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Paper Mario: Stolen Worlds (also known as Paper Mario: Wario's Outrageous Conquest in Japan) is an entry of the Paper Mario series, and is a sequel to Paper Mario Drawing of Disaster, both in term of improved gameplay from Paper Mario 64 and The Thousand-Year Door, and also in chronological order. Like its predecessor, it is developed by Gear Games with visual and audio assistance from Intelligent Systems, and released for the Evo-Gem in August 16th, 20XX.

Although it retain multiple "damage controls" in the predecessor, it dropped the drawing aspect in favor of the heightened focus on the Partner mechanic, with the tagline that indicate that there will be more Partners than any previous Paper Mario games, both Intelligent Systems and other video game comapnies.

Indeed, every single past Paper Mario Partners produced by Intelligent Systems are returning as part of the new Partner Card mechanic, alongside multiple sets of Partners made by individual other companies. It also mark the return of all Partners from the Recut version of Sticker Star and Color Splash as well, and even includes Kersti and Huey from respective games as fully fledged partners. Although the Pixls from Super Paper Mario also returns, they are only available via special badges called Pixl Badges.

The director of the video game, Samtendo09 (tbc), confirmed that there will be over 100 Partners throughout the game, and collecting them will allow the player to experiment and have a dream team. DLC is also planned for Partners that appears from the future.


See Paper Mario Drawing of Disaster, as the core mechanics remains the same from the predecessor with a few changes.

In the overworld, as in outside of battles, the player can navigate Mario with the control stick and jump, hammer and use Partners in order to jump on higher places, jump over hazards, break some obstacles that block the road, and overcome obstacles that Mario cannot get thorough by himself. The player can also interact with various NPCs, some will only let out some small trivias, others NPCs have from a bit more to much more importance, especially those with a "!" speech bubble.

The player can engage a battle with any enemy by simply touching it, but there is a mechanic called First Strike, allowing the player to deliver a first strike with either Jump, Hammer, an attacking Partner Field Move, or even an item, and perform the action as normally. However, some enemies can also do the same thing on the player and if they managed to hit Mario with their attack, Mario have to defend or take a hit from their attack before the battle begins.

Like its prequel, Paper Mario: Drawing of Disaster, the game use a simple RPG battle system that was introduced in Paper Mario (64). Each character in a battle have the following stats, each having different function.

  • Health Point (HP): The essential life energy of each character in a battle. When taking damage, the HP reduces by specific amount of damage depended on the various attack of various property, or by taking damage from certain statuses like Poison and Burn, and other harmful methods. If someone's HP empties into zero, they are knocked out and cannot move anymore. If it is a Partner, they can be simply revived or replaced, but if Mario or a replacing Mushroom Ally fainted instead, its game over!
  • Attack (ATK): Instead of being set for each character, it is set for each individual damaging moves, such as Jump, Hammer, Headbonk and Shell Rush. The ATK is equal to the amount of damage to a target before DEF will be taken into consideration. Some moves have multiple numbers aligned, which means that they can hit multiple times.
  • Defense (DEF): Reduce the amount of damage by a specific amount. For example, a Koopa will take one less damage than normal as they have 1 DEF. If the character have a DEF higher than a move's ATK, then it will take no damage from that move, although piercing attacks exists as they can pierce the Defense stat no matter how. There are also some special defense conditions alongside regular Defense stat, such as an "immunity" to Hammer, but also weaknesses such as a vulnerability to exploding moves.
  • Flower Points: Exclusive to Mario and his Partners, Flower Points are needed to utilize some stronger moves. If the Flower Points are lower than the amount of FPs required, them the move cannot be used. There are always at least one move for each character to utilize and cannot be sealed away.
  • Badge Points: Like the Flower Points, Badge Points are only used by Mario, and they are the indicator of a maximum amount of scaled Badges the player can use at a time. Each Badge have a different BP cost, and adding one Badge will subtract the amount of BP, but removing one will add the same amount of BP. Some cosmetic Badges costs no BP and thus can be worn at any time, anywhere.
  • Coins: Exclusive to enemies, Coins signifies the amount of Coins dropped when they get defeated. Coins can also be found in the overworld by completing some tasks or by hitting some Question Blocks, and can be used to purchase items in various shops of various locales.
  • Star Points: Similarly to Coins, they are exclusive to enemies. Star Points are essentially the EXPs of the game, as collecting 100 will always give a level up to Mario and his friends, permanently increasing either HP, FP or Badge Points, and the level up affects everyone (although BP is shared for everyone in the Party, even those inactive).
  • Blue Spheres: Just like Coins and Star Points, they are exclusive to enemies stat-wise. Blue Spheres are a bit rarer variant of Star Points. In this game, they are used to upgrade a Partner to a higher Rank, and Blue Spheres become far more frequent in the post-game to allow Partners that the player doesn't use often to Rank up. Finding the Ultra Orb is needed for Merlon to allow your Partners to be upgraded to Ultra Rank, while the Omega Orb is also needed for the Omega Rank.

The rest of how the PM64/TTYD-styled gameplay works, alongside some changes done by Drawing of Disaster, will be indicated in the link above, just right below the Gameplay header.

The major difference is the retirement of the Drawing mechanic, although a very few Drawing Attacks are given for Rainizia. Instead, the player need to collect enough Partner Cards to advance to the next world while also progressing thorough the current world's story and stages.

Star Point + Level Up
Mario will not earn anymore EXP if his level is already higher than the enemy side, which is to prevent the player from becoming too powerful too quickly. That said, boss rematches always give EXPs as rewards as they measure up to the player to keep difficulty more consistent.

The player can also upgrade the theater by just leveling up again, with the Superstar rank available at Level 50, Hyperstar at 65, and True Star at Level 80. Leveling up will also have all Partners to raise HP or FP with Mario.

Partner Ranks + Blue Spheres
Because of the aforementioned change, Blue Spheres are also repurposed; they are now used to Upgrade a Partner to grant them access for a Super Rank, an Ultra Rank, and returning from Paper Mario 5: The Rise of Shadow, the Omega Rank. This time, upgrading a Partner will not augment their HP nor FP because of the level up improvement, but can still boost Normal Ranked, Super Ranked and Ultra Ranked moves respectively.

Character Aesthetic
The engine is updated to do special effect that put a soft gradient on the characters' parts depended on the direction of the light, allowing for a shading effect on the character's design. The white outline that is introduced in Color Splash can be removed via an option White Outline turned off.

The white outline is not part of the hitbox of the characters, and in fact, become transparent when the player is about to get hit. This can be used to determine when is the exact moment to initiate a Super Guarding.

The paper aesthetic is greatly toned down, although not absent, as the papery effect still shows up for Mario's Hex Transformations, for anyone being rolled into a ball, and anyone simply lay flat (with mild crumbled effect) to indicate that they got flatten. World Replay
Players can redo a story of the World they are currently in with the World Replay, allowing the player to review plot points and taking on bosses again. However, while items that are found during the Replay can be kept, there is no Experience gained from defeating the bosses, and the bosses' stats will be adjusted to make it higher than the player's.

Omega Move Adjustment
The player can only utilize one of any of the Omega Move per battle, preventing mindless spamming, and encourage strategies instead. As a result, any Omega Move should be used either as a last resort, as a finishing move or as a head-start move.

Partner Cards

Parnter Cards, as the new and important addition of the game, allows the player to make his or her dream team, in addition to new traditional Partners. While Partner Cards cannot be used for field, they each have a Card Perk to make up for that, which tend to be minor but turn the tide when the player is lucky or strategic enough.

Like in Paper Mario: Drawing of Disaster, up to three Partners can be active in a battle, allowing the player to make a powerful team, or a more fun combination such as all three Partners being Goombas.

The player can quickly switch regular Partners and Card Partners without making any of them losing a turn, but only Partners that didn't made a move yet. Some Partner Cards may also be needed for overworld progression as well, aside of the Wario Barriers (see below).

Brainwashed Partners
Some Partner Cards are brainwashed by Miss Silverenne and are given to several of the W.I.L.D.'s elite members, including some of the Super Henchmen. To retrieve them, Mario simply had to defeat the boss that are using the Brainwashed Partners. That being said, the Brainwashed Partners can prove to be troublesome if not dealt with correctly.

For example, Kersti will focus on helping the boss while Doug will focus fire on Mario. This require the player to be more strategic when the boss involves Brainwashed Partners.

Two Partner Cards in particular are fighting the party alone; Dimentio, and Toadea. This reflect them being final bosses in their respective debut game (Super Paper Mario and Paper Mario 5: The Rise of Shadow, respectively), although they aren't as strong as in their respective final battle. That being said, they are still far more threatening than standard brainwashed Partners and are a bit stronger than average Partners.

Mushroom Allies
A different type of Partner Cards is the Mushroom Allies, which are well-known allies (and enemies) of Mario from the Mushroom Kingdom, as well as the Mushroom World as a whole. An unique distinction from regular Partner Cards is that a Mushroom Ally can take the place of Mario in the Team Menu before taking in a battle.

During a battle, Mario cannot be replaced by any of the Mushroom Allies and vice versa, and a leading Mushroom Ally cannot be replaced by another one as well, to prevent excessive meat-shielding. If the leading Mushroom Ally is taken out, the game is over even if Mario, as a Partner, still have HP left.

Paper Mario: Stolen Worlds/List of Partner Cards

Wario Barrier
With the exception of the Ancient World, each World's portal is blocked by a Wario Barrier, created from Miss Silverenne's magic and Wario using the World Key. The player must collect every Partner Cards in the current World in order to gain access to the next World. Fortunately, the search for the Partner Cards are quick, and Partner Cards tend to be found in a stack of two to six. In addition, none of them are found in side quests.

Mushroom Allies does not count toward a Wario Barrier's countdown, although they are still collected during the main story and only very few requires searching.

The Mushroom World only requires the final boss, Wario himself, to be defeated once, and collect the Waluigi Mushroom Ally Card afterward.

Replaying any completed World's Story doesn't require re-collecting previous Partner Cards, and Partner Cards aren't need to be re-collected as Mario had already retrieved them, allowing for faster speedrunning.

The player can choose between Prism World or Mass World as their next destination after Geometric World, but the other will end up being inaccessible until the player beaten the world they are currently in. This also applies for Illusion World and Darkened World once both Prism World and Mass World are beaten.

Approximate numbers of required Partner Cards will be revealed upon most Partner Cards being completed.

Engine World Requires all Partner Cards from Ancient World.
Secured World Requires all Partner Cards from Engine World.
Geometric World Requires all Partner Cards from Secured World.
Prism World Requires all Partner Cards from Geometric World. If Mass World is chosen first, then all Partner Cards found in that world is required instead.
Mass World Requires all Partner Cards from Geometric World. If Prism World is chosen first, then all Partner Cards found in that world is required instead.
Illusion World Requires all Partner Cards from both Prism World and Mass World. If Darkened World is chosen first, then all Partner Cards found in that world is required instead.
Darkened World Requires all Partner Cards from both Prism World and Mass World. If Illusion World is chosen first, then all Partner Cards found in that world is required instead.
Wario World Requires all of the Partner Cards from both Illusion World and Darkened World. The entrance to Wario Empire also requires collecting the last of the Partner Cards.
Mushroom World Requires the Waluigi Mushroom Ally Card, which is obtained at some time after Wario, the final boss, is defeated.

Post-end Worlds, other than the Mushroom World, doesn't have a Wario Barrier, as Wario is effectively dethroned and the W.I.L.D. becoming too weak to continue... for the moment.

Army Battle

There are several battles involving more than just Mario and three of his allies in a party, taking on an array of enemy armies. Instead of each side taking turn, the two side attack at once, and the last side standing will emerge victorious. Those battles are called Army Battle.

Each side have up to twenty one units, one being the leader, three being the Second Positions and the rest being the Units. Although the characters' stats remain the same in the Army Battles, and most attacks are unmodified, the statuses lasts much less and the leader can only be attacked if he or she is the last one standing. Charging moves will be disrupted if hit by 3 or more opponents.

To avoid excessive grinding just so the unused Partner Cards would be strong enough to survive the next fight, only the leader need to spend FP to use their stronger moves, and everyone's HP will be reduced to 30 if already higher than the maximum. Leaders are exception, being allowed to have more than 30 HP.

While the Second Positions and the Units of the player's side will attack on their own accord, the player him/herself can give orders, from Attack Target, Help Out, Protect and Go On.

  • Attack Target tells the allies to focus on one enemy or a small group of enemies at once. This is ideal to stop a particular threat from performing their charging move, or to finish off a threat.
  • Help Out give an order to the allies to heal the leader or a selected ally. This is helpful to keep the leader or an important ally alive, as anyone who get K.O.d cannot come back.
  • Protect give an order to surround the leader or an important ally and prevent enemies from approaching the selected ally by attacking them or by giving the ally a defensive perk.
  • Go On simply let the allies go on their business, allowing them to attack their opponents at their own pace. Not recommended if a vital ally is on a danger.

Although Mario (or any replacing Leader) getting knocked out will not result a game over, the player either have to control one of the Second Positions, or if there isn't any left, the Units will go into Go On. The game over will only occurs if all of the player's Units are knocked out.

Special Army Battles
Unlike regular Army Battles, there are special Army Battles that doesn't follow the usual mold of this battle type. It can from taking on a massive foe (or even two of them in one instance!), a three-way or four-way war, or holding off as many enemy armies as possible until reinforcement arrives. There is also one particular Army Battle where the player have to take down the enemy Leader before the timer reaches zero.

New Game+

If a save file have a beaten Wario head, which means the final boss is defeated, the player can start over the story without deleting the save file and the player's stats, inventory and Partner Cards. However, the new Partners have to be recruited as normal again to avoid sequence breaking.

Some scenes are altered to accommodate Mario already collected all of the pre-end Partner Cards. For example, the scene where Wario shows his collection of Mario's stolen Partners is replaced by only a very few Cards left (or none of Mario had collected truly all of them), leaving Wario shaking his head in disbelief.

Big version of enemies becomes 33% more frequent, and bosses will have a damage limiter to avoid taking more than 1/6 of damage from one character, be it a multi-hit or a one hit, to prevent the battle from ending too easily.

The final battle dialogues changes as well, with Wario being flabbergasted that the Partner Cards were somehow vanished from his hands and that Mario somehow got them back, questioning if Mario had a "timey-whimey power thing" before resuming battle.


After completing defeating the final boss, the player can make a New Game+ and have an option to activate the Self-Imposer. It will allow the player to have an extra challenge in addition to higher regular difficulty. The Self-Imposer can be activated or deactivated from the Menu Screen as well.

The Self-Imposer is made to give the player a self-imposing challenge of any kind and raise their Score. The player give themselves a limitation of any kind, be it lowering their HP, FP or BP (they had to make a one-time Badge set by then, without losing their usual set) and limiting the amount of Partners, even going into a solo battle as Mario.

The more self-imposing conditions done, the higher their Score will be. The player can add or remove the conditions at any time, but doing so will raise or lower the multiplier for the next battles. There are two separate leaderboards that will register the player's Score, one when defeating the final boss, and another when defeating all of the bosses, including the post-end bosses.

All Worlds will have a record for the player's highest score in each of them, and using the World Replay can help the player to make an attempt for a bigger self-imposing challenge, or use different type of self-imposing challenges.

Shall the player reaches a high enough score, they will receive the "Stolen Worlds' Champion" title and have the title screen changed to feature Mario and all of his Partners and Mushroom Allies, and have an Easter Egg where Wario and the bosses and W.I.L.D. troopers are displayed. Playing Paper Mario: Stolen Worlds again will make the title screen back to normal until the player entered their Self-Imposer included save-file and exit from it, where the new title screen shows up again.

Exclusive to this option is the Reset Battle option, which simply starts over during the current battle shall the player messed up. Also, having Mario fainted or reaching other game over conditions will quickly send the player back into the place they saved instead of having to go into the game over sequence firsthand.

Self-Imposer Options

The colors indicate which characters will be affected; red will affect only Mario, yellow only affects his Partners, green affects both Mario and his Partners, and blue affects the enemies. Do note that some options will override certain options.
Jump/Hammer Limit Limit the amount of damage and amount of hit Mario can hit with his Jump and Hammer techniques.
Leadership Trouble Mario cannot bring another Partner into the field, be it regular Partners, Partner Cards or Mushroom Allies, to replace fainted allies.
Always in Front Mario will always be in front, which means that he have the most chance (30%) to get targeted by the enemies.
Overweighted Boots Mario is unable to use his Jump techniques in the battles, except when there are enemies immune to hammer and that Mario is all alone (or have allies that cannot are unable to harm the enemies in question). If both this and Disarmed are active, Mario can only use Jump until Kamenia is recruited.
Disarmed Mario is unable to use his Hammer techniques in the battles, except when there are enemies immune to jump and that Mario is all alone (or have allies that cannot are unable to harm the enemies in question). If both this and Overweighted Boots are active, Mario can only use Jump until Kamenia is recruited.
Solo Mario Mario have to fight all by himself, with no help from Partners, Partner Cards and Mushroom Allies. If none of Mario's moves are able to harm at least one of the enemies, then the player can choose up to three Partners to help out. Overrides Partners Only if Solo is selected last.
Irreplaceable Defeating the final boss in the normal game allows the player to swap Mario with any of the Partners, although with the Leader title which having him or her fainted results a game over. However, if this option is on, then Mario will remain the leader regardless of pre-end or post-end. In Partners Only, this will take effect on the Leader Partner during the battle.
Restricted EXP The amount of EXP (Star Points) is limited, up to only one per enemy (provided that the enemy in question can drop any), or even unable to level up at all.
Defenseless Mario cannot use his defensive badges from the enemies' First Strikes. He also takes 1.2x more damage from hazards. This will also applies for any Partner who takes the lead.
Peer Pressure Mario (or replacing Leader) must not have all of his (or her if replacing Leader is female) Partners in the party slots are down, or else he will have reduced DEF by -2 in normal battles, and -5 in boss battles.
Small Overconfidence If Mario get hit by any attack, he gets into his Small Mario form and loses 2 Defense. He only regain his Super Mario form once using any beneficial Mushroom items. For replacing Partner, this only applies to Mushroom Allies.
Partners Only Only Partners will be used, and the leader role can be assigned to any Partner. If the player starts the game with this option on, Kamenia will take over Mario's place, and the story will change accordingly, and the prologue is skipped. Overrides Solo Mario if Partners only is selected last.
Perkless Perk of each Partners will be inactive.
Stick to What We Have Only Partners selected for the battle will stay in battle, and thus cannot be swapped.
Brainwashed, but Stronger Brainwashed Card Partners had reached from Super, Ultra or Omega Rank, and will be accordingly stronger. This applies for the brainwashed Partners in the final battle as well. Fortunately, they still cannot perform Omega Moves!
Hit Limit The amount of damage and the amount of hit are limited for every Partner. The number is customizable from 99 to 1. Enemies with DEF higher than 1 will be reduced to 1 if the maximum damage is set to 1.
Partner Limit Limit the amount of Partners, from just two to even one. In Partners Only, this can go from three to only one, allowing for a solo Partner.
Limited Partner Cards Only one Partner Card can be active per battle. The Partner Card can be replaced by another Partner Card during the battle.
Re-Brainwashable The Wario Bombs are stocked by stronger members of the W.I.L.D. and can brainwash up to three Partners (even non-Card Partners) in a battle. This include bosses that are members of the W.I.L.D. organization.
Can't Come Back Normal Partners cannot use 1-Up Mushrooms if knocked out. They will still get back up after running away or winning a battle.
Card Problems Partner Cards cannot use 1-Up Mushrooms if knocked out. They will still get back up after running away or winning a battle.
Limited Level Limit the maximum level Mario and his Partners can have, up to simply not able to level up at all.
Shared Heart Everyone shares the same amount of HP as Mario's. If the HP reaches zero, everyone in the party is defeated and its game over!
Shared Flowers Everyone shares the same amount of FP as Mario's, just like in the first two Paper Mario games.
Sphere Blues Limit the amount of Blue Spheres obtained from defeating enemies, or even no Blue Spheres obtained at all.
Unhearty Limit the maximum HP Mario and the Partners can have. Can be reduced up to just 1! Mechanics that allows
Few/No Flowers Allowed Limit the maximum FP for Mario and the Partners can have. It can be reduced up to 0. Moves that are needed to continue progress but is limited by maximum FP lower than required can be used for free.
Hold Your Badges! Limit the maximum BP Mario can have, and limit the maximum amount of Badges Mario and his Partners can have.
Back to Basic! Mario and his Partners can only use their Basic Moves (and basic Jump and Hammer in Mario's case) in battle. Mario's more advanced moves that are needed to continue progress can still be used in the field. Learn Moves cannot be used, either.
Crippled Boost Limit the amount of positive statuses for Mario and his friends, or even prevent them from having any. The amount of turns for the positive statuses can also be limited as well. Stat boosts can also be limited by number amount of.
Crippling Statuses Negative and neutral statuses for Mario and his friends have the duration doubled.
Dried Wallet Limit the amount of Coins Mario can carry and collect, or even prevent him from collecting any. If there is anything that does requires Coins to progress, then Mario and friends will obtain the exact amount of Coins required after completing one battle. Even from enemies that would not drop any coins.
Tough Audience Limit the amount of friendly audience, from hostile audiences being a bit more frequent to only have them consistently.
No Hold Barren Disable Mario and his Partners from Guarding.
Super Guardless Disable Mario and his Partners from Super Guarding.
Limited Resource Limit the amount of Items, Gadget and Summon Cards used per battle, as well as the amount of items per category Mario can carry. You may even disallow Mario and Partners to carry and use items at all!
Priority Target Mario and his allies with low HP will be prioritized by the enemies. If the prioritized targets would take no damage, then the enemies will try to attack a different target.
Cursed! Mario and his allies will start with one or more negative statuses for a pre-set amount of turns. Which statuses will show up depends on which buttons that represent the status is turned on or off by the player.
Think Fast! Mario and his allies have a time limit from 30 seconds to a full two minutes to plan their next move. If they didn't selected anything within the time limit, they will do nothing.
Faster Action Commands Mario and his allies' Action Commands are from 5% to 50% faster. Jumping attacks are also performed faster, making the right timing a bit more difficult.
Fragile Mario and his allies have a permanent -3 Defense.
Stuck Position Mario and his allies cannot switch their place in the battles. Their place can be switched in the Partner Menu.
Constantly Big Enemies with Big Variants will have increased chance for Big Variants to show up. Range from 16% (higher than default 15%) to 100%.
Tough Foes All Enemies will have 1.2x ATK and DEF.
Shrugging Off Annoyances Duration of negative status ailments on enemies will be shortened starting with 1 less turn, or even make them immune.
Cheatsy Duration of positive status ailments on enemies will last for up to 5 extra turns.
Persistence Enemies cannot be blown away or escorted out of the arena, nor they can be scared by Fright Jar. Dimentio's Chaos Blast will only deal 20 damage, and so will Summon Cards that instantly knock out a foe.
Reinforcement If Mario and friends didn't defeated all of the enemies within seven turns, up to two extra enemies shows up for reinforcement. This applies for boss battles that don't have reinforcements.
Scattering Threats Tougher enemies will replace the weaker enemies.
Boss Glory Bosses enter the berserk earlier (up to right at the start of the battle) and have 1.2x HP, 1.3x ATK and 1.2x. DEF.
Early Revenge Bosses will be under their Rematch form, even outside of the Rematch Colosseum. When faced at Rematch Colosseum, they are assisted by fitting enemies.
Biased Audience Audience will applaud more to the enemy side rather than the player side. They will also give supporting items more often to the enemies while throwing junks more often to the player side.
Army Trouble Enemies will have six extra members for each standard Army Battles. Those cheatsy jerks!
Smarter Foes Enemies are considerably smarter, focusing on weakened Mario or Partners, heal themselves whenever possible, use advanced moves more often, and have their own set of items. Although those sets of items can be stolen, they can and will use one of theirs when the situation calls it. Brainwashed Partners also utilize their stronger moves more often and have their own stock of Honey to restore their FPs.
Powered-Up! Enemies will start with one or more positive statuses at the start of the battle for a pre-set amount of turns. Which statuses will be given depends if the respective buttons in the menu is switched to On or Off.
Second Round Defeated W.I.L.D. Elites will show up disguising as an enemy (but with a purple aura) with increased HP and ATK power accordingly to the player's progress. The player can run away from them unlike the original confrontation, but some moves are modified. This only applies to main game and will not appear again once the final boss is defeated.

Randomizer Mode

An update installed during August 26th 20XX or later will add a new mode called Randomizer Mode, only accessed with the top secret code, which is given by a mysterious letter in the A.I. Stone. This mode is different from the New Game+ and Self-Imposer mode, as the Randomizer Mode uses it's own save files so that the player doesn't have to delete the main game save files.

The player select options that tells the randomizer mechanic to randomize which objects and effects. This includes Mario himself, friendly NPCs, enemies, Partners, which moves that clobber a Berserk Attack, and so on.

Like the Self-Imposer, there is also Scores given, but only based on the AI difficulty given for enemies and bosses. The AI is the only option (alongside Playing as Luigi) that can be manually setted as opposed to be just randomized as an option.

The colors indicate which characters will be affected; red will affect only Mario, yellow only affects his Partners, green affects both Mario and his Partners, blue affects the enemies, purple affects the items and orange affects the environment. Do note that some options will override certain options.
Starting HP, FP, BP Randomize the following of Mario's starting stats; Health Points, Flower Points and Badge Points. Can stack with Randomize Starting HP and FP.
Randomize Colors Randomize the color combination of Mario, including color combinations possible from Badges. This also influences Luigi if "Playing as Luigi" is activated.
Speed Randomize Mario's running speed. Goes from 0.8x to 2x. Doesn't affect his battle speed. If this option is enabled, the player can hold B to return to normal speed, allowing to jump thorough platforms that would be impossible to go thorough with the randomized speed.
Upgrade Availability Randomize whether or not Mario would have his Super or Ultra Upgrades separately available for his Jump and Hammer. Mario cannot perform them outside of battle to avoid sequence breaking until he gets legitimately earn them.
Playing as Luigi Replace Mario with Luigi, a few dialogues and scenes being changed accordingly, and Luigi can jump higher than Mario, but have a bit sloppier control. Mario will be imprisoned until after Wario is defeated. Luigi is restricted to his Partner Card moveset, but can use Hammer outside of the battle. Lastly, Luigi do speaks in some cutscenes and tend to react differently from Mario.

Other Randomized and Self-Imposing options that concerns Mario will also affect Luigi.

A Perk for the Hero Normally, Mario doesn't have any kind of Perk aside of being the usual leader of the group. If this option is on, he receives a random Perk, even if "Playing as Luigi" or the Self-Imposing Option "Partners Only" is selected.
Random Responses Randomize possible positive, negative, accepting or declining responses for the player to choose for each cutscene that have them for Mario to "say". Like A Perk for the Hero, this will still activate even if "Playing as Luigi" or "Partners Only" is turned on.
Hexes Available Determine which Hexes will be available for the start with Mario (or replacing leader). Hexes not available from the start will still be acquired from Hexina in the respective location.
Shoe/Hammer Material Randomize what material Mario's Shoes and/or Hammer will be, which also modify their property. The following are; Metal (Can attack enemies harmful to touch), Spongy (Deals more damage by 1.2x if Mario is hit by water-based attacks and 10% chance to inflict Wet), Hard Light (Damage enemies with positive Status Condition considered as incorporeal, such as invisible), Stone (20% chance to inflict Dizzy), and Anti-[Element] (deals 1.3x more damage on enemy with matching element).
Partner Cards Order Randomize which Partner Cards will appear to be collected, freed from bosses, or fully fought, in any respective location.
New Partners Order Randomize which new Partners will be recruited from any World with recruited Partner(s). Obstacles requiring a specific Partner will be cleared as soon as the wrong Partner in the same World is recruited.
Randomize Moveset Randomize which move the Partners can have. The Field Move for the New Partners remains intact. There are additional options for the Move's ATK power (0 to 15, at least one damaging move, or 15 to 50 for Omega Moves), possible effect(s), elemental effectiveness, and FP cost (0 to 15, with first basic move never costing any FP).
Randomize Learn Moves Randomize the ATK power, possible effect(s), elemental effectiveness, and FP cost of each Learn Move, following the same "rules" as Randomized Moveset. There is also an option to randomize the compatibility for each Learn Move.
Starting Rank Randomize the starting rank of the Partner, from basic to Omega. Be warned, as a Rank Up doesn't level up the Partner's HP and FP this time, requiring Mario to level up alongside them.
Shuffle Partner Perks Randomize which Partner will get which Perk. There is an option that no Partner have the exact same Perk. All Perks will affect everyone of the same team.
Blue Sphere Cost Randomize between 50 to 150 for each Rank Up. The cost will apply to either individual or every Partners.
Numbers of Brainwashed Partners Randomize how many Partners will be found brainwashed in each battles with Brainwashed Partners, ensuring that the total number of Brainwashed Partners remained the same.
Randomize ATK Power Randomize the ATK Power of everyone's attacks, from 1 to a whopping 15. Omega Moves are applied differently with from 20 to 50.
Randomize Starting HP Randomize the amount of starting maximum HP that the Leader and Partners will individually have, from 5 to 30.
Randomize Starting FP Randomize the amount of starting maximum FP that the Leader and Partners will individually have, from 5 to 30.
Randomize Attack Effect Randomize the effect of every player characters' attacks, with a percentage ranged from 100% to a measly 1%.
Shuffled Moves Shuffle the battle Moves for everyone. The field moves will remain intact. Doesn't affect Learn Move Compatibility unless if this option is selected as well.
Elemental Chart Randomize elemental strengths, resistances, and weaknesses of the characters, even those not having any of these.


Like the predecessor, Paper Mario: Stolen Worlds have a slightly straightforward story in each World, similarly to Color Splash's storytelling, but ultimately have an overarching arc involving stopping Wario from conquering the worlds, stealing all treasures imaginable and put an ultimate end to Mario and Bowser (and those who dares to side with either of them), as well as some lore hidden within the smaller details.

Paper Mario: Stolen Worlds/Dialogues

Summary for each World

This is only a summary for the prologue, short Interludes and each Worlds, to allow readers like you to figure out the story without needing to read all of the dialogues.

Mushroom World: Similar Face, Shocking Fury

In Mario's house, Luigi speaks about how they remembered their past adventures, but creeps out when he remembered about the "moment where a jester take over his body". Mario had shaken his head in agreement. Outside of the house, instead of Parakarry (like in the first two Paper Mario games and Paper Mario: Drawing of Disaster), a regular Toad with a party hat arrives and knock the house's door.

The Mario Brothers mistook it as an alarm and Luigi hurriedly rushes toward the door, with the Toad leaving a surprised expression from the loud noises caused by the the Green plumber.

Upon just Mario calmly open the door, the Toad, who is shown to be Parr T, simply delivered a pink letter for Mario, and Mario sighed in relief as the letter reads that Peach had invited multiple notable Mushroom World habitats to have a reunion for a Yearly Mushroom Union, instead of an usual Bowser kidnapping Peach shtick. Luigi then exits from the door and, not knowing what Mario saw in the latter, rushes toward the castle.

The surprised Parr T asked for Mario what was with his brother, with Mario only shrugged in response. Parr T told Mario that the letter should come earlier but he was late as he was knocked down by a coin falling from the sky, "despite the fact that Coins do not fall, they usually float!".

He also remembered that a "big, golden ship" passed by earlier before the coin fell on him. Parr T then add for Mario to meet at Peach Castle, with Mario following by. This cutscene can be fully skipped without repercussion.

Upon reaching the castle, multiple people of various species around the world had already been in the castle hall, with the likes of Captain Toad, Princess Daisy, Mayor Pauline, and even Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Luigi himself had already reached the castle hall as well, being confused at first before seeing both Peach and Daisy, sighing in belief.

As Mario choose to talk with Peach, the princess seems happy at first, but as she tells how the reunion goes well so far, she also start to frown and added that although she did invited Bowser and his son, she expressed concern that they may not receive the letter in time does the Koopa who deliver it is "knocked down by a large golden pan" and that if they ever noticed that a reunion goes without them having the invitation first, Bowser will might get upset and engage another kidnapping or other malicious actions.

Indeed, Bowser, his son Bowser Jr, and some of his troopers, most notably Kamek and Kammy, were already reaching the castle via airship, with Bowser complained that the bad guys were never invited to the reunion despite the fact that they become slightly more accepting toward them.

"Its not like I want to destroy the world or anything!", he bellowed, although Kamek reminded that Bowser did made an attempt to destroy his own world but "only as a plan to destroy their world's Mario and Luigi". Bowser grumpily preferred to not remember.

Bowser Jr. quickly noticed that a cloud hovering over Peach Castle went golden yellow, with his father simply responded that its likely a coin rain and tell some aerial troopers to seize it just in case.

As the Koopa Troop assault the castle, it wasn't until Mario's intervention and Bowser getting defeated that Peach stand up and simply explain to Bowser that the letter is simply delayed, though Bowser roughly asked back if she is playing a trick or not, much to Peach's sigh.

That said, another uninvited guest popped in and this time, that guest is the greedy Wario... and his golden, deluxe ship, and he gives a warning that soon, the Mushroom Kingdom will become his golden empire. After being insulted by Bowser as a "stupid amateur act", Wario retaliated by putting most of Bowser's Koopa Troops except Bowser himself and Junior into magical cards.

Even Bowser himself is utterly surprised that Wario really went thorough this and try to furiously attack him. Unfortunately, Wario dunked Bowser right back to the ground, leaving Bowser buried in the impact.

Everyone else is shocked by how quickly Wario managed to defeat Bowser, and as Wario leaves with his hover, Mario gave chase, still shocked at Wario's threat, with Luigi following by despite slight hesitation. The Mario Bros. managed to catch the airship by the tail, and managed to enter one of the doors just in time.

As the ship managed to near-effortlessly take down all of Bowser's airship fleet, it is up to Mario to put a stop of Wario's latest scheme of greed. Mario simply need to take down two Wardons with Luigi's assistance, and then avoid simple-to-avoid obstacle, while Luigi barely made it but nearly get tripped. Thankfully Mario catches him and the two managed to get into the cockpit, where Wario is waiting, but strangely, Wario's partner-in-crime Waluigi is nowhere to be seen...

As the cockpit is reached, Wario taunts the Mario Bros., thinking that they could beat him so easily. Luigi simply question why was he doing it and what happened to Waluigi, with Wario simply but rudely replied that he fell into poverty, that Waluigi's double-cross act almost costed his life, and that his rivalry with Mario feels empty since he saw that Bowser passed more and more time dealing with Mario, and had enough with all of this.

After Luigi's helping Mario to remember about the Guard and Superguard (much of Wario's chargrin and impatience), the battle really starts with a typical battle where Wario use a Shoulder Bash, a Ground Pound, and a Wario Waft.

But even with Wario seemingly losing, a very angry Wario said that "this is only the beginning, Loser Bros!" and suddenly gained more power and his HP increased to tenfold, with Mario and Luigi being barely able to damage him. As a result, Wario had managed to defeat the plumber with utter ease, as he boastfully and arrogantly puts it.

Wario reveals that he had managed to convert his anger into pure power and practiced it since Mario's Odyssey traveling, allowing him to "Rage Smash". Before he decides to deliver a finishing punch to Mario, Wario reveals that he also did it to "some of his special friends"; he reveals a whole collection of Mario's past partners, from Goombario to the Mini-Yoshi to Pirlumbus to even Kersti and Huey.

Mario is completely horrified, and shake his head as in asking why. Wario simply tells that he do it to spite Mario and that he might do it for his friends and his "old-school nemesis" Bowser and the rest of his army as well. Wario then punched Mario so hard that an explosion occurs, sending Mario flying to the sky, and then toward space.

After his unexpected victory, Wario became so proud and happy with finally beating Mario since long, he delivered an even more loud but sinister cackle to the point of going surreal, before running out of air and heavily breath, before resuming his smug face.

As Mario went flying away from the Mushroom World to another, similar planet, the camera skip to a column-infested ancient town, and then scroll to a wooden house where a haired Magikoopa resides, reading books. The Magikoopa seems very busy with reading books, but was very calm as she sip a cup of tea... if a familiar scream and then Mario crashing into the middle of the room.

The Magikoopa is rather mildly surprised that it is someone else instead of one of the delinquents, and present herself as Kamenia, the Column Town's local witch.

After a talk or two with Kamenia, Mario had become convinced that Wario isn't joking around; Kamenia had explained to him that he had already built his own empire before he invaded the Mushroom Kingdom, in the Mushroom World she studied often out of curiosity.

But she then continued that he mastered his "Adrenaline Power", which boost his strength and resilience to even higher level, especially after eating a garlic, and learned how to "Rage Smash", an extremely powerful move that not even someone else with superhuman strength can normally do this.

Kamenia grievously added that all of this allows Wario to easily make other rotten habitats to surrender and join him, and slowly built an army before he made his own empire on a formerly deserted planet, the Wario World. But until Mario had found a proof, Kamenia wouldn't bother to go out as she wanted to find further proof before she could warn the villagers about it.

After managing to pick a piece of a damaged wing, as well as capturing a photo out of the ship with the help of a photographer Eye-Moe, Moe-Joe, who is found in his antique shop. Moe-Joe then recognized the ship as one of the W.I.L.D.'s scout-ships.

After giving the two proofs to Kamenia, the latter is stared in awe but accepted them, and showed them to the guards, who at first seems skeptical, but after a W.I.L.D. Scouter Ship approaching, they quickly believed Kamenia's words and the latter warned Mario to hide.

After that, Kamenia joins Mario, but explicitly tells him that just her and Mario would not be enough to bring down the whole W.I.L.D. and that they should bring about a small army to even get a chance with them.

Ancient World: Old Friends, New Problems

In the Rocky Woods, Mario and Kamenia had encountered various rocky inhabitants of various species called the Moe-Eyes to Clefts to Rockuses, many of which are too afraid to leave the forest because of the W.I.L.D. Scouter Ships wondering around.

One grumpy Rockus, Rocko, even outright said that even if the W.I.L.D.'s leader Wario "is quite of a buffoon, he's an extremely dangerous buffoon" and that just Mario and Kamenia will never stand a chance against them. Kamenia agreed with Rocko, and tells Mario that they should gather volunteers to stop the W.I.L.D. threat.

Rocko refuse to volunteer in a somewhat cowardly fashion, albeit his matter of speech makes it difficult to immediately know it. Kamenia wasn't surprised by this and suggested Mario to move on.

As the heroic duo passes thorough the maze, a golden ship, the Deluxe Rider, flied by, and Kamenia used her magic to hide herself and Mario in bushes, and whispered toward Mario that they shouldn't be detected this early.

She explain the name of the ship and that it is Wario's, and that they would not be able to confront him just yet until they figured out how to deal with Wario's new strength and Rage Smash technique. The Deluxe Rider head above the Big Book Babylon, reached by the northern exit of the Rocky Woods.

Optional Interlude - This whole cutscene can be skipped but may provide important story information.

The Deluxe Rider flied by with a surprisingly worried yet determined Waluigi hanging from the left wing. An an angry yet worried Wario calls Waluigi crazy and orders the ship crew to slow down so Waluigi can jump into the ground for safety.

Instead, Waluigi find his way to the door's ship by himself and and angrily ask Wario why he didn't bring Waluigi alongside with him. Wario was surprised to see his purple partner still determined despite not being partners anymore, with Waluigi simply tell him that this is not the answer.

Wario bluntly said toward Waluigi's face that the latter's double-cross almost killed him this time and that ever since Bowser is getting on Wario's rivalry with Mario much more recently. He added that Bowser outright refused to let Mario to have more than one rival, and that the only rival Mario "deserves" to have is the Koopa King himself.

Waluigi seems to actually listen and actually agreed that Bowser is a real selfish jerk, saying that even he cannot stand of him at times. Wario nods but retain his frown, replying that he haven't finished.

Wario continues by complaining about his constant financial failures, and wondered why he and Waluigi ever teamed up in the first place. He even added that he only bring Waluigi into sports and parties because he find his purple partner not ready for adventure and wondered why Waluigi almost never was his employee of WarioWare.

Waluigi, feeling weak but quickly try to act like a tough guy, laments that without Wario, he's nothing but just a Luigi's rival wannabee as not even the latter truly takes their rivalry seriously, much of Wario's laughter.

That said, Waluigi decided to do what he wanted to do "that one time"; causing chaos, starting with messing with Wario's Deluxe Rider's interior and gets dangerously close to Wario's card collection to prove it.

Waluigi ended up making Wario furious, and the greedy emperor had gone into a chase after him, and threatened the lanky ex-partner to be kicked out of the ship if he doesn't stop, which Waluigi doesn't relent.

Kamenia had suggested Mario to look for a Laddiebug called Ledel, who was a retired general of an army that once fended away a previous evil empire. She added that the Laddiebug is wearing a blue army jacket and a red bonnet, and lives in a house made of yellow and blue books.

Upon the two heroes talking about the situation with Ledel, the latter simply replies that the W.I.L.D. had already taken out most of the armies, but that the rest of them take refuge at the Fossil Fortress.

Wario's Deluxe Rider was seen far away, near the Fossil Fortress, with the cards seemingly flied out everywhere, even toward the small, unreachable portals. This is soon followed by Waluigi getting kick back to the ground before the Deluxe Rider flied out of sight.

A twin card of Goombario and Admiral Bobbery are seen falling and slipped into a very large red book with a red lock, with a "!?" pattern printed into it. Kamenia found out that they need an Unfold Block to unlock it, and that they have to be quick on their feet as the Unfold Block's duration to unlock the Unfold Objects doesn't last long.

Upon using an Unfold Block to unlock the big red book and retrieved the two cards, Mario catched them like normal items... although he seems confused as neither imprisoned Partners jump out of the cards. He tried to slam his hammer into the Goombario Card, although to no avail.

Kamenia figured the cards are impervious to attacks and accidents, but that her magic may help them to get out of the cards. And turns out, she's right, as with her poof of magic, Goombario and Bobbery had escaped from their cards.

The two are confused as if asking what happened, Goombario being the more concerned and Bobbery being the more flustered, but eventually realized that "a mean, fat man" had captured them into these cards.

That said, the cards are still on Mario's hands, and Kamenia commented that these cards might be on use for later. They then head to the road that leads to the Fossil Fortress, where they have to cross thorough the Float Boat first.

As they arrived to the Float Boat, they were blocked by the Broozers who wears snazzy suits. The two Broozers were told by the owner of the ship to not let any visitors as she wanted to avoid suspicious contacts until the missing citizens and guests had returned.

Upon searching in the Boo Boo Farm for a trio of Boos, a bartender [1] Eerie, a photo-holding Fishing Boo, a poet Phanthorn and a Bloo couple.

Upon the Bloo couple being rescued, they explicitly warn Mario and Kamenia that they met a certain wicked magician using cards and who see the world as her plaything.

After completing the task and welcomed by the Broozers as a thank, Bobbery come out of Mario's pocket, discovering that he can still enter the card but doesn't remain stuck this time, and thanked Kamenia for help.

If the player goes to talk with one of the Broozers, he reveals that the owner is absent but will tell her about Mario's accomplishment upon her return.

Kamenia then comes up with the fact that her magic had weakens the Cards' "barrier", and Goombario comes out next, giving the idea of "Partner Cards", and that since the cards are comfy and surprisingly enjoyable (despite the occasional smell), Mario doesn't need to have all of them to be active at once.

Kamenia and Bobbery, at first, wondered why Goombario said that, but then realized that the other Cards are also around, and that having everyone active at once will make them easier to be detected, especially with the Scouter Ships flying around.

Bobbery suggests that until Mario had rescued all of the other comrades, they should at least stay up to four at a time in a battle, and Kamenia added that they can take on the headquarter with a big enough army... hopefully.

After Bobbery and Goombario reentered into Mario's pocket and on their respective cards, Mario and Kamenia have to first gather information from all NPCs, with only a few who managed to get information about the headquarter, being protected by a weird shield, and that the Fossil Fortress is thankfully isn't checked yet.

But then the anthropomorphic parrots of various colors with pirate attire, the Parrates, are invading the Float Boat, all led by their captain, Captain Parrtloc., who is red feathered and wears a gray pirate captain wearings.

He demanded that the "screwy scurvy doggone ghosts" to surrender, and they are armed with hardlight armor. The ghost inhabitants are intimidated by the hardlight but nevertheless braced themselves and take on them.

After the heroes taking out some of the Parrates on their own, Captain Parrtloc decides to take the heroes on, being warned by a "smelly emperor" that Mario is a threat thus must be taken down.

After a rough fight with the scurvy parrot pirate, he orders fellow Parrates to retreat, and the ghosts floats in victory before heading right back to the Float Boat's basement bar. Kamenia wondered where those freaky parrots come from.

However, Kamenia quickly realizes that they have to hurry up and get to the Fossil Fortress so that they can head the refugees back to the Big Book Babylon, because she heard about clandestine diggers that nearly endangered the fortress a month ago. Mario nodded in agreement and the two head to the route heading to the Fossil Fortress.

Upon reaching the Fossil Fortress, Mario and Kamenia have to search for the refugees, with the help of the guide of the Fossil Fortress, Fosilee T, who's wearing a fairly typical courier suit but with a headband that mimic a hat.

Thankfully, instead of a typical escort mission, the player have to be escorted by him, although the path is rather short and when an enemy gets Fosilee T., he defends himself with a headbutt to stun them, and have 20 HP in battles, where he stay behind the group.

Upon the escort mission done, he added that if they need extra guidance, he simply tells them which path they should pick next.

Mario and Kamenia attempted to convince the rest of the Bookian Army to return to Big Book Babylon to stop the upcoming threat. That said, most of them were stubborn as one of the members, Kelpetus, hastily told them that the new threat, the W.I.L.D., proved to be too diverse and overwhelming to pin point a weakness in the army.

However, one squad general called Panton, calmly tells the duo that they were too stressful at the moment and that they need to figure out how to deal with the new threats. He also warned them about the Dino Diggers that wonders outside of the fortress.

Indeed, a clandestine digger is also lurking around, called Diggeronne, a bulky female anthropomorphic stegosaurus who's wearing a hard hat and a typical red digger suit.

She wanted to extract the fossils for money price, but never cares about the consequence on her actions. She straight up ordered one of her employees to stay put when the employee suggested that the extraction is too unsafe.

The people are shocked to see her so quickly and the Bookian Army soldiers will not bother to leave out of fear of being attacked by her and her workers. This is because the workers outnumber them, and also because the soldiers are not prepared to deal with extraction machines that be used as weapons.

Kamenia noted that their defeat from the W.I.L.D. scorched their confidence worse than she thought. The heroes have to exit the zone before the machinery of the Dino Diggers completely crumple the place, and if this happens, the player have to simply start over from the evasion starting point.

Upon exiting the Fossil Fortress and jumping into the machine's button, Diggeronne rudely tells her employees who stopped the machine before quickly noticed that they were all in the ground and that someone else did it.

Kamenia give a remark to Diggeronne to watch before she talk, but the tough stegosaurus only replies with a threat, ensuing a Major Boss Battle. Despite Diggeronne's toughness and her tricky machinery, Diggeronne and her workers are eventually defeated, but the dinosaur boss will make it clear that once she come back, the fossils will be hers.

Upon seeing the courage of Mario and Kamenia to take out the rogue Diggerone, the Bookian Army beacme impressed and Panton asks them if they are familiar with the W.I.L.D., and Kamenia answered that Mario informed her about the W.I.L.D.'s leader and that they have to chase after Wario.

Upon hearing the name of the now-dreaded greedy plumber, Panton become surprised and so are the rest of the Bookian Army, becoming more hopeful that Mario and Kamenia will be able to take down the upcoming threat. They eventually agreed to return to the Big Book Babylon.

Upon returning to Big Book Babylon, Ledel thanked Mario and Kamenia for escorting the rest of the army in the city, allowing the Bookian Army to reprise their training routines.

Although he felt that a small army isn't enough to take on the W.I.L.D.'s headquarter, he informed the duo about Merleo who resides in the Travel Tower and indicated the location on Kamenia's map. Kamenia added that they should be prepared for what comes next by stocking with some useful items, as she know wells that the next World would not be as easy to get thorough.

As the two reached the Travel Tower, they were surprised with how well secured the tower is, with a large barrier that Mario's hammer have no effect, and Kamenia's magic also have no effect.

Although Kamenia wonders how can they enter the tower now, a voice had been heard over their head, telling that no random trespassers are allowed. Kamenia replied that they were sent by Ledel for help and explained why, and the voice stated that he understand and pull a hole on the barrier, allowing entrance for Mario and Kamenia.

As the duo were about to enter the tower, the voice added that they have the go thorough the first five floors filled with obstacles to pass thorough, although Kamenia and Mario remains confident. As they pass thorough the doors, a bush follows them.

Upon finishing the fifth floor, the sixth floor is where Merleo resides. He was quickly too stargazed to even listen to Mario and Kamenia, and it takes Mario whacking the hammer on the floor that gather Merleo's attention.

Merleo at first seems very annoyed to be interrupted, but then noticed that "a fated" hero comes and welcomed Mario while also happy to see Kamenia again. Kamenia was a bit happy to see Merleo again, but then goes into a frown as she deliver a bad news.

After a brief explanation from Kamenia and the bad news she delivered, Merleo added that the wicked W.I.L.D. had already "stolen" multiple Worlds, in that all of the captured worlds' greatest treasures will be taken to their leader.

Merleo then remarked that they also installed barriers in each of a World's entrance except theirs, which requires "some cards" to lift them away. Mario showed some Partner Cards as if saying if Merleo talk about them, and Merleo replied that this seems to be the case does to similar patterns.

Merleo give them a blue tablet-shaped stone he calls a Astral Information Stone, or an "A.I. Stone", that give them the option to check the map, travel to available Worlds and their respective locations, and detect nearby Partner Cards. He also added that the A.I. Stone will also be updated by him via Update Transmission for more options as he work more on the A.I. Stone project.

After some of the quick explanation, he suggests the duo to go for the Engine World first since the barrier that blocks the entrance is weaker than the next Worlds.

Since the player is likely to already collected all of the Partner Cards (which aren't so many compared to what comes next), Merleo will simply say he is impressed that the duo collected the first Cards quickly. But if this is not the case, he instead said that they can simply check the A.I. Stone to check the uncollected Partner Cards.

If the player decided to talk with Merleo again, he also briefly mention the "Summon Cards", but only explain about their power and that Mario doesn't need to collect them all. In fact, he added that they are moreso a collection of emergency cards that should be used in case of emergency, and that he will add more information about them if Mario had collected at least one.

Mario and Kamenia heads to the Engine World with a large portal. Waluigi, managing to somehow climbed the tower but with bruises and a black eyed pea, rushes into the portal as well, much of Merleo's surprise and confusion.

Engine World: Mechanical Evolution

As Mario and Kamenia arrived to their next destination, they deactivate the barrier with the Partner Cards, and soon afterward they pass thorough the doors leading to the Engine World, starting with the Sustained Trees. Waluigi quietly follow them soon afterward, but is soon attacked by a winged Galoomba cop, who shouted him to be under arrest.

After clearing the barriers, Gale added that "a rounded stunt" and a "tomboyish Yoshi" were reported to be missing and informs Mario and Kamenia that the W.I.L.D. aren't here after the latter asked a question about their involvement, but did added that one of their so-called "Super Henchmen" is under loose.

After a call from his head chief via a telephone, Gale informs the two that the police had been reported about an incident in the Windelpolis and wishes good luck for the heroes.

As they run thorough, a Winged Galoomba with a police hat and blue shoes named Gale attempting to arrest Mario at first, but then after a second look, Gale apologies, mistaking him for "the other person" called Wario, and formally present himself as a Police Officer of the Windelpoils.

He will help them out and fend off enemies, but only until they unlocked all of the Section Barriers. He also got informed by a certain "Walouie" that Wario is also very greedy and stinks... as in smelling like spoiled garlic. Mario know those details but Kamenia doesn't like the sound of the latter as she let out a disgusted grunt.

Kamenia suggests Mario to head for the exit and look for the two lost people while they are searching for the Super Henchman in question, whoever that is, so that they hopefully gather more information about the W.I.L.D. empire. As they travel thorough Section H, a rounded shadow with two feet, but with a biker's helmet, seems to follow the two.

The same shadow was also previously seen during Section B and Section E as well. The shadowed figure also follow Mario and Kamenia as they pass thorough the exit.

As the heroes reached the Gunky Wasteland, a wasteland that is resulted from misused Power-Ups, they quickly noticed that they got followed by a mysterious round being. Kamenia suggests Mario to stay cautious in case of potential ambushes. As they travel thorough the lower route, more round shadowed figures rolls around them.

At the first top route, Kamenia quickly took notice that a few Partner Cards were landed on the lower routes, and encouraged Mario to collect them. However, as they approach the last Partner Cards, a multitude of W.I.L.D. troopers dropped in with parachutes, and once they landed (most which clumsily landed much to the squadron leader, a Kutlass), they give chase to Mario and Kamenia, who had to run from them (and the Tartons) at all cost.

Once the duo reached back to the top, this time the second route, they quickly noticed that there is a large gaping hole on the bridge and causing Kamenia to say that they are surrounded.

Luckily for them, the mysterious group finally show up, and those are rolling Banderinos who managed to take out most of the troopers, allowing for a more even ground.

Once the Kutlass and his remain of a squadron are defeated, the Banderinos reveals themselves as the Rollers. Mario can choose between "Thank you for-a helping us!" or "Aren't-a you people thieves?", and if the second option is chosen, the leader of the band, Robino, reassures that they only stole from the W.I.L.D. to gather information about them.

After some of the Rollers' members collecting the remaining Partner Cards of Gunky Wasteland for Mario, Robino suggests that they head to the "super, secret hidden headquarter", in which is a simple treehouse at first, but then is a technological and deluxe place, in which Kamenia commented that she didn't really expected that out of this location.

One of the Bandinero allies admitted that they collected lost sources and improvised. That being said, the hideout also shown plenty of damage.

After Mario explained, although we heard him making Italian-like gibberish, about what Wario did to his many friends, his brother and even some enemies that did joined him on one occasion or two, Robino shake his head in shock that only a true jerk like Wario would do something like that.

Robino eventually want to get back at the W.I.L.D. for real for their damage they caused in their hideout, and joined Mario, while the rest of the Bandineros are ready to help out for the rest of the Engine World as well.

The heroes barely reached the Fruitlush Factory, but in an unexpected moves, portraits of Wario started to fall from the sky, and each of them had planted in multiple directions, and some had even landed on a few buildings.

Kamenia shook her head in disappointment, saying that the yellow plumber managed to conquer this World. Although Mario and Robino are initially discouraged, Robino added that conquered or not, he will still kick butt of the W.I.L.D., which Kamenia adds that its one of the two priority plans; defeating the W.I.L.D. and liberate the conquered Worlds.

Robino asked what was the other plan, and Mario simply responded (in gibberish) that its about rescuing many of the plumber's friends captured by Wario. Robino remarked that Mario have made a lot of friends, and added that Mario must be feeling legendary.

Nonetheless, the trio focus on entering the Fruitlush Factory. After helping out multiple Cuberts and taking care of the first squadron of the Berry Barons, a barely visible Yoshi is seen fighting with a small squadron of Berry Barons.

As the trio rescues some Koopas, Spikes and Clubbas working for the second section of the factory, a large squadron of Berry Barons had managed to surround Mario, Kamenia and Robino. Although Robino is about to attack, Kamenia held him back as there are too many of them to fight.

In a miraculous timing, an orange Yoshi showed up and used her powerful ground pound to shove off multiple Berry Barons, allowing more areas for the trio. Mario recognizes the Yoshi as Lashie, and Lashie herself was happy to see Mario again, explaining that she was exploring the Engine World, but that it was suddenly littered by portraits of a certain yellow guy.

Kamenia explains that the guy in question is Wario, which Lashie barely remembered him. "This fat impostor of Mario?", she replied, "clearly this guy really wants to be in a history!" Lashie then joined Mario's party and helped him to go across paths blocked by strong propellers that even Robino doesn't serves much for help.

After taking care of the Berry Thieves and retrieving the grapple arm, the group managed to unblock the cogs of the third section and opens the exit, with the executive being grateful and tells them that there is one odd-looking building colored yellow and purple that is found in Starcircle City.

Before the group can leave the building by the other exit, the leader of the Berry Barons, Bailberry, blocked them and threaten them to surrender. Kamenia calmly refused and warns him that they had just defeated most of his minions. Bailberry scoffed it off as a mere threat and attacked, but despite his dirty tricks, he got defeated.

Bailberry warned the group that the W.I.L.D. will prevail, and that it will soon be Mario's great downfall. However, his tablet rumbles and Bailberry becomes nervous. As Bailberry nervously explains to his "boss", he received a warning from his call that he better not screw up again and that conquering the factory should be left for him.

Robino quickly discovered that Bailberry is really working for the W.I.L.D., and Bailberry meekly admitted, and doesn't want to think of a possible punishment. Bailberry quickly resume his tough guy attitude and warns them that shall they meet again, Mario and his group will face a very sour defeat.

Kamenia quickly realizes that the W.I.L.D. will soon conquer the planet, and ask Mario to focus on finding the rest of the Partner Cards located on this planet as soon as possible. Robino quickly realized that Kamenia just happened to know the W.I.L.D. well, but Kamenia tells him that she will explains later.

As the heroes leave the factory, Lashie quickly take a look on the sky city and decided to climb ahead through the beanstalk-shaped elevator, but Mario, Robino and Kamenia thought it would not be appropriate time to go, yet Lashie ends up going anyway, causing the trio to give chase, fearing that the W.I.L.D. could strike her down at any moment.

A prompt option asks if the player want to play the upcoming interlude as Bowser. If not, the interlude will be skipped but will be available in a Interlude section of the Replay Library in the Air City.

A Koopa Airship have been cruising in the sky of the Engine World, thanks to a portal performed by Kamek. In the cockpit, the Magikoopa leader himself informs Bowser about Wario's possible whereabout.

Bowser, still boastful and confident, do realize that Wario isn't joking about his conquest and commends several of his minions, including Kammy, to scout around the planet to find "one of Wario's super duper devilish headquarters". Kamek suspects that it might be a trap, but Bowser scoffs it off as he doubt Wario could plan such an elaborate trap.

But just as Bowser was about to finish the scouting plan, a floating robot that is shaped with a Wario face shows up, with Bowser attempting to shut it down with his fire breath. The robot dodged, and just happened to open a screen with Wario himself, sleeping on his throne-shaped seat.

Bowser himself quips that he mistook meeting time with naptime, and tells the robot that it's too early for that. However, Wario suddenly woke up from Bowser's loud, gravely voice, and noticed that Bowser and his minions is already on the mechanical planet.

Bowser then orders Wario to explains why he's after the planet, before Wario sarcastically asks the same question back. Kamek simply responds that, as he put it as basic as possible, they are after him and his shoddy army. Wario took the "shoddy" part as an insult and warns them to not think about giving chase, lest they will get in a world of pain.

Bowser rudely interjects that the one who will be in the world of pain will be Wario if the "fat loser plumber" doesn't give up. Wario laughed at that and respond with a threat that if they really dare, they will be very sorry, and even warns that the planet will be his property. Wario then turn off the screen, with the drone flying away.

The Koopa King then complained that he just can't let a fatso conquering the Mushroom Kingdom, less so planets beyond the kingdom; and added that it is his to conquer. Kamek reassured him that they will eventually find Wario, kick his large behind, and call hit home.

Unfortunately, the robot quickly come back and the screen turn back on again. Wario said that he forgot one little, bitsy, tiny detail; one of his Super Henchmen, General Crump, had already sent several Wario Battleships to destroy Bowser's own airship. The screen rapidly turns off and the robot leaves for good, before Bowser attempt to launch a fire ball at it but fails.

Kamek shook his head, unimpressed, but then realized that they have brought reinforcement. Bowser didn't cared, as he believed that it won't be a challenge thinking Wario would hire not second-rate, but third-rate minions... but then added that the name Crump suddenly feels suspicious and felt like he met "this blowhard" before.

As Bowser speaks with some of his minions on the "reports", showing various results of middling success rate, the airship is soon to be surrounded by the Wario Battleships. The battleships turned out to be bigger and more armed than the airship, much to Bowser's surprise-induced shock and Kamek's dismay.

The player controls Bowser to use his fire breath to activate the big cannons that fires large cannonballs that damages a Wario Battleship, with three being enough to take one down. The player have to dodge missiles with Wario's face and mustache plate on them while doing so.

After taking down three of the battleships, the customized red one, piloted by none other than General Crump, and the commander with a horned helmet threatens the Koopa King to surrender, lest they will be blown up into smithereens. Bowser obviously refused, and threaten the same thing on the commander and his "ketchup-coated sandwich".

Once the red battleship is damaged three times, General Crump decided to do a dangerous but nonetheless effective last resort... driving the ship right at Bowser's airship, taking the Koopa King and Kamek by surprise! Before both ships goes down, Bowser took a look on General Crump... and realized that it is the same blowhard he faced before, and furiously attempted to jump at the window, but the window was solid enough for even the Koopa King and the attempt failed miserably.

Before slipping back to his airship, Bowser ordered Kamek to warn his son, Bowser Jr, about being down and tell him to gather reinforcement as soon as possible. Kamek flies off the ship without hesitation, realizing that maybe Wario wasn't kidding around this time.

Both Bowser's airship and Crump's battleship soon get a crash landing, with Crump and several of his minions flying away with escape pads. Before both ships crashes, Bowser yells at Crump and Wario that they may win this round, but that he will not give up, no matter what.

This is when the Interlude ends and the main story resumes.

Coming soon...


Main Characters
The hero, the antagonist, and the secondary antagonists.
Mario - Mushroom World's Beloved Hero
PaperMarioColorSplash "Lets-a go!"
Our heroic plumber is back into another adventure... but this time someone managed to be an even bigger threat than even Mario ever expected... you will see the one below and see who are we talking about. But with his trusty hammer, his frantic jumping skill and ten new allies - and over a hundred past partners - Mario will ensure that the Worlds are saved from the villain's worsened greed and envy!
Mario is the leader of the team, having access to his Jump, Hammer and of course, his trusty friends, to solve about almost anything. However, he needs to stay alive, as if he runs out of HP, the Partners panic and results a game over.
Wario - From Villain, to Greedy Anti-Hero, to Villain Again
Wario (PMSW, V2) "I had enough of losing money because of my failed plans! I had enough of being mocked and humiliated! Can't you see how much I suffered too much, pesky plumber!?"
No, you are not dreaming. Wario had returned to pure villainy after being humiliated too many times and a near-fatal but accidental double-cross from Waluigi. Now the ruler of the W.I.L.D. (Wario's Infernal League of Dread), you think that he would be just another classy villain and just another of his silly plan. But nope, this time he got new power in the form of Adrenaline Boost, which allows him to perform the extremely devastating but dangerous Rage Smash... And we will not kid that even Mario cannot keep it up with such deadly abilities!
As you can guess, Wario is the main antagonist of the game, and the one who trapped so many of Mario's past partners into the Partner Cards. And while he just do his stuff, even lazy ones, in his personal ship, he will become much more active once he realizes that Mario is getting on his way once again. And he and his henchmen will make sure that it will not happen! He is also fought as a main boss, twice before the final battle.
Tatanga - Vengeful Mysterious Spaceman
Tatanga (PMSW) "Listen up, dumbbell. Tatanga do what he pleases, and I only joined Wario because we agreed to have revenge on you! But I will not lie, I did not expected him to return to villain career so easily."
The one purple alien who kidnapped Daisy, Tatanga is back (again) and "just like the old times", he join force with Wario, if only to exterminate Mario once and for all. Truth be told, Tatanga have another, albeit more reasonable reason, to join force with Wario; he quickly become aware how much a threat Wario become and only join for his safety. Nevertheless, the maniacal alien will make sure that Mario will not reach neither his or Wario's goal.
Tatanga is one of Wario's Super Henchmen, and a more active one at that. He will use any sort of alien machinery to slow down or even directly attack Mario and allies, and is fought as a reoccurring mini-boss.
General Crump - Returning to Troublemaking... Reluctantly
General Crump "Remember me, Mario? I will not let my defeats drown me with my own tears, and this time, I will make you cry for your own humiliation, with or without tissues!"
Remember the funny yet persistent Lord Crump from The Thousand-Year Door? Well, he's back as General Crump, and unfortunate circumstances with Wario forced him to work with the greedy emperor. During the first confrontation, Crump is back to being mean, but after that, he's unsure if going back into the rogue way is the best idea. Though knowing Wario, General Crump can't just quit yet and, even if he works against Mario, he at least have a decency to not wanting to end his and his allies' game.
Like Tatanga, General Crump is one of Wario's Super Henchmen. He's also quite a pest, employing either brute force to slow down Mario or use the X-Nauts in attempts to directly dispatch them. Tissues or not, Crump will also be a reoccurring mini-boss, albeit fight more fairly compared to Tatanga. He also searches for the missing "Grodus", the leader of the X-Nauts. Mario and allies are upset at Crump at first, but understands the severe pressure Crump got into.

Side Characters

Side Characters
Characters that have much less important role but still leave an impact to the story or gameplay.
Luigi - Second Banana Brother in Distress
162px-PMCS Luigi 02 "Mario, whatever you could-a do, HEEEEELP!"
Startled by Wario's reborn villainy, Luigi had helped Mario in a vain attempt to take down the greedy rival. Unfortunately, they underestimated Wario as the fat but strong man shows up his new abilities which resulted a one-sided match in his favor, and captured the poor second player into a card. That act alone caused Mario to be very distraught.
Although Luigi is only seen in the prologue does to being captured by Wario, he is eventually fled in the fourth world, and in the meanwhile, Mario can find some pages that are actually part of Luigi's journal, revealing that prior to the main event, Luigi had already traveled to the outside worlds while Mario was busy in a "sunshine" event. The pages themselves provide very useful hints and clues that will help Mario to solve problems, but they are not required to be collected.
Peach - The Usual Damsel in Distress
145px-PMCS Peach "Wario had really lost himself... his acts may not be tolerated, but all of his years of humiliation and failures did irked him a lot... and there are rumors that his usual partner-in-crime's double-cross only worsened it even further."
Peach had been very troubled by Wario's worsened greed and envy, and decided to react by warning citizens of the Mushroom World and, with the help of the Creation Island's Merleo, travel alongside Toadsworth and Toadette into the Ancient World in order to find Mario, not knowing that the plumber had already traveled to another world...
Unlike previous Paper Mario games, Peach is not kidnapped in any method, despite Bowser's spiteful attempt, but only captured by a freak accident which can be easily solved. Once Mario had beaten the Engine World's Major Boss, Peach, Toadette and Toadsworth will appear in the Column Town's hotel.
Bowser - The Mushroom World's Toughest Koopa
216px-PMCS LORDBowser "Ha! That loony Wario had no idea who he will deal with! Sure, his "Abracadabra Boost" or whatever he calls and his "Rage Smash" sounds and are very intimidating, but its not like he will still stand a chance against me, right minions? Right!?"
Although not expecting Wario to return to villainy, he never really taken him all that seriously and believed that he can still beat him to a pulp. He will learn the hard way that Wario's Rage Smash should never be taken lightly, as it is a technique that not even Bowser is able to use so easily.
Bowser is only a minor antagonist like in Drawing of Disaster, but he's not a pushover and compared to The Thousand-Year Door, his failures only comes from the incompetency of his troopers or him failing to control his temper or blaming someone else.

He will fight Mario in the Secured World and then the Prism World, but after that, he will make a very bad mistake to take on the Rage Smashing Wario even with backup from Kamek and Kammy (though that must be because of Bowser mocking Wario, angering the latter even further to the point of becoming even stronger), resulting him to be captured and need to be rescued... not that Bowser will be very grateful at first.

Waluigi - Selfish Overshadowed Freak
"One more step, Reddy, and I will blow this place up within you! ... Hey, hold on. I am with the TNT Barrels too... WAAH!"
After a near-fatal but accidental double-cross toward Wario, Waluigi soon realizes that he is not truly worthy as Wario's partner-in-crime and decided to go alone and do what he really wanted since "the time he gets some music notes"; causing chaos to anything and anyone that crossed him. However, what he didn't know is that Wario may want to get Waluigi back, but Waluigi is too blind in his carelessness to know.
Waluigi often try to slow down Mario (and his enemies) by shouting loud, mess up with contraptions, and other chaotic actions. This rarely happens and much less succeeding in doing so, but the rare time he succeeded, it is often hinder the opposing side, causing Wario to be less and less confident about bringing Waluigi back. Overall, Waluigi is a very infrequent but unpredictable fellow.
Super Henchmen - Various Threats in Various Flavors
Super Henchmen (2) Wario: "Hear this, losers! I will tell each and every of my loose screws that is my Super Henchmen to stop you! And even if you can stomp them, they will not stop getting in your way until you are in the trash and I get the most cash of all worlds! Hah!"
Six powerful and tricky henchmen hired by Wario (for free, no less!) to ensure that the worlds Wario stole (by stealing the World Keys) will not be taken back so easily. Although their motivation are different, they have one thing in mind; they do not want to suffer humiliations anymore... and the other thing is that even they fear Wario's anger that can now power him up to ludicrous level.
After Diggeronne is defeated, the Super Henchmen, one by one, started to show up, and even those who were supposed to be later bosses can show up earlier as well to cause trouble to Mario and friends, and to ensure that they are out of Wario's way. Even if they get defeated one by one!
Hexina - The Troublesome Witch- No, Vampire Witch
Paper Hexina "Hya ha ha ha ha!! Look at you! I had turned you into a boat- Wait a minute. You seems to be able to float. Well, no need to thank me... You are a really enthusiastic plumber, are you? You know what, I like that dedication. Let me tell you how to use this form, shall we?"
You know troubles may come when she's around. We put an emphasis on the word "may" here, as you can see, she always experiment to many, many hexes she can think off. Although she mostly succeeds, she have a bad luck seeing Mario being able to properly using the first hex she casts on him. Ever since, she respects Mario's dedication and she will explains how Mario can use the curses she inflict into him. For some reason, she also appears in the instruction when Mario acquires an upgrade to his Jump or Hammer. Kamenia doesn't really like that witch, and for a very good reason.
After seeing her first hex didn't worked as she intended on Mario, she become fairly nicer to him and instruct him how to use the hexes she gives to him to his advantage. The various hexes allows Mario to travel into different areas where not even his Partners could do any help!


Arts for the following partners are done by Pokerninja2 (tbc); Kamenia, Robino, Officer Gale.

Partner Cards are found on the Paper Mario: Stolen Worlds/List of Partner Cards subpage.

Traditional Partners who can follow you in the overworld, and use their ability to help out Mario in various methods. Like Card Partners, they cannot replace Mario in a battle.
Kamenia (PMSW) "I see that you somehow ended up landing here... but I know you mean no harm, accidents happens. I heard legends about you, Mario, but the real question is, are those stories true?"

Kamenia is a studious but strict Magikoopa who learns a lot about the Mushroom Kingdom, as she becomes interested with such a comparatively mundane yet charming place. Even after just finishing university and college and all, she still doesn't want to stop studying when not having something more important to do. It took Mario explaining the situation and the evidence of the W.I.L.D. Empire floating by that makes Kamenia to join the action.

Kamenia can use her Tattle ability to identify enemies, bosses, friendly NPCs, and even objects like treasure chests. Although mundane, it can be vital to know what could work to get around the roadblock and before taking on a tough enemy. Despite being a Tattler like Goombario and his Familiars, Kamenia is not a Familiar does to having very different attacking abilities.

Learn Perk - Magic Specialist: Kamelia's magic-based attacks can pierce Defense boosts, but not initial Defense.

Ancient World
Species: Magikoopa
Role: Magical Tattler
HP: 15 - FP: 15

Tattle (0 FP): Analyze an enemy, revealing their HP, ATK, DEF, and their attacks. Kamenia also leave a comment, be it obscure or a smart snark.

Magi-Attack (2 FP): Deals 2 damage on an enemy with a magic spell. There is a 20% of inflicting a random negative status on the target, be it Burn or Drench.

Brainwash (5 FP): Successfully using this attack will cause an enemy to turn into others for two turns. Particularly useful to distract a strong enemy. However, this does not work on most bosses.

Make 'Em Grow! (6 FP): Give an ally the Mega status for 2 turns if successful. Using it on a shrunken ally will just cure the Mini status.

Witch's Punishment (25% FP): Deliver rain of magic that will inflict random harmful ailment on all enemies if successful.

Robino "Oy, Mario! Care if I come along? That madman of Wario better be sorry after we give him a good 'ol kick on the head!"

A former rebel who's ready for thrill and adventure. Bodacious and fearless, there isn't much that will scare Robino very easily, but he can be quite argumentative, to the point that he have to be convinced or ignored to make him keep it down. Robino joins Mario once he realizes how much of a threat Wario become, and will not hesitate to be the one who give him the kick on the head.

Robino can roll like a rock, and allows Mario to accelerate at one path and even push away enemies. It can also be used to activate treadmill-like generators and to use slopes to reach places that cannot be reached in other methods.

Learn Perk - Roll with It: Robino rolling Learn Moves deals two extra damages.

Engine World
Species: Banderino
Role: Rolling Striker
HP: 20 - FP: 10

Rollout (0 FP): Charges, then strike an enemy for 3 damage. Cannot strike aerial enemies.

Lunging Kick (1 FP): Leap upward and deliver a roundhouse kick to the enemy. As it strike from below, it also works on spiked enemies, but not other enemies that are harmful on contact.

Fork Throw (3 FP): Throw a fork to an enemy to deal 2 damage, and it can be used to pin down an aerial foe.

Pressure Roll (5 FP): Repeatedly press the A button to charge the attack. Depended on the charge %, Robino will hit the enemy from three to seven times, and go from 3-2-1-1-1 and so on. That being said, getting seven hits is not easy task as it requires 90% to do so!

Banderush (20% FP): Calls fellow rolling Banderino to attack on one enemy, causing 2 damage each. There are ten buttons to press, and succeeding all presses will cause 20 damage!

Lashie (F)
Lashie "Mario, old pal! We haven't met since back in Creation Island! This place here is a bit... weirder than places I got into before, but at least its very colorful!"

This plucky Yoshi is not your everyday Yoshi; she is an adventurer who's always curious on odd and unusual worlds. Despite being overtly cautious and sometimes paranoid, Lashie is a good friend who's willing to help... but not those who were very ungrateful to her before. She joins Mario since she worries that Wario's conquest will greatly hinder her path of adventure.

Lashie allows Mario to ride on her and boy, she runs fast! She also performs a Flutter Jump at mid-air after jumping, allowing Mario to reach grounds that he could not reach even with Robino. Surprisingly for a new Partner, she is actually a Familiar to The Great Gonzales Jr. does to having similar abilities to the latter.

Learn Perk - Fruity Specialist: Lashie's fruit based healing have 25% stronger effects.

Engine World
Species: Yoshi
Role: Adventurous Mount
HP: 15 - FP: 15

Ground Pound (0 FP): Ground Pound on an enemy. Unlike The Great Gonzales Jr.'s Ground Pound, Lashie strikes only once, but also deals 3 damage and pin down the enemy.

Gulp (5 FP): Gulp an enemy (not those who are far bigger than her!) and spit into another for 4 damage each.

Firework Egg (4 FP): Throw Yoshi Eggs at all enemies for 4 damage each, and the firework explosion have a 20% chance to lower the enemy's Defense by 1 (but no more than 2 on one enemy).

Watermelon Assault (7 FP): Eat a watermelon to heal 10 HP for herself and spit out watermelon seeds to one enemy, dealing up to 10 damage!

Drill Pound (33% FP): Lashie eat a Shiny Strawberry, turning metallic, spins like crazy, and perform a powerful ground pound, even on a burning or spiked enemy. Deals up to 15 damage.

Officer Gale
Officer Gale (PMSW) "Ah, sorry for the misunderstanding, Mr. Mario. We were after another plumber-like person called... something that rimes with your name."

Officer Gale is a Winged Galoomba whose very serious at his job, but have short-term memory problem, unable to completely remember about what he heard or read about unless if repeated enough time. Nevertheless, he's quick to realize his mistake when he took the wrong suspect. With permission from Head Chief Sparkington, he joins Mario in order to hopefully arrest the criminal who's similar to Mario but much, much meaner.

Officer Gale can use his wings to perform a tornado, blowing away light objects like stack of leaves, paper-thin walls and small enemies. It can also be used to activate windmill-like generators.

Learn Perk - Aerial Galoomba: Officer Gale's standard Attacks have aerial property, dealing 33% more damage to fiery and nature enemies.

Engine World
Species: Winged Galoomba
Role: Police Officer
HP: 30 - FP: 15

Head Dive (0 FP): Dive into an enemy head-first for 1 and then 1 damage. Cause back-harm instead if hitting on enemies that are harmful to touch.

Tornado (3 FP): Rotate the control stick and throw a tornado toward an enemy, causing 3 damage. Have 20% to make an enemy dizzy.

Stop Whistle (5 FP): Cause a selected enemy to unable to move for two turns. Cannot work on an enemy who just got out of the Stop status.

Tornado Surge (4 FP): Spin a powerful tornado that will inflict 6 damage on tough enemies, and immediately removed weaker foes off the battle. Enemies removed by this move will not let out any Star Points, Coins and Blue Spheres.

In the Cell! (10 FP): If the player had succeeded pressing all five quick buttons, the enemies will be sent into a prison cell! Does not work on bosses.

Detective Dribs
Detective Dribs "Detective Dribs at your service. What can I do to help you, ladies and gentlemen? I had solved many crimes in the Boneyard Station, but this is not all, I also contacted the citizens to warn them about a certain W.I.L.D. organization, as well as..."

Detective Dribs is the famous but talkative detective of the Boneyard Station, capable of seeing what even other Dry Bones cannot see, thus not even invisible outlaws cannot run and hide from him. But Tsar Starette managed to outsmart him by putting so many unrelated evidences on his current case that he is losing track, and it is with Mario's help that Dribs had analyzed the crime; the Amethyst Bones are stolen by none other than Wario himself!

When Dribs is being Mario's field Partner, all invisible objects and NPCs become visible to the player's eye. Dribs can also detect what is fake and what his real with his own sharp undead eyes, even in a battle. Dribs' field ability is simply a bone throw, but it can hit faraway switches.

Learn Perk - Skeletal Comeback: Dribs will immediately come back to conscious right after fainting from a recoil damage or doing a sacrificial move.

Secured World
Species: Dry Bones
Role: Sharp-Eye Detective
HP: 10 - FP: 20

Bone Throw (0 FP): Throw a bone to an enemy, causing 2 damage, and can hit enemies with Dodgy and/or Invisible for twice as much damage and remove that status.

Bonerang (2 FP): Throw a bone like a boomerang and hit all enemies within the same row (i.e. all ground enemies or all flying enemies) for 2, twice in a row.

Detection (4 FP): Using his magnifying glass, Dribs removes all of the positive statuses of an enemy while also giving them -2 DEF for two turns.

Magnified Shot (5 FP): Place his magnifying glass at the center of the battle for three turns. Increase the size of one of the allies' projectile, dealing 1.3x overall damage, rounded up, while also halving damage from enemies' projectile by shrinking these shots. That said, shaking attacks or all-hit attacks can remove the magnifying glass earlier.

Homerun Bone (25% FP): Clobber all grounded (or non-grounded) enemies with a large bone club, dealing 14 damage each.

Pinkon "Oh, my! You all must be stressed out after all the traveling and, from what you said, fighting! You have to stay zen , and take a peaceful yoga lesson."

Pinkon is one Pionpi who's all about staying zen and love peace above all else, not wanting violence in her garden or during her yoga lessons. That said, she can be too passive, letting things slide too easily if she is not concerned. It is not until the danger of what the W.I.L.D. will inflict upon the multiple worlds that she join the heroes... after a relaxing yoga lesson, of course.

Pionpi can slow down force of any kind, be it enemies' movement, or even movement of objects, allowing Mario and others to safely travel thorough the moving obstacles.

Learn Perk - Peaceful: Pinkon's healing Learn Moves cannot be interrupted or prevented.

Prism World
Species: Pinopi
Role: Zen Monk
HP: 15 - FP: 15

Tao Bomb (0 FP): Unleash a yin-yang projectile that cast both light and darkness into an opponent for 2 damage. It have 50% chance to reset the enemy's statuses removed, be them positive or negative.

Relax Pose (4 FP): Restore 5, 10 or 15 HP (depended on current Rank) to herself and all allies, as well as restoring 2, 4 or 6 FP for such allies.

Peaceful Shield (2 FP): Put a yin-yang shield into one of her allies, capable of absorbing 5-10 damage depended on the amount of % filled.

Sleeper Yoga (8 FP): Put all enemies into sleep for two turns if successful from the array of various buttons. Be warned, as Asleep characters can be awaken if damaged by any attack of any sort!

Purify (33% FP): Heal herself and allies by whopping 50 HP, while also dealing 25 damage to "impure" enemies.

Serville "Aah, glad to sssee my friend Pinkon is with you! I will do my bessst to help you out, mister!"

A dedicating friend of Pinkon, Serville is a Sertincant who loves gardening and ensure that her garden will be without pests and other unwanted visitors. Unfortunately, cannonballs had ruined her garden to the point of frustration, as she can be unprepared for emotional pressure and need Pinkon's help to control it before Serville want to join Mario and co.

Serville is a digger, enabling Mario to find objects that is buried under soft ground, and can also be used to evade most enemies, except those who were also digging.

Learn Perk - Quick Digger: Servile's digging moves and other earth-based moves will deal 25% more damage, but is executed 15% faster, allowing less mistakes.

Prism World
Species: Sertincant
Role: Digging Gardener
HP: 20 - FP: 10

Dig (0 FP): Dig underground to strike an enemy, dealing 3 damage. Serville's tin can like tail allows her to attack spiny enemies without worry.

Striking Bite (3 FP): Bite an enemy for 4 damage, and if that enemy is a Pile Enemy, damage them so that there is only one enemy left.

Garden Growth (3 FP): Plant bushes to give herself and allies full immunity against all Status Attacks (except Wariofy) for three turns. Fire attacks from enemies will burn them, ending the effect earlier.

Timber! (9 FP): Grows a very large tree that will fall into all enemies, dealing 12 whopping damage! Beware, as Serville will be tired after a successful attack and have to wait for another turn afterward.

Fissure of the Fallen (20% FP): Serville plaid the Fallen to help out, with the mighty creature inflicting a fissure that caused grounded enemies to fall and get 15 damage, in addition to a guaranteed Flattened status.

Skelt "Ah-ah! It is you. Thank you for saving me from those rogues... but-but I-I saw a big-big bug! P-please be careful!"

Skelt is a quite neurotic Skeleton Bee who's death being does to an attack by "light zealots", as despite her ability of darkness, Skelt have a heart of gold and is willing to help out Mario after rescuing her and taking care of the Megapilla.

Skelt can create a shadow shield, caused by her buzz, to reflect all projectiles, except light elemental ones. This allows Mario to take out sentries and other projectile-spamming enemies that cannot be reached.

Learn Perk - Honey Moonlight: Dark and moon based Learn moves heals Skelt by 20% damage done to enemies.

Mass World
Species: Skeleton Bee
Role: Darkness Maiden
HP: 15 - FP: 20

Sting (0 FP): Sting an enemy for 1 damage. While weak, it also always lower their ATK by 1 for three turn, and can be stacked.

Shadow Reflect (5 FP): Create a shield for all allies that will reflect all sort of projectiles, except light-based ones, for three turns. Light-based attacks will cancel the shadow shield earlier to those getting hit by those.

Savior Lift (3 FP): Lift one of the allies to save herself and the ally from all kind of attacks, but after that, she have to rest for the next turn. Gigan T cannot be selected does to her sheer size.

Stinger Rain (6 FP): Summon of rain of dark stingers that hit all enemies for 5 damage, and pin down aerial enemies for 4 extra damage as well.

Beehive Strike (33% FP): Calls her Skeleton Bee friends for help to attack all enemies, dealing 15 damage and drench them into honey, halving their Movement.

Gigan T
Gigan T (PMSW) "Mario, little fella! I decided to take a look in here since I heard about ancestors who moved to Giant Candy Land, the place where I lived. But now you are here, I have to tell you... We got a giant problem to deal with over here..."

Gigan T, the giant, fearless but cocky female Toad, had helped Mario in the past when the latter come to Giant Candy Land in his travel dealing with Slanito. Now that she heard news about the Giga Garden, she become happy to finally have something to take vacation into. That said, she learns the hard way of not knowing the threat who's taking over the garden, and she is willing to help out Mario as well as following him to figure out what caused the problem.

Gigan T may not look much, but her size allows her to break objects that no one else on the Main Party are able to break, and she also have the highest HP of the gang (and retain that perk as she can be the only one who can have if reached the standard maximum 120 HP, while the rest can only have up to 99 HP), but her huge size prevent a few supporting moves to work on her, and her attacks, except Punch, comes with various drawbacks!

Learn Perk - Gigantic Strength: Gigan. T will deal 15% more damage to strength-based moves, and works on larger enemies.

Mass World
Species: Giant Toad
Role: Extra-Large Fighter
HP: 40 - FP: 10

Punch (0 FP): A basic punch that deals 4 damage on enemies that lacked anti-contact perk. Can hit a flying enemy.

Head Slam (5 FP): Slam down on an enemy headfirst, dealing 7 damage and a 30% chance to lower their DEF by 2 for two turns, but failing twice will cause her to be Dizzy for the next turn.

Smash Quake (7 FP): Stomp the ground to inflict a large shockwave to deal 6 damage to all enemies, but failing will cause her to fall down and damage her allies by 1 (plus the amount of ATK boosted on her).

Fungus Combo (11 FP): Sprout out two mushroom-like gloves that, upon a succession of five correct button presses, deals 2-2-3-3-5 at maximum. Each button missed will make one less hit, the sequence is a bit quick, and missing all five will deliver only 4 damage.

Smash Twirl (33% FP): Grab a column or other long, heavy object and spin like crazy and, if successful, deals 30 damage to all enemies. Failing will leave her Dizzy.

Pennsil "Look, passerby, you think I am having a good darn day!? I have been for five big fat days, fishing for the Fishy Leaves! And what do I get despite my efforts? A stinky, stupid garlic!"

Pennsil is a cranky yet unwise Pencilier who just try his best to mind his business, but his crankiness caused more than harm than he believed so. That said, even he felt that he should behave better than that after a "freak accident" and wished to be a better person, but he's not able to make progress yet. He only join Mario and co. because he want to be more than a grumpy person.

Pennsil can use his fisher hook to draw fleeing enemies, NPCs and faraway items to Mario, and he can use it as an improvised rope to swing to the other side of the gap too.

Learn Perk - Long-Ranged: Pennsil uses his fishing rod to perform standard moves, enable him to hit enemies that are harmful to touch and to prevent Payback and counterattacks.

Mass World
Species: Pencilier
Role: Grumpy Fisherman
HP: 20 - FP: 25

Whack (0 FP): Use his fisher rod to whack one enemy, and one behind (or if the one at most behind, whack one ahead) for 2 damage each. Failing will only deal 1 damage.

Bait and Switch (4 FP): Hook one of the enemy, and when another enemy is about to attack, Pennsil will pull the hooked enemy right in front of the attacking enemy and both get hurt for 3 damage each. Unusable when there is only one target on the enemy side, and huge enemies cannot be pulled.

Lucky Pull (3 FP): If successful, spin the enemy and, if they have any sort of item, take it away. The spun enemy will be Dizzy for two turns.

Hi-De-Ho! (9 FP): Fishes a large Fishy Leaf which crush on one enemy, dealing 8 aquatic damage. The Fishy Leaf will sprout a Minty Scale for the party if the attack is successful, and Drenching the enemy is guaranteed (unless if the enemy in question is immune to Drenching).

Insulting Art (50% FP): If successful, all enemies are completely insulted by defamatory sketches, causing their ATK, DEF and MOV to lower by 3 to 5 for four turns! Beware, as it costs half of total FP.


Ten major locations as well as multiple sub-locations, and each World have one "Chapter" Boss. The Prologue take place in the Mushroom Kingdom for the tutorial fight, and then at the Magicil City of the Ancient World. Locations where a major boss is faced is marked in italic.

Mushroom World (Prologue)

The home world of Mario Bros., Princess Peach, the notorious Bowser and his army, and the rest of the well-known crew. This at first World but it is only used for Prologue until the post-end.
Peach's Castle Castle of the Mushroom Kingdom's Princess
This is where the tutorial battle against Bowser take place, almost succeeding kidnapping Peach but Mario managed to intervene this time. The castle's hall can be revisited at the post-end, so any items not collected will not be permanently lost. The guests are Mario (obviously), Luigi, Yoshi, Daisy, DK, Diddy Kong, and several other people from around the Mushroom World.

The castle is decently explorable, and there is around eight rooms to explore, although more will be available at post-end. There is also a tutorial battle with Bowser as well after Mario had a conversation with Peach.

This level is where Mario had shown to how to use the Jump and Hammer, with Toadsworth's assistance.

Wario's Deluxe Rider Saucer-styled Airship of Pure Greed
Wario's almighty ship, for futuristic and customized than average airships. There are obstacles like lasers and trapdoors, but the player can jump over the lasers and push blocks to block the trapdoors.

There are also Wubbles and Wardons that are guarding and patrolling the places. Although Mario have Luigi on his side, and each defeat gives a free Heal Mushroom for them to use as well as some scattered in the three rooms before the cockpit, Mario gain no Star Points and Blue Spheres, so they should focus on stealthier route. The rooms are small and short, so it will not take more than a minute in average to run thorough all of those when not fighting enemies.

The cockpit is where Wario will be fought, but the battle will turn out to be hopeless as Wario shows his newfound power, the Adrenaline Boost which allows him to do the deadly Rage Smash. This battle is impossible to win without hacking, and this time the player also have an option to give up earlier as Retreat is available unlike other boss battles.

This place can be revisited on another location instead of the Mushroom World.

Ancient World

An old civilization that managed to prevail even numerous disasters. This is the first World conquered by the W.I.L.D. as they aim to find the rest of the magical Super Stones that helped Wario made his newfound power, the "Adrenaline Boost".
Column Town Home for all columns and other ancient structures.
A city where Mario had fell into. Thank goodness that he fell into a wooden house, as falling into the columns or stone houses would be much more painful!

The location starts with Kamenia's house, which have two floors. The upper one have books and an observatory scope, as well as a tea table, a bed, and a comfortable chair. The bottom floor have the entrance door, and is essentially a living room. There is also a backyard where two Question Blocks float, giving a Super Mushroom and a Turtley Leaf.

The town also have a few amount of Badges, Items and even a single Blue Sphere in the smaller streets, and the hall have a Merlon who's in a cranky mood, saying that his business is in jeopardy thanks to the W.I.L.D., but promises that the business will return soon.

Rocky Woods World's Hardest Forest
A wood full of rocky trees, where Kamenia talk about how would they able to find allies since just two of them cannot take on the whole W.I.L.D. army, and the friendly NPCs are uneasy with the situation and didn't wanted to help out, and one cynical Rockus explicitly said that they have no chance with the W.I.L.D. at all as not even their strongest guardian stood no chance against the new threat, Wario himself.

The fruits grown from the rocky trees are delicious, but some that are rock solid gray cannot be eaten (though some bite marks are seen in a few fallen Rock Fruits). The forest structure is a bit maze-like, but there are arrows that indicate the three exits, with Kamenia suggesting that they should go to the Big Book Babylon, which is at the northern exit.

Kamenia's tattles will come in handy as she can translate unknown language to read about ancient manuscripts, some of which turns out to be written by some "spirits" that warns the "heroes" about the upcoming empire that not even them could stop them, which is implied to be the W.I.L.D. itself. She can also be used to analyze suspicious patterns and other details, which will help uncover secrets. There are also some hidden Badges and rare items within the woods.

Big Book Babylon House-sized Books Habitation and Sales
This Babylon is made of big books used as both home materials and for reading activities, and these books are immune to water, cold, heat and wind, which means that even a rainy frostbite hurricane will not budge them. There are also a bazaar that sales not just smaller books, but also handy items, and after making progress in the game, rare Badges, available for the right price.

With an Unfold Block (that Kamenia lampshade that Mario somehow recognized it), the player can unlock the big red book, with only sprite-based patterns in it, with the two cards being lunged, landing on Mario's hands.

There are other small locations to explore as well, such as the sewer which have a rapid water river which will transport Mario to a larger river, and multiple Hidden Blocks with multiple rewards such as around 10 Coins each and multiple Turtley Leaves. Some empty houses have useful Badges such as Double Time as well.

Float Boat Floating Habitation of the Ghouls
A floating boat where several friendly inhabitants resides, with the local Phanthorns, Boos, Eeries, Fishin' Lakitus and Bloos ensure that tourists will have a good stay, provided that the tourists in question are able to not run away from their scare pranks.

Before reaching the boat, Broozers claded in copper armor tells the heroes that they shall not pass for the moment since several citizens went missing. Mario and Kamenia have to search in a nearby hunted farm called Boo Boo Farm for a trio of Boos, a bartender Eerie, a photo-holding Fishin' Lakitu, a poet Phanthorn and a Bloo couple, though they have to watch for hostile ghostly beings and common minions of the W.I.L.D.

The Float Boat also have the moat where the player can talk with ghostly habitats, and the orlop where the Snakey Café resides where ghostly guests alongside some Rattley's Coffee to refresh Mario's HP and FP. The hold is guarded by the Broozers and only let Mario and friends pass if they have a V.I.P., given by "a certain, large empress of ghosts".

Fossil Fortress Fortified Fossils of the Ancients
A fortress made of fossils, there was a law to forbid any extraction of those fossils as their formation allows refugees to live inside the fortress.

Although Wario seems to try to own the place, he is denied no matter how, causing the greedy emperor to leave but sworn that he will own the place. Citizens, refugees and the rest of the Bookian Army are found there, with the outdoor and isolated rooms being filled with hostiles troopers of the W.I.L.D., including captured and brainwashed members of Bowser's Koopa Troop.

There are around twelve rooms, as well as the hall and the roof, and each room contain various Items and a few have Badges as well. From this location on, here are also some sets of Partner Cards laying around the corners too, so be sure to keep your eyes open there will be something that will block the routes if Mario didn't collected all of the Partner Cards in current World.

Travel Tower The Worlds from Beyond Awaits...
A strange purple tower where a Merleo resides, and the heroes were given instruction by Ledel on where to go into other Worlds. On the route, they had to either take on various W.I.L.D. troops to get Star Points and Blue Spheres, or avoid them to save time.

The tower have five floors with each having a different obstacle race, and the player had to complete each of them. Shall they fail one of the obstacle race, they will start over from the current floor. Completing a floor without failing will reward an item, from a Mushroom, Super Mushroom, Flower Syrup, Super Syrup and Delicious Muffin, respectively.

Engine World

A planet full of different kind of technologies, the Engine World is a good vacation place for those who are very familiar with technology. Be aware of computer viruses that goes out of the systems called the Virals.
Sustained Trees One of the World's Forestall Reserve.
The latest technologies allows the huge, wide and thick trees to preserve even within the harshest weather conditions, allowing them to produce oxygen. There is a lot of secrets to find, be it from holes, inside houses, and, upon recruiting a winged officer, under the stack of leaves.

There are eight sections that the player can go thorough, but they could only go for Section A, B and C until they found the right key for the right Section, one by one. (The player can collect and carry more than one key of course!) In the middle of the main quest, Officer Gale will appear as a temporary ally and help them to fend off aerial foes.

The Sections A, B and C are tree-heavy and thus a lot of breaches to jump into, and falling leaves are also more frequent to jump into. Falling to the bottom will deal a single damage to Mario.

The Sections D and E are full of boardwalks, although there is also much more enemies that will try to attack Mario even from the other side of a boardwalk. Items and Question Blocks are also more frequent as well. In the Section E, There is a Puzzle Block that will unlock the ladder to go into the Section F.

The Sections F, G and H are the bottom of the location, and much less enemies thus the more safer in general. That being said, the intersection of Section F and G have falling durains that will hurt both the player and the enemies, and their shadow will make a warning of where they could land at any moment.

Gunky Wasteland The Aftermath of a Polluted Route.
Hot tars spew out of the holes that happened after the "pollution" with the overdose of the Fire Flowers, showing how Power-Ups should not be used for. The tars should be avoided, lest Mario will take 1 damage. Tartons also spawn from the tars and if fought, projectiles or weapon like Mario's Hammer are advised as contact attacks will be harmful and make the attacker to have its Speed Turn decreased for the next turn.

There are also upper routes that allows Mario and his partner to safely travel over the tars, and the Tartons cannot reach the upper routes. However, a few grouped Partner Cards and some more valuable items are also found on the lower routes, so the player should collect them as soon as possible. There are often intersections between the upper and lower routes, allowing to get into one route to another.

An army of W.I.L.D. minions had suddenly appears in the false exit, one of them sayning that they are lured into the trap. As they are too many enemies to take on at once, directly confronting them will result a serious beat-up, restarting the progression prior to the chasing sequence. When the player reached a route where the other side is quickly crumpled, he or she get rescued by the Bandirollers, a society of thieving but well-meaning Bandineroes. After helping the player to take out the small army, Robino, one of the members, join Mario as one of the Partners.

Robino's rolling ability allows Mario to reach the gaps that the player cannot normally reaches by using upward slopes. The player can also use Robino to reach secret paths with hidden slopes, where a Summon Card of a Blargg can be collected.

A large Tarton called Torgon is seen eating up some of the surviving routes, and had to be stopped before he will eat the route that will lead to the next location, the Fruitslush Factory. Eventually Torgon is defeated, allowing access of the exit toward the Fruitslush Factory.

Fruitslush Factory Fructose-Free Fruit-Flavored Fun
A factory that was used to produce the delicious icy fruit juices called Fruitlush, but the Berry Barons took over the factory and ran it amok, preventing further production for a while. Employees had to be freed and the Berry Barons had to be taken down to keep the factory going. That being said, slippery drips of Fruitlush and frozen fruits makes it difficult to control without using Robino, who's rolling is immune to the slippery effect.

The first section involve going thorough such slippery Fruitlush and frozen fruits, and the player have to alternate to switch between Kamenia to hit far away Switches, and Robino to get thorough slippery floors much more easily. In the middle of the section, a lone Yoshi-like figure is seen fighting off some members of the Berry Barons as well.

The second section is about the top of the liquid mixer, allowing multiple juices of various flavors to make some more successful one, and some... more interesting combinations. Some employees are tied up in the routes near those mixers, and be aware that Berry Barons will be a bit more numerous. Kamenia can be used to push off Archer Berries. After rescuing the employees, Lashie, the adventurous Yoshi, shows up and after taking down some Berry Barons, join Mario with her field move allowing Mario for mobility greater than when riding Robino, but she cannot use the slopes and doesn't last long on treadmills.

The third and final section is in the machinery, with some blocked by solid, frozen pineapple-like spears. Those spears can only be removed (without getting painfully stuck in the gears) by using a gripple arm, which is stolen by one of the Berry Barons. Although they aren't fast and only three of them, they can and will call for backup if the player toyed with them for too long. Once the gears started to spin again, the bridges seems to close but not before the leader of the Berry Baron bunch, Bailbarry, half-open them with his own super-solid spears, which needs the use of Lashie to reach the other end of the bridge. The other end involve a boss battle with Bailbarry himself.

After defeating him, the door to the exit heading to Windepolis. The player can also explore the factory beforehand, with a few Partner Cards being scattered throughout the main level, and can also buy some samples of various Fruitlushes, each for 15 Coins, and the flavor available increases as the player progresses thorough the story.


The Bestiary contains both old and new enemies, be it from the typical mainline enemies such as Goombas, Koopas and Hammer Bros., to returning Paper Mario enemies like Clefts and Clubbas, to of course new foes like Wubbles and Dizzels.

Several weak enemies have a Big counterpart to be able to catch up with later, tougher foes as well, which helps for variety. Some enemies, instead of a straight Big counterpart, have a slightly different counterpart that is stronger, such as a Sledge Bro. being a stronger counterpart to a Hammer Bro.

The Bestiary is divided into four categories; Lackies, Tough Baddies, Tougher Foes and Toughest Threats, which are for standard enemies, minor bosses, major bosses and the final boss + exceptionally tough bosses, respectively.

More details will be shown in the link below. Paper Mario: Stolen Worlds/Bestiary


There are multiple items that Mario can collect and use throughout the game.


Items that can be found anywhere, from the field, in battles, to shops, and other methods.
Heal Mushroom Heal the consumer's HP by 5.
Dried Mushroom Heal the consumer's HP by just 1.
Slow Mushroom Gives Mario or one of his partners a "Slow Heal" status.
Super Mushroom Heal the consumer's HP by 10.
Ultra Mushroom Heal the consumer's HP by 50.
Volt Mushroom Gives an "Electrified" status to the consumer.
Turtley Leaf Restore the consumer's 3 FP.
Golden Leaf Restore the consumer's 10 FP.
Rainbow Leaf Restore the consumer's 15 FP.
Heart Mushroom Fully restore the user's HP.
Recharge Leaf Fully the consumer's FP.
Life Mushroom Revive Mario or a fallen ally by 5 HP. Can also be eaten for 10 HP.
1-UP Mushroom Revive Mario or a fallen ally by 25 HP. Can also be eaten for 50 HP.
Spectrum Heart Fully revive the user by full HP and FP. Be aware, as these are very rare to find!
Power Punch Gives the user or ally the Mega Status for three turns. The effect cannot stack for longer duration.
Shrink Sprout Gives a Mini status to an enemy for three turns. The effect cannot stack for longer duration.
Fright Jar Release a shadow of Bowser to scare off the enemies. Does not work on bosses.
Attract Jar Release a gleam of Peach that caused the enemies to become "distracted by her beauty" for 3 turns, lowering all flying enemies down to ground level and make their moves have 30% chance to miss. Doesn't work on most bosses with very few exceptions.
Wario Bomb Deals 3 damage to all on-screen enemies and reset their stats back to normal. Wicked effect; deals 3 extra damage to enemies with 50% or lower of maximum HP, but deals 2 damages to allies with boosted stats.
Evasion Bomb Instantly escape from battles without failure. Cannot be used for boss battles.
Shooting Star Deals 6 damage to all enemies. Light elemental; deals 2 extra damage to anything weak to light, but deals 2 less on enemies resistant to light.
Ice Storm Deals 3 damage to all enemies and each enemy will have a 30% to be frozen. Ice elemental; deals 2 more damage on enemies weak to ice, but deals 2 less on enemies resistant to ice.
POW Block Deals 2 Quake damage to all grounded enemies.
Gravity Block Instantly pin down all aerial enemies to deal 2 damage. Doesn't work on grounded enemies.
Thunder Bolt Deals 5 damage on one enemy. Electric elemental; deals 5 more damage on an enemy weak to electricity, but deals 2 less on an enemy resistant to electricity.
Thunder Rage Deals 5 damage to all enemies. Electric elemental; deals 2 extra damage to anything weak to electricity, but deals 1 less on enemies resistant to electricity.
Poison Mushroom Throw it to an opponent (or even yourself or an ally!) to inflict Poison that lasts 3 turns.
Mini Mushroom Inflict a Mini Status to an opponent, ally or oneself for two turns.
Mega Mushroom The user or ally will get a Mega Status for four turns in addition to two extra Attack power. Considerably rare.
Fwoosh Popper Unleash a strong propel that deals 3 damage to enemies. Air elemental, thus dealing 3 extra damage to enemies weak to wind but deals 2 less on enemies resistant to wind.
Gold Bar Doesn't do anything, but can be sold for 100 Coins! Quite difficult to find.
Gold Bar x3 Doesn't do anything, but can be sold for 300 Coins! Harder to find than single Gold Bars.
Gold Bar x5 Doesn't do anything, but can be sold for 500 Coins! Harder to find than Gold Bar x3.
Rainbow Bar All it can do is give x2.5 Star Points and Blue Spheres, but can also be sold for 1000 Coins! Extremely rare; if you ever find one, make your decision right!
Mega Prism Diamond Doesn't do anything but multiply the Coin reward by 2 (without consumption but doesn't stack with another Mega Prism Diamond) and is so expensive that no local shops wants to buy it. That being said, it is such a rare item that its no surprise that Wario wanna put his hands on it!
Empress' Garlic Orb These orbs were found in the Ancient World and were sealed by an ancient tyrant to prevent a hero (or traitor, or invader) to dethrone her. The problem is that only those who consume a lot of garlics can truly get the power, hence the name. If used on Wario, his Attack and Defense are increased by 3 for five turns. It had no effect on anyone else.
Lucky Ticket If you managed to complete five battles, you will obtain a Lucky Ticket. Each Lucky Ticket can only be used outside of the battle, but the player can scratch one to reveal items (which varies depended on how far the player is), 50-200 Coins, or even a Jackpot of 1000 Coins.
Wario Ticket A rare variant of a Lucky Ticket, which only appears if the player had managed to win a battle against a high-ranked member of the W.I.L.D. There is a chance of either some higher-ranked items given, 200 Coins (or 500 in late game, and then 1000 in post-game), or even a Mega Jackpot of 5000! Be warned, as very few Wario Tickets instead have a mocking Wario face. Which are all from the fights against Wario except the final one.

W.I.L.D. Weapons

Reuseable items used by various W.I.L.D. troopers. The player can only hold one type of the same weapon and up to three W.I.L.D. weapons at a time, but they do not fill up the Regular Item space limit. Can be upgraded with Upgrade Gear up to twice, and damage done by each version is separated by a slash (/). Like regular Action Commands, the Weapons comes with Action Command that is more difficult depended on how powerful the weapon is.
Power Glove Punch an enemy for 2/3/5 damage. Doesn't interact with Payback or other contact-based defenses.
Wheel Launcher Launch a wheel to damage all enemies by 2/3/4 damage each. 10% chance to deal Crumple status.
Garlic Bomb Inflict Dizzy on one enemy for two turns. Three turn cooldown.
F-RK2 Control a robotic Fronk to provide a counterattack when an enemy is about to use a contact attack, dealing 1/2/4 damage and stopped their attack. Not all attacks can be stopped.
Snowball Crossbow Launch a snowball that deals 2/3/4 icy damage, and deals 2 more damage on an enemy weak to ice but 1/2/2 less on an enemy resistant to ice. 15% chance of inflicting Freezing, or if the enemy is fire-based, inflicting Wet.
Boombox Bomb Inflict 2/3/4 damage on all enemies. Two turn recharge. Also give a ATK boost by one for the user and their allies for two turns.
Stink Bomb Causing a Stun on one enemy for 1/2/3 turns. Three turns recharge. It doesn't work on bosses. What gas it released, you say? Ask Wario... Now come to think of it, don't ask.
Flush Bomb Inflict 2/3/4 water damage on all enemies. Water elemental, thus deals 2 extra damage on enemies with water weakness, but deals 2 less on enemies with water resistance. 20% chance of inflicting wet on each enemy for three turns. By the way, the water inside those bombs aren't ordinary water... you would not want to think too much about where are they come from.
Crunching Teeth Based on the nutcrackers and Wario's pearly white teeth, those mechanical teeth can deal 6 damage on one enemy, and depended on the version, have 10%/20%/40% chance to decrease their DEF by two for two turns.
Bashing Shield Wore by one character at a time, but after dealing 2/3/4 damage to an enemy, it gives +1/+2/+3 DEF power to the wielder. Piercing moves will disable this weapon for two turns.
Stinger Lance Sting an enemy for 1/2/3 damage, and cause a grounded enemy to fly (although some cannot) and cause aerial enemy to be pinned down. Pinned down enemies will receive 2 additional damage.
Squashing Basin Inflict 3/5/7 damage to one enemy and 2/3/4 to adjacent enemies, but have a two turn recharge. It also inflict Crumbled on the primary target, or have 25% if the enemy is a boss.
Bye-Bye Balloon Remove an enemy from a battle, but the enemy will not spit out rewards or Star Points. One-time use per battle as V1, two-uses and three turn recharges as V2, and three-uses and same amount of turn recharges. Doesn't work on bosses. Useful if you don't want to deal with a surprise Big Enemy.
Golden Touch Makes the user Gold, granting a limitless +2 ATK and DEF power for the rest of the battle. Additional +1 ATK for V2, and additional +1 for V3. Be warned; if the holder gets 15 damage or more, the effect will expire and the weapon have a four turn recharge.

Ingredients + Cooking Results

Ingredients are only used for cooking and take space in the Item Bag's Ingredient Section, but foods in general heals more than average items and even offer boosts not available with regular items! Foods can only be cooked by the Imper Biscuits in the Engine World; Quarelle the upbeat but lacking in attention, Magentel the knowledge but grumpy and reckless, and Gretta the strict but responsible and the most reasonable of the trio.
Heal the consumer's HP by just 1. Its more useful as an ingredient.
Heal the consumer's FP by just 1. Its more useful as an ingredient.
Heal the consumer's HP by 5. It can also be used as an ingredient.
Cocoa Powder
Heal the consumer's FP by 3. Its more useful as an ingredient.
Heal the consumer's HP and FP by 3 each. Its more useful as an ingredient.
Heal the consumer's HP by 4 and FP by 2. Its more useful as an ingredient.
Foul Result
Any cooking result not from below
A disaster of a meal. Looks like the Imper Biscuits didn't figured out how to make the attempted recipe yet... This meal only heal 1 HP and FP. Can be thrown to an enemy and see if they would like it.
Very Foul Result
Used a Poison Mushroom in even compatible recipes
A truly perilous result of a meal as a result of using a Poison Mushroom as an ingredient. What were you thinking!? Anyways, this meal works like a regular Poison Mushroom, but not before dealing 5 piercing damage first. You can also throw it to an enemy for the same effect. Maybe its not so useless after all!
Heal Mushroom + Cocoa Powder
Heals the eater of this food by 10 HP and 3 FP.
Super Mushroom + Cocoa Powder
Heals the user's HP by 15 and FP by 6.
Ultra Mushroom + Cocoa Powder
Heals the user's HP by 60 and FP by 10.
Heart Mushroom + Cocoa Powder
Fully heals the user's HP and restore FP by 30.
Mushroom Cake
Any HP Healing Mushroom + Flour
Heal the user's HP by 50 and inflict HP Regeneration for five turns.
Chocolate Cake
Cocoa Powder (x2) + Flour
Restore the user's FP by 35 and inflict FP Regeneration for three turns.


Pop and Bop

Pop and Bop is the minigame of the Engine World, and isn't required to beat to progress further. It is found in the Pop Park, inside a big blue balloon building with a Balonee sign on top of the front door.

This minigame is score-based, and the goal is to pop as many balloons as possible as Mario or any recruited Partner. Up to eight players can play this minigame, both offline and online.

The player uses the control stick to aim, and then press A to throw. Holding the button will build up power but slows down the reticle; releasing it will deals more damage to more resilient balloon.

Taking place in a circus, this first-person shooting minigame have the player(s) to throw darts into colored balloons, in which balloon gives different points or other functions, and the game last for two minutes.

After a minute passed, the Balloons become much more frequent, and Balloons exclusive to the second half of the game also sparsely appears. Those Balloons are called Rare Balloons.

A combo system occurs when the player managed to pop every five balloons, rewarding 15 extra points. Although not much by itself, it can become very beneficial for players who can keep track on popping the balloons. Missing any balloons will reduce the combo by 1, and completely resets if the player didn't popped any balloons for five seconds. Hitting the wrong Colored Balloon will have no penalty on the combo system.

In a multiplayer session, the player with the highest score wins. During the single player session, the player focus on racking as many points as possible before the time tuns out, or for practice.

Beating Baltizer's high score of 2000 will reward the player with the Precision Badge, which makes projectile-based moves cannot miss the target, even if such target have Dodgy status.

Co-Op Mode

A side-mode where the eight players (with missing player slots filled by very competent CPUs) work together to get as high score as possible, with a separate leaderboard for this side-mode.

One of the notable differences is that the Balloons are more numerous, as such the Colored Balloons may fill up the entire screen if not handled quickly enough. Another difference is that the Big Bad Balloon can spit out Wario Balloons to make the players to aim more carefully and time their shots well.

The amount of time is the same as in standard mode, which is two minutes. A different Special Round involves a back-to-back Big Bad Balloon confrontation alongside other Balloons, with every third one is a Super Bad Balloon, and have a separate leaderboard for this Special Round as well.

Balloon Types

Each Balloon have a different function when popped, either good or bad.

Colored Balloon There is eight Balloon Colors, one for each player; player 1 is red, player 2 is blue, player 3 is green, player 4 is yellow, player 5 is pink, player 6 is orange, player 7 is purple, and player 8 is teal. The player can only pop the balloon that match the color, otherwise the dart will just make both bounce off. Each Colored Balloon popped grants 10 Points.
Silver Balloon A more resilient balloon that requires three dart hits or a 50% charge dart from a single player to make it pop. Popping it will grants 50 Points, but is a bit sparse compared to Colored Balloons.
Gold Balloon A much more resilient balloon that requires five dart hits or a 100% charge dart from a single player to make it pop. Popping it will grants 100 Points, but is rarer than Silver Balloons.
Wario Balloon This Wario Bomb shaped balloon will explode and remove -50 points for any player that popped it. This can serve to punish players who are thoughtlessly spamming darts.
Splitting Balloon This big blue-and-red balloon spits up into four balloons once hit by ten darts or about two 55% charged darts. The big balloon grants 65 Points while smaller ones grants 35 Points.
Power Balloon This yellow-and-purple balloon will grant 1.2x firing speed and 2x dart power for anyone who popped it. This balloon takes 20 Darts or three 100% charged darts to make it pop. The effect lasts for 7 seconds.
Light Balloon This balloon grants 125 Points for anyone managing to hit it and only need a single dart to pop it. Sounds simple, right? Here's the catch; it is super fast, moving at light speed at one place or another, but it have three different pre-set row of locations before it leaves. It stays for 3 seconds in-between the location, so aim quick!
Shadow Balloon While much slower than any other balloons, for every three seconds, it will make itself incorporate for three seconds, meaning that hasty throwing would result darts passing thorough. However, it only needs one dart to make it pop, and it grants 125 points, just like the Light Balloon. If you wanna pop this balloon, wait until it goes corporate!
Rainbow Balloon
Rare Balloon
This rainbow-colored balloon grants a whopping 250 Points when popped, but it takes 30 darts, or 3 fully charged darts, to pop it, so hit it when it appears ASAP!
Mysterious Balloon
Rare Balloon
This balloon will not show its true identity until after three seconds, in which it will function as normal as one of the above Balloon. Popping it will have the same effect as the Balloon it becomes after, so it can be either a nice Gold Balloon, or the hurtful Wario Balloon!
Big Bad Balloon
Rare Balloon
Shaped like Emperor Wario, this big bad boy had to be popped in the last fifteen seconds, in which takes 50 darts or ten fully charged darts to pop it! Hitting in the mouth will expose the balloon's "nostril", in which hitting it will equal fifteen worth of darts, and a full thirty darts if fully charged. When popped, it will rewards 500 Points.
Diddy Balloon
Competitive Special Balloon
Where did those Diddy Balloons comes from? I thought they only appears during Diddy's own adventures! Anyways, first appearing in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, these peculiar balloons of red, green and blue colors appears right in the middle of the round every three games, which begins a Bonus Round.

During the Bonus Round, these balloons appears and anyone can pop it. The trick is that they follow in random but predictable patterns, requiring the player(s) to pay attention to where they could go next. The red ones grants 10 Points, the green ones grants 20 Points, and the blue ones grants 30 Points. Bigger variants are 10x worth of their respective variant, but only appears once.

Super Bad Balloon
Co-Op Balloon
A slightly bigger and more agile Big Bad Balloon, with the mouth constantly open and closing. It also takes a full 100 Darts, or 30 fully charged Darts, to make it pop. It also only shows its nostril for five seconds when about eight darts are thrown into its mouth. Popping it will reward 1000 Points!

True to the greedy rival of Mario, it will also throw even more Wario Balloons and even directly tackle the player who thrown the least amount of Darts, which slow down firing rate for five seconds. This tackle can be stopped by throwing it at the Super Bad Balloon's head.

Quick Quiz

This minigame is located in the Game Room of the Wario Prison in the Secured World. Beating it against fairly easy CPUs is required to continue the game progress.

Quick Quiz is a fast-paced quiz game where the player(s) have to be quick to answer for as many Points as possible. For every right answer, the score increase, but for every wrong answer, the player gets nothing.

Ten rounds with each question will be given, and the amount of Points the player gets depends on how quick they get it right. The player have ten seconds to answer after the question is fully shown.

  • Five Points: 10 to 9 seconds left.
  • Four Points: 8 to 7 seconds left.
  • Three Points: 6 to 5 seconds left.
  • Two Points: 4 to 3 seconds left.
  • One Point: 2 to 1 seconds left.
  • No Points: Giving wrong answer, or if the timer runs out.

There is no amount of limited tries the player(s) have for this minigame, thus no game over even after the player gets many wrong answers. Because of the nature of randomly given questions, there is no leaderboard for both single player nor multiplayer. This mode can be played offline or online, with up to eight players can join the fun.


This side-mode is only available for multiplayer session (including Player vs CPU). The goal is to not be the last player who answered correctly, or not to be the first to answer wrongly. Each player have three tries, and if one player runs out of them, he or she become eliminated of the game.

If every players answered correctly, the player who responded the slowest will lose one Try. If at least one player answered incorrectly, the one who answered the fastest will lose one Try instead. If one or more players didn't even answered within ten seconds, all of these players in question will lose one Try.

There is a Special Round where the question lasts five seconds, but there's no penalty for losing and the player who answered the fastest will gain one extra Try. There is one Special Round after every five Rounds, but after the third Special Round, there will be no more Special Rounds until the game ends.

There is also the Wario Round where every players who answered incorrectly will all lose one Try, putting extra pressure into players. This happens after every ten rounds, and will continue to occur until all remaining players have one Try left.

Quiz Categories

The following categories contain a certain of questions. More categories become available as the player progress.

Who Is This? Mushroom World Edition Involves images of well-known Mushroom World residents, including Mario and Wario themselves. Available at start. This category is also played in a standard match, during the main story event of Secured World. Later questions will contain lesser known characters such as the Witch from Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins.
General W.I.L.D. Contains questions about the standard troopers of the W.I.L.D. Available at start.
Koopa Troop Contains questions about enemies part of Bowser and his Koopa Troop. For fans of the usual Mario adventures. Available at start.
Ancient Ancestry Contains questions about Mario's past adventures, including previous Paper Mario games. Available at start and have an Ancient World theme.
Machine Mania Contains questions about Nintendo consoles. Available at start, and have an Engine World theme.
Security Alert Contains questions about safety measures, especially about real life. Available at start.
Pear-Shaped Searching Involves detecting the "wanted" NPC by looking at them shuffling between shaped objects. Available after defeating Wario in the Geometric World.
Color Me Surprised Involves telling which color the appropriate NPC have according to the question, such as finding a blue Pianta and finding anything not red. Available after defeating Tsar Starette in the Prism World.
Size Judgement Matters Involves optic illusion of a character of various size and the "building" it can fit in. As long as the character can at least barely enters in the building, saying "It Fits" will counts as correct. Later questions have more than one characters, and the player then have to say how many characters can fit in. Available after defeating Madame Mothana and Prism Bowser in the Mass World.
Illusion Problem Involves the screen messing around, from altered colors to flipped upside down image, and the player have to put the right description of the notable moment in this game. Available after defeating Miss Silverenne in the Illusion World.
Overshadowed Silhouette Involves the characters viewed in black color, and the player(s) have to answer about which of the silhouette the mentioned character belongs to. Sometimes, the game will ask which of the mentioned characters is not seen on-screen. Available after defeating Tatanga in the Darkened World.
Who Is This? Around the Multiple Worlds An extension of "Who is This? Mushroom World Edition", which includes various characters from various Paper Mario games, including Stolen World. Unlocked once the player have played each prior categories at least once.
Golden Mix-Up Combines questions from all above, in addition to some Wario-themed questions. Available after defeating Wario for good in the Wario World and playing every prior categories at least once.

A "flag" will activate for every 63 questions asked in multiple plays of this category, and will ask "If this game follows the order of the Intelligent System and Gear Games entries, what entry placement Stolen World would have?", in which the answer is 8th (Paper Mario 64, The Thousand-Year Door, Super Paper Mario, Sticker Star, Color Splash, [Upcoming Paper Mario Switch game], Drawing of Disaster and Stolen Worlds).

Super Roshambo

Super Roshambo Returns is located in the Crystal Colosseum, in the Prism World. It is also used as one of the Seven Color Games that Mario and allies have to complete, with the jewel being colored yellow.

Although it retained the rock-paper-scissor mechanic from the original Roshambo game from Paper Mario: Color Splash and its Recut version, there is more risk and strategy involved, and with more characters involved.

The minigame have five rounds, playing in a best-of-five format; either of the two players have to get three wins to pull a full victory. Each player form a team of five characters that will draw their item independently and will try to tackle on the opponent with a disadvantageous hand (i.e. a Rock hand on an opponent with a Scissor hand).

The player press A to choose Rock, Y to choose Paper and X for Scissor, with B being used to to return into previous character. Their selected "Attack" will not be shown until the Attack phase starts, which one player of each team will take turn to attack from top to bottom.

Once the item selection is made, each player then have a quick reaction game. All of the characters will reveal their hand, and a top-down camera flies over them. The advantageous character have five seconds to tackle on the character with a disadvantageous hand.

Shall the tackling character managed to hit the disadvantageous character, then the tackling player scores a point. If the tackling character fails to do so within five seconds, then the disadvantageous character scores instead. The players use the control stick to move, and the A button to tackle for the advantageous player, or to jump for the disadvantageous player.

In case of a tie (i.e. both facing characters chose rock), a sumo-styled gameplay take place instead with the same control, with the goal is to push the opponent off the "ring". Pushing the opponent away off the ring will grants the player a score.

Computer Teams

Opponents available for the player to confront.

Team Rockies Contains rocky players, which are a Moe-Eye, a Whomp, a Thwomp, a Cleft and a Winged Boai. Have a tendency to use Rock often. Also the team Mario and friends confront during the Seven Color Games.
Team Workers Contains players that work hard, which are a Bea, a Goomba, a Bee, a Monty Mole and a Thunderbox. Have a tendency to use Paper often.
Team Sharps Contains players that are sharp in any way, which are a Sting Lancer, a Battle Beetle, a Fork Banderino, a Stingby and a Kutlass. Have a tendency to use Scissor often.
Team Anti Contains five Anti Guys who seems to not remember Mario rather too fondly. They are only selected when the three prior teams are defeated, and have no specific item they focus on, making them unpredictable.
Super Roshambo Wizard The Arena Elite, this Koopa is quite a Magikoopa wannabe, but he does have very advanced prediction, with him and his Koopa teammates focus on not using the same hand twice, meaning that the player would run a risk of using the same hand. They also try to corner disadvantageous players whenever possible to get them ring out ASAP, but they can get overconfident as a well timed dodge will send themselves into ring out.
Team Spooks Contains ghostly players, which are a Boo, a Peepa, a Broozer, a Grim Leecher and a Darkula. Relies on surprise attack and dodge at unpredictable pattern.
Team Splash Contains players from the sea, which are a Noki, a Cheep Cheep, a Blooper, a Puftup and a Puffertop. Relies on a patterned movement on random direction that can disorient the player.
Team Screwdrivers Contains players that are mechanical, which are a Mechakoopa, a Snapjaw, a Steppaton, a Luxbox and a Robalt. They can react fast, but are otherwise very predictable in term of movement.
Team Xtra Large Contains big but distinct foes, such as a Heavy Boomerang Bro., an Atomic Boo, a Sumo Bro., a General Klump and a Harold. They focus on brute strength, which means very aggressive play as soon as they get an advantage, forcing the player to jump whenever possible if he or she is in a disadvantage.
Super Roshambo Champions
Also known as Boom Boom, Pom Pom and Pow Pow
The three tough Arena Champions, those cloaked champions are not making their presence known until the worthy challenger reaches their arena. Alongside the Super Roshambo Wizard and a Koopa teammate, they are not the toughest for nothing; not only they will quickly change their stance of which hand they should next, but they also have a serious balance between movement and unpredictability! The best way to beat them is to be unpredictable and know when to run in case any one of their member gets an advantage.

Boss Museum and Boss Blast

The Boss Museum, found in the Rematch Colosseum of the Mushroom World, is a particular arena that allows the player to take on the Upgraded Version of any faced Boss. This place will become accessible once Wario had been defeated as the final boss and is located northernmost of the Mushroom Kingdom.

The Rematch Bosses will have Level 40, or as high as the Party Level, and will come up with entirely new moves in addition to their improved old moves. Even the very first miniboss, Captain Parrtloc, will provide a serious challenge does to whole new tactics and only have slightly improved stats. The doors leading to them are themed after them, and the doors in question brings the player to the respective arena.

Bosses who are gone missing or permanently joined Mario's side for the rest of the game will be replaced by holographs, allowing "them" to be represented for Rematches.

The player have unlimited tries to take on the Rematch Bosses in the Boss Museum, so if the player failed at any bosses, they can retry without penalty. A reward will be given for any first time success to each different Rematch Boss. Completing a Floor will grant a special reward. Completing the utmost top floor Boss Museum will have Wario to join the player as a Mushroom Ally.

Boss Museum Floors

Each Floor contains a different amount of Bosses. The player have to complete every doors in one floor before being able to proceed to the next one. One floor in particular requires defeating bosses found in the post-end Worlds as well, with the exception of a special one in the Boss Blast.

Tough Lackies 1 Contains the minibosses from the Ancient World, the Engine World, the Secured World, the Geometric World and the Prism World.
Tough Lackies 2 Contains the minibosses from the Mass World, the Illusion World, the Darkened World and the Wario World.
Tougher Baddies 1 Contains the first set of major bosses from the Ancient World, the Engine World, the Secured World, the Geometric World and the Prism World.
Tougher Baddies 2 Contains the second set of major bosses from the Mass World, the Illusion World, the Darkened World and the Wario World, except the final boss fight against Wario.
Tough Lackies EX Contains the minibosses from the Mushroom Worlds, as well as very few post-end bosses from other Worlds. Additional requirement is to defeat those bosses in question.
Tougher Baddies EX Contains the toughest end-game from the post-end Worlds, excluding a certain... someone. Additional requirement is to defeat those tough end-game bosses except a certain someone.
Wario, the Legend! Contains Wario's final boss battle, this time with more of his moves from his own games, not just his usual Wario Land and Wario World (and Rage Smash) shticks! Once Wario is recruited, the boss battle replaces him with a holographic clone for the boss.

Boss Blast

Boss Blast is a boss rush version of the Boss Museum. Once Wario, the Legend is completed, an option to play this boss rush will be unlocked by talking with a Pianta Guide and select "Play Boss Blast".

Boss Blast is different from typical boss rush minigames; instead of going thorough all bosses back-to-back, the player choose one of the three "cards" that represent a boss battle with implemented conditions. The left card only have a single condition, the middle have two, and the right have three.

Some conditions affects characters in any way, such as restricting any Partner with a specific element. Other conditions modify the battlefield in significant ways, such as inflicting burn to everyone every five turns, except those immune to burning.

The player go thorough fifteen rounds, and cards that aren't picked will reappear in later rounds with different conditions. For the fifteenth round, depended on which cards the player completed, the final opponent will be Wario, the Legend or [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] can only be faced if the player completed at least 10 Hard Cards.

The player can swap between Partners in-between the Rounds, but 1-Up Mushrooms and variants cannot be used. The Partners who get fainted will be brought back to half HP. If Mario or a replacing leader is fainted, the battle still continues until either side is defeated, and Mario or the Leader will get back up at half of max HP.

Partners also cannot be swapped during the battles. This, in addition to the above, encourage the player to be much more cautious and not cheesing the battles by using their most durable Partners as meatshield.


The possible conditions that can occur in any cards. Red ones are Character Conditions, while blue ones are Battlefield Conditions. Element-based Battlefield Conditions will have at least two enemies being able to afflict this element in question.

Specific Partner The player must use a specific Partner. The player doesn't lose if the Partner is fainted.
Limited Damage No more than a specific amount of damage will be given or taken, from 20 to 30 as the limit. This also applies to multi-hit attacks for the total damage. Bosses with very high HP will not have this condition involved.
Limited Items The player can only use no more than a specific amount of items, be it from 2 to 10. Enemies and bosses cannot freely summon any item after around the same amount for the player as well.
Recoil Accident Anyone who misses any attack will take from 5 to 20 damage depended on the shown number. This does not apply to supporting moves.
No (Element) Allowed All Partners with matching element cannot enter this boss battle. It will not match all elements that the boss uses. Mario's (Elemental) Badge also deactivate if forbidden for the battle, and items that have the forbidden element will also be removed until completing or failing the challenge.
Permanent Statuses Statuses will stay forever for anyone affected by this, both positive and negative. Stat boosts cannot stack more than five points, to prevent obscene boost for the playable characters and to prevent bosses boosting like crazy.
Doubled Pressure Everyone's ATK power are doubled.
Accelerated Attacks are done 1.3x times faster. The player side will deal 1.3x times as much damage to compensate.
No Attack Spamming No characters on the battle can use the same move it used from previous turns.
Omega Risk Performing an Omega Move, or if a boss performs their strongest move, it will also deliver 50% recoil damage of max HP of the user in question.
Bombastic Danger A big Wario Bomb installs on the middle of the battlefield. After every ten turns, everyone takes 15 damage.
(Status) Battlefield Every five turn, a specified status, either positive or negative, will affect everyone. Characters immune to that status will remain immune to it.
Reckless Audience The audience will interact with the battlefield twice to thrice as much as usual.
Unstable Props Objects on the battlefield will activate twice as often, or for twice as less turns needed. Particularly powerful props are unaffected.
Star Shower Every three to five turns, a shower of shooting stars falls into everyone, dealing 5 damage.
(Element) Boosted All attacks with the specified element will have their ATK power boosted by 1.2x.
Unstable Ecosystem All characters will be healed by 5 HP every turn. After three Poison-based attacks, however, it everyone will take 5 damage.
Wash Out! If five Water-based attacks are used, rain will occur and weaken non-Melee attacks of the opposing side by 1.3x for three turns. This condition cannot happens again for two turns during the effect, and after two turns of which the effect wears off.
Law of the Jungle! If five Nature-based attacks are used, the opposing side will suffer -2 DEF power for two turns.
Burning Out! If five Fire-based attacks are used, the opposing side will take 2 extra damage and inflict a guaranteed burn for two turns.
Earthquake! If five Earth-based attacks are used, a tremor occurs and causes props to fall down on the opposing side. The opposing side will be inflicted 4 damage and flying enemies will be pinned down for two turns.
Blown Away! If five Air-based attacks are used, the opposing side will have enemies reinforcement missing because of an intense wind, but they will return after two turns. The leader is unaffected by this, and only one Partner will be gone missing at a time.
Pitch-Black Fever! If five Darkness-based attacks are used, the target who get hit by the fifth Darkness-based move will be hit by calming shadows, putting it to sleep for three turns.
Blinding Light! If five Light-based attacks are used, the target who get hit by the fifth Light-based move will be blinded for three turns.

Easter Eggs

April Fool "Cheat Codes"

In a small update added during April 1st 20XX, a new slew of "cheat codes" were added as extras. The player can activate any of the cheat codes at any time, but the cheat codes deactivate when the player leave the game.

In truth, the cheat codes are only silly aesthetic modification of the games and as a tribute of actual cheat codes back in the classic era. The cheat codes are a rarity in video games past the '00s, but still appears in some later games like Spyro: Reignited Trilogy.

If pressing a correct button combination for cheat codes, then a 1-Up sound play and a message tells the player that he or she activated a cheat code. Cheat codes can also be deactivated by leaving the game or entering the same cheat code, or even using the "Activate/Deactivate All" cheat code.

Another Cheat Code is called Top Secret Code. If enabled before August 26th 20XX, it will simply emit a loud buzz. At that date of the update and afterward, a new mode, Randomizer Mode, is unlocked.

Note: Even if the cheat codes are only aesthetic effects thus no bearing on gameplay, it is recommended to at least defeat the final boss first before attempting any of the cheat codes.
Up, Up, A, A, B, B, Start
Mario's clothing is under permanent effect of the W Emblem regardless of what Color Emblems is he wearing, and have Wario's mustache that stick over Mario's mustache. Some dialogue that changes if Mario is wearing the W Emblem will also change when this cheat code is active.

Partners will also have stickers on them or have changed shape that would make them out-of-character, such as Marley wearing summer clothing and sunglasses, while Gigan T. become small instead of being huge.

Constant Disco
Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Up, Up, A, B, Up, Start
Plays disco music to play in the overworld and battle, including boss battles. The characters with dancing animations are also constantly dancing, while those who do not have dancing animations will just flip left and right while using their different animations. They will only stop dancing for other actions, such as speaking or attacking.
Sqweaky Shoes
Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Start
Sqweaking sounds are heard instead of normal walking sounds. Even characters that floats somehow produce sqweaking sounds! Objects that hit the floor, walls or ceiling will also produce sqweaking sounds as well.
Slowed Down Sounds
Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Start
Causes the sound effects and music to be slowed down and slightly lower pitched, but the gameplay's speed is unaffected.

If stacked up with Sped Up Sounds, then the sounds will distort between faster and slower.

Sped Up Sounds
Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Start
The opposite of Slowed Down Sounds; the sound effects and music are faster, alongside slightly higher pitch.

If stacked up with Slowed Down Sounds, then the sounds will distort between slower and faster.

Random Music
X, A, B, A, X, Up, Down, Start
No matter the circumstance and situation, the music is always randomized. Music that weren't played so far will also played as well, potentially spoiling... anything, really.
Random Colors
Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Start
The colors of the characters are randomized, resulting either interesting color palette or an outright ugly combination. Colored enemies will have their main color retained to make them stand apart.
B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A, Start
The dialogues are completely replaced by random letters, with random sound effects played at every letter or other characteristics. Translation will be provided, since some of the original messages tend to be very important for progression, or to discover potential weaknesses of the upcoming Major Bosses.
Constant Screaming
A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, Start
The voiced characters will only scream. Any character that lacked of a screaming voice line are provided with new ones for the April Fool update.
Y, A, B, X, X, B, A, Y, Start
The characters become less flat and more rounded in 3D fashion... although they would look too much like actual spheres. Characters with separate parts will have them rounded rather separately.
Activate/Deactivate All
Up, A, Down, Y, Left, X, Right, B, Start
All cheat codes above will be activated at once. Have fun with the complete chaos. If entered with at least one cheat code active, all active cheat codes will be deactivated.
Special Code...?
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start
Based on the classic Konami Code. All it ever does is to have Wario (or Tatanga if Wario is recruited) pulling a grimace and snarks at the player to expect anything special with this classic code.

Wario: I know some of you called me a cheater, but I'm-a suggest you to not do the same thing with this old-school code! Wa ha!

Tatanga: What, expecting a special reward for entering this age-old button combination? Yeah, well, too bad! Tatanga give no rewards for cheaters!

Top Secret Code
Hold Up for 20 seconds, and press Down, Down, Left, X, Y, B, Right, A, B, B, Y, A, and then up again
Added in version 1.0.3, during August 26th 20XX.

Unlock a special option for the Self-Imposer mode called Randomizer. Randomizer will use a separate, hidden save file for the Self-Imposer mode. The Randomizer Mode can be played with or without any Self-Imposer options enabled and allows for a different experience in each playthorough.

If this Cheat Code is pressed before August 26th 20XX, then it will just emit a buzz, with a message that scolds the player to peek on a code they are not supposed to enter until a certain date is reached.


Achievements are optional objectives that the player can accomplish throughout the game. It could be simple objectives such as defeating a specific amount of enemies or collecting many Coins, to reaching a certain point of a story. Completing all achievements in one save file will give a golden ribbon attached to the save file in question.

Base Game

Base Game: Achievements that can be completed in the main game, be it by standard mode, New Game+ or Self-Imposer Mode.
Old Rival, New Problem Witness Wario's newfound strengths and finish the prologue.
Wise Witch Recruit Kamenia in the Ancient World.
Damaged Drillers Defeat Diggeronne and reach the Engine World.
Rolling Rascal Recruit Robino in the Engine World.
Adventurous Yoshi Recruit Lashie in the Engine World.
Short-Minded Officer Recruit Officer Gale in the Engine World.
Baron of the Stars Defeat Dr. Stelight and advance to the Secured World.
Detective Detected! Recruit Detective Dribs in the Secured World.
Return of the Koopa Bros. Defeat the Koopa Bros. and proceed to the Geometric World.
That One Persistent General! Clobber General Crump's Magnus von Gripple EX before he could clobber you.
Anger Doesn't Always Works Gain a victory in the first (real) fight against that wicked Wario and proceed to the Prism World.
Guardian of the Garden Recruit Pinkon in the Prism World.
Friendly Snake Recruit Serville in the Prism World.
Light Doesn't Ultimately Means Goodness Put a dark cloud on Tsar Staress' too-bright sky and get into the Mass World.
Strong Stinger, Soft Heart Recruit Skelt in the Mass World.
Biggest Partner Ever Recruit an old friend, Gigan T., in the Mass World.
Fishing Cynic Recruit Pennsil in the Mass World... after you brought his fishing rod back, that is.
Double Tyrannic Troubles Teach Prism Bowser a lesson and put an end of Madame Mothana's reign.
Tatanga Tango Win the first confrontation against Tatanga right when our heroes is about to reach the Illusion World.
Outwitted and Out-tricked Defeat the game-loving Miss Silverenne in the Illusion World, then proceed to the Darkened World.
Dark Secrets Withheld Score a round two victory against Tatanga in the Darkened World... even if he still doesn't tell you what would Wario be up next.
Outrageously Dethroned...? Defeat Wario once and for all in a final confrontation-- wait a minute. We are in the early part of Wario World!
Not-So Magnum Opus Send General Crump to space (once again) by destroying its Magnus von Opus. But there is still Wario to teach a real lesson.
Outrageously Dethroned... For Real! Give Wario a taste of his own wrath. And finally, he is truly stopped!
Meeting Old Friends Again Rescue Goombario and Admiral Bobbery as your first Partner Cards.
Good Friend Rescue 25% of all Partner Cards throughout the base game.
Great Ally Rescue 50% of all Partner Cards throughout the base game.
Excellent Buddy Rescue 75% of all Partner Cards throughout the base game.
True Solidarity Rescue every single Partner Cards throughout the base game.
Fully Upgraded Friends Have every new Partners upgraded to the Omega Rank.
Fully Upgraded Cards Have every Partner Cards upgraded to the Omega Rank.
Bestiary Looker Analyze at least 25% of the enemies found in the base game.
Bestiary Researcher Analyze at least 50% of the enemies found in the base game.
Bestiary Master Analyze every single enemies that can be fought in a battle. This include bosses.
Almost As Greedy As Wario Collect 5000 Coins overall in one save file.
Sir Munchalot Consume 30 edible items (Mushrooms, cooked results, etc.) overall.
Meddling Plumber! Defeat 100 W.I.L.D. affiliated enemies.
Neutrality Backfire Defeat 100 enemies that are considered as "Neutral".
Outside-Context Troublemakers Defeat 40 enemies that are considered as "Other Villains".
One Hex of a Meeting Meet Hexina the first time and get inflicted with the first hex, the Plane formation.
Farewell For Now, Hexina Have all of the four hex formations. This will not be the last time we will meet Hexina.
Calm Down, DK and Diddy! Defeat the angry Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong as they mistook Krushok as one of those pesky Kremlings.
First Step of Cooking Successfully cook with the Imper Biscuits for the first time.
Sous-Cuistot Help the Imper Biscuits to cook around 50% of the possible results.
Friend of the Chefs Help the Imper Biscuits to cook all of the possible results.
Foods of Fame and Fortune Satisfy the mayor of Bigburg to obtain 1000 Coins.
Fortress Amateur Complete the first room of the Fortress of Challenges.
Fortress Curiosity Complete at least five rooms in the Fortress of Challenges.
Fortress Explorer Complete at least fifteen rooms in the Fortress of Challenges.
Fortress Expert Complete all of the thirty normal rooms in the Fortress of Challenges.
Secret Discovery Find at least one Miracle Room in the Fortress of Challenges.
Seeker of Secrets Find all of the permanent Miracle Rooms in the Fortress of Challenges.
Mario Bros. United! Rescue Mario's shy but selfless brother, Luigi, from his Partner Card.
Friends Reunited Collect all of the Heroic Mushroom Allies.
Bowser and his Cronies Collect all of the Koopa Troop Mushroom Allies.
Restored Rivalry After Wario's punishment is over, recruit him as a Mushroom Ally.
Revenge Foiled Defeat the unlikely team-up of ??? and Tatanga.
Earthshaking Champion Defeat the bossiest king of the Fortress of Challenges, the infamous ???.
Champion of Both Sides Defeat Shadoo and his doppelgangers in the Flopside.
Deflected Revenge Defeat the Revenge version of the bosses in the Rematch Room of the Fortress of Challenges, including ???.
Post-Adventure Bosses Defeat all post-end bosses, excluding the Revenge version of the bosses in question.
Cheeky Cheater Enter at least one of the "Cheat Codes" at any time and at any place.
Unexpected Assault Confront and defeat ???... But what's up with this [REDACTED adjective and noun] lately?
100% Heroic Completion Complete all of the above achievements of the base game.

Self-Imposer Only

Self-Imposer: Only possible to achieve in Self-Imposer mode.
Started to Heat Up Succeed a battle with at least one Self-Imposer option on.
Not the Plumber's Best Day Win 5 battles with at least five Mario-specific Self-Imposer options.
Weighted Down Partners Win 5 battles with at least five Partners-specific Self-Imposer options.
The Odds are Against Us Win 5 battles with at least five Mario-and-Partners Self-Imposer options.
They Are Getting Tougher! Win 5 battles with at least five Enemy-Benefiting Self-Imposer options.
Worthy Risks Win a battle with at least four Self-Imposer options from each of the four categories.
Truly Insane Win a battle with at least fifteen separate Self-Imposer options.
Brick-Tough Bosses Defeat all standard bosses with at least five Self-Imposer options.
True Rivalry Defeat all Wario battles with at least 15 Self-Imposer options as Mario, with only up to seven Badges allowed.
Legendary Bravery Defeat all standard bosses with at least fifteen Self-Imposer options.
Nerves of Steel Defeat all Revenge Bosses and ??? with at least five Self-Imposer options.
You Are A True Player Defeat all Revenge Bosses and ??? with at least fifteen Self-Imposer options.
Wario Paradox With at least five Self-Imposer options enabled, win the first confrontation against Wario with solo Wario.
Near-Death Experience Win a mid-boss or boss fight with Mario having only 1 HP.
Flower Economy Crisis Win a mid-boss or boss fight with everyone only having 15 or less Flowers and didn't recovered FPs by items more than two times per character.
Getting More Skilled Reach an overall score of 2000 SIPs in a save file.
Making Big Progression Reach an overall score of 4000 SIPs in a save file.
Better than Ever Reach an overall score of 6000 SIPs in a save file.
Going Insane Reach an overall score of 8000 SIPs in a save file.
Unstoppable and Unmovable Reach an overall score of 10000 SIPs in a save file.
Immortalized Score Reach an overall score of 15000 SIPs or higher in a save file.
Solo Self-Imposed Victor Defeat the final boss with all of the boss fights having ten or more Self-Imposed options enabled by yourself.
Fun Challenges with Friends Defeat the final boss with all of the boss fights having ten or more Self-Imposed options enabled with Friends (one to three).

The Waluigi Saga

Developed by CrakaboLazy4090 (tbc), The Waluigi Saga is released as a downloadable campaign giving a perspective with Waluigi, who goes recruiting his own Super Henchmen in order to dethrone Emperor Wario with small success. More details on the link.


Wario + Super Henchmen

Other Bosses

Boss Cards



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What is your favorite of the new Partners?

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Words from Samtendo

The message is from Samtendo, the creator and head director of the game. This message was seen in a hidden easter egg at the message board of Mushroom World after completing the main story, though written anonymously.

"Dear player, it is a immense pleasure to deliver the ambitious game that is Paper Mario: Stolen Worlds. It was a fun ride, is it? This sort of event doesn't happen every day, so I hope you enjoyed while it last."

"This adventure... it isn't your typical Paper Mario adventure, is it? The fact that Mario have to rescue the many Partners (and even a few foes) he teamed up with during his endless journeys... the fact that other familiar faces and not-so familiar faces showed up in multiple Worlds... and even the fact that you were able to build your own dream team in this journey... It really makes an unique experience, doesn't it?"

"While Wario as the big bad guy feels unusual and unexpected, it is not every time he'll act like that. In fact... chances that you would be able to recruit him for real this time, provided that you are able to find him. In the meanwhile, there are still other secrets to find in this game, and expect some more Partner Cards from the future Paper Mario games as well. There are still more adventures to come up as well, so don't expect Mario and friends to take a long break just yet! A short break would do nicely, at least."

"Nonetheless, it was a frantic journey that is a blue moon, and may not happen again in the same way it happened before. Whether or not you will fondly remember this adventure or not, here's one important lesson; anyone will have an unexpected turn of even and get an unexpected surprise from someone you know, good or bad. Stay strong-willed and expect the unexpected, and remember that there is always someone who deeply cares about you, so you should never neglect the true friendship you have. Have a good day!"


  • Although the Partner Cards are one of the central mechanics of the game, the creator of the game states that it will not be the only time the Partner Cards will appears. Games that are released later, such as Super Smash Bros. Crash and Paper Mario: The Cosmic Medallion have Partner Cards returning.
  • Unlike in Drawing of Disaster, Stolen Worlds have the events of Sticker Star and Color Splash mentioned in a much more vague manner. This is because of the inclusion of the Partners from the Recut version of Sticker Star and Color Splash, such as Woody Tim and Louie the Memphawk, and especially because of DMZapp (tbc)'s notable distaste toward the original Sticker Star and Color Splash.
    • It also explains Kersti and Huey's Partner Card description vaguely combine the aspects from both the original and the Recut version, and why mentions of the events of Sticker Star and Color Splash are also vague.
    • Samtendo also states that DMZapp himself will not work on Recut 3, whenever [Paper Mario Switch game] proved to be not so successful regardless of sales, but that his team will handle on the Recut 3 instead and would be placed as a possible vague prequel to Paper Mario Drawing of Disaster.

Character-Specific Trivia

  • Does to Wario being the main antagonist, Paper Mario: Stolen Worlds is the first Paper Mario games that does not utilize Bowser or a new character as the main villain.
    • It is also the first Paper Mario game where Bowser is kidnapped and not Princess Peach (where Bowser get imprisoned in a Partner Card, courtesy of Wario himself). This plot point didn't happened until after Mass World.
    • Ironically, it is even one of the few games where Wario and Waluigi are portrayed as enemies to each others, instead of being friends or allies. They remained so until the end of the main game.
  • Paper Mario: Stolen Worlds have the most Partners of any Paper Mario game, with over 100 Partners confirmed by the game's director. This is primarily does to the Partner Card mechanic and the story allowing multiple past partners to return without completely shoehorning them.
  • In fact, as previously stated, not all Partners debut in this game, the previous Intelligent System produced games (recut version belongs to DMZ) or Drawing of Disaster, and those who doesn't debut in the mentioned games belong to their respective owners, and the Partners in question are asked for permission from the following creators. In the following list:
  • Not all non-Paper Mario characters are classed as a Mushroom Ally, as Toadsworth uses his mecha used in the Recut version of Color Splash, while Gigan T., despite debuting in a mainstream Mario game Super Mario Team-Mania, is classed as a Partner does to being recruited as normal instead of being found in a Partner Card.
  • Right from the start, Madame Mothana is considered as a fan favorite among the new villains. According to Samtendo, this is because of her design, personality and interaction with the characters. Despite not looking outlandish compared to others (aside of her massive size), it do help that she does have a more down-to-earth personality to go along with her more down-to-earth appearance.
    • This become evident as she appears in The End of Time?! and Super Mario Spikers shortly after the release of Paper Mario: Stolen Worlds which is thanks to her popularity (and the respective creator's admiration of Madame Mothana).
  • Based on the vote, Robino and Officer Gales are considered as fan favorites among the new Partners, with Detective Dribs and Gigan T being closer favorites. However, the new Partners in general are all very well received does to their various designs, personality and combat utilities.

Behind the Scene

Paper Mario: Stolen Worlds/Behind the Scene + Beta

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