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Paper Luigi
Paper Luigi boxart.jpg
Developer(s) Pipe of the Past
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Wii, DS, Switch
Genre(s) RPG, Platformer
Release Date(s) 13 April 2007 (Wii); 14 April 2008 (DS); 15 April 2022 (Switch)
Mode(s) Up to Four Players in Story Mode & Minigames
Age Rating(s) E for Everyone

Paper Luigi is the first game ever created on Fantendo — it was released on both the Nintendo Wii (2007) and DS (2008). In the long-awaited spinoff to Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Luigi must save the Waffle Kingdom.

About half of the game's plot is comes from the Waffle Kingdom Luigi subplot within the Thousand Year Door. With Mario away, Luigi travels abroad to stop the Chestnut King from marrying Princess Éclair. In the game's finale, Luigi must save the timestream itself from the machinations of Waluigi and King Boo.


Much of the gameplay is similar to titles in the Paper Mario series, with a mix of Paper Mario:The Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario. Like The Thousand Year Door it is a turn-based RPG but like Super Paper Mario about half the levels are a side-scrolling platformer. However the player(s) can control up to four of Luigi’s partners in battle at a time. Hubs like Rogueport and several levels are in three dimensions. Like in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, entering an RPG battle is a continuous process of being on the over world.


There are also Mini-games, including:

  • Luigi’s Fishing
  • Circuit Breaker Racer
  • Broadway Bankers
  • Hot Bob-Omb


Luigi and friends.

Up to four players can play in the over world and in battle. Luigi and three partners can battle at once. These are Luigi’s partners, who join Luigi in battle. Their signature moves, and what chapter they can first be unlocked in are detailed below.

Name Chapter Obtained Abilities Description
Evil Guy.png
Evil Guy
Prologue Shoe Swipe
0 FP
Hits an opponent with his shoes.
1 FP
Belches Works twice as effective on fire enemies.
Gunk Belch
3 FP
Belches gunk, reducing enemy accuracy.
Right Back at Ya!
4 FP
Swallows an enemy and shoots it at the enemy right behind it, damaging both of them. This move ignores Defense Power. Does not work on spiky or fire enemies.
Prologue: After Luigi saves her from Evil Guy, she joins him on his adventure. She is the one who connects Luigi with Professor Frankly, her thesis advisor. Shy Jump
0 FP
Hits the enemy with a jump attack. Analyzes enemy and reveals their HP and other statistics.
Shy Rush
0 FP
Hits the enemy from the side
Rally Wink
4 FP
Gives Luigi a second turn, at the expense of her own turn.
Prologue: A great detective, Pennington joins Luigi on his quest. He is not playable from Chapters 5 to 6, but gives a letter of introduction from Luigi to Screamy. Tattle
0 FP
Analyzes enemy and reveals their HP and other statistics.
2 FP
Uses his magnifying glass to burn the enemy via the sun’s rays.
Bumpty Bump
2 FP
Slams into the side of an enemy. Does not work on some spiked enemies.
Go forth, Luigi!
4 FP
Increases Luigi’s latent power.
Blooey PLEA.png
Chapter 1 White Torpedo
0 FP
Hits an enemy, no matter where they are.
You Made Me Ink
1 FP
Hits the enemy with ink, reducing accuracy
Fried Torpedo
3 FP
Stronger White Torpedo
Deep-Fried Torpedo
4 FP
Stronger Fried Torpedo
Jerry PLEA.png
Chapter 2 Hello Daddy
0 FP
Attacks one ground-bound enemy.
Hello Mom
1 FP
Sets up three time bombs to explode on the next turn.
Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb!
3 FP
Powerfully bombs all enemies.
Jerry Bomb
4 FP
Damages all enemies which physically attack Jerry.
Torque PLEA.png
Chapter 3 Shell Toss
0 FP
Attacks one ground-bound or low-hovering enemy.
Power Shell
3 FP
Attacks all ground-bound and low-hovering enemies.
Shell Shock
4 FP
Electrifies Luigi, which powers him up.
Shell Slam
6 FP
Attacks all ground-bound and low-hovering enemies, ignoring their Defense Power.
Chapter 4 Sing
3 FP
Puts enemy to sleep
2 FP
Guarantee flee from the battle
Lights, Camera, Action!
4 FP
Boosts Luigi’s stats depending on input.
Earth Spirit
6 FP
Sings an ancient song which unleashes the wrath of the god of grass.
Screamy PLEA.png
Chapter 5 Scream
0 FP
Same as Tattle, but in all caps.
Return to Sender
1 FP
Throws an Item in the bag at an enemy. Damage done depends on the item.
Sound Storm
5 FP
Lets out a loud scream which can damage and paralyze all enemies.
10 FP
Recovers 10 HP but becomes drowsy for 3 turns.
Sir Trainy
Chapter 6 Headbonk
2 FP
Attacks with spiky head to hit enemy. Can damage spiky or fire enemies.
Spin & Span Attack
2 FP
Spins to hit all enemies on the ground.
Tornado Spun Attack
7 FP
Spins to hit all enemies, making them dizzy.
10 FP
Hits all enemies with a massive train.
Paper Toadette 20.png
Chapter 6 Jump
0 FP
Jumps on an enemy.
Super Hammer
1 FP
Hits the enemy from the side, and it hits the next enemy.
Ultra Jump
3 FP
Jumps on an enemy with great force.
Ultra Hammer
4 FP
Hits an enemy from the side, hitting all following enemies.
Vivian - Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door.png
Chapter 7 Shade Fist
0 FP
Punches an enemy and leaves it magically burned.
1 FP
Hides ally and herself in the shadows to negate all damage for a turn. Next turn, Vivian will not be able to act.
Fiery Jinx
6 FP
Attacks all enemies with fire, penetrating their Defense Power and leaving them burned. This move is particularly effective against ice enemies, and it heals fire foes.
4 FP
Blows kisses at all enemies, possibly confusing them.

Optional partners:

Name Method Obtained Abilities Description
Ms. MOwz.jpg
Ms. Mowz
Chapter 4, complete her Trouble Center request Love Slap
0 FP
Attacks one enemy, ignoring their Defense Power.
Kiss Thief
2 FP
Steals an enemy's held badge or item.
3 FP
Makes all enemies Dizzy.
10 FP
If successful, Luigi recovers up to 12 HP.
The Great Gonzo Jr.
Chapter 6 onwards, defeat him in the Glitz Pit and Luigi will take The Great Gonzo Jr. under his wing. Ground Pound
0 FP
Attacks one enemy multiple times for 1 point of damage per hit.
4 FP
Swallows an enemy and shoots it at the enemy right behind it, damaging both of them. This move ignores Defense Power. Does not work on fire enemies.
3 FP
Throws a set amount of eggs at various random enemies, dealing 1 HP of damage per hit to them. This attack may make them tiny.
Giant Egg
5 FP
Throws a giant egg at various enemies, dealing massive damage.
Lady Bow
Chapter 8: Motivated by their shared animus of King Boo, Lady Bow can join Luigi on his quest if he accepts her proposal to join his party. If he refuses she can simply be asked again. Spook
2 FP
Shocks an enemy from behind, this ignores defense.
Outta Sight
1 FP
Hides ally and herself, identical to Veil.
Fan Smack
3 FP
Attacks an enemy multiple times with a fan.
6 FP
A bunch of boos attack all enemies on the field.
Chapter 8 onwards, fulfill Max’s request in the Trouble Center. TBD
0 FP
0 FP
0 FP
0 FP
Paper Waluigi.jpg
Chapter 9 on the player’s second playthrough TBD
0 FP
0 FP
0 FP
Waluigi Time!
0 FP


Prologue: Waffle Kingdom Letter

The Prologue begins in Rogueport, where Luigi saves Goombella from an annoying classmate, McGoomScotty. He then travels to the Waffle Kingdom.

Luigi later runs into Mario and tells him his story:

  • "Well, hey, big brother! Fancy meeting you here! What a co-inky-dink!"
  • "Eh? Who, me? Well, Bro, I'm on an adventure. I have to rescue Princess Eclair of the Waffle Kingdom. Yeah, it's a bad scene, all right. She's been kidnapped by the evil Chestnut King."
  • "If you gotta know, I met with some Waffle Kingdom cabinet members the other day."
  • "It was pretty crazy, Bro. Wanna hear what happened? It's a pretty long story..."
  • "My big brother--that's you, Bro--got a letter from Princess Peach and took off."
  • "Left behind as usual, I was cooking a snack at home when another letter arrived."
  • "We don't get so much mail, so I was thinking: 'Huh?' This is what the letter said: 'Sirs! My name is Crepe. I am a cabinet minister in the far-off Waffle Kingdom. Our land has been attacked by the Chestnut King, who took our Princess Eclair. I ask, nay, BEG for your assistance! The Waffle Kingdom needs your skills. I humbly request your prompt response, sirs. Sincerely, Crepe.' ...Well, I don't remember it exactly, but I think it went something like that."
  • "With Mario--that's you, Bro--gone, it fell to me to answer this plea!"
  • "Hesitating only a teensy bit, I headed to the Waffle Kingdom to investigate."
  • "Oh, no, first I wrote a note to myself about what I was cooking. Then I left."
  • "Once I reached the Waffle Kingdom, I met Minster Crepe, who filled me in."
  • "The Chestnut King had kidnapped Princess Eclair and vanished."
  • "Apparently, though, some oracle said a Marvelous Compass could locate her."
  • "This Marvelous Compass had been broken into seven parts by an ancient curse...and those parts had been scattered across the land. Can you believe it, Bro?"
  • "Each part of the Marvelous Compass was said to point to the next."
  • "And since one of the parts had been embedded in the tiara worn by the princess... I surmised that once I collected all the parts, I'd find her! Smart, huh?"
  • "The minister gave me the compass base spoken of in Waffler fables... When it activated, the entire thing lit right up, indicating the deep south... It was pointing me toward Rumblebump Volcano on the Pudding Continent!"
  • "So, yeah, here I am! I'm sailing out of Rogueport for Rumblebump Volcano."
  • "It's probably gonna be pretty dangerous, but... I gotta rescue that princess!"

If the player chooses to be interviewed, these events are later recounted in the Super Luigi book series (which makes the player quite a lot of money):

Super Luigi Book 1: The Quest Begins
The day dawned like any other, but little did Luigi know the letter he was about to receive would forever change his destiny.
"Sir Luigi- Danger besets us on all sides, and we beg your help! The foul Chestnut King has stolen our treasure: our fair princess."
The letter was from Minister Crepe of the Waffle Kingdom, a man aware of Luigi's many adventures. He knew only Luigi could save them.
Charged with this dire task, Luigi wasted no time curtailing the heroic meal he was making. Then he packed for his deadly journey.
Knowing that his older, though less talented, brother was out on a no-doubt inconsequential errand, Luigi took a moment to leave a note.
"Mix a Keel Mango with a Peachy Peach to whip up a Fruit Parfait." These cryptic words were all Luigi wrote before leaving.
Upon reaching the Waffle Kingdom, Luigi was greeted by pure misery, an endless flow of tears over the kidnapping of Princess Eclair.
Arriving at the castle, Luigi was greeted by Minister Crepe, who carefully handed him a compass base with only one intact section.
"Our land had a second treasure: the Marvelous Compass. Find its seven parts, and find Eclair." So it began...

Chapter 1: Rumblebump Volcano

The three narratives…

Luigi’s narrative:

Well, I went to Rumblebump Volcano and got myself a Marvelous Compass piece! It was an incredible quest! There was danger, and all sorts of adventuring! It was pretty nutso, Bro. Wanna hear what happened? It's a pretty long story..."
  • "As soon as my ship docked on the Pudding Continent, I set out for the volcano."
  • "To reach my destination, I spent several days fording through dense jungle..."
  • "Scary beasts were all over! More than once, I thought I was done for, Bro!"
  • "I may have screamed a bit. To scare them off, you know. But as fate would have it..."
  • "A Blooper named Blooey heard me shrieking and found me in this one town."
  • "Blooey was on a journey of his own, but he joined me after hearing my tale."
  • "Now, Blooey's a madman. Back in his hometown, they call him 'White Torpedo'!"
  • "Yeah, he's a tough guy. Anyway, he helped me fight to Rumblebump Volcano."
  • "This place was all about bubbling lava pools and heat that'd make the sun sweat."
  • "AND, the place was lousy with evil traps designed to protect the compass piece."
  • "the scariest one of all was this gigantic, 100-foot-tall statue that stomped around."
  • "Now, the weakness of this giant statue, Bro, was a red gem on its forehead..."
  • "Now, I can jump high, but not high enough to reach this thing by a long shot."
  • "So I came up with this plan for Blooey to hit that weak spot! 'All you, man!' I said!"
  • "I waited for a pause in the statue's movements and hucked Bloeey up there!"
  • "And bull's-eye! The White Torpedo saved the day! That jewel got whacked!"
  • "It was a critical hit, and that stone statue toppled and crumbled into pieces!"
  • "Once that was done, it was an easy stroll to the room where the treasure was."
  • "Unfortunately, Princess Eclair was nowhere to be found..."
  • "But I got another piece of the Marvelous Compass, and put it in the base..."
  • "Now the compass pointed west, to Plumpbelly Village on the Strudel Continent."
  • "So I set sail once again and came back here to Rogueport to recharge."
  • "That's what happened to me lately, but I'll be heading back out soon..."

Blooey’s narrative: "Hey there, I'm Blooey. ...And this guy is a total liar! Don't listen to him! You heard his story, right? Well, he did TRY to throw me, but he completely tripped! And what happens?! I end up landing in lava! LAVA, man! You think that feels good? Thanks to him, you can stick a fork in me! I'm well-done! My pale skin's crispified! I'll NEVER forgive this guy! I'm gonna make him pay if it takes my whole lifetime! That's the ONLY reason I'm still hanging around with him. YOU'LL PAY, LUIGI!"

Super Luigi Book 2: Allies in Adventure narrative: "It's a little warm," Luigi muttered, the sweat dripping from his brow as he followed the compass up Rumblebump Volcano's side.
"Must...find...the secret...grotto." While Luigi had guts to spare, he did need a guide, and he found one in Blooey, a Blooper he met in town.
Brave Blooey joined Luigi and instantly proved to be invaluable. With his aid, Luigi bested a savage statue that protected the treasure.
That treasure was none other than a piece of the Marvelous Compass, a piece that pointed west to Plumpbelly Village.

Chapter 2: Plumpbelly Village

The three narratives…

Luigi’s narrative to Mario:"Well, I got my second piece of the Marvelous Compass at Plumpbelly Village recently! Hoo, boy! I really got my hands dirty on that one, I'll tell you what! It was pretty wild, Bro. Wanna hear what happened? It's a pretty long story..."

  • "Once we made landfall on the Strudel Continent, we made for Plumpbelly Village."
  • "Once we got there, though, we immediately noticed that something was wrong."
  • "We learned from the mayor that the town was ruled by a giant snake named Hizza!"
  • "He said his own daughter was gonna be offered up as a sacrifice to this beast, too!"
  • "So, of course, being heroic, I offered myself up to go in her stead! Brave, huh?"
  • "Now, the custom was for sacrifices to be dressed as brides, so I got all dolled up..."
  • "I was one hot sacrifice, Bro. I looked so good, I fooled our foes and got in Hizza's lair."
  • "It was kind of rough fighting in that gown, but I managed. Chiffon really chafes, Bro!"
  • "I finally found Hizza...and the snake had a second head on his tail! Talk about scary!"
  • "I fainted real quick, but when I came to, I managed to distract both heads..."
  • "It reared up, fangs bared to attack, and at that moment, I deftly lunged left!"
  • "His gaping mouths smashed into one another...and he vanished in a cloud of smoke!"
  • "A shining plate fell down on the spot where Hizza's body had been coiled..."
  • "Yes! Another compass piece! I set it, and it pointed east, to Circuit Break Island!"
  • "Just as I was about to leave town, the mayor asked me to stay and marry his daughter."
  • "I thought about it--she was sorta cute--but we ended up sneaking off the next morning."
  • "I mean, I still have to rescue Princess Éclair from the Chestnut King!"
  • "And...when the Marvelous Compass activated this time, I heard somebody's voice."
  • "It was so beautiful, Bro... I'm certain it was Princess Eclair's voice!"
  • "My heart began to race! That's when I realized it: Princess Éclair... I think I..."
  • "Oh! I kinda zoned out there. Umm... So, yeah. We set sail again after ditching town..."
  • "And somehow we managed to get back here to Rogueport. And here I am!"

Jerry’s narrative: "Hi, I guess. I'm Jerry. I'm a Bob-omb from Plumpbelly Village. Nice to meet you. Sorry I sound so down, but you would be too if you saw Luigi dressed as a bride. I'm serious. It scarred me. It was honestly scarier than that giant snake-thing. I feel I now have a moral duty to stop Luigi from ever dressing as a bride again. I have to protect the world from my fate. That's why I'm sticking close to this guy. How can you wear a lime green wedding dress?!? I don’t like any colors that that aren’t cherry-red!!"

Super Luigi Book 2: Allies in Adventure narrative: The second Luigi saw Plumpbelly Village, he knew something was amiss. All was woe, and Luigi soon learned the reason why from the mayor.
The town was at the mercy of a sinister serpent, who demanded sacrificial lasses. Burning with indignation, Luigi formed a team of liberators.
A fierce Bob-omb warrior named Jerry joined his crew and chose, not surprisingly, to stick with Luigi for the duration of his quest for Eclair.
Fortified by his allies, Luigi strode on into the lair of the beast, a foul, two-headed snake. No time to think! Luigi sprang forth!
Twin heads snapped at his heels, fangs dripping venom! Then, as one mouth gaped wide to swallow Luigi, the other crept behind...
Our hero sensed the treachery, and feinted before leaping! The heads collided, and the beast ate itself! The prize? A compass piece!
The villagers begged their savior to stay with them, but a grim-faced Luigi pressed bravely onward.

Chapter 3: Circuit Break Island

The three narratives…

Luigi’s narrative:

"Well, I headed to Circuit Break Island and got me a Marvelous Compass piece! You wouldn't believe it, Bro! Talk about thrills, chills, and spills! It was pretty nuts, Bro. Wanna hear what happened? It's a pretty long story..."
  • "Just as our boat arrived at Circuit Break Island, we heard this incredible racket!"
  • "We soon found out that they hold kart races almost every day on the island."
  • "Whoever takes first place gets to rule the island as king for that day."
  • "Just as we got to the race track, they were holding the awards ceremony..."
  • "I couldn't believe my eye! Right there, on the trophy they give to the winner..."
  • "It was another piece of the Marvelous Compass! I almost passed dead away!"
  • "I decided right then and there that the only thing to do was enter the next race."
  • "I mean, I've driven in kart races before, so I'd thought I'd be OK. Boy, was I wrong."
  • "The karts were supercharged machines that could send you airborne with their exhaust!"
  • "These vehicles were armed with missiles and bazookas... It was 'anything goes,' Bro!"
  • "Of course, I wanted to get out of there, pronto! These drivers were crazed!"
  • "But I worked up my courage and signed up anyway. And my race day finally came..."
  • "I got one of the best karts: the Big Green 01! I took my position at the start line..."
  • "The light went green, I stomped the accelerator... and something bad happened."
  • "I was in reverse! The Big Green 01 went rocketing backwards with me yelling..."
  • "I crashed into the wall behind me hard enough to cut me off midscream."
  • "In one fell swoop, I dropped into last place and wrecked my racing machine..."
  • "But it wasn't all bad news: all the other karts crashed because of my maneuver..."
  • "Once I got in gear and took off, I was the only car left! I won by a country mile, Bro!"
  • "I took the piece off my trophy and added it to the Marvelous Compass..."
  • "The compass came to life and pointed me toward Jazzafrazz Town in the east!"
  • "Then I heard that voice! Princess Eclair's voice echoed in my ears again!"
  • "Oh, my princess! Random words would form poetry if spoken by your voice!"
  • "I will most definitely save you! Just wait for me! Princess Eclair!!!"
  • "Oh! Sorry about that, Bro... Umm... So, after that, I got back on my boat..."
  • "And came back here to Rogueport. And that's what's been up with me."

Torque’s narrative: "Yeah, I'm Torque, and don't for a second think this dude's tellin' the whole story. The only reason I lent him my rig was 'cause he got on his knees and begged. And what happens? He's in it for one second before he completely totals it! Idiot! I'm not lettin' this dip outta my sight until he repays me the 5,000-coin repair costs!"

Super Luigi Volume 3: The Voice of a Princess narrative: Dauntless Luigi's next test came in the form of a kart race on Circuit Break Island, where he won both the contest and a compass piece.
The race was fraught with danger, but Luigi pressed through adversity to win! All viewers were awed by Luigi's revolutionary racing style.
The mechanic who built Luigi's racing machine, a Buzzy Beetle named Torque, was so stunned by Luigi's race techniques that he joined him.

Chapter 4: Jazzafrazz Town

Reinvigorated, Luigi set sail for Jazzafrazz Town, where he made his stage debut! Hayzee, a noted Dayzee producer, gave Luigi a key role.
Playing the part of an earth spirit to pure perfection, Luigi stole the show. Hayzee's faith in Luigi's natural acting talents was rewarded.
The performance won a prize, which yielded another compass piece. Hayzee turned from teacher to pupil, joining Luigi on his quest.
It was at this time that Luigi's heart, usually draped in the cool comfort of a hero's resolve, began to warm with thoughts of Princess Eclair.
This came to be because every time the magic compass pointed to a new place, her gentle words rang in his ears, touching him to his very soul.
The voice spoke of eternity, of stars in the heavens. It wept for those blind to love. It gave comfort in the face of fear and loneliness.
Though he had never seen her, our hero was tormented by visions of this fair-hearted maiden. All he could do was press onward.
The compass pointed toward Rapturous Ruins. Only two parts of the compass awaited, and Eclair had one...

Hayzee’s narrative: Hi, I’m Hayzee! And I must say, Luigi is a great actor, one of the finest I've seen! ... I'm going to be known as "The Red Miracle"! And of course Luigi will be grass!”

Luigi reluctantly goes along with Hayzee’s casting call due to her close ties with Princess Daisy.

Chapter 5: Rapturous Ruins

Footsore and weary, Luigi finally found the Rapturous Ruins beyond Grumble Forest. Within them, time and space were lost in nothingness.
Within the pale emptiness, Luigi found a young sleeping boy. Our hero calledout gently, and the youth woke from his long, long slumber.
"My name is Cranberry, and I've waited for you for the last thousand years." The boy went on to tell Luigi the secret truths of an ancient land.
He said that the Marvelous Compass had been created by the ancient Luff people, who used its powers of foretelling to rule the world.
But the Luff empire was then cursed by the compass, and fell into ruin... The survivors dismantled the compass and hid its pieces.
Cranberry was the last of the ancient race. His role was to wait until one with a noble heart came to take the burden of the future.
None but Luigi could have shouldered this weight. The boy gave him the compass piece, and said, "Fear the curse, but find your Eclair."
Luigi accepted the part, the boy's words burned into his brain. His duty fulfilled, the boy began to fade into the blank nothingness...
As he faded from sight, a look of joy lit Cranberry's face. As Luigi gaped, both boy and ruins vanished, leaving our hero in a dark wood.
With six of the parts united, the compass now pointed to the final part... To the quest's end... To Hatesong Tower. And then, her voice spoke...
Princess Eclair's voice begged for help from the void, pleading for a hero. Luigi's heart burst aflame...

Screamy: ...I'm Screamy. I wonder what future is plotted for us by he who holds the compass... For I must deliver something...

Chapter 6: Hatesong Tower

At long last, Luigi crossed the threshold of Hatesong Tower. Luigi rallied his allies. "We will defeat the Chestnut King. We must!"
Friends by his side, Luigi at last faced the fell Chestnut King...but then he heard a voice, and spun to see the fair Princess Eclair.
She told our hero the painful truth: the "evil" Chestnut King was actually her true love, made monstrous by Crepe in a bid for the throne.
At that moment, the villainous Crepe appeared. "The Marvelous Compass, please. Hand it over, and the Luff empire will rule again! Mwa ha!"
Luigi and Co. were no match for the might of Crepe, their true enemy. But then, the compass piece in Eclair's tiara shone forth!
It bestowed the future-sight on Luigi! Knowing Crepe's every move, he smote the fiend with his mallet! And with was all finally over.
Luigi and his friends parted, leaving the Waffle Kingdom in peace. But Luigi regreted not gazing farther into the future...
He longed to see the Wafflers gathering on Princess Eclair's wedding day... He wanted to see her beauty, and who stood at her side...
But it was not to be. Luigi went back to his humble home, which remained exactly as he had left it, a cold comfort for his heavy heart.
Taking up a book he had been reading, Luigi tried to read, but his long trial had sapped his strength, and he soon fell asleep.
Luigi dreamt of his friends and his beloved Princess Eclair. And sleeping, Luigi spoke... "I shall return."

Blooey: "Hey! You! Remember me? It’s me, Blooey! Maaaan, that last battle was hairy! You have no idea! I was burnt to a crisp, but I was actually kinda relieved, if you can believe that! But if you want the whole story, you should just ask Luigi here! Wahahaha!"

THE END… or is it?

Chapter 7: Waluigi Takes the Timestream

Starting in this chapter, Luigi will get the monetary proceeds of the Super Luigi book series.

After Luigi defeats the Chestnut King, he returns to Rogueport for a light lunch. Following this he has a siesta in the inn. While sleeping, Waluigi steals the Marvelous Compass from Luigi and uses it to travel through time. This destabilizes the space-time continuum and Luigi must stop him. After the events of The Thousand Year Door, Vivian joins Luigi’s quest to stabilize the timestream.

Chapter 8: Rise of Lord Fear

King Boo kidnaps the Chestnut King and Princess Éclair. Princess Daisy asks Luigi to save them.

Chapter 9: Mecha-Waluigi & the Timestream


  1. Rogueport
  2. Waffle Way
  3. Rumblebump Volcano
  4. Plumpbelly Village
  5. Gloomy Town
  6. Circuit Break Island
  7. Jazzafrazz Town
  8. Rapturous Ruins
  9. Super Stronghold
  10. Hatesong Tower
  11. Creep Mansion
  12. Fortress of Horror
  13. Glitzville
  14. Riverside Station
  15. Poshley Heights
  16. Shroom Way
  17. Waffle Door
  18. Shroom Port
  19. Scot Island
  20. Scot Town
  21. Scot Path
  22. Snackhor'd Path
  23. Snackhor'd's Castle
  24. Snackhor'd Sewers
  25. Snackhor'd Tower
  26. Dizzy Desert
  27. Saheera City
  28. Hizza's Lair
  29. Robo-Town
  30. Androïde Route
  31. TEK Building
  32. TEK Hideout
  33. TEK Basement
  34. Dayzee Forest
  35. Dayzee Town
  36. Dayzee-Diamond Warp Zone
  37. Diamond City
  38. Vanessa's House
  39. Hawt House
  40. Clown Island
  41. Rudy's Hideout
  42. Mona's Shop
  43. Raptor Island
  44. Yoshi Town
  45. Yoshi-Kungfu Warp Zone
  46. Kungfu City
  47. Shogun Shop
  48. Shogun Path
  49. Shogun Factory
  50. Waffle Kingdom
  51. Allyoufight Way
  52. Chestnut Castle
  53. Crepe's Room
  54. Whaa Zone
  55. Boo Woods
  56. Luigi's Mansion
  57. Mansion Ball Room
  58. Mansion Bathroom
  59. Mansion Secret Altar
  60. King Boo's Room


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Drake the Dark Toad serves as the first boss alongside his wicked grandfather, Cane Toad.

  1. McGoomScotty
  2. Evil Guy
  3. Popple and Fawful
  4. Waluigi
  5. Cane Toad and Drake the Dark Toad

Chapter 1

  1. Snarkhor'd
  2. Waluigi
  3. Popple and Fawful
  4. Snarkhor'd

Chapter 2

  1. Waluigi
  2. Slammer Guy
  3. Terrible Quadruplets
  4. Hizza

Chapter 3

  1. Klank, Krang, and Ruzt
  2. Supah Racah
  3. Waluigi
  4. Slammer Guy
  5. Popple and Fawful
  6. Super Komputerr 10.12
  7. General TEK 8.0

Chapter 4

  1. Slammer Guy
  2. Mr. Mazeeye
  3. Mazeeye Troupe
  4. Amazee Lazii

Chapter 5

  1. Yoshiraptor Gang
  2. Boshiraptor
  3. Emperor Shiing
  4. Waluigi
  5. Popple & Fawful
  6. Samurai Shogun

Chapter 6

  1. Waluigi
  2. Popple & Fawful
  3. General TEK 8.0
  4. Sir Trainy
  5. Samurai Shogun
  6. Chestnut King
  7. Minister Crepe

Chapter 7

  1. Waluigi
  2. Popple & Fawful
  3. Kreepy Spirit
  4. Jarvis
  5. Vincent van Gore
  6. Mr. Gentlebones

Chapter 8

Waluigi is the game’s penultimate boss on the first playthrough.

  1. Koopalings (all separately)
  2. Kamek
  3. Bowser Jr.
  4. Kammy Koopa
  5. Bowser
  6. Samurai Shogun
  7. King Boo
  8. Minister Crepe
  9. Popple & Fawful
  10. Emperor Boo
  11. Mr. M, The Red Fire
  12. Waluigi
  13. Lord Fear

Chapter 9 (second playthrough)

The penultimate boss.

  1. Wario & Waluigi
  2. Dimentio & Mr. L
  3. Dracula
  4. Princess Daisy/Shadow Queen
  5. Mecha Waluigi v.XIII (team battle with Waluigi)


Glitz Pit:

  1. Rawk Hawk
  2. Prince Mush
  3. The Great Gonzo Jr. (required to unlock as a partner)


  • Paper Luigi is the first game ever created on Fantendo; it was a group effort led by Fantendo’s founder Plumber. However the demands of wiki administration meant the collaborative project never finished.