Paper Mario: The Ancient Shrine
Developer(s) Baconfat23
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s) Flag of Japan June 18, 2013
25px-Flag of USA June 18, 2013
Flag of European Union June 18, 2013
25px-Flag of Australia June 19, 2013
Mode(s) 1 Player
Age Rating(s) ESRB E3RatingOFLC-G
Media Included Wii U Disk

Paper Mario: The Ancient Shrine is an upcoming game, exclusive to Wii U. It is the fifth in the series however, it is set directly after Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Paper Mario: The Ancient Shrine is the second game in the Old Adventures, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door being the first.


Mario returns home from his adventure from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and immeadately wants to start another adventure to ancient mysteries. Mario falls asleep though and Luigi wakes him up to give him a letter from Princess Peach

"Dear Mario, 

I've found a truly wonderful place settled on the other side of the Mushroom Kingdom. I've never seen it before but you should come and enjoy it with me.

Sincerly, Princess Peach"

Mario is excited to see this place and makes his way by boat to the other side of Mushroom Kingdom. Once Mario arrives he makes his way across the town known as, Grandville. 

Mario notices many people rushing up a nearby hill. Mario follows the crowd and discovers the mysterious Ancient Shrine.

Mario looks at the shrine through the crowd. Suddenly, darkness covers the land in the form of a large aircraft. From the aircraft drops a mysterious man. The man walks up to the Ancient Shrine (which isn't allowed) and steals the seven Shrinestones which rested on the seven different shrine runes.

However, when the mysterious man grabs the Shrinestones they flee away from the Ancient Shrine and spread themselves across the land. This infuriates the mysterious man who yells out 'You will all remember, Limbo!' 

The man, Limbo, makes his way back to his aircraft and Mario notices Peach being held captive in the aircraft. Limbo believes Princess Peach is the Woman Of All Knowledge who will help him but doesn't so she take Peach captive. 

After the Shrinestones flee from their shrine everyone goes off into a panicing rage. The Shrinestones are the symbol of happiness and peace and Grandville and without them the entire Mushroom Kingdom could turn into a place filled with sadness. Mario then feels a tap on his shoulder. He looks around to see a young Goombrat named Goombratty asking Mario to save the land after all the other times he saved the land. 

Mario agrees to help the land and Goombratty asks to help him in which he does. Mario then embarks on his adventure to retrieve the Shrinestones from the land surrounding Grandville.


Paper Mario: The Ancient Shrine returns to the RPG style like Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Outside of battle, Mario will travel across the fully-explorable area of Grandville including the areas surrounding it instead of level based areas. Paper becomes a fleshed out theme in the game. Not just is everything made out of paper but in some sections Mario has to put up with being paper. For example if Mario
Paper Mario Wii U Gameplay

View of what appears on the screens

stays out in heat to long he could slowly melt or can overwear and has to refresh himself. Paper effects from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door also return with Aeroplane, Rollup and Thin returning but a new effect, Tear which will tear Mario into smaller pieces allowing him to grab a larger object.

Battle System

The battle system of the game returns to that of Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year-Door in which turn-based battles occur with permanent boots and hammer returning as well as partner attacks, star power, the crowd, badge attacks, bingo, crowd interraction and many of the features from Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Chapters return and are focused on Mario's journey through one location to collect a Shrinestone. The game consists of 8 chapters including a Prolouge and a Ending. The chapters include:-

Prolouge: A Grand Beginning

Mario returns from home after the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and wants to search for more ancient mysteries, however Mario falls asleep and is woken up later by Luigi. Luigi hands over a letter from Peach and after Mario reads the letter he decides to go to Grandville, the place Peach was writing about. Mario makes his way over to Grandville and looks around for Princess Peach. Mario sees a large crowd making their way to the north of Grandville. Mario follows the crowd and ends up at The Ancient Shrine. Mario looks at the Ancient Shrine but a evil being named, Limbo, drops down and attempts to steal the Shrinestones which rest inside the Ancient Shrine. He tries to steal them but when he touches them, the Shrinestones flee away and spread themselves across the land. As Limbo goes back up into his aircraft, Mario notices Princess Peach, kidnapped by Limbo claiming she is the 'Woman Of All Knowledge' and will help Limbo.  Princess Peach doesn't help Limbo though so he takes her captive until she helps. The people then start panicing due to the Shrinestones leaving which keep the Mushroom Kingdom in happiness. Without the Shrinestones the Mushroom Kingdom will become a sad place with no joy. Mario decides to help save the Mushroom Kingdom and return the Shrinestones. Mario then feels a bump on his shoulder. Mario turns around to see a male Goombrat named Goombratty who wants to help Mario save the Mushroom Kingdom. Goombratty joins Mario on his adventure and knows everything about Grandville and the surrounding areas. Mario and Goombratty then set off on adventure.

Chapter 1: No Mushroom's In These Acres

Chapter 1 is Mario's first journey to collect a Shrinestone. The first Shrinestone, The Sacred Emerald, made it's way to Mushroom Acres. As Mario searches through Mushroom Acres, Goombro notices no mushrooms present which normally are. When Mario and Goombro make it to Hilltop Retreat they notice the town in distress. All the mushroom's have unfortunately disappeared which worries the town becuase they rely on the mushroom's greatly. The town asks Mario to discover were the Mushrooms disappeared too and Mario agrees to help. After questioning the town Mario searches West of Hilltop Retreat (the way he came from) and notices shady Koopa's making their way down a secret path. Mario follows the path which leads to the Shell Clan. Mario defeats the Shell Clan. The Shell Clan run away and Mario finds a letter on the Shell Throne. It's a letter from Talloo, talking about their stealing of the Mushroom's. Mario makes his way back to Hilltop Retreat and his confronted by one of the Shell Clan Koopa's saying he can help Mario. Mario and Goombro follow the Shell Clan Koopa to his house were the Shell Clan Koopa says he knows were Talloo's Palace is and never liked the Shell Clan and asks to join with Mario. The Shell Koopa known as Koopie shows you the way to Talloo's Palace. Mario and Koopie arrive at Talloo's Palace where the Shell Clan flocked to, too help Talloo. Mario makes his way through Talloo's Palace and finds The Shell Clan's leader. After Mario defeats The Shell Clan's Leader, Koppi, Mario finds all the stolen mushroom's which are being guarded by Talloo. Mario defeats Talloo and spreads the Mushroom's back across the land. Under all the Mushroom's is the hiding Shrinestone, The Sacred Emerald. Mario collects the Shrinestone and returns it to its spot on Ancient Shrine which grants Mario with extra power and Drain thus concluding the chapter.

Chapter 2: Heat Gets Hotter

Now that The Shadow Emerald has been returned and the mushrooms have been returned to Mushroom Acres, Mario and Koopie make their way to retrieving the next Shrinestone. Goombratty says the next location known to have a Shrinestone is Heatblast Dunes, one of the hottest places around. Mario and Koopie make their way to Heatblast Dunes to collect the next Shrinestone, The Blast Ruby, however the entrance to Heatblast Dunes is being guarded by the Grandville Guards saying 'No one can go into Heatblast Desert as of now. The recent heatwave will melt you if your not careful, their for we have to close it to anyone. Goombratty remembers of a secret entrance he had with his friend group a long time ago. The entrance is down in the sewers and after exploring through the sewers underneath Grandville, Mario finds the entrance to Heatblast Dunes. Mario instantly feels the heat from the dunes, more like a desert. The heatwave is blistering heat and the guards were right. If Mario stays out to long in the sun he could melt. Mario follows the path through the boiling dunes and up some rocky hills until Mario then finds a lost Chain Chomp in the rocky hills. The female Chain Chomp joins Mario who will help her find her way back home. Mario makes it to the end of the path he arrives in Boil Village. The Chomp finds her mother panicing but then is calmed down by her daughters return. The Chain Chomp however had a fun time with Mario and wants to continue adventuring with him. The Chain Chomp named Chompina then joins Mario's group and can use her strength and be thrown by Mario into a cracked wall which will break. Chompina then tells Mario to find 'The Wise One' who can help Mario find the Shrinestone. Mario finds 'The Wise One' who saw the Shrinestone fly across the sky when it fled from The Ancient Shrine and land by The Heat Sancturary, Mario and Chompina make their way west of Boil Village and across to The Heat Sancturary. When they make it to The Heat Sancturary all they find is a large quicksand. Chompina knows that the quicksand is where the Heat Sancturary should be so she suggests jumping into the quicksand. Mario and Chompina jump into the quicksand, but it wasn't quicksand it was a thin layer of sand though. Underneath the quicksand is a little cave with The Heat Sancturary. Mario and Chompina make their way through The Heat Sancturary and through a puzzling labyrinth until they finally find the Shrinestone inside a tall tower poking out of the sand. Mario and Chompina make their way to the top of the tower and see The Blast Ruby, after they pick up The Blast Ruby, the protector of The Heat Sancturary, Birddro, who won't allow Mario out with that Ruby. Mario then defeats Birddro which causes The Heat Sancturary to start rumbling and break. Mario and Chompina rush out of The Heat Sancturary and out of the quicksand but find The Heat Sancturary jump out of the quicksand and on the ground. Mario and Chompina are happy for collecting the Shrinestone and make it back to The Ancient Shrine which again gives Mario more power and the powerful attack of The Blast Ruby, Blast Twirl thus concluding the chapter.

Chapter 3: Too Much Candy Will Rot Your Teeth

Mario next Shrinestone to find is, The Loop Opal. Goombratty tells Mario The Loop Opal is notorious for gradually making things worse so they must hurry before the Loop Opal does something very bad. Mario hears rumours about Candy Valley becoming rotten and terrible. Goombratty relizes that the Loop Opal must be in Candy Valley to the north-west of Grandville. Mario makes his way to Candy Valley it finds the all the candy rotting and dark clouds covering the sky as well as the orange cordial waters being replaced by black sludge. Mario makes his way through Candy Valley to Sweet Lane were the residents are rotting as well. One of the residents tells Mario about Greedy Blobba who nearly ate the entire valley. They then tried to get Greedy Blobba to leave Candy Valley but he refused and said he would curse the land. Then Candy Valley started rotting leading the town to think it's Greedy Blobba's fault for the rotting. Mario asks how to get to Greedy Blobba but he sealed his castle off and the only way is to collect the Oversize Candies which can create a bridge to his castle. Mario collects makes his way to retrieve the Oversize Candies and on the way he runs into a robot, abondened in the valley made to look like a gumball. The robot befriends Mario and asks to help Mario on his adventure after Mario tells him which Mario agrees. The robot tells Mario his name is Sugga and he can stretch out across large gaps. Mario then returns to collecting the Oversize Candies to create a bridge to Greedy Blobba's Castle. Mario completes the bridge and makes his way over the bridge to Greedy Blobba's Castle. Mario travels through Greedy Blobba's Castle but everyone tells him 'It's impossible for you to win!'. Mario passes by Blobba's Prison and is confronted by a captured gumball who insists on giving Mario something that can make Greedy Blobba vulnerable. The gumball hands Mario a rare item called The Eye which breaks through Greedy Blobba's blubber shield. Mario accepts the present and then continues making his way to Greedy Blobba. Once Mario makes his way to Greedy Blobba he puts on The Eye which manages to break through Greedy's blubber shield. Mario continues fighting and beats Greedy Blobba which then reveals he swallowed The Loop Opal and bought Greedy Blobba's wishes to reality. Candy Valley returns to it's normal state instead of being rotten and Mario places The Loop Opal in the Ancient Shrine which grants mario the power of Loopy Feelings thus concluding the chapter

Chapter 4: What Happens In The Dark

After placing the Loop Opal in the Ancient Shrine darkness falls over Grandville. The darkness comes down from where Midnight Willows is. Mario then decides to investigate the darkness and check Midnight Willows about the darkness. Mario arrives at Midnight Willows to find the place very dark. Mario follows the short path to Misty Falls. The place is shrouded in fog and its hard to see around. Goombratty tells Mario the Shrinestone that could create this kind of darkness is the Shadow Obsidian. Mario then looks around for the Shadow Obsidian but is interrupted by a resident being robbed. The fog makes the enemy unseeable but the resident says it was one of the Phantoms. The resident says they don't know were the Phantoms live but people have seen them heading towards the Mist Waterfalls. Mario decides to search the Mist Waterfalls at the edge of the town and sees a Phantom disappear behind the waterfalls. Mario decides to jump into the waterfall as well and comes out behind it. Mario follows the cave until he comes out deep in Misty Woods. Mario follows through Misty Gardens until he finds the Phantom's home with a lone phantom crying on the edge of the place. Mario confronts the sobbing phantom who says she's tired of scaring people but her parents are forcing her to. The phantom then relizes she's talking to Mario and becomes excited knowing he's one of the good guys. The phantom asks for Mario to help her and the phantom, Grove joins you in your adventure. Mario and Grove continue searching for the Shadow Obsidian but with all the darkness and fog progress is slow. However with Grove's help, Mario is able to make his way to a previously inacessible part. Mario and Grove follow the path but everywhere is being guarded by Whoobas. Mario and Grove then sneak past all the Whoobas and make it to Sir Whooba's Manor which is overrun with Whoobas. Mario and Grove sneak past all the Whoobas and encounter Sir Whooba who is infuriated by Mario and Grove making it to him. Sir Whooba challenges them to a duel and after Mario and Grove wins, Sir Whooba accepts defeat and hands over The Shadow Obsidian as a present. However, when Mario and Grove put the Shadow Obsidian in the Ancient Shrine it doesn't work. Sir Whooba gave them a fake and Mario and Grove return to Sir Whooba's Manor to find it deserted. When Mario and Grove return to Misty Falls the residents say they saw heaps of Whoobas making their way to Mist Waterfalls. Grove becomes worried but finds the Whoobas didn't find out their secret and instead continued west. Mario and Grove follow the path the Whooba's made to the real Sir Whooba's Manor. After Mario and Grove sneak past all the Whooba's again they duel Sir Whooba again who reveals his true form. After Mario and Grove beat the real Sir Whooba they then collect the real Shadow Obsidian and put it back in The Ancient Shrine and Mario is awarded with the power of Shadow Wake thus concluding the chapter

Chapter 5: Detective's On The Prowl

After putting the Shadow Obsidian into the Ancient Shrine, Goombratty suggests to find the Power Diamond which contains masses of power and could cause chaos if fallen into the wrong hands. After Goombratty's suggestion a bright beam of light coming from Blanch Woods shines in the sky. Mario decides to investigate the mysterious beam of light and makes his way over to Blanch Woods. When Mario makes it to Blanch Woods he finds numerous people investigating the area. Mario asks one of the detectives about everyone and Mario learns that a mysterious thing is wandering these woods. No one has found it but everyone wants to. Mario is keen to learn more about the mystery so he makes his way over to Woodstop. Mario speaks to the barmaid inside Woodstop Saloon who tells Mario the whole story about people hearing mysterious sounds and noises out in the woods which sprung up all these people coming. Mario is intrigued by the mystery and decides to hunt down the mysterious thing. Mario makes his way across the woods but is halted by spikes covering the ground. Suddenly a detective approaches Mario and asks if he needs help. The detective introduces himself as Detin who has been searching for the answer to the mystery from day 1. Detin says his brother helped him make an invention called the Indestructoots. A large pair of boots that are indestructible and helps Mario cross the spikes. Detin says the two make a good team and asks to join on Mario's quest which he does. Detin tells Mario everything he knows about the mystery when they suddenly feel the ground start to shake. Mario and Detin rush off to see the thing but they're too late. After quick inspecting Detin thinks it went inside Blanch Caves just nearby. Mario and Detin travel through the caves and make it to the otherside ontop of Blanch Mountain. They just gt a glimpse of the thing when it jumps over the edge. Mario and Detin chase it down all through the Woods until they finally get close enough. It's a giant evil train being driven by Limbo. Mario and Detin destroy the train but Limbo manages to escape. Mario and Detin find the Power Diamond inside the train engine which was powering it. They return it to the Ancient Shrine and Mario learns the move, Power Overload thus concluding the chapter

Chapter 6: Peeling Back The Past Of Waveway Bay

With the Power Diamond safely in the Ancient Shrine, the next Shrinestone for Mario to collect is the Earthen Pearl. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake and a earthquake begins. Once the earthquake is over people notice a island forming out in Waveway Bay. Mario decides to make his way down to Waveway Dock to check out the island and Mario can see an ancient village out on the island. A ship captain sees this as a tourist opportunity and opens rides across to the island. Mario pays a fee of 10 coins and rides the ship over to the island which people decide to name Waveway Isle. Once Mario finally makes it to the shore of Waveway Isle he notices everyone staying on the ship except for the handful of brave people. Mario makes his way along the isle to the ancient village which looks more like a ruins. Mario notices the ruins looking more like a old town. After looking around, Mario notices outlines of people stuck to the walls. Mario decides to pull of the outlines which brings the civilization of the isle back to life. Mario peels off all the villagers of the walls and one fish is very grateful. He insists on helping Mario to repay him for saving his life and the puffer-fish named Puffa joins Mario. Once Mario saves the town, Puffa tells Mario of the Sunny Ruin on the other side of the island and suggests the Shrinestone hiding over their. Mario and Puffa make their way over the Sunny Ruin but don't find the Shrinestone anywhere however Mario does find the Sun Disk. This reminds Puffa of the Moony Ruin, unfortuantely everyone forgot were it was on the isle, but the Ukiki Tribe say they know of its whereabouts on the isle. Mario and Puffa make their way over to the Ukiki Tribe and peel them off the ruins to revive them and the Ukiki's say the Moony Ruin is up in the Great Tree in the center of the island. Mario and Puffa make their way to the Great Tree and climb up it and to their surprise the Moony Ruin is their. Mario connects the Sun and Moon Disks together which shows Mario and Puffa the location of the submerged Aquantis. Puffa takes Mario down their and they search around until they find Aquantis Ruins. Puffa, holding Mario, drains Aquantis Ruins which allows Mario to breathe again however it also revives the evil pirates residing inside Aquantis Ruins. After Mario and Puffa make it across Aquantis Ruins they are met with the Pirate Leader, Grobel. After defeating Grobel, Mario retrieves the Earthen Pearl from the Great Clam and returns it to the Ancient Shrine and granting Mario the power of Revival, thus concluding the chapter

Chapter 7: Hot And Cold Collide

Now that Mario has collected six Shrinestones the last to collect is the Element SapphIre which must be somewhere in Frost Canyon, however along the path to Frost Canyon numerous signs say Frostfire Canyon instead and when Mario arrives at Frostfire Canyon hald the place is covered in ice were as the other half is covered in lava. The villagers residing in Frost Town tell Mario, Limbo broke a hole in Fire Volcano which spilled lava into Frost Canyon or Frostfire Canyon. The villagers tell Mario Limbo's factory is on the other side of the canyon and when Mario crosses the canyon he sees Limbo's factory. Mario enters the factory and finds Limbo experimenting on people when his experiment breaks free and runs off. Mario searches through Limbo's Factory but theirs nothing important. Once Mario exits he's confronted by one of Limbo's experiments that escaped. The experiment, Mrs HC wants revenge on Limbo and joins Mario to stop Limbo. Mrs HC tells Mario that Limbo kept talking about his secret factory hidden under the ice and lava. Mario and Mrs HC make their way to the middle of the canyon were the ice and lava meet and blow up a chunck of ice which springs up the hidden factory. Mario and Mrs HC make their way through the factory avoiding the lava and ice and finally meet Limbo. However, Limbo runs away when he makes you fight his strongest minion, Slade. After defeating Slade, Mario finds the Element Sapphire and puts it back at the Ancient Shrine giving Mario the power, Element Attack. But when Mario puts in the final Shrinestone, a path leading to the Grand Peaks appears which surprises Mario and he decides to check the Grand Peaks

Chapter 8: Evil, Meet Mario

After Mario finally saves all the Shrinestone he follows the path that just opened up to Grand Peaks. Unfortunately Grand Peaks has been taken over by Limbo and his crew. Mario makes his way across Grand Peaks, defeating Limbo's minions until Mario can see Limbo's Castle perched precariously ontop of the highest mountain. Their's no way to get ontop of the mountain Limbo's Castle is on, however Mario can see a ruined town nearby. Mario makes his way to the town known as Peaktip and finds it overrun by Limbo's minions however a previous resident is still their. Mario speaks to the resident who tells Mario of when Limbo arrived and tells Mario the secret of getting ontop of the mountain. Their's a Shrinestone Statue not to far away and can shoot Mario ontop of the mountain. Mario makes his way to the Shrinestone Statue and the statue allows Mario ontop of the mountain and it statue shoots Mario up. Mario then makes his way through Limbo's Castle, defeating the minions until he finally gets to Limbo and Peach. Mario then fights Limbo and once Mario defeats Limbo, he rescues Princess Peach and they make their way back to the Ancient Shrine were everyone celebrates.

Ending: The Ending Of Beginnings

During the Shrinestone Celebration, the town of Grandville reveals its biggest secret to Mario. Aquantis and Waveway Isle were the beginning of the Mushroom Kingdom. The people of Grandville lived back when Aquantis and Waveway Isle were all of the Mushroom Kingdom. The Ancient Shrine has protected the people from death unless they leave Grandville. The Shrinestones created the land of Mushroom Kingdom and keep balance to it as long as they stay on the Ancient Shrine. Limbo was the first ruler of Mushroom Kingdom however he was banished from Mushroom Kingdom after his failure in reigning. Limbo has tryed numerous times to steal the Shrinestones which would end Grandville but has never succeeded. If Mario hadn't come to Grandville, The Mushroom Kingdom wouldn't exist anymore. Grandville thanks Mario one last time before he and Peach depart back to Toad Town. With the land saved.


Name: Summary: Abilities: Description:
Goombratty A male Goombrat who knows everything about Grandville and the surrounding areas


(0 FP)

Knocks an enemy on the head


(0 FP)

Find out information on an enemy as well as making their HP visible


(2 FP)

Charges Goombratty and Mario's attack power and defence power

Multi Headbutt

(4 FP) 

Knocks every enemy on the head
Koopie: A male Koopa who used to work for The Shadow Clan although he prefered by a good guy over a bad guy

Shell Toss

(0 FP)

Mario kicks Koopie into a enemy

Shell Spin

(2 FP)

Hits all ground enemies and can also make them dizzy

Sleep Shell

(4 FP)

Koopie spins around quickly causing enemies to fall asleep

Tornado Shell

(6 FP)

Koopie spins around causing a tornado hurting all enemies
Chompina A young, pink female Chain Chomp who got lost in the desert and saved by Mario

Chomp Throw

(0 FP)

Mario throws Chompina into a enemey

Chomp Stampede

(2 FP)

Chompina calls a group of Chain Chomp's who make the enemies dizzy


(3 FP)

Chompina chomps up an enemy and spits it out


(7 FP)

Chompina becomes very angry and grows very big and slams into every enemy
Sugga A abondened gum-ball robot left in Candy Valley

Robot Punch

(0 FP)

Sugga stretchs out her arm in a punch to hurt one enemy

Techno Call

(3 FP)

Sugga calls out a special noise which can affect the enemies in many different ways

Gum-Ball Roll

(4 FP)

Sugga rolls around really quickly hurting one enemy very badly

Artifical Heart

(10 FP)

Sugga makes a heart that gives Mario 6 HP
Grove A female phantom of Midnight Willows who became bored of scaring people 

Phantom Shadow

(0 FP)

Makes a shadow of herself and double attacks an enemy


(1 FP)

Makes Mario hidden for a turn and not hurt for a turn

Surprise Scare

(4 FP)

If works, scares enemies away from battle

Haunted Ball

(6 FP)

Shoots a evil ball into all enemies in the air
Detin E Gadd's brother who is also an inventor and a detective searching for the answer to Blanch Woods

Indestructoot Stomp

(0 FP)

Uses his Indestructoots to stomp on an enemy


(2 FP)

Makes a Gizmo to hit an enemy

Weak Spot

(4 FP)

Detin finds the weak spot of an enemy and hits them their

Invention Toss

(6 FP)

Detin throws an invention at each enemy, hurting them and possibly causing a status effect
Puffa A male puffer fish who can take Mario over water and under the ocean

Spike Puff

(0 FP)

Puffa puffs himself up and hits an enemy with one of his spikes

Toxic Spike

(2 FP)

Puffa puffs himself up and hits an enemy with a poison spike giving them a poison status

Tidal Wave

(5 FP)

Causes a large tidal wave to hurt all enemies


(6 FP)

Floods the screen which can send enemies away
Mrs HC A woman living in Frostfire Canyon who Limbo experimented on but she managed to escape

Frostfire Punch

(0 FP)

Causes a punch of fire and to hit an enemy

Freeze Blast

(3 FP)

Causes a blizzard hurting enemies and possible freezing them

Flame Blast

(3 FP)

Causes lava to rain over the enemies hurting them and possibly burning them

Element Shoot

(6 FP)

Shoots a large beam of ice and fire into all enemies
Luigi Mario's older brother

Boot Stomp

(0 FP)

Luigi stomps on a enemy of his choice (like Mario's Boots)

Hammer Slam

(0 FP)

Luigi uses his hammer to slam it into a enemy (like Mario's Hammer)


(2 FP)

Releases a Green Fireball burning all enemies on the ground

Mario Bros. Smash

(10 FP)

Mario and Luigi team together to deal a deadly smash


Shrinestone: Location: Guarded By: Power & SP: Description:
Grand Map The Ancient Shrine  No one Aim & Heal, 1 Throws stars into targets falling down the screen to replenish HP, FP and status effects
Sacred Emerald Talloo's Palace Talloo Drain, 2 Drains enemies attack power by 2
Blast Ruby Heat Sancturary Crownber Blast Twirl, 2 A twirling blast slams into all enemies 
Loop Opal Greedy Blobba's Castle Greedy Blobba Loopy Feeling, 2 If successful, immobilzes enemies temporarily
Shadow Obisidian Sir Whooba's Manor Sir Whooba Shadow Wake, 2 Makes Mario unseeable to enemies, making them miss their attack 
Power Diamond Lost Blanch Woods Limbo Power Overload, 3 Overload's Mario with power, boosting his attack and defence
Earthen Pearl Aquantis Ruins Grobel Revival, 4 The earth brings Mario back to life woth 15 HP
Element Pearl Limbo's Factory Limbo Element Attack, 6 Causes every element to attack doing up to 15 damage to all enemies

Boss Battles (in order found through the game)

Yellow signifies chapter bosses

Whereabouts: Name: HP: Attack Defense: Location: Notes:
Prolouge: A Grand Beginning Limbo 5 1 0 Ancient Shrine Fought after the Shrinestone flee
Goomina 7 1 0 Grandville Goombratty's  friend who acts as a tutorial
Chapter 1: No Mushroom's In These Acres Shell Clan 10 2 0 Shell Clan Hideout Once the fight finishes they run away from their hideout
Koppi 15 2 1 Talloo's Palace The leader of the Shell Clan
Talloo 30 3 1 Talloo's Palace Holds a Shrinestone
Chapter 2: Hot Gets Hotter Blooper 25 3 0 Grandville Sewers Fought before making it into Heatblast Desert
Birddro 35 4 1 Heat Sancturary Holds a Shrinestone
Chapter 3: Too Much Candy Will Rot Your Teeth Candy Guardians 10 (each)

2 (each)

0 Candy Valley The four guardians of the Oversize Candies
Castle Forces

5 (each)

5 0 Candy Valley The castles guards who attack Mario when he makes the bridge
Greedy Blobba 35 5 2 Greedy Blobba's Castle Holds a Shrinestone
Chapter 4: What Happens In The Dark Gergle 15 2 2 Misty Falls A phantom who thinks Mario is kidnapping Grove, his sister
Sir Whooba 35 3 3 Sir Whooba Manor Supposed to be the final boss of the chapter however he gives Mario a fake Shrinestone
Super Sir Whooba 40 5 4 Sir Whooba Manor Holds a Shrinestone
Chapter 5: Detective's On The Prowl Gadget 15 10 0 Woodstop A gadget gone wrong and attacking Mario
Limbo Train 30 (+15) 6 0 Blanch Woods Holds a Shrinestone
Chapter 6: Peeling Back The Past Of Waveway Bay Sunny Boy 20 (+10) 5 2 Sunny Ruin The protector of the Moony Ruin
Moony Girl

20 (+10)

5 2 Moony Ruin The protector of the Moony Ruin
Grobel 50 5 1 Aquantis Ruins Holds a Shrinestone
Chapter 7: Hot And Cold Collide Looper 40 3 2 Limbo Experimental Chamber Boss of Limbo's Experimental Chamber
Slade 75 8 1 Limbo Factory Holds a Shrinestone
Chapter 8: Evil, Meet Mario Sunny Mooner 80 7 2 Grand Peaks The guardian of the Shrinestone Statue
Element Master 90 8 2 Limbo's Castle The master of all elements
Golden Train 95 8 3 Limbo's Castle The golden train that was supposed to replace the old train in Blanch Woods
Bowser & Kammy Koopa 90 7 2 Limbo's Castle The Koopa King who invades Limbo's Castle
40 5 0 Limbo's Castle Bowser's second in charge
Limbo 140 8 1 Limbo's Castle The final boss of the game

Side Missions

The Peaks Of 100 Trials

Much like The Pit Of 100 Trials, The Peaks of 100 Trials is a set off 100 mountain peaks each with enemies on the peak. The Peaks Of 100 Trials are only accessible once all the Shrinestones have been returned to the Ancient Shrine and access to Grand Peaks is now possible. The Peaks Of 100 Trials is completely optional however, if beaten the player is awarded with the Return Postage Badge which permanently gives Mario the counterattack status, forcing contact attacks to take 1/2 the damage they do to Mario.

Trouble Centre

The trouble centre is much like the one from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door in which numerous people of Grandville and the surrounding areas need help with a particular quest in which Mario can achieve for them in reward for coins.

Mystery Centre

New to the series and much like the Trouble Centre, the Mystery Centre is a joint area of the Trouble Center were people across Grandville and the surrounding areas can send in their mystery's for Mario to solve in return for coins and the answer to the mystery.


In Paper Mario: The Ancient Shrine, much like Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, a specific resident of Grandville much likes cooking however they don't have recipes to cool in which Mario can help by giving the chef ingredients to mix which can give the resident recipes to work with.

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