddel PMOoT.png
Diddel & Fiddel Diddel and Fiddel are traveling salesmen that have a knack for ripping people off (with their names sounding like 'diddle' and 'fiddle', as in swindlers/cheating).

Diddel sells items and Badges in the Phosphopolis Main Square. Most of his items and Badges are fairly rare, and he sells some Badges that can only be obtained by him. However, his prices are very high. His inventory changes everytime Mario leaves Phosphopolis and comes back.
Fiddel can be found in Phosphopolis Sewers, where he sells Hint Art to Mario. Hint Arts are photographs or graphics that hint the location of an item or treasure such as Badges and Power Moons. His prices are also high, even though he says he is making an exception for Mario in discounting them.

Leeta PMOoT.png
Leeta Leeta is a sleepy Gleamish in charge of the Trouble Center. She's always seen dozing off through the job, waking up when talked to. She shows Mario a bulletin board where various characters submit troubles they need help with, such as bringing someone a requested item or making a delivery. They serve as optional sidequests, so when Mario completes a trouble, he receives a reward. More troubles are added as Mario progresses through the story.

Image Name Description
Merlon PMOoT.png Merlon Merlon is a shaman residing in Phosphopolis . Mario can visit Merlon to have him upgrade one of his partner in exchange for three Power Moons. Initially, Merlon can only upgrade partners to Super Rank, granting them one new move and additional HP and FP. However, after Mario rescues the 5th Mirage Oracle, he asks Mario to help him with a vision he had regarding an Ultra Stone that was stolen from him a while ago. Using a riddle, Mario can locate and retrieve the Ultra Stone from a Birdo member of the defunct 8-Bit Mafia in Neondale City.

With the Ultra Stone, Merlon can upgrade Mario's partners from Super Rank to Ultra Rank for another three Power Moons each, giving them even more HP and FP, and an extra new move.

MerluvleeNew PMOoT.png Merluvlee Merluvlee lives in a house on the west side of Phosphopolis Outskirts, opposite of where her twin sister Merlee works. She is said to be the most beautiful woman by many, though Mario can never actually see her face. She works as a fortune teller, and can predict the location of various objects for a price: Star Pieces for 5 coins, Power Moons for 10 coins, and Badges for 20 coins. Additionally, she can also hint at Mario what to do to progress generally, charging varying amounts of coins throughout the game in order to do so.
MerleeNew PMOoT.png Merlee Merlee can be found in a house on the east side of Phosphopolis Outskirts, opposite of where her twin sister Merluvlee works. She is a charmer, using magic cards to power Mario up. She offers three payment plans, lasting longer the more expensive the plan is. While under Merlee's charm, her spells take effect randomly during or after a battle, and said effect is random as well. Amongst the effects are: Increasing the amount of coins received after a battle, doubling Star Points, giving Mario an item (can choose to replace another if inventory is full), or increasing his Attack/Defense Power by 3.

Each of these effects lasts only as long as a given battle, except for the random item which can be kept. After a period of time, Merlee's spells wear off, forcing Mario to pay her if he wants her effects again.

MerlowNew PMOoT.png Merlow Merlow is a young, enthusiastic shaman that can be found walking around Phosphopolis , usually in the vicinity of Merlon's house. He is said to be the Merlon's grandson. Merlow is an avid Star Piece collector, and will trade rare Badges he's found to acquire Mario's Star Pieces. His catalog of badges slowly expands the more Mario progresses through the game.
Merlumina PMOoT.png Merlumina Merlumina is an ancient Shaman and an ancestor of Merlon whose spirit resides in the library that she built in Phosphopolis ages ago. She is translucent in-game, as she is a ghost. After Chapter 5, Mario's next destination is Sugarmore Country. Said place is seemingly in another realm within the kingdom and is deemed by many townsfolk as a myth. However, Toadette brings up a gossip she heard around of a spirit that knows everything about Phosphopolis. When Merlon is asked about this spirit afterwards, he will tell Mario how to summon Merlumina. After summoning her, she gives Mario access to a secret room that can be opened with Wuwu & Fufu's ability, containing a painting that leads to Sugarmore Country.

From then on, Merlumina can be talked to in her library. She talks about her family, the Shamans, and their tales in the history of the Gleammore Kingdom.

MerlindisNew PMOoT.png Merlindis Merlindis is a resident of Hotaru Village from Chapter 2. She lives in a house in a hidden alley. She is known for her magic potions, some of which have healing properties, making her like a doctor for other residents and visitors. For varying amounts of coins, Mario can buy different types of potions from her that can grant unique combinations of effects (e.g. the Heartbreaker Potion heals 8 HP and allows Mario or partner to attack an enemy and heal from half the amount of damage they deal for 2 turns, the Chain Potion allows Mario or partner to attack one enemy and deliver the same damage to every other enemy in the battle at once for that turn, etc.).
MerluciusNew PMOoT.png Merlucius Merlucius is an old shaman residing in an igloo outside of Winterfield Village towards Mount Sorbet. He is known for his extensive knowledge and wisdom about legends, hidden treasures, and people. For 5 coins, he will tell Mario a tale involving one of these topics, which often times can be useful information for Mario.
ChetRippo PMOoT.png Chet Rippo Chet Rippo is a shady shaman living in the Phosphopolis Sewers. His lair can only be accessed after Chapter 5, as Wuwu & Fufu are needed to reveal a secret passage to it. Chet Rippo can upgrade one of Mario's stats by two levels for 40 coins. However, it comes with the side effect of downgrading the other stats by one level. For the same amount of coins, Mario can also have him upgrade one of his partners' level by one rank, while downgrading another partner's level by one rank.

Image Name Description
Kamek PMOoT.png
Kamek Kamek is a high-ranking member of the Koopa Troop, Bowser's adviser, and a teacher at the Koopa University of Magic Arts. He spends his time in the university's library researching more information about the Gleamful Mirror. He managed to get his hands on one of the Mirage Oracles, Celestine, and is secretly devising a plan to steal the other Mirage Oracles from Mario when he eventually searches for Celestine at the university. He intends for the Koopa Troop to save Bowser themselves and invade the Mirage World back in vengeance. He is assisted by Kyra Koopa, one of his best students, before she ultimately joins Mario.
Kammy PMOoT.png
Kammy Koopa Kammy Koopa is an elderly Magikoopa and Bowser's right-hand woman. She is the one that assisted Bowser in his initial attack on the Shrine of Mirages, disabling the Mirage Oracles with her magic so he could steal the Gleamful Mirror. When Bowser's plan is thwarted and he and Peach become trapped within said artifact, Kammy Koopa flies on her broom back to the Mushroom Kingdom to ask Mario to help Bowser and the princess.

Kammy is not seen again for most of the game until Chapter 9, where she can be seen at the Koopa University of Magic Arts, being the headmistress of the school.

BowserJR PM.png
Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. is the son of Bowser and prince of the Koopas. He can usually be found around transitional areas throughout the game, where if talked to, he will paint an item for Mario with his Magic Paintbrush, saying "These mirror-y things mean business! You better save my papa real soon!".

The item's rarity increases with each encounter. Otherwise, Bowser Jr. can be found at Koopa Valley Town from Chapter 9.

Elite K.L.A.W.
(Koopa League of Amazing(?) Warriors
A group keen on impressing Bowser, as they want to become his elite force. They consist of 4 members of the Koopa Troop that go on missions with the intent of hindering Mario and helping Bowser. However, they always somehow mess it up, and don't really get Bowser's attention at all. This time around, they want to steal the Oracles from Mario in order to save Bowser themselves, and attempt to hamper his progress and fight him in order to do so.

They also seem to never be able to decide on their group name. Every time they introduce themselves, they fight over whether it is Amazing, or Awesome, or All-Star, or Alpha, and so on.

LtBuzzbeat PMOoT.png
Lt. Buzzbeat Buzzbeat is a hot-tempered and strict Buzzy Beetle and the leader of the Elite K.L.A.W. Despite her instructions, the group's plans often don't go as planned, resulting in comedic failures. Buzzbeat is often scolding her teammates when things don't turn out like they planned, even if it was her fault. She is the third strongest.
Hammilton PMOoT.png
Officer Hammilton Hammilton is a cheery Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro. and the silly one of the group. He likes to crack jokes all the time, much to Buzzbeat's annoyance, who scolds him the most. He likes hammers a lot. He's the second strongest.
Boonedict PMOoT.png
Detective Boonedict Boonedict is an intelligent Boo detective. He is the brains of the group, often suggesting better alternatives to Buzzbeat's not-so-great plans. He is the weakest.
AgentSpyko PMOoT.png
Agent Spyko Spyko is a big Spike who's a bit of a dolt, but he's the brawny one of the group. He is good at fighting, but when it comes to the group's planning, he likes to keep to himself. He is the strongest.

Mirages refers to all of the inhabitants of the Mirage World. They are alternate versions of the real world, or at least what is believed to be the real world by the people outside of the mirror. In reality, while the Gleamful Mirror is a bridge between two worlds that look similar, both are actually independent from each other in several ways other than superficial looks, meaning the personalities of the people in both worlds are not determined by whoever their 'reflections' are. This implies that Bowser was lied to when he was told everything within the mirror was an opposite of the 'real deal'.

Before the events of the game, a strange magic force foreign to the Mirage World managed to slip in through other mirrors, slowly brainwashing the people of the Gloommore and Fungus Kingdoms. The Oracles sensed something was amiss, and they began investigating. Meanwhile, the source of the magic force sensed the Oracles being onto him, and so through manipulating Bowser into stealing the Gleamful Mirror to open the 'bridge between worlds', this mysterious warlock fully entered the Mirage World and caused all of the current events through Princess Nectarine, who serves as his puppet.

Image Name Description
Bowsire PMOoT.png
Bowsire Bowsire is the king of Lookas and the Mirage counterpart of Bowser. He is a very kindhearted king, and when he heard that the Fungus Kingdom was mysteriously causing a disturbance on another world, he went on an undercover mission to snap some of the seemingly brainwashed people back to reality with the help of Lacey Looka's magic. He can be found around Gloommore Kingdom and Fungus Kingdom assisting Mario however he can.
Doombergen Doombergen is a Doomba (Mirage Goomba) that controls the Specular Express during Chapter 10. He assists Mario by allowing him to ride on the train in order to get from the Gloommore Kingdom to the Fungus Kingdom. The Specular Express train is the method of transportation between both kingdoms in the mirror world, while the Gleamful Cruiser serves that purpose in the real world.

Doombergen likes to gloat constantly about the Specular Express, and talks about trains a lot in general.

Lacey Looka Lacey Looka is Bowsire's right-hand woman and the Mirage counterpart to Kammy Koopa. Along with Bowsire, they went undercover around the Fungus Kingdom trying to undo the brainwashing as much as they could, with the help of Lacey's magic. Lacey suspects an evil outside force managed to sneak into their world, and gives Mario real information about the Mirage World.
Lewis PMOoT.png
Lewis Lewis is Luigi's Mirage counterpart. Compared to Luigi, Lewis is more brave and determined, but he shares the same level of kindness and friendliness. Lewis is, alongside Marius, a high-ranking knight of the Fungus Royal Guards rather than being plumbers, and is very dutiful in his activities.

After being brainwashed, Lewis becomes very narcissistic, devious, and authoritarian towards Truffles, whom he commands around during their invasion of the Gleammore and Mushroom Kingdoms.

Marius PMOoT.png
Marius Marius is the Mirage counterpart to Mario. Compared to Mario, Marius can be described as being more absent-minded and a bit of a procrastinator unlike his brother Lewis, sometimes not taking his job as an elite knight of the Fungus Royal Guard seriously, but he still has a heart of gold. He is also known to be quite the ladies' man.

Even after being brainwashed, his lazy behavior carried over, causing Lewis to often scold him into helping him out with the invasion.

Nectarine PMOoT.png
Princess Nectarine Princess Nectarine is the Mirage counterpart to Princess Peach. She is the ruler of the Fungus Kingdom, in the same way Peach is to the Mushroom Kingdom. (More info pending)
Gloomish (Species) Gloomish are the residents of the Gloommore Kingdom and the Mirage counterpart of the Gleamish. (More info pending)
Truffle (Species) Truffles are the Toads' Mirage counterparts and denizens of the Fungus Kingdom. (More info pending)
Doozy (Species) Doozys are the Mirage counterpart to the Yoshis. (More info pending)
Looka Troop The Looka Troop are the minions of Bowsire, and many of its species are also residents of both Bowsire's Kingdom and the Fungus Kingdom, among other places. They are the Mirage versions of the Koopa Troop. (More info pending)

Image Name Description
Tumble PMOoT.png
Tumble Whenever Mario finds a new pair of Boots or a new Hammer upgrade, a blue magical die appears and then reveals itself as Tumble. He will then host a tutorial session with Mario, and explains how to use the new ability on the overworld. The upgrades he teaches are the Super Boots, Super Hammer, Ultra Boots, and Ultra Hammer. During his last tutorial with Mario, Tumble runs off upset knowing he will not see him for the rest of the adventure.
Jacques PMOoT.png
Jacques Jacques is an aspiring Bob-omb sailor that loafs around Solerno Beach. He wants to travel to Keelhaul Key to search for treasures and become rich. If talked to, Jacques will ask Mario to lend him 100 coims so that he can buy a boat to travel. Mario can lend him 100, 200, or 300 coins (can only give 100 at a time). If Mario gives him 300 coins, he won't ask for anymore funds. He'll buy one of the boats stationed at the beach docks and immediately begin his quest.

- If given 100 coins, Jacques will bring him back a Gold Bar x3 a few chapters later, worth 300 coins.
- If given 200 coins, he'll bring him back a Diamond a few chapters later, worth 600 coins.
- If given 300 coins, he'll bring him back a Gold Diamond a few chapters later, worth 999 coins.
Mario can sell those items anytime afterwards to get more coins than he bargained for. Additionally, he can listen to Jacques' stories from when he was on his adventure, which is divided in several log book entries.

Yasee PMOoT.png
Yasee Yasee is a Yoshi hailing from Rogueport. He can be found at Kiwicola Bar, where he's always seen sitting at the bar alongside a Crazee Dayzee named Sunny. If Mario sits on the empty stool between them and pays 10 coins to have a Chuckola drink at the bar, they will start having a conversation with him. Depending on the options chosen during said conversation, either Yasee or Sunny will give Mario an item.
Sunny PMOoT.png
Sunny Sunny is a Crazee Dayzee hailing from Flower Fields. He can be found at Kiwicola Bar, where he's always seen sitting at the bar alongside a Yoshi named Yasee. If Mario sits on the empty stool between them and pays 10 coins to have a Chuckola drink at the bar, they will start having a conversation with him. Depending on the options chosen during said conversation, either Sunny or Yasee will give Mario an item.
Whacka PMOoT.png
Whacka Whacka is an extremely rare, blue mole-like creature. Only one Whacka can be found living in Mount Sorbet. Attacking it in any way makes a Whacka Bump appear, which can restore 25 HP and 25 FP. However, if it's attacked eight times, it will run away, and will not be seen for the remainder of the game. A saddened Gleamish named Blimey will appear where the Whacka used to be, claiming he was friends with it.
Klepto PMOoT.png
Klepto Klepto is a larcenous condor residing in Jar Jar Hill. He's extremely territorial over the area, and will stop and try to fight Mario every time he tries to cross his keep. Mario can either defeat him if ready to do so, or flee the battle to keep going his way. Klepto may steal Mario's belongings (coins, items, badges) while fighting him, taunting him about it if he runs away. If Mario wants to retrieve the stolen items, he'll have to defeat the condor.

If Klepto is fought and defeated, he becomes embarrassed and calls Mario a prig, then flies away and is not seen for the rest of the game.

Birdesque PMOoT.png
Birdesque Birdesque appears as a dancer at Birdo's Dreamy Theater in Neondale City during Chapter 3, alongside other Birdos. She is secretly a thief that works for Don Wart. After Don Wart and Mouser are defeated by Mario and then arrested, Birdesque puts a stop to her thievery to lie low. She has a secret stash of treasures hidden within the theater, which can be accessed with the help of Wuwu & Fufu's ability after Chapter 5.

When Merlon mentions to Mario that his Ultra Stone was stolen a while ago and hints at its location with a riddle, Mario can go seek it out at Birdesque's hideout. When she is caught there by Mario, she tries to flirt with him, and challenges him to a 'dancing' battle for the Ultra Stone. If she is defeated, she'll grant Mario the Ultra Stone and compliment him on his looks and skills, whilst also asking him not to tell anyone about her treasure stash.

Gumbobby Gumbobby is a friendly Gumbob-omb, though he also looks like a Bulky variant of said species. He is the shopkeeper of Cottonburg Goods, an item shop at Cottonburg in Sugarmore Country. Speaking with Gumbobby directly also allows Mario to buy Mystery Gumballs from him, which are Gumballs that once consumed, will cause the effects of a random item. The rarity of the item effect will vary depending on the Mystery Gumball bought.
  • Blue Mystery Gumballs are worth 10 coins, and are likely to give the effects of common, cheap items such as a Mushroom or a Fire Flower.
  • Green Mystery Gumballs are worth 20 coins, and are likely to give the effects of semi-common items such as a a Boo's Cape or Repel Gel.
  • Pink Mystery Gumballs are worth 30 coins, and are likely to give more expensive or uncommon item effects such as a Shooting Star or Thunder Rage.
  • Gold Mystery Gumballs are worth 50 coins, but they are a big gamble. They can either give a very cheap item effect, or the rarest, strongest ones. It is a 50/50% chance.
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Enemies and bosses
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Star pm.png Bestiary (Tattle Log)

Main article: Paper Mario: The Oracles of Truth/Tattle Log

Star pm.png Bosses

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Chapter Bosses
Glooptopus Gobblenaught Spiritail Don Wart Coldelia
Glooptopus PMOoT.png Gobblenaught PMOoT.png Spiritail PMOoT.png DonWart PMOoT.png Coldelia PMOoT.png
Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense
10 1 1 20 4 1 30 5 1 60 4 0 40 5 0
Location Location Location Location Location
Phosphopolis Sewers Solerno Treetops Yomi Temple 8-Bit Mafia Club Crystear Caverns
The Gargolem Baroness Biscuit Koopkrank 5000 Potmose Marius & Lewis
Gargolem2 PMOoT.png BaronessBiscuit2 PMOoT.png Koopkrank5000 PMOoT.png PotmoseNew PMOoT.png MariusLewis PMOoT.png
Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9
Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense
40 5 5 60 5 0 70 6 2 85 6 1 50 (each) 7 (Marius)
6 (Lewis)
0 (each)
Location Location Location Location Location
Nimbus Skerry Ruins Crooked Cookie Castle Lavastar Chamber Jarshepsut's Palace Koopa University of Magic Arts
King Umbrisk ???
File:Placeholder PMOoT.png File:Placeholder PMOoT.png
Chapter 10-1 Chapter 10-2
Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense
150 7 0 200 8 1
Location Location
Gloomful Castle ???

Lewis Gulpit x3 Elite K.L.A.W. Red Bones & 4 Dull Bones Karasuke
Lewis PMOoT.png Gulpit PMOoT Sprite.png EliteKLAWGroup PMOoT.png Red Bones PMOoT Sprite.pngDull Bones PMOoT Sprite.png Karasuke PMOoT.png
Prologue, Chapters 4 and 10-1 Chapter 1 Chapters 2, 5, and 9 Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense
5/20/40 1/3/6 0/0/2 5 (each) 2 (each) 0 8/12/22 (Buzzbeat)
7/10/20 (Boonedict)
9/13/25 (Hammilton)
10/15/35 (Spyko)
2/3/4 (Buzzbeat)
1/2/3 (Boonedict)
2/4/5 (Hammilton)
3/5/6 (Spyko)
2/4/4 (Buzzbeat)
0/0/0 (Boonedict)
1/1/1 (Hammilton)
0/0/0 (Spyko)
5 (Red Bones)
1 (Dull Bones)
3 (Red Bones)
2 (Dull Bones)
1 (Red Bones)
1 (Dull Bones)
10 2 1
Location Location Location Location Location
Phosphopolis, Mount Sorbet, Specular Express Solerno Greens Hotaru Woods, Nimbus Road, Koopa Valley Tranquil Mausoleum Tranquil Mausoleum
Liongard x2 Mouser the Underboss Marius Gingerbread Knight x2 Robo-Golem
Liongard PMOoT.png Mouser PMOoT.png Marius PMOoT.png File:Placeholder PMOoT.png RoboGolem PMOoT Sprite.png
Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 6 Chapter 7
Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense
10 (each) 3 (each) 4 (each) 40 4 0 20 4 0 8 (Spear)
9 (Axe)
4 (Spear)
5 (Axe)
2 (Spear)
2 (Axe)
18 6 4
Location Location Location Location Location
Yomi Temple Mouser Parlor (Neondale City) Mount Sorbet Crooked Cookie Castle Cobalt Pipelines, Inc.
Kamek & Kyra Koopa Nolrem Grand Mirage Bowser Princess Nectarine
Kamek PMOoT Sprite.pngKyra PMOoT.png File:Placeholder PMOoT.png File:Placeholder PMOoT.png Nectarine PMOoT.png
Chapter 9 Chapter 10-1 Chapter 10-2 Chapter 10-2
Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense
70 (Kamek)
30 (Kyra Koopa)
6 (Kamek)
5 (Kyra Koopa)
0 (Kamek)
0 (Kyra Koopa)
80 8 0 120 8 2 50 5 0
Location Location Location Location
Koopa University of Magic Arts Gloomful Castle Grounds Nectarine's Castle Nectarine's Castle

Optional Bosses
??? Birdesque Klepto Dark Boohemoth ???
File:Placeholder PMOoT.png Birdesque PMOoT.png Klepto PMOoT.png DarkBoohemoth PMOoT.png File:Placeholder PMOoT.png
Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense Max HP Attack Defense
65 4 1 50 5 0 70 5 0 150 6 0 250 8 1
Location Location Location Location Location
Phosphopolis Sewers Birdo's Dreamy Theater (Neondale City, after Chapter 5) Jar Jar Hill (Chapter 8 onwards) Tower of 100 Trials Tower of 100 Trials

Mirage Oracles and Special Moves
Header2 pmoot.png

The ten Mirage Oracles are sages of the Shrine of Mirages, who protect said place and the contents within. The game begins with their temple being attacked by Bowser, Kammy Koopa, and a hooded man, to specifically steal the Gleamful Mirror. The Oracles are obstructed by Kammy's magic before they can do anything, and when Bowser's plan backfires, they are ultimately captured by the Mirages and sent to different locations.

Rescuing them is the main objective of the game, as they are the only ones who can undo the link between the real world and the mirrored world should they be brought back with the Gleamful Mirror. The Mirage Oracles are kept separate and spread around the Mushroom Kingdom and Gleammore Kingdom. Mario rescues one Mirage Oracle at the end of every chapter, except the final one, after defeating the chapter boss. With every Oracle returning to the Shrine of Mirages, Mario's Star Power increases by one and he learns a new Special Move taught by the Oracles.

Another sage, Mirarim, is the creator of the other Oracles and Mario's main companion in addition to his partners, in a similar vein to Tippi, Kersti, Huey, and Olivia from past games. Once all the Oracles have been reunited at the shrine, they are able to locate the Gleamful Mirror.

Special Move Mirage Oracle Location Boss Effect
(1 SP)
Mirarim PMOoT.png
Gleamful Castle
No one, given by King Chandler. Replenishes up to 7 HP and FP and cures any negative status effects.
Minty Mist
(2 SP)
Malachite PMOoT.png
Solerno Treetops
(Chapter 1)
Gobblenaught If successful, releases a toxic mist that damages enemies over time for a few turns.
Nature's Embrace
(2 SP)
Rhodolite PMOoT.png
Yomi Temple
(Chapter 2)
Spiritail Immobilizes enemies for a few turns with thorny vines if done successfully.
Disco Mania
(3 SP)
Azurite PMOoT.png
8-Bit Casino
(Chapter 3)
Don Wart A Rhythm & Dance minigame occurs, boosting Mario and his partner's Attack and Defense Power for a short period of time.
(3 SP)
Howlite PMOoT.png
Crystear Caverns
(Chapter 4)
Coldelia Causes hailstones to rain down onto enemies and deal up to 8 HP of damage, ignoring their Defense Power.
Second Chance
(5 SP)
Citrine PMOoT.png
Nimbus Skerry Ruins
(Chapter 5)
The Gargolem Does not have an immediate effect, but for the next few turns Mario will revive with 10 HP if his HP reaches 0.
Sweet Gourmet
(6 SP)
Amethyst PMOoT.png
Crooked Cookie Castle
(Chapter 6)
Baroness Biscuit Similar to Blessing, but can replenish up to 25 HP and FP for Mario and his partner.
Clip 'n' Cut
(4 SP)
Obsidian PMOoT.png
Lavastar Chamber
(Chapter 7)
Koopkrank 5000 May defeat all enemies in a single blow. Does not work on enemies with more than 12 HP, mini-bosses, and bosses.
Light Shield
(7 SP)
Pyrope PMOoT.png
Jarshepsut Palace
(Chapter 8)
Potmose Creates a 15 HP force shield around Mario and his partner. If it is not broken by enemies first, the shield will disappear after a few turns.
Grand Shattering
(8 SP)
Celestine PMOoT.png
Koopa University of Magic Arts
(Chapter 9)
Marius & Lewis Can deal up to 15 damage to all enemies. Ignores enemies' invisibility.

Header6 pmoot.png

Paper Mario: The Oracles of Truth takes place mostly in the Gleammore Kingdom, spanning several different areas around Phosphopolis , which serves as the game's central hub and gives Mario a place to return to after every chapter. Chapter 9 takes place in Bowser's Kingdom, while Chapter 10 is in the Mirage World.

Prologue: Phosphopolis
Phosphopolis is the main hub of the game. It is the capital city of the Gleammore Kingdom, and is situated at the doorstep of the Gleamful Castle. All outlying areas can be accessed through here. The town is divided into five sections: the main square, the docks, the castle grounds, the West Phosphopolis Outskirts, and the East Phosphopolis Outskirts. The town has a quaint, vintage aesthetic to it, resembling old-fashioned European architecture.
Location Description
Main Square
Phosphopolis Shop & Inn This is where tourists go to have a place to buy goods, stay and rest. The ground floor consists of the item shop while the inn is upstairs. Toadsworth spends his time taking a breather here. Mario can buy items here and sleep at the inn for a small fee to heal his team's HP, FP, and SP.
Merlon's House This is where Merlon resides. The house is located to the eastmost side of the main square. Mario can come here to get Merlon to level up Mario's partners and upgrade their stats in exchange for Power Moons. Merlon's house stands out for being very mystical looking compared to other buildings surrounding it.
Kiwicola Bar A soda bar in which various NPCs can be seen hanging out. Kiwi is the owner and bartender of the location. Sitting right at the bar are Yasee (a Yoshi) and Sunny (a Crazee Dayzee). If Mario pays 10 coins to have a drink at the bar with them, a cutscene where they will dialogue with Mario occurs. Depending on the outcome of the conversation, either Yasee or Sunny will give Mario an item. Their conversations change with each chapter.
Merlumina Library A library in which Mario can read several books about different topics. Several residents and tourists can be found here, including Toadbert, who can give Mario information about game mechanics. If Mario uses his hammer inside the facility, he will be shushed by the NPCs surrounding him. If he uses his hammer multiple times, the librarian will kick him out. He can go back in immediately after, though.
Arcade Zone An arcade where Mario can play various minigames. Mario can earn Arcade Tickets by playing these minigames, which he can use to buy various prizes, such as badges.
Phosphopolis Outskirts (west)
Merluvlee's House This is where Merluvlee resides. Her house has a similar look to Merlon's and Merlee's, but is more fashionable. Mario can go here to get Merluvlee's hints for a fee, including the location of Star Pieces, Power Moons, and/or Badges, and also general progress.
Sweet T.'s A small restaurant owned by Sweet T. Mario can come here to have Sweet T. cook meals for him by giving her an item. After helping her reconcile with her twin brother, Swavi T., she'll be able to cook two items into one with their Cookbook.
??? ???
Phosphopolis Outskirts (east)
Merlee's House This is where Merlee resides. Her house has a similar look to Merlon's and Merluvlee's, but hers looks more humble. Mario can go here to get Merlee's charms, which can help Mario in his battles in various ways.
Trouble Center This building is operated by Leeta, who can show Mario a bulletin board showing troubles submitted by characters in the game. Mario can choose to solve these requests to receive various rewards.
??? ???
Castle Grounds
Gleamful Castle The castle of the royal family of Gleammore Kingdom. Mario may come here to visit and talk to the King Chandler, Queen Lumine, and their trusted adviser, Glowan. Various other Gleamish NPCs can be seen hanging out at the castle too.
Shrine of Mirages This is the temple where the Mirage Oracles reside. This temple houses many ancient artifacts from Gleammore Kingdom's history, including its most treasured item, the Gleamful Mirror. This is from where Bowser and Kammy stole the mirror, and caused all the events in the game to unfold.
Super Gleamy Blimp Station This is the area where Mario can go to use the Super Gleamy Blimp to travel to Nimbus Skerry from Chapter 5 onwards.
The Docks
Gleamful Cruiser This is where Mario can go to use the Gleamful Cruiser to travel to the Solerno Region.
Chapter 1: Solerno Region
Location Description
Solerno Beach
Noki Store ???
Beachside Cabana ???
Solerno Treetops
Gobblenaught's Keep ???
Chapter 2: Hotaru Woods
Location Description
Hotaru Village
Merrycherry Mart ???
Merlindis' House ???
Tranquil Mausoleum
??? ???
Yomi Temple
??? ???
Chapter 3: Neondale City
Location Description
Turnip Boulevard ???
Subcon Inn ???
Pidgit Souvenirs ???
Birdo's Dreamy Theater ???
Mouser Parlor ???
8-Bit Casino
8-Bit Mafia Club ???
Chapter 4: Mount Sorbet
Location Description
Winterfield Town
Frosty Bodega ???
Chapter 5: Nimbus Skerry
Location Description
The Campsite
Lakitu's Cloudy Stand ???
Nimbus Skerry Ruins
??? ???
Chapter 6: Sugarmore Country
Location Description
Cottonburgh Goods ???
Candy Zone ???
Crooked Cookie Castle
??? ???
Chapter 7: Rockstar Canyon
Location Description
Minewell Plantation
Rocky Stall ???
Cobalt Pipelines Inc.
??? ???
Lavastar Chamber
??? ???
Chapter 8: Goldgravel Desert
Location Description
Jar Jar Colony
Urn Sisters Shop ???
Jar Jar Inn ???
Jarshepsut Palace
??? ???
Chapter 9: Bowser's Kingdom
Location Description
Koopa Valley Town
Rexcellent Depot ???
Shy Guy Café ???
Koopa University of Magic Arts
??? ???
Chapter 10-1: Gloommore Kingdom
Location Description
Specular Express Station ???
Gloomful Castle
??? ???
Chapter 10-2: Fungus Kingdom
Location Description
Nectarine's Castle
??? ???

Badges and items
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Header6 pmoot.png

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