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Paper Mario: Altered Dimensions
Developer(s) Dragon Co.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) RPG
Series Paper Mario
Predecessor Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Release Date(s) December 2019
Mode(s) 1 player
Age Rating(s) ERating3Rating

Paper Mario: Altered Dimensions is the fifth game in the Paper Mario series, which is under development by Dragon Co. It is planned to be released December 2019. PMAD will have new partners, new bosses, and new items. It will be similar to the first two installments in the series, with partners and the battle style. The game revolves around Mario in paper form once again, on his journey to recover the Diamond Shards from all across the Mushroom Kingdom. Along the way, Luigi and Bowser help him out with their strengths, as well as many new partners. Princess Peach has also been kidnapped by strange beings known as Orzerers, so Mario sets out rescue her as well when he finds out.


Note: Since this section is taking up so much room on the main page, and it's a little annoying to write a synopsis as well as the actual chapter, all of the plot will be on this page.


The gameplay of this game is very similar to the first two installments of the series, but reuses a few gameplay elements of Super Paper Mario. It also has some brand new elements with the addition of the Wii U GamePad to the series.

Paper Abilities

Like TTYD, Mario has the abilities to fold into many different things to adapt to his environment. Two of the previous abilities, the Plane mode and Boat mode, are scrapped because Mario has partners to perform those abilities. He has a new ability, called the Paper Rocket, which transforms him into a rocket to fly up to certain areas. The returning abilities are the Flat mode and the Tube mode, which make Mario perfectly flat and into a paper tube, respectively.

Mario is taught these abilities by the mysterious Merlarr, who he finds in Chapters 1, 3, and 4. She teaches him the paper abilities when a certain time arrives. However, usually Mario is tasked with finding something for her first, such as a special kind of leaf or something like that.


Returning from TTYD and SPM is the ability to go into the background through special pipes. However, unlike those games, Mario can take his partners into the background. He will need his partners in the background to help him perform some abilities that he will need to do in order to affect the foreground. For example, if he freezes a waterfall in the background, it will lead to freezing a river in the foreground that Mario needs to cross.


Intermissions return from the first three installments. The first is an installment with Princess Peach, who is gathering information about the Orzerers and sending it to Mario, as well as trying to escape. Then Bowser has an intermission where he follows Mario to areas he has been before and tries to locate Diamond Shards on his own. Finally Luigi has an intermission where he has been captured by Bowser Jr. and needs to escape. Some intermissions from any of them may take place in a side-scrolling level similar to Super Mario Bros.

amiibo Compatability

A new line of amiibo will be released for this game. When you scan in the amiibo figure, it will join your party as either a playable character, partner, or a facility in Diamond City. If the character is a partner, you can choose to swap the partner out for the exsisting partner. For example, if you scan the Goombella figure, you can swap her out for Purpla at any time in Diamond City. Some amiibo are even badges that you may equip. Note that the partner amiibo can only be activated after you earn the partner that you swap out for it.

Figure Description Role
AssembleAmiibo GoombellaGoombella Goombella was the partner you had in the adventure in PM:TTYD. With the same moveset she had in that adventure, as well as more varied responses when tattling than Purpla, she's a great member to have on your team. Partner
Parakarry Amiibo PMADParakarry The famed mailkoopa of the Mushroom Kingdom can now be a partner once again! You can use Parakarry to fly over short gaps, replacing ... as a partner. Partner
Watt Amiibo PMADWatt Watt is the young Lil' Sparky that Mario rescued in his early Paper Mario adventure. Now, he's back to help Mario once again! Watt replaces ... and once again can light up dark rooms. Partner
Koops Amiibo PMADKoops Koops is the young Koopa who set out to adventure with you to defeat Hooktail. Now, he returns as an amiibo! Koops can replace Goomster since both can reach faraway objects. Partner


Battles are very similar to the way they were in PM:TTYD. Battles will almost always take place in a theater stage with a background, scenery, and an audience. Apart from the traditional turn-based combat, many things can happen during the battle since the characters interact with the scenery, for example: The background may fall damaging all the characters on-stage after using a strong move like Quake Hammer.

Mario and the enemies can use the audience to their advantage. The audience can throw items that can help or harm Mario. Characters like Toads will always throw helpful items like Mushrooms, but enemies like Orzerers will always throw harmful objects that take away 1-3 HP.

On the Offensive

Mario and his party can use a variety of attack styles when battling. If you perform an Action Command, with timely button pressing, the attack is boosted by 1.

  • Countdown: Tilt and hold Control-StickWiiU, then release when the red light flashes.
  • Tricky Timing: Press AButton before landing on the opponent, or touch the opponent in the Wii U GamePad.svg screen before landing on it.
  • Aiming: Align the cursor inside the target.
  • Button Mania: Hold or repeatedly tap one or more buttons.
  • Tap Shot: Continuously tap the Wii U GamePad.svg screen.
  • Sliding Fest: Slide on the Wii U GamePad.svg screen.

On the Defensive

When enemies have their turn to attack, Mario and co. have a chance to defend against oncoming attacks. If they guard right, the damage given to them will lower, and if they Superguard, they will take no damage and the enemy may take 1 damage.

  • Guard: To perform a Guard move, the player must press Bbuttonwiiu so Mario can dodge his enemy's attack, reducing the damage he takes by 1 and avoiding any status effect given by that attack. The player will have a 1/2 second to guard.
  • Superguard: To perform a Superguard move, the player must press Bbuttonwiiu so Mario can dodge his enemy's attacks as well as performing a counter-attack, negating the attack completely and sometimes damaging the attacker. The player will only have a 1/4 second to superguard, making it more difficult to time than a regular guard.

Status Conditions

Status conditions return from all of the games. There are a few new status conditions, and the conditions work in different ways than in some of the games.*Poisoned: Takes away 1 HP for 9 turns.

    • Badly Poisoned: Takes away 2 HP for 10 turns.
    • Fatally Poisoned: Takes away 3 HP for 12 turns.
  • Confused: Does not perform the attack told for 2 turns.
  • Dizzy: Attacks have a higher chance of missing for 2-3 turns.
  • Stopped: Movement stops altogether for two turns.
    • Varients of Stopped: Clipped, Frozen, Stuck.
  • Energized: Attacks go faster, making action commands harder, but they do one more damage than usual, for 2 turns.
  • Burned: You are set on fire. The fire does one damage for 3 turns.
  • Electrified: You are electric, so any direct attackers get hurt. The length of this varies.


Immunity is a new function in this game. With Immunity, you can lower how much damage you take from status conditions like Poison and lower how long it takes for it to wear off. For example, if you have an Immunity level 1, Burns will do 1 damage still, but only for 2 turns.

Leveling Up

Star Points

Mario, Luigi, and Bowser can each earn Star Points when they defeat an enemy. When they collect 100 Star Points in total, they level up and can choose to boost their Health Points (HP) by 5, Flower Points (FP) by 5, or Badge Points (BP) by 3. The team stops leveling up at level 99, and by Level 40 almost all enemies drop only 1 Star Point. After every ten levels, they go up a Rank. When they reach a new Rank, they can choose to upgrade their Attack, Defense, or a new function called Immunity by 1. They stop going up ranks at level 50. The ranks are:

  • Mushroom Rank: At Mushroom Rank, they are rather weak and are not very well-known around the world. The audience fills 50 people.
  • Shell Rank: At Shell Rank, they are rather well known and gain access to more shops in Diamond City. The audience fills 100 people.
  • Leaf Rank: They now get access to almost every area around Diamond City. They are also very strong by now. The audience fills 150 people.
  • Flower Rank: They have access to every area in Diamond City and can also take the Mushroom Express to the Mushroom Kingdom. The audience fills 200 people.
  • Diamond Rank: They can go everywhere in the Mushroom Kingdom, get rewards from people in Diamond City just by talking to them, and are feared by enemies when confronted. Enemies can now run themselves. The audience fills 300 people.

Shine Points

In this game, a new function is added so Mario's partners can also level up. Partners level up by performing well in battle. If they perform their Action Commands, Guards, and Stylish moves perfectly, the audience will throw them a Shine Point. When the partners gain 50 Shine Points, they go up a level. Instead of boosting HP, FP, or BP, they will boost their Attack, Defense, or Immunity like when the main team goes up a rank. The partners stop leveling up by Level 10.

Shine Sprites

Mario can collect Shine Sprites like in TTYD. When collecting these, he can give 3 Shine Sprites to Merlon and Merlon will level up Mario's party, increasing their HP by 5 and teaching them a new move. When Mario gets the Red Orb and gives it to Merlon, he'll replace his Purple Orb with it and will level up Mario's party for a second time and will teach them ultra-rank moves. Any extra Shine Sprites can be given to Piantas to gain rare badges in return.


Like TTYD, in every battle there is an audience. They determine how much DP (Diamond Points) and Shine Points Mario's team recieves. The audience members are affected by what area they are in. For example, if they are in Goomba Grounds or Goomsville, the audience will be mostly made up of Goombas.


Bingo returns from TTYD. When Mario or his team members perform a successful Action Command, Guard, or Stylish move, a small icon will appear on the screen. He can then earn another icon if they perform another successful move. If he gets two correct and performs a third successful move, then Bingo begins. A roulette appears, and Mario needs to try and match all three.

There are a lot more icons that Mario could match up than in TTYD. He could get a Mushroom, Flower, Diamond, Coin, Hammer, Star, Shine Sprite, Boo, Ztar, and Poison Mushroom. If Mario gets a Mushroom, his and his partners' HP will max out. If he gets a Flower, his FP will max out. A Diamond will max out his DP, and a Hammer will improve his Attack by 5 for three turns. Getting a Coin earns him 100 Coins, and a Boo makes Mario invisible for three turns. A Star or Shine Sprite will max out HP, FP, and DP. Getting a Ztar or Poison Mushroom will cut Mario's stats in half and bring the audience to zero. However, getting any other positive Bingo will max out the audience.


There are four characters in this game, new and old. Almost all of the characters in this table can be unlocked and played as, similar to SPM. Every character has a different ability. For example, Mario has the ability to fold into different shapes to get into different areas.

Character Name Description Ability
PaperMarioDTT Mario Mario is the main protagonist of the game. He travels through two dimensions (the Mushroom Dimension and the Alternate Dimension) in order to bring peace to the universe. Mario can fold to fit through tight spaces. Like PM:TTYD, he can become perfectly flat, a paper rocket (new), or a tube.
PaperLuigi Luigi Luigi is the brother of Mario. You do not have Luigi in your party right away, but when you find him in Chapter 3, he agrees to come with you. Luigi's original intentions were just to go on a vacation, but he followed some of Bowser's minions and ended up trapped.

Before Chapter 3, you can play as Luigi during the interludes between chapters 1, 2, and 3. You can play as Luigi wandering around the locations Mario already visited, such as Diamond City, the Forever Forest, and Goomsville.

Luigi is able to use a Spin Jump to launch higher than Mario ever could. He can also Spin Dash to run very fast.
Paper Bowser Bowser Bowser is another main character. He has his own interlude and can be unlocked. In his interlude, you visit areas that you have already visited and hunt for the Diamond Shard. When you unlock him in Chapter 5-ish, he is angry and decides to fight you, only to be defeated and joins Mario on his journey. Bowser has twice the strength of Mario, so he can move large objects with ease. Instead of a hammer, Bowser has fire, which can burn objects that cannot be moved. He can also use a Ground Pound to smash the floor beneath him.
Paper Peach Princess Peach Princess Peach was captured by Orzerers before the game officially began. While she cannot be unlocked in the main story, she has her own intermission where she is trapped at Castle Orzerer, gathering info about them and sending it to Mario via email. During some of her intermissions, Peach needs to use the SplitScreen Scanner developed by Professor E. Gadd to gather information and help. She can also use her parasol to defend from enemy attacks, glide, and to use it as a hammer.
Orzarius Orzarius used to work for the Orzerer Army, as second-in-command. However, after he was defeated for (probably) the fourth time in Orzerer Castle, he decided that maybe he was on the wrong side, and so he joined Mario's team. Orzarius can swing his staff in the field to act like Mario's Super/Ultra Hammer in TTYD. It can smash large blocks and harm enemies.


Partners return from the first two installments. They each have their own ability that helps Mario in the field. A new feature is that partners can be taken with you into the background. Not all of the partners in this table need to be unlocked to complete the main story.

Partners can be ranked up once by Merlon in Diamond City to the Super Rank, at the cost of 3 Shine Sprites. When you find his Red Orb, they can rank up to the Ultra Rank for the same price. They can also rank up one last time by a facility in Diamond City called "Abilla T.'s Training Center." Here, each partner can rank up to the Master Rank, solving challenges and battles without Mario or his team. Each time they rank up, their HP goes up by 10 and they learn a new move.

Character Name Description Moves Move Summary
PurplaPMAD Purpla Purpla is a young Toad who used to live in Diamond City. When Mario found him, he was in hot water with a group of Orzerers. After Mario saved him, he decided that he wanted to become stronger in case people like them ever return.

Purpla is a shy and young Toad, always backing away from a fight. He tries to think of a different way out other than violence. In the field, Purpla can use the ScannerPad 2.0 to collect information about characters or areas.

Stomp Stomps on a single enemy. Gets hurt by a spiked enemy. 0 FP
Info Scan Finds data on a single enemy using the ScannerPad 2.0. 0 FP
Multistomp Jumps on a single enemy multiple times. 2 FP
Blazing Stomp With a flaming foot, stomps on an enemy and potentially burns it. 4 FP
Gamma Ray Fires multiple rays of light at all enemies through the ScannerPad, doing high damage. 6 FP
Goomster The Greatest Goom in the West, Goomster is a cowboy Goomba who lives in a small village just north of Goomsville. When he heard that Mario and Purpla had plans to destroy the dragon, Flametail, he decided they needed his help. However, he thought that "them varmints are weaklings," so a fight proceeded between them. When he was defeated, he finally agreed to help.

Goomster thinks that he is the most powerful being of them all. Oftentimes he puts himself before others. Goomster has the same ability as the Koopa partner in previous games, as he is able to use his whip to hit faraway objects.

Headbonk Headbonks on an enemy just like any other Goomba. 0 FP
Whip Uses his whip to attack a ground/low-flying enemy. 0 FP
Quick Draw Shoots an enemy, with power depending on how well you performed the action commands. 2 FP
Lasso Swing Swings his lasso to grab an enemy, then throw it at another enemy. 4 FP
Wiggler Rodeo Rides a Wiggler across the stage, attacking all enemies. 7 FP
Bombarrium Bombarrium is an elderly Bob-Omb that Mario and co. met in the Diamond Ruins. Like Purpla, he was being harassed by Orzarius, and Mario and co. stopped him. After being saved, Bombarrium explained that he was visiting the remains of his old hometown. He said that his life was growing short, and he wanted to experience action again, so he joined Mario's team.

Bombarrium is a stubborn Bob-Omb that used to think that violence was the answer. Now, with Mario and co, he begins to mellow out and enjoy life. He is the bomb of the game, blowing up cracked walls and performing a First Strike on enemies.

Bomb Explodes in front of one enemy. 0 FP
Ignite Lights his fuse so that any direct attacker gets hurt. 2 FP
Multi-Bomb Throws bombs at every enemy. 3 FP
Bomb Army Summons a squad of Bob-Ombs on parachutes to blow up all enemies. 5 FP
Mega Bomb Creates a huge explosion that does high damage to every enemy. 8 FP
Squarrell Squarrell is a Waddlewing who lives in Sapphire City. He loves to watch the fighters duke it out in the Sapphire Showdown Stadium. When he found out that Mario entered, he begged to let him fight with him.

Squarrell tries to look tough in front of danger, but oftentimes gets too scared to continue. He claimed to join Mario's team to help them, but really he wanted to build up his courage. In the field, Squarrell acts like the Plane Mode in PM:TTYD and lets him glide over large gaps.

Dive Dives at a single enemy. 0 FP
Acorn Toss Throws a small acorn, doing damage to one enemy. This move pierces any defense and always does 4 damage. 1 FP
Grab Lunges at one enemy and sucks up to 5 HP out of him, adding to his. 3 FP
Aerial Strike Dives at any enemy from above and attacks multiple times. 4 FP
Wing's Wind Blows a strong wind that potentially blows away any enemy with 7 HP or lower. 6 FP
Piranhetty Piranhetty is a female Piranha Plant that lived in the Forgotten Forest. She was once a part of the villainous Piranha Tribe, that terrorizes the Whittle colony living in the Treetop Village, but she left when Mario found her and decided to have her switch to good.

Piranhetty tends to judge a book by its cover, not really considering how a person really is but just how good they look. She is a fashionista at heart and always has a pearl necklace on her. Piranhetty is able to use her sharp teeth to cut up fake walls.

Bite Bites down on a ground enemy. 0 FP
Shine Shines her necklace, confusing all enemies. 2 FP
Leaf Shield Sets up a large leaf that defends any attack for 3 turns. 3 FP
Chomp Chain Chomps on all enemies, sucking out their HP and adding to hers. 5 FP
Forest Aura Summons spirits of the forest, which can either make Mario dodgy, boost his attack, or allow him to attack twice for that turn. 8 FP
Penguar Penguar is a Bumpity that Mario and Co. met on an uncharted island during their voyage with Captain Sniffarro. When they arrived, he said that he was accidentally stranded there by his fellow crew mates. When Mario said that they were sailing with Sniffarro, he begged to sail with them.

Penguar is a kind-hearted young Bumpity. He feels that everyone should be treated equally, so that sometimes leads to some dangerous situations. Penguar is easily the most optimistic out of the team, looking at the bright side of things. In the field, Penguar acts as a boat to sail Mario and co. across some bodies of water.

Slap Slaps an enemy. 0 FP
Big Hug Hugs an enemy, doing damage and also confusing it. 3 FP
Water Bubble Surrounds the team in a large water bubble that heals 2 HP for seven turns. 5 FP
Belly Slide Slides into every enemy, doing high damage. 6 FP
Happy Heart If done successfully, it can heal up to 10 HP for both him and Mario. 8 FP


See the full enemy list here: Paper Mario: Altered Dimensions/Tattle Log


This is a list of all the main locations in the game. There are more areas you can visit, but those are not required.

Main location Summary Sub-locations Summary
Diamond City (Main Hub) A bustling city that was created after the Great Diamond War. It is a large city with many tourists and dozens of Toad natives. Mayor Toaddio reigns here, giving his watchful eye on everything that happens in the city—most of the time. The city holds many facilities which Mario and co. gain access to as they progress in the game, such as the Trouble Center, Diamond Arcade, and more. Diamond Ruins The ruins of the town that existed before the Diamond War. In this underground city, Mario can find shops, residents who can give him power-ups, and access to some of the worlds he needs to go to. This also gives him access to the Alternate Portal and the Pit of 100 Trials.
The Alternate Portal This vast room is home to the portal that leads to the Alternate Dimension. It collects the Diamond Shards and leads Mario and his party to the next Shard. Once ten of the Shards are collected, it opens up to the Alternate Dimension, but when the eleventh shard is found, it lets you go to the secret dungeon where the monster of the Alternate Dimension resides.
Pit of 100 Trials Returning from PM:TTYD and SPM, the Pit of 100 Trials is a bonus challenge that Mario and co. can tackle after they meet the Bomb partner. The pit is of course made up of 100 floors. Every ten floors has a small prize inside of a large chest, and unlike the other games, every thirty levels holds a Recovery Block and on the 90th floor there is also a Save Block. At the bottom of the pit is Death Bones, the Protector of another Diamond Shard, which opens an extra room in the Alternate Dimension.
Goomba Grounds A small and peaceful meadow which leads to both Goomsville and Demon Cave. Here you can find a small version of Moo Moo Meadows from Mario Kart Wii, as well as some Goombas roaming around. Goomsville A small community of Goombas. This is where Mario meets his partner, Goomster, and Governor Gomm, the Protector of a Diamond Shard.
Demon Cave A large cave that the people of Goomsville blocked off. There are many puzzles here that require Goomster's whip or Purpla's research. Red Bones resides here at the halfway point of the cave, assigned to stop all trespassers. In the deepest part lives Flametail, who Mario and co. need to defeat.
Watery Pass A jungle that Mario and co. can explore up to a point, where they are blocked off by a river. When they can cross the river, they can fight Frosttail, who wishes to avenge Flametail.
Sapphire City Sapphire City is the city with more glam than Diamond City. Here, you can find the Sapphire Showdown Stadium, which you can compete in to get lots of money, as well as the Sapphire Shard. Sapphire Showdown Stadium A large colosseum within Sapphire City where the Sapphire Shard is held. Here, you can fight to earn the title of champion as well as make fans across the dimension.
The Forgotten Forest The Forgotten Forest is a large and maze-like forest just east of Diamond City. Many Piranha Plants and Scuttlebugs live here, as well as the leader of the forest, Petey Piranha. Treetop Village A small colony of Whittles built homes up above the trees to protect themselves from the monsters of the forest below. They used to hold the Emerald Shard, but it was stolen by Piranha Plants.
Perilous Isle A small island located near the forest. There are a few enemies, but no one draws near normally, because this island holds the entrance to the second Pit of 100 Trials in the game.
Mushroom Sea A vast ocean filled with monsters of the deep, such as Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers. This ocean is crossed in efforts to reach Egg Island. The journey from Diamond City to Egg Island takes approximately three days. S.S. Sniffot This is the vessel owned by Captain Sniffarro. This ship is what takes Mario and co. to Egg Island. In one of the ship's lower rooms, there are dozens of cages filled with Fuzzies, which Sniffarro claims are worth millions in Diamond City's market. Mario's job on the voyage is to be lookout and get any oncoming Cheep Cheeps or Bloopers off the ship.
Uncharted Island This island is a pit stop that Sniffarro makes during the voyage. Here, Mario is tasked with finding some Keel Mangos and Coconuts, since they lost all of their supplies.
Egg Island The final destination of Sniffarro and his crew. The island is filled with Yoshi's, and they hold the Violet Shard.
Midnight Village A small village that has many Koopas and other similar species live in. It is called Midnight Village for a reason, since it almost always looks like it is midnight. The village is tormented by a monster that lives on Midnight Mountain, who eats the Koopa residents' souls one by one. Darkness Road A trail that leads to Midnight Mountain. It is a very trialling road that is so dark, you can only see the small area around yourself. That being said, it is pretty easy to get attacked by enemies without knowing it.
Midnight Mountain A large mountain, and the last hurdle until the mansion on top. Here, there are multiple levels of the mountain, each getting smaller as you go higher. Many boulders can fall that take away one HP per boulder, and they knock you one level on the mountain, so it's best to avoid them.
Moon Manor A large and confusing mansion where a dangerous monster is said to live, stealing Koopas' souls. There are four floors in total, three of each guarded by hordes of enemies. On the top and final floor, the monster is said to reside.


A yellow table signifies a chapter boss. A red background signifies an optional boss.

Chapter Name HP Attack Defense Special Attacks Location
Prologue: A City of Glory Orzarius (1) 5 1 0 None Diamond City
Goomba x2 3 1 0 None Diamond City
Giant Goomba 10 2 0 None Diamond City
Chapter 1: Catching the Cave Dragon Goomster 15 1 0 None Goomsville
Draglets x5 6 2 0 None Goomsville
Red Bones and x2 Dull Bones 5 and 1 3 and 1 1 and 1 None Demon Cave
Flametail and x1 Dull Bones and x2 Draglets 25, 1, and 5 4, 1, and 2 1, 1, and 0 Various fire-based attacks, none, none Demon Cave
Frosttail 85 6 3 Very dangerous ice-based attacks Watery Pass
Chapter 1 Intermission (as Luigi) Bowser Jr. (1) 20 2 0 None Bowser Jr.'s Airship
Chapter 2: Showdown to Stardom Orzarius (2) 20 3 Raises by 2 every turn Various magic attacks Sapphire Showdown Stadium
Rain of Terror 30 3 0 Several lightning attacks Sapphire Showdown Stadium
Brawk Hawk 35 3 1 None Sapphire Showdown Stadium
Super Brawk Hawk 45 5 2 All regular attacks are more powerful Sapphire Showdown Stadium
Chapter 2 Intermission Bowser 40 2 0 None Diamond City
Chapter 3: Lost in the Forgotten Forest Piranha Plant Tribe (3 members) 10, 15, and 25 1, 2, and 3 0 each None
Bowser Jr. (2), Iggy Koopa, and Larry Koopa 30 2 1 Cannon, Magic, Slap (can remove Mario's Hammer or Jump temporarily) The Forgotten Forest
25 3 1 None The Forgotten Forest
20 2 0 None The Forgotten Forest
Petey Piranha 50 3 2 Various earth or grass based attacks The Forgotten Forest
Chapter 4: A Sniff of Sea Air Captain Koopez's Fleet (5 ships in total) (Action mini-game) 20 per ship 2 0 None Mushroom Sea
Gold Fuzzy and Swarm of Fuzzies 20 2 1 None Mushroom Sea
60 5 2 None Mushroom Sea
Orzarius (3) and Captain Sniffarro (1) 30 3 1 None Egg Island
25 2 2 None Egg Island

Diamond Shards

There are ten Diamond Shards in total. Each Shard has something to do with its protector. To use the powers, you need DP, or Diamond Points, which are given by the audience when you perform Stylish moves.

Shard Protector Power Power Summary
Silver Shard Mayor Toaddio Mushroom Rain, 1 DP If done successfully, it can restore up to 7 HP for you and your partner, as well as 7 FP.
Ruby Shard Flametail  Whirlwind of Fire, 2 DP If done successfully, it deals up to 7 damage on every foe and gives them a burn.
Sapphire Shard Super Brawk Hawk Power Insanity, 3 DP If done successfully, it can raise your Attack, Defense, and Immunity by up to 4 each.
Emerald Shard Petey Piranha Planting Roots, 3 DP If done successfully, it can grow a large tree on either the enemies, Mario's team, or the audience, whose roots stop all actions.
Violet Shard Technically Gold Fuzzy Tidal Torment, 4 DP If done successfully, deals up to 12 damage on all enemies, as well as making them dizzy.
Garnet Shard King Chomp Mushroom Mayhem, 5 DP If done successfully, it can restore up to 25 HP for you and your partner, as well as 25 FP.


  • "If I win, though, y'all gotta give me all yer coins. I, uh, have a few debts to pay." - Goomster
  • "So, you three are the ones who set out to destroy me. You'll make a nice appetizer." - Flametail
  • "Wow, locked up in a cage. I thought this was Peach's job." - Luigi
  • "Ha ha! Haggy! Come on! We've got a diamond to steal!" - Bowser

Refrences to Other Games

  • Super Mario Bros. 3 - The Koopalings return as bosses in this game.
  • Paper Mario - All of Mario's partners can be found wandering around Diamond City.
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - All of Mario's partners can be found in Diamond City. The Great Gonzales Jr. is mentioned several times in Egg Island. Flametail is a homage to Hooktail, Brawk Hawk is a homage to Rawk Hawk, and the Mushroom Express is a homage to the Excess Express.
  • Super Mario Sunshine - Bowser Jr. returns as a consistent boss. Also, Piantas and Shine Sprites return.
  • Mario Kart Wii - In Goomba Grounds, you pass by a smaller version of Moo Moo Meadows.
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star - The game takes place directly after Sticker Star. The Royal Stickers are mentioned by both Kammy Koopa and Bowser.
  • Luigi's Mansion - Luigi references a haunted mansion upon entering the manor on top of Midnight Mountain.


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  • During development, the Alternate Dimension and Egg Island were the only locations that remained exactly the same.
    • The same applies to Purpla, as he was the only partner to remain the way he was.
  • This is the first Paper Mario game to involve amiibo.
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