Paper Mario: Sticker Festival is a upcoming Paper Mario game for the 3DS.


Mario was just playing on World 1-2 when suddenly, Bowser appears and uses a gigantic sticker called Megahypersuperultraepic Shiny Fire Flower that causes a explosion so epic that it blows Mario to be sent to Sticker Sea. There, Mario meets Sticky, a Latiku that is blue and yellow, and Sticky Un-Burritios Mario and tells him that the Megahypersuperultraepic Shiny Fire Flower has turned the Mushroom Kingdom into a dark castle ruled by Bowser. It is up to Mario to defeat Bowser yet again.

1-1 - Floral Garden

Mario reaches a floral garden on his way to White Toad. In this level Mario gains a Cat-o-Luck while Sticky gains Scissors. The minibosses are 3 Paper Cone Goombe.

1-2 - Goombe Plains

Mario enters some plains on his way to White Toad. A +5 HP Heart is here. There is no miniboss here.

1-3 - Sandesert

Mario enters a sandy plain on his way to White Toad. Sticky can now throw Petuina Bombs to put enemies sleeply. The miniboss is Sandamarragh.

1-Fortress - Grassy Temple

The fortress of World 1 blocks the halfway flag to White Toad. Mario gains Butter while Sticky gains a +5 HP heart. The miniboss is a Kangaroombe and 2 Blaxies.

1-4 - Mushroom Bounce

Mario encounters a giant mushroom on his way to White Toad. A +5 Attack Heart is here along with the basketball. The miniboss is Mega Parabeetle

1-5 - Tree Hill

Mario finds the entrance to the dungeon holding White Toad. The dungeon is so giant,its in 3 levels. The first floor holds no miniboss nor any item.

1-6 - Stump Storage

The second floor has a sticker shop and plenty of Piders. The minibosses are 1 Plargha Plant and 4 Goombe.

1-Castle - Treetop

Mario gets to White Toad, but then Tye-Dyerantula and 2 Plargha Plants appear and face Mario. Once Tye-Dyerantula is defeated, he blows up and realeases White Toad. 6 to go!!!

2-1 - Open Desert

Mario heads into a desert on his way to Red Toad. Mario gains a Baby Yoshi to blow bubbles to do jumps in the air. The minibosses are a Sandmarragh and 2 Goombookeys.

2-2 - Tilted Tunnel

Mario enters a twisted cave on his way to Red Toad. The crystal platforms move on their own. Sticky gains a car that can roll over enemies. The miniboss is a 5-Fold Clayman.

2-3 - Desert Cliff

Mario must cross a cliff with two Climbing Gate segments on his way to Red Toad. The Climbing Gate segments introduces a enemy called Burngull. There is no miniboss.

2-4 - Pipe Ghost House

The first ghost house in the game. A +5 HP Heart is here. The minibosses are 1 Boo and 2 Gunk Cannon Guys.

2-5 - Piranha Plant Sphinx

Mario enters a giant sphinx on his way to Red Toad. The sphinx is filled with many Piranha Plants. The miniboss is a Venus Elemantal Trap.

2-6 - Cactus Shop

Mario enters a small shop inside a cactus to prepare for the duengon holding Red Toad.

2-7 - Great Pyramid Of Chomp

Mario enters the duengon holding Red Toad. Mario's Baby Yoshi can now glow in the dark as well as spit bubbles. The minibosses are 3 Paper Cone Blaxies.

2-Castle - Chomp Labryinth

The second floor is a giant labryinth filled with Sandamarraghs and Sand Chomps.The boss is Tutan Chomp and 7 Sand Podoboos. After Tutan Chomp is defeated, he explodes and releases Red Toad. 5 To Go!!!

Keroro Harbor

Mario spots a boat leading to Blue Toad and the other continents. Before you can use the boat you must defeat a Merguy.

3-1 - Oil Drum Cavern

Mario enters the Acid Ocean and finds a factory inside a cave. There is a Microwave which can be stickerized here. If you have a Scissors sticker you can continue to a shop and the miniboss (which are 3 Oilhead Droobe).

3-2 - Mt. Marsh

Mario continues to a giant gateclimbing segment filled with Burngulls, Thwalls, and Ka-Blaxies. The miniboss is a Mr. Magnet.

3-3 - Fishbone Sea

Mario must cross a ocean filled with logs and Fishbones. There may be a Undead Boss Bass, but there is no miniboss. There is a +5 attack heart, though.

3-Fortress - Sea Superbowl

The fortress in Acid Ocean has been transformed into a football stadium. Mario finds a giant football in the football room. He can stickerize it so he can give it to the Football Bro. so you can go to (note this is a terrible pun) Dragletfish, the miniboss.

3-4 - Swift Rapids

Mario must go around the previous area and find bridge pieces to build the bridge to cross the rapids. There are no enemies at all, but there is a Coinbag salesman that sells items here, including a giant Bowling Ball for 300 coins.

3-5 - Sinking Ship

Mario enters a destroyed ship at the bottom of the sea. He doesn't know that it is the duengon of Blue Toad though. The minibosses are 3 Ghost Shroobs.

3-6 - Deep Galleon

The second floor holds many enemies and swaying platforms.There is a climbing segment with webs. The minibosses are 2 Seabirdys and a Orca Sub.



  • Mario - A hero of Papery Porportions
  • Sticky - A character which can Paperize.


  • Toad Brigade - These Toads were spread across the world and if you can find all 7, you can enter Koopa Kingdom.


Mario Stickers

  • Broken Jump
  • Broken Hammer
  • Worn Out Jump
  • Worn Out Hammer
  • Fire Flower
  • Cat-o-Luck
  • Jump
  • Hammer
  • Worn Out Mushroom
  • Tanooki Tail
  • Iron Jump
  • Eekhammer
  • Small Mr. Small
  • Iron Jump
  • Baby Yoshi
  • Worn Out Wind Flower
  • Wind Flower
  • Shiny Jump
  • Shiny Hammer
  • Butter
  • Shiny Wind Flower
  • Basketball
  • Flashy Jump
  • Flashy Hammer
  • Flashy Wind Flower
  • Shiny Baby Yoshi
  • Goat
  • Shiny Eekhammer
  • Worn Out Rainbow
  • Mushroom
  • Wiggler Stampede
  • Stopwatch
  • Pipe
  • Burngull Feather
  • Autobomber 4000
  • Glowing Baby Yoshi
  • Mole Suit
  • Oxygen Tank
  • Big Shiny Jump
  • Big Shiny Hamer
  • Big Shiny Wind Flower
  • Chain Chomp Rodeo
  • Bowling Ball
  • Nanobomb-omb
  • Tba

Sticky Stickers

  • Broken Spiny
  • Broken Punch
  • Worn Out Spiny
  • Worn Out Punch
  • Scissors
  • Spiny
  • Punch
  • Eekpunch
  • Worn Out Cloud
  • Cloud
  • Freezepunch
  • Iron Spiny
  • Shiny Spiny
  • Shiny Punch
  • Shaved Ice
  • Shiny Cloud
  • Petuina Bomb
  • Slampunch
  • Crab Rock
  • Flashy Spiny
  • Flashy Punch
  • Flashy Cloud
  • Shiny Petuina Bomb
  • Submarine
  • Tornado Spiny
  • Worn Out Hurricane
  • Bomb-Omb Barrage
  • Healsoda
  • Shower Head
  • Paraspiny
  • Burngull Feather
  • Shiny Healsoda
  • Poltergeist 5000
  • Candle
  • Flashy Petuina Bomb
  • Boomerang Suit
  • Hopspiny
  • Yo-Yo
  • Big Shiny Spiny
  • Big Shiny Punch
  • Big Shiny Cloud
  • Amp Shock
  • Microwave
  • Nanoblaxy Blomb


  • Petuina Woods - 6 Levels, 2 Castles
  • Tutan Chomp's Tomb - 7 Levels, 1 Castle
  • Acid Ocean - 6 Levels, 2 Castles
  • Loop Isles - 11 Levels, 1 Castle
  • Wiggler Mines - 7 Levels, 2 Castles
  • Snowbottom Seafloor - 7 Levels, 2 Castles
  • High Sky Fortress - 7 Levels, 2 Castles
  • Bowsers Blazing Castle - 1 Level, 1 Castle


  • Goombe - Basic foes that are always peaceful. - HP 4
  • Paper Cone Goombe - Goombes that are stickerized can turn into these foes. - HP 6
  • Koopa - Basic foes that attack with their defense. - HP 5
  • Droobe - Goombe counterpart of Drooba that live underground. - HP 8
  • Bomb-Omb - Exploding fighters in Paper Castles. - HP 8
  • Two-Fold Bomb-omb - Stickerized Bomb-ombs that are twice as efficient. - HP 16
  • Sandamarragh - one of these sandy foes appeared as a miniboss in 1-3 and 2-1 - HP 30
  • Hornza - New creatures that drill and crash on the ground. - HP 10
  • Kangaroombe - Jumping Goombe that jump to avoid hammers and spinys. Miniboss of 1-Fortress - HP 14
  • Blaxy - Small Bomb-ombs that can fly with jetpacks. - HP 13
  • Parabeetle - Flying beetles which fly and swoop. - HP 18
  • Pider - Spiders that climb on nets. - HP 19
  • Bite Size Blarrg - Blarrgs that are the same size as Mario. - HP 15
  • Goombookey - Goombe counterparts of Pokeys that hurts Mario when he uses his jump attack. - HP 10
  • Oho Diver - Diving Piranha Plants from Oho Oasis. - HP 23
  • Slinkobot - Robotic springs that can easily avoid Hammers and Punches. - HP 20
  • Plargha Plant - Muckroom Kingdumb Piranha Plants that serve as a miniboss of 1-6. - HP 32
  • Desert Snifit - Snifits which can survive high tempatures but run from Cold Objects. - HP 25
  • Sand Podoboo - Podoboos made of sand which help Tutanchomp. - HP 12
  • Clayman - Soldiers made of clay that topple on opponents. - HP 45
  • 5-Fold Clayman - Clayman that use five times as much power to operate. - HP 50
  • Burngull - Flaming birds that fly and avoid Jumps and Spines. - HP 25
  • Boo - Ghosts habiting ghost houses. - HP 35
  • Gunk Cannon Guy - Two Shy Guys holding a single Gunk Cannon. If one Shy Guy is defeated, the cannon will be defenseless until a Shy Guy comes on the third turn he is defenseless. - HP 20
  • Venus Elemental Trap - Gigantic Piranha Plants that have powers of fire, ice, and thunder. - HP 80
  • Paper Cone Blaxy - Blaxies that are stickerized and can only be affected by Petuina Bombs and bubbles coming from Baby Yoshi. - HP 40
  • Sand Chomp - Giant Chain Chomps made of sand. - HP 58
  • Helmet Guy - Shy Guys wearing spikey helmets that reside in castles. - HP 30
  • Merguy - Swimming Shy Guys that carry tridents. - HP 110
  • Acid Puddler - Puddles of acid which have the ability to throw they're punches quite literally!!! - HP 52
  • Oilhead Droobe - Droobe that have dug in a mine and found oil. - HP 60
  • Thwall - For the very first time, Thwalls can attack by falling on Mario - HP 50-80(Depends on the face it has when it enters battle)
  • Ka-Blaxy - Ka-Bombs using jetpacks to drop Blaxies of they're own. - HP 55
  • Mr. Magnet - Robotic Magnets that can use Metal Objects to they're advantage. - HP 99
  • Fishbone - Undead fish of evil that can throw their own head. Usually come in groups of 5. - HP 35
  • Football Puddle - The only difference from Acid Puddlers are the football suits and the tackles it can land on you. - HP 52
  • Pirate Boo - Boos that used to be pirates before they died. - HP 55
  • Angeler Cheep - Cheep-Cheeps that have adapted to live in the darkest of waters. - HP 70
  • Ghost Shroob - Undead inveaders that tried to invade the Mushroom Kingdom in the past. - HP 85
  • Seabirdy - Aquatic subspecies of Burngulls that can't fly. - HP 64
  • Orca Sub - Whale submarines operated by Hammer Bros on the order of Bowser. - HP 85
  • Tba


  • Tye-Dyerantula - A giant Pider which holds White Toad. - HP 100
  • Tutanchomp - A giant Chain Chomp holding Red Toad. He is a ghost and is invincible until you use the Small Mr. Small on him - HP (Phase 1)???,(Phase 2)205
  • King Cheep-Chomp - A giant Cheep-Chomp that can survive in acid and holds Blue Toad. You can block most attacks by using a Baby Yoshi to upset its stomach. - HP 270
  • Giganto Florosapien - A giant plant that holds Green Toad and does a set pattern of using vines, throwing its head, unleashing a icy breath, restoring 5 HP, and repeating. - HP 320
  • King Swooper - A giant Swooper that holds Black Toad and is the supposed leader of the Swoopers. - HP (Phase 1)300,(Phase 2)100
  • Bloozard - A freezing Boo that holds Yellow Toad and can call forth Merguys. - HP 621
  • Octogoomboss - After the overthrow of King Kaliente, Octogoomboss took over as the ruler of the Octogoombas. He holds White Toad. - HP 710
  • Tba


  • If enemies are put in bubbles, they're vulernable to every move and lose a quarter of their HP.
  • Before Tutan Chomp became the boss of world 2, Tutankoopa was the choice. However it was changed to Tutan Chomp. This also changed the name of world 2.
  • The Megahypersuperultraepic Shiny Fire Flower is looking like this but a lot more big

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